Amazon keeps selling out of these clever things because they make your home so much more comfortable
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After a long day of work, running errands, taking care of kids, or accomplishing whatever else was on your lengthy to-do list, you deserve to unwind in a sanctuary of a home. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, what if I told you I could help to make that vision a reality? This list actually features 40 items that will seriously up the cozy factor in your place — and they’re so clever and unique that you may have never even considered scooping them up for your home (until now that is!).

From a bath pillow for luxurious at-home spa sessions to practical, yet pleasing picks like an edible flower seed kit to products that’ll add some major ambiance (think candles, an essential oil diffuser, and more), you can’t go wrong with any of these products for your home. But act fast — these items tend to sell out on Amazon because they’re just that good.


These stoppers that prevent furniture from sliding around

If your bed, couch, or other furniture pieces tend to annoyingly slide around on your floors every time you plop down onto them, these stoppers — as their name suggests — will in fact stop that from happening. Made from solid rubber, the 3-by-3-inch stoppers will fit on most furniture legs (including wheeled legs up to 2.5 inches wide) and can be used on any hard floor including ceramic, tile, and wood. They’re simple, yet a game changer once you give them a shot.


These space-saving vacuum storage bags to minimize clutter

Too much clutter will squash any home sanctuary. But luckily, these vacuum storage bags will drastically minimize the amount of space that items in your home take up. To use, simply fill the bags — they can hold blankets, comforters, clothing, towels, and more — seal them, and utilize the included pump to get rid of excess air. The manufacturer claims that this product can reduce the original volume of the items by up to 80% and Amazon reviewers confirmed it with comments like, “I was skeptical, but thought I'd give these a try. Turns out they really work!”


A set of floating shelves to display your favorite trinkets

Have plants, photos, or other small tchotchkes that you want to show off? These floating shelves from Greenco are perfectly-sized to display them (they’re each 22.8 by 4 by 4.8 inches), and since they have a white finish, they’ll be a match for practically any space. All of the hardware to mount these two floating shelves is included and reviewers confirm they’re simple to hang — it’s a good project for beginners and experienced DIYers alike.


This functional & stylish bamboo bath mat

Transform your bathroom from “just alright” to a luxurious oasis with this bath mat. Made from organic bamboo with a sleek design, this product is one of the most premium bath mats available for purchase. Beyond that, it’s highly functional: The water-resistant finish means you can use it by your shower, hot tub, pool, or bathtub without fear of it getting ruined. And it has nonslip feet on the bottom to ensure it stays put even when wet.


A popular cool mist humidifier to add moisture to dry spaces

Boasting more than 103,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.4-star rating overall, this Pure Enrichment cool mist humidifier is a fan-favorite product on the site, hence why it tends to sell out often. The product is designed to safely and quickly add moisture to the air in rooms up to 175 square feet. It can run for up to 10 continuous hours, and it’s shockingly quiet — near silent, in fact. “I can't imagine ever living without one!” explained one reviewer.


A memory foam pillow designed to make side sleepers more comfortable

If you’re a side sleeper, then you’re likely privy to how difficult it can be to get in a comfortable sleeping position. This knee pillow from ComfiLife will change that, since it’s ergonomically designed to fit between your knees, providing support and putting your body in an ideal alignment all night long. “Never slept better since I got this pillow....and my back hasn't hurt since! Crazy how one small pillow changes everything,” commented one reviewer. The pillow is made from high-density memory foam to not go flat over time, and it has a removable cover for cleaning.


This clever bean bag that can corral 90+ stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are super cute ... until you have to figure out where to store them. This bean bag offers a clever solution — it actually holds 90-plus toys (simply open the bag, shove them in, and zip it right back up), and can be utilized as comfortable seating once filled. Goodbye, mess. Choose from a bunch of different pattern options, including stripes, florals, and stars, and two different shapes.


A set of metal candle holders to add a modern touch to your home

You don’t have to fork over major money to make your home look stylish — this set of candle holders costs just around $20, but they look *quite* expensive. Made from steel, the modern candle holders have a matte black finish, and they come in three various heights. Use them on your mantle, in your bedroom, on your dining room table — the list goes on and on.


A versatile hanging organizer to transform your closet

Closet a bit of a mess? This hanging organizer from Zober will fix it. The versatile organizer has divided sections and five drawers in various sizes that can be configured in different ways depending on your storage needs. Mesh side pockets are ideal for smaller items. “Very impressed with how much this can hold. Such a great space saver,” commented one reviewer. And another wrote, “Durable and sturdy material. Well-made product.”


