The 5 best Bluetooth headsets for phone calls

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A great headset leaves your hands free to type, drive, or multitask, while the built-in microphone will ensure that the person on the other end can hear you loud and clear. However, when you’re shopping for the best Bluetooth headsets for phone calls (as opposed to the best Bluetooth headsets in general), a few qualities are extra important: You’ll need to make sure that it’s actually Bluetooth, and that the portability, range, and battery life are conducive to how you take your calls.

What to look for in a Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth version: Once you’ve concluded that a headset is in fact Bluetooth, check the specific version. Bluetooth 1.0 was the first evolution, but the technology now goes as high as 5.3 to accommodate faster and more expansive data rates. The higher the version, the more efficient and stable the connection tends to be.

Overall design: Also consider the overall design of the Bluetooth headset. A dual over-ear design offers plenty of noise-dampening, which might come in handy if you’re making calls from a busy home or office, but an earpiece will be the most compact for travel.

Battery life: Since headsets are most often rechargeable, you’ll also want to check the battery life. Some only last a few hours, while others can go for days in between charging sessions. And be sure to consider the talk time, or the number of hours the headset will last while on a call.

Range: Like most other wireless technology, Bluetooth has a maximum range, which allows you to walk a certain distance away from the receiver (in this case, your phone) without losing connection. It differs from device to device, so I’ve included the range below each product, but most are around 30 feet.

Extra features: Finally, read up on additional connectivity options (like an audio cable so you can hardwire your headset if needed), and any extra features that might make your life easier — like an auto-muting swivel microphone or comfortable, noise-dampening earpads.

Shop the best Bluetooth headsets for phone calls

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for phone headsets.

  1. The overall best: COMEXION Trucker Bluetooth Headset V5.0
  2. The best budget Bluetooth headset: Vont Bluetooth Headset with Microphone
  3. The best option with a removable ear design: JLab JBuds Work Wireless Headset
  4. The most compact: ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Earpiece
  5. The widest range: Plantronics by Poly Voyager 4320 UC Bluetooth Headset

1. The overall best Bluetooth headset for phone calls


  • Well-rounded features for less than $50
  • Can connect wirelessly to two devices or plug into an aux
  • Backed up by high ratings


  • Some reviewers report that it’s not the most durable

There’s one overarching reason why this Bluetooth headset has almost 8,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.3 stars: It offers convenient, reliable technology for a great price. Its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is fast, reliable, and can connect to two devices at once, while its included 3.5 millimeter audio cable allows you to hardwire into your computer (and some phones, assuming yours still has an aux-in). Finally, its long battery life, impressive range, on-device buttons, adjustable headband, soft ear pad, and mutable microphone all make it a great option for most people.

One reviewer wrote: “I work remotely and my job requires that I am on the phone most of the day! I have three sets of AirPods that I have to alternate due to battery life so I have been looking for a headset that would work with my PC and my iPhone at a reasonable price. THIS.IS.IT!!! Reasonably priced, sound quality superb! I am told I sound like I am in the same room due to the noise canceling feature and I can hear the other person with no problem.”

Bluetooth version: 5.0 | Battery life in talk time: 34 hours | Range: up to 33 feet | Other connectivity options: 3.5-mm audio cable

2. The best budget Bluetooth headset


  • Less than $30
  • Noise-canceling microphone and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Some reviewers report that you “get what you pay for” in terms of comfort and durability

Yes, it offers 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and a noise-canceling swivel microphone for less than $30 — but the Vont Bluetooth headset is also “lighter than an egg,” according to a reviewer, for easier, more comfortable travel. Needless to say, it’s a favorite among people who are always on the go. The 12-hour battery life and 30-foot range might not be as impressive as some other models, but if you’re looking for a budget headset that gets the job done, this one’s the way to go.

One reviewer wrote: “What I like the most is that it is lightweight and can be used on either ear. It is comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time, although eventually, it gets to me. The battery life seems better than average. Also easy to pair with my phone. [...] all in all, a decent budget set.”

