4 Pet Tech Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

These items can make you and your pet happier.


Technology can help you be a better pet parent. Whether you’ve got a fully-integrated smart home and want a pet monitor, or you just need an automatic feeder for days you’ll be out late, we’ve found some tech products that will make life better for you and your pet.

Automatic Meal Server

Why We Picked It Mealtime is one of your pet’s favorite times (we get it—ours, too). If you want to feed your sweet little beast while you’re at work, or you want to provide small meals throughout the day for weight management, the PetSafe feeder might be the solution. You can set up to five feeding times and put as much as a cup of pet food in the bin for each feeding. The tray is dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean, and the feeder is battery-powered so there are no wires to worry about.

Calming Presence

Why We Picked It Whether you have a new puppy or a dog who’s frightened of thunderstorms, the Snuggle Puppy behavioral aid toy may be able to help. The Snuggle Puppy comes with a disposable heat source that you place in the belly pouch of the plush dog to comfort your pet. There’s also a battery-powered heart that provides a reassuring heartbeat for an animal who’s missing its mom or family. The Snuggle Puppy can help reduce crying and stress in animals, reduce negative behaviors, and help your pet sleep at night.

Keep Them off the Couch

Why We Picked It If you want to keep pets off the furniture, the Sofa Scram does it in a humane way, with no shocks involved. Just stretch the mat across the furniture, and if your cat or dog jumps up, or even puts a paw on the mat, it emits a loud noise. You can use the battery-powered mat anywhere you want to train cats or dogs to avoid—kitchen counters, beds, living room furniture, or trash cans. Best of all, it works even when you’re not there to shoo the cat off the couch.

Monitor at Any Time

Why We Picked It The Netvue Pet monitor allows you to check in on your animal while you’re away. Using the Netvue app, you can control the camera lens to tilt, pan, or zoom. The wide-angle lens gives you a 100-degree view, and you can control it with an iPhone or Android phone. The camera will automatically shift to night-vison mode in dim environments, and it’s equipped with two-way audio so you can talk to your pets when they’re in view. The camera also features Smart Perceive, an upgraded motion-detection system that can recognize and suppress meaningless motion, such as a tree blowing in the wind.

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