A kit to grow an indoor garden of colorful edible flowers

Why have a plain cake at your next birthday when you could have one covered in colorful edible flowers that you grew yourself? This flower seed kit can make that vision come to fruition; it comes with everything needed to create a thriving indoor garden (including pots, peat discs, and seeds) filled with edible flowers like calendulas, french marigolds, and others. Scoop up a set for yourself, and it’d also make a unique gift for that person in your life that already seems to have everything.


This cooling blanket that hot sleepers will adore

If you’re a hot sleeper, laying underneath any covers at night can be just awful. However, that’s definitely not the case with this blanket from AmyHomie — it’s made entirely from silky bamboo, meaning it’ll feel cool to the touch to help you stay comfortable throughout your now-peaceful slumber. It’s lightweight, breathable, and super soft, too. “I SLEPT LIKE A LOG!” explained one enthusiastic reviewer. “No sweating. No tossing and turning. [...] This is a winner!!!”


A set of cushioned kitchen mats to support your body

Spending long periods of time working in the kitchen can be tiring — but these anti-fatigue floor mats from LuxStep can certainly help. The mats are an impressive 12 millimeters thick to provide ample cushioning and stability, reducing pressure on basically your entire body. The PVC material is waterproof, easy to clean (just give them a quick rinse or wipe down, and you’re all set), and nonslip to not budge on your floors. I guarantee once you have these in your life, you’ll never look back.


A memory foam mattress topper to make your bed feel cloud-like

When you climb into bed at night, do you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud? No? Well, then you have to add this mattress topper to your cart, stat, in order to make that happen. The 2-inch topper is made from memory foam — a superior material when it comes to comfort — and it’s even infused with gel to keep you cool. More than 31,100 people on Amazon have given this pick a shot, and let’s just say they love it: “This mattress topper has changed my life. I've always suffered from insomnia and I'm also prone to wake up during the night [...] Not anymore. This exceeded my expectations.”


This set of ceramic vases for displaying in your home

There’s a reason these ceramic vases are often sold out on Amazon — they’re multi-functional (use them as is, or stick your favorite greenery or flowers inside) and also just plain gorgeous to look at. Made from durable ceramic, the vases have a subtle texture and the neutral color will vibe well in most homes. The set comes with three vases in various heights (5, 7.5, and 10 inches).


A 3-pack of hexagon-shaped mirrors that are super trendy

To add a little pizzazz to your space, you can’t go wrong with these wall mirrors from PARNOO — and best yet, they have a price tag of less than $20. Each of the three mirrors in the set is made from natural wood with a unique hexagon shape for a Scandinavian-inspired, trendy look. Amazon reviewers confirm they’re a breeze to hang. And many commenters noted that they purchased multiple sets for an even bolder statement.


A tablecloth that’ll bring texture & warmth to your space

This tablecloth from Deep Dream will bring both warmth and texture to your dining room table — you’ll likely want to utilize it year-round (not just for special occasions) because it’s that nice. But don’t just take my word for it; Amazon reviewers give this pick a 4.7-star rating overall, after 6,600-plus reviews, with one commenter mentioning, “I adore it, it's my favorite tablecloth I've owned thus far.” The tablecloth is made from heavy polyester linen and it has tassels all along the edges. It’s machine washable, should any food or drinks accidentally end up on it. Choose from various size options, as well as colors.


A set of sheer curtains that allow natural light to shine through

These sheer curtains from MYSTIC-HOME will give you a little bit of privacy, while still allowing natural light to flow into your room. “If I could give these curtains more than five stars, I would. They are gorgeous!” commented one reviewer. Beyond being stylish though, this pick comes with an unbeatable price tag of just $10. The curtains come in various lengths and color options, so go ahead: grab multiple sets to use throughout your home. You can thank me later.


This industrial, yet vintage light fixture

If you’re not totally in love with the lighting in your home, make the swap to this lighting fixture, which boasts a near-perfect star rating on Amazon. The three-light fixture has industrial-meets-vintage vibes with its metal cage design and sleek black finish. Installation is straightforward (and all of the necessary hardware is included), and the fixture can actually be hung facing up or down, depending on your preference.


A stylish & practical solution to minimize cord chaos

Between chargers, power strips, adapters, and more, it’s easy for the cord situation in your home to get a little out of hand. Luckily, this cable management box comes with a variety of clever items that can be utilized to successfully conceal and organize all of your cords — this includes three stylish cord management boxes in different sizes, a variety of clip-style holders, and even colorful cable ties. “Loved this product!! I was able to contain SO many cords and make the areas look much cleaner so easily!” wrote one reviewer.