Bluetooth version: 5.0 | Battery life in talk time: 12 hours | Range: 30 feet | Other connectivity options: none

3. The best option with a removable ear design


  • One earcup is removable for a one- or two-ear design
  • Very comfortable
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Wired or wireless usage


  • Too tight for some reviewers with glasses or self-reported larger heads

It’s slightly more expensive than the top pick, but those few extra dollars get you a lot of additional features, making this JLab JBuds headset an incredible value. For one, since one ear cup is removable, you can choose between a one-ear design (for easier travel or to remain aware of your surroundings) or a two-ear design (to effectively dampen any distracting noises). For another, Bluetooth multipoint allows you to connect to two devices simultaneously, or you can use a USB-C to 3.5-mm cable to directly plug into devices. Then there are the on-device buttons so you can play pause, change the volume, accept/decline calls, and mute yourself — or you can simply flip the boom mic down (complete with a light that tells you when you’re muted) to automatically pick up a call. Last but definitely not least, according to reviewers, the battery life and range are impressive and the headset is super comfortable to wear.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought these for work and I wanted something that cancels the noise around me and the over the ears worked perfectly. They are soft and not heavy. It has dual connection so my headphones are connected to my phone and computer at the same time. I switch back and forth easily.”

Bluetooth version: 5.0 | Battery life in talk time: 60 hours | Range: 30+ feet | Other connectivity options: 3.5-mm audio cable

4. The most compact


  • Compact shape and only 0.5 ounces
  • Still offers clear sound and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Extendable earhook and interchangeable gel earbuds improve comfort


  • Shorter battery life than some others

While it’s technically not a headset, this Bluetooth earpiece directs clear sound right into either ear and picks up your voice with a flip-boom microphone that supports Siri and other voice assistants. You can mute and unmute yourself with the touch of a button, and you’re audibly alerted to the battery level, connection status, and incoming phone number. Most importantly, since it charges in 1.5 hours, is super lightweight at only 0.5 ounces, and packs away in its included case, it’s the most compact, portable option for people who are always on the go.

One reviewer wrote: “I was very skeptical purchasing this G3 bluetooth headset as I really prefer an over the ear set. I spent a good deal of time reviewing the available choices on Amazon. Finally I settled on purchasing the G3.Much to my surprise and pleasure, the portion that fits into my ear is quite comfortable. (I'm using the smallest tip) At times, I have even forgotten that I am wearing any headset at all. The sound quality has been excellent with my phone calls, music and audio books. Even when traveling on a busy highway or in a crowded restaurant the sound has been crystal clear.”

Bluetooth version: 5.0 | Battery life in talk time: 10 hours | Range: 33 feet | Other connectivity options: none

5. The widest range


  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and Bluetooth dongle for non-built-in devices
  • Passive noise-canceling cups and active noise-canceling microphone for loud environments
  • Super impressive range
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Includes a dongle, case, and charging stand


  • Pricey
  • Not very portable

According to a few reviewers, the Plantronics by Poly Voyager Bluetooth headset is “incredible” and “well worth the money.” Why? First of all, you can connect to your phone using an extremely fast, reliable Bluetooth 5.2 connection — but you can also use the USB-A Bluetooth adapter dongle to connect to laptops and other computers even if they don’t have built-in Bluetooth capabilities. For another, the range is huge, the battery life is impressive, and the passive noise-canceling cups and active noise-canceling mic make it the best option for loud environments. Last but not least, its flexible boom mic can be pinched to mute it, and your order also comes with a desktop charging stand and carrying case.

One reviewer wrote: “The Poly Voyager turned out to be the best wireless headset I've ever used. Firstly, the battery life is 24hrs, every time you turn it on, a voice indicator confirms the current battery life and how much you have remaining. When a recharge is required, USB C can quickly charge the headset back to full (cable and stand included). The microphone is incredibly clear, when I asked my colleagues on the meeting about the voice clarity, everyone I asked had positive feedback to share and rated the microphone quality as one of the best that I've used.”

Bluetooth version: 5.2 | Battery life in talk time: 24 hours | Range: 164 feet | Other connectivity options: included BT700 USB-A Bluetooth adapter

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