The 4 best GoPro alternatives 

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by Andrea Hannah

Whether you're planning for future travel where you'll be right in the action, or simply looking to upgrade your camera to one easy to bring with you anywhere, having a sports camera to capture all of your adrenaline-pumping memories is a must. For that, GoPros are great, but honestly, the best GoPro alternatives work just as well for less than half the price.

There are tons of action cameras out there, so you want to double check that whichever option you go with has all the features you need. For example, one of GoPro's defining features is its ability to handle rain, sleet, saltwater, and sweat. Be sure that you go with a waterproof sports camera, even if you don't plan to use it underwater, because chances are it (and you) will be exposed to water at some point. You also want to make sure that any camera you go with comes with all the accessories you need to attach your camera to your helmet, bike, or board (or, at the very least, that you can buy an extra accessory kit).

The amount you plan to use it will also dictate how much to spend and how durable a camera you'll need. For more frequent use, you won't regret upgrading to an investment camera that can stand up to anything and is easy to use. But, if you're planning to use it on the occasional trip, a budget-friendly sports camera should have everything you need.

Ready to find the perfect sports camera for your lifestyle? I've got you covered. Here are some of the best options on the market.

1. Best overall, all things considered

When it comes to an excellent GoPro alternative, this high-quality sports camera is the best of the best. For one, it comes with a waterproof case that you easily snap the camera into before diving or swimming. It keeps the entire device safe and dry up to 98 feet (or 30 meters) underwater. In terms of video quality, this camera features a high-quality 1080-pixel resolution, creating crystal clear photos and videos that you can easily transfer to your devices. Just hook up your camera to your at-home Wi-Fi network, download the Akaso app, and easily load your content straight to your phone or tablet. On top of all that, this camera also comes with two rechargeable batteries, a basic accessories kit, and a remote control wristband. For under $70, you truly can't beat it (and thousands of Amazon reviewers agree).

According to one reviewer: "I wanted an action type camera but didn't need it enough to justify spending the money on an actual GoPro. For the price, I was blown away by the camera. The HD 60fps is where this camera shines the most. I also have gotten quite a bit of use out of the time lapse function, doing builds on different things. If you are looking for one of these cameras, buy it."

2. Budget-friendly option

For an even more affordable option, this internet-compatible action camera is the perfect pick. Like other options on this list, it's compatible with Wi-Fi, making it simple to transfer photos and videos to your computer. And you will definitely want to save every photo you take with this camera. It features a 1080-pixel HD display and a wide-angle lens that captures panoramic views. It's also completely waterproof up to 98 feet underwater, and it comes with a remote control and a mounting kit so you can operate it from your wrist, bike, and more. While it might not match the durability of the more expensive pick above, it's a standout budget option.

According to one reviewer: "This was worth every single penny. I bought this hoping to get some good video and pics of my first scuba diving trip in Cozumel. I'm and very impressed with the image and quality. We were diving at 60ft and it held up great. I bought another one for my kid since I was so impressed."

3. Best all-in-one kit

This sports camera and accessories kit truly has it all. But first: the camera. This sleek little device features a 2-inch touchscreen and a 1080-pixel HD display that captures stunning, high-res images in any environment. The touchscreen itself features a high-tech sensor that makes it easier than ever to take photos and videos on the spot with just the touch of a finger. Plus, this camera also connects to your Wi-Fi for easy media downloads and transfers. It has similar underwater capabilities: Simply pop the camera into its waterproof case and you can go up to 98 feet (or 30 meters) underwater.

Then, there's the accessory kit. This camera comes with a whopping 50 different accessories, including various mounting sets, a handlebar kit for your bike, tethers, straps, cleaning cloths, a waterproof case, and more. This kit has practically anything you could need to care for your camera while capturing amazing moments. Plenty of Amazon reviewers have insisted this camera and kit is as good as it gets for highly active people.

According to one reviewer: "I wanted a quality action camera, without paying the Go Pro price. I’m delighted I found this one. The set up was very easy, as I love touch-screen operations. There are more accessories than I will [probably] use, but the selection is great for a variety of peoples needs."

4. Best for kids

For active kids with a sense of adventure, you won't regret snagging this durable action camera. Made for ages 4 to 12 years old, this camera features a thick, clear-view cover that protects its more fragile parts from spills, cracks, and water. It has notably different waterproof capabilities than others on this list: Kids can use this in water up to 6 feet deep. But for swimming in a pool or in the shallow parts of an ocean, this will suffice. This camera also features time lapse, stop motion, and burst mode that kids can experiment with, and it comes with both a wall mount and bike mount. This action camera runs on batteries that last for up to 2.5 hours of continuous use before they'll need to be recharged. One note: You'll have to buy the memory card for this action camera separately.

According to one reviewer: "My grandson is having so much fun with this gift. He’s 9 and it’s holding up to his rough handling. The picture is very clear. It’s a great gift idea."

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