A cord hider to easily conceal messy TV cables

Cords hanging down from a wall-mounted TV tend to look sloppy, but these cord hiders will allow you to stow the cables behind the wall in order to totally conceal them. Amazon reviewers confirm installing this product is simple enough for anyone to complete (all of the necessary pieces are included, except for a drill) and it can be done in just 20 minutes or so. “This could not have been easier to install,” noted one reviewer. “I am not super handy but when it came to these it was literally drill the hole and then insert this product. Amazing.”


A smartly-designed caddy that’ll greatly increase the storage space in your shower

Simply put, this shower caddy from Epicano is smart — it hangs directly from your shower head (and adhesive hooks ensure it doesn’t slide around or fall off as you use it), plus it has a two-tier design to greatly increase the available storage space in your shower. Stash your bar of soap in the dedicated holder, hang your loofah or razor from the small hooks, and place all of the rest of your essentials on the shelves. Made from durable metal, the caddy won’t get rusty when exposed to water, allowing you to utilize it for the long haul.


These outlet covers with built-in night lights

Why have just plain ol’ outlet covers when you could have these wall plates from Hello Light, which double as super useful night lights? The outlet plates are designed to fit on all standard outlets, and the light will turn on and off automatically thanks to a built-in sensor. To install them, remove your old outlet plates and screw these on instead ... simple as that.


This tall & narrow storage cabinet that’s ideal for the bathroom

This bathroom cabinet is the perfect storage solution for small spaces (it’s tall and narrow to squeeze into even the tightest spots) — and even with this, it’s able to hold a fair amount of items, including up to five rolls of toilet paper. It even has a clever toilet paper dispenser at the top. Made from PVC, this pick is totally waterproof, which is honestly great since it’ll be exposed to moisture once placed in your bathroom.


These lavender-filled sachets to make your home smell nice

Fill your drawers, closets, car, cabinets, and more with the aroma of lavender; this 24-pack of hand-crafted sachets each contains dried lavender buds to make everything smell better. “Beautifully packaged, lovely lavender scent-it's the real thing!!!,” commented one Amazon reviewer. Give each bag a shake or squeeze to activate the scent and place them where desired — they can be hung up as well.


A handy mat to protect countertops in your bathroom & kitchen from water

If the area around the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom sink always manages to be covered in water, this splash mat from LOPNUR is a must-have for your home. The mat is very absorbent — it can soak up splashes of water in just a couple of seconds — to keep your countertop area protected. It’s suitable for use with nearly any faucet since it can be cut to the exact dimensions needed. And it has a rubberized backing so it won’t move around.


This set of flameless candles that look incredibly realistic

There’s something about candles that add a certain ambiance to a room. However, if you don’t want to mess with lighting candles, this set of battery-operated candles is the perfect alternative. The candles look incredibly realistic, featuring real wax bodies and warm LED lights as the “flames” — they’ll likely fool guests into thinking they’re the actual thing. The set comes with nine candles of various heights. Utilize the remote controls to easily turn the candles off and on. There’s even a convenient timer function.


The lamp to project captivating space scenes on your walls & ceiling

This night lamp will fill your walls and ceiling with the most captivating scenes from the night sky, including stars, the moon, and constellations — both adults and kids love it equally. The device can project images up to 15 feet, and there are 17 color modes to choose from. It even rotates. This pick can be powered in a few different ways, including batteries, a plug-in adapter, or a USB device (none of these are included, FYI).


A pack of furniture risers to prevent wheeled beds from moving around

Beds on wheels are notorious for sliding around as you toss and turn during the night. However, these bed risers will certainly solve that. The round risers are specifically designed to hold castor wheels, and the anti-skid foam grip on the bottoms will keep your bed in its intended spot. The risers can be stacked on top of one another to get your bed even higher off the ground — this will provide additional storage space ... and who doesn’t want that?


This memory foam pillow that can be customized to your exact liking

Trash your old, dilapidated pillow, and make the upgrade to this memory foam pillow. Amazon reviewers confirm it’s worth every penny, mainly because it can be customized to your exact pillow preferences — simply unzip the top, and add or remove the memory foam fluffing to make it as firm or fluffy as desired. Side sleepers love it. Back sleepers love it. Stomach sleepers love it — everyone loves it. Choose from standard or queen pillow sizes.


A lumbar support pillow that can fit on most chairs

This contoured lumbar support pillow fits on most chairs (including office chairs, airplane or car seats, and more) to help your posture and provide your back with support — just sit back and relax! “This back support cushion was just what I needed!” claimed one reviewer. “The right size, the right shape, a removable, washable cover ...What is there not to love about this product?” Four adjustable straps will keep this pick in place during use.


This bedsheet set that feels luxuriously silky

These satin sheets are one of the most luxurious bedsheet sets available for purchase on Amazon — hence the 4.3-star rating it has on the site after 25,000-plus reviews. And for less than $30, you really can’t go wrong. The set comes with four pieces (including a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases) that are all silky and smooth to the touch. The fitted sheet has elastic all around and deep pockets to ensure it stays firmly in place on your bed. The sheets are easy to care for (just throw them in the wash) and come in tons of color options.


A 2-pack of super fluffy pillow inserts to put inside of shams

Throw pillows are an easy and cost-effective way to make your couch, bed, or other surfaces in your home more cozy and inviting. Grab these pillow inserts from Sleep Restoration, insert them into two shams, and you’re all set. The 12-by-12 inserts (larger sizes are available, too, if that’s a need of yours) are packed to 90% capacity with polyester filling to never lose their shape. And they’re even machine washable for ease.


This cushion support insert that’ll give your sofa new life

Sagging couch got you down? Place this thick cushion support insert underneath the couch cushions, and it’ll give your couch new life — it’s a simple concept, yet incredibly effective. “Installed in 10 seconds flat. Night and day difference with my 6-year-old couch. Felt brand new!” commented one reviewer. The product is made from heavy-duty MDF wood (which is why it’s so supportive) with rounded corners. And it’s covered in a fabric material with a nonslip grip to ensure it stays in place. Check the specs of your couch before purchasing this product — there are three different-sized options including one for a loveseat, one for a sofa, and another for an armchair.


A set of products that’ll support your wrists as you work at your computer

Without any support, your wrists can easily get strained and fatigued as you utilize your computer for pleasure or work. Luckily, this mouse pad with wrist support will come to the rescue, elevating your wrists to a much more optimal and comfortable position. Included in the set are both a keyboard wrist rest and a mouse pad with a built-in rest. They’re made from 100% memory foam that’ll spring right back into shape when not in use.


A light therapy lamp that mimics daylight

This light therapy lamp provides 10,000 lux of brightness to your space — and it’s said to potentially help with a variety of issues such as focus, energy, and feelings of sadness. Some reviewers back up these claims by commenting things like, “This light removed my winter Blues in only two days of morning use!” Another wrote, “It helps me feel brighter and more energized and able to focus.” The LED light mimics the colors of daylight, and it’ll last approximately 50,000 hours. It’s simple to use — just press the button to turn it on and enjoy.


This footrest to lessen pressure on your body as you work

If you sit for hours at a time while working at a desk, this footrest is a worthwhile investment since it’s specifically designed to elevate your legs, lessening the pressure on your joints and muscles. “I not only observed a huge difference in comfort but I instantly wondered how I sat for years at my desk without it,” explained one fan. The footrest is made from memory foam with a textured bottom that’ll ensure it stays put on carpet, wood, tile, and the like. The velvety cover is machine washable for easy cleaning. While the main intention for this product is to use it at a desk, reviewers have found it beneficial in other spots around the home like in bed or near the couch.


An essential oil diffuser that’ll fill the room with your favorite scents

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to this diffuser and soon the lovely scents will fill the room so that you can completely unwind. The machine has a large water tank that allows it to run for up to 13 continuous hours, though you could also set the timer to automatically turn it off after one, three, or six hours instead. It’s whisper quiet as it runs. And it even has built-in lights that can be tweaked as desired (both in color and brightness). The product has more than 10,700 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating overall, proving that it is worth a buy.


A dog bed that’ll make your pet more cozy

Your furry best friend deserves to be comfortable in your home, and this pet bed from Active Pets is practically the epitomize of coziness — the bed is covered in a shaggy faux fur that’s nice and soft, and its ergonomic, donut-like shape will provide a spot for your pet’s head to rest. The bottom of the bed features an anti-slip material to keep it in place, and it is waterproof should an accident occur. Choose from small, medium, or large options based on your dog’s size, as well as a few color choices.


A door draft stopper to keep cold air & noise out

When temperatures drop, you’ll want to do everything possible to keep cold air and wind out of your home — your energy bill will thank you. This draft stopper is an effective option and it minimizes noise, too. The stopper is compatible with doors ranging from 30 to 36 inches in width (it can be trimmed as needed) and it easily attaches utilizing the included hook and loop fasteners. Amazon reviewers back up this pick, giving it a 4.3-star rating overall after 3,500-plus reviews, with one reviewer calling it “life-changing” and another commenting, “This is worth every penny.”


A bath pillow for an even more relaxing bathing experience

A pillow for the bathtub? Yes, it exists — and it’ll make any bathing experience more enjoyable and relaxing. Cue the ahhh's. The deluxe pick has a built-in pillow for your head, and it’s cushioned throughout to support the rest of your body. It’s made from mesh for breathability (this allows it to dry quickly, too) and it has multiple suction cups so that it won’t slide around in your slippery tub.

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