50 cool, highly rated products that seem expensive but are actually cheap AF on Amazon

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“Cheap” doesn’t mean what it used to. Back in the day, calling something cheap usually meant that it was flimsy or not worth buying. But in 2022? All it means is that you aren’t spending an arm and a leg at the register; it has nothing to do with whether or not the item you’re buying is low-quality. So when I say that these cool, highly-rated products are also cheap, what I’m really trying to tell you is that they’re absolutely worth their more-than-reasonable price tags.

Take these strip lights as an example. Not only are they easy to install, but they’re also so versatile that you can stick them underneath cabinets, behind your television, or even onto your bed frame. Oh, and did I mention they cost less than $20? That’s just a taste of all the cool Amazon products I’ve found for you below — but if you want to hear about more, you’ll have to keep scrolling.


An electric wine opener that does the work for you

There’s no need to struggle against a stubborn cork when you have this electric wine opener, as it easily pops open dozens of bottles using just four AA batteries (which aren’t included). Plus, you also get a pour spout, foil cutter, and vacuum pump stopper with every order.


This charger that powers up your phone without using any wires

Whether you have an iPhone 8 or a Google Pixel 3, this wireless charger can power it up in no time at all. The short-circuit protection helps prevent electrical surges, and you can also use it to charge your AirPods as well as the AirPods Pro. Plus, it’s a best-selling item with over 100,000 five-star ratings.


A coffee maker that can be used for cold brew

Saving money is never a bad idea, which is why I’m such a big fan of this pour-over coffee maker. You can use it to make hot cups of joe as well as cold brew, which is cheaper than buying a pre-made bottle from the store. And since the filter is reusable, there’s no need to buy wasteful paper replacements.


The meat thermometer that keeps dinner running smoothly

If you’re into hosting dinner parties, this meat thermometer is a must-have. Not only will it help you make sure your food is cooked all the way through, but it also has a helpful temperature guide printed right on the handle. Plus, its backlit LCD screen is easy to read when grilling outside in the dark.


A lightweight, absorbent towel that dries seriously fast

Since this towel is on the thinner side, it’ll dry very quickly when wet, making it great for heated gym sessions. But don’t be fooled — the microfiber fabric is still ultra-absorbent, and can hold more moisture than regular cotton. Choose from eight colors.


These magnetic lights that help you see what you’re grilling

Is your patio too dark to see what you’re grilling? That’s not a problem when you have these grill lights, as the super-bright LED bulbs make it easy to see exactly how cooked that burger patty is. The magnetic bases let you stick them right onto your grill, and their brightness is even adjustable up to three levels.


A compact charging stand for your Apple Watch

Compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1 through 7, this stand gives you a convenient place on your nightstand or desk to rest and charge your watch. It’s made from soft silicone that shouldn’t leave behind scratches, and many reviewers appreciated how its small footprint doesn’t take up a ton of space.


The miniature hot pot that whips up quick meals

You’ll be glad you grabbed this miniature hot pot the next time you’re rushing out the door without time to make a huge meal. You can use it to steam or boil water, allowing you to make everything from pasta to dumplings — and the stainless steel interior allows for even, thorough heat distribution.


An outlet extender that brightens up dark rooms

With an LED night light built into the center, this outlet extender gives you more room to plug in devices, and it helps you navigate through dark rooms at night. It also features two USB ports so that you don’t have to find a power brick when you need to charge your phone, and the dusk-to-dawn sensor means the night light won’t turn on when the room is still bright.


This grill press made from tough cast iron

Not only is this grill press made from tough cast iron, but there’s hardly any need for you to apply pressure when placing it on top of patties, as it weighs just under 3 pounds. Plus, the wooden handle helps keep your hands safe from burns.


A laptop stand that folds down when you’re done using it

While some laptop stands are bulky, this one collapses down flat so that you can easily stash it away in a drawer or on a shelf. It’s compatible with laptops up to 15 inches. Plus, the ventilated base helps keep your hardware from overheating with prolonged use.


These strip lights that you can stick nearly anywhere

Underneath cabinets, behind televisions, behind your bed — regardless of where you decide to install these strip lights, the adhesive backing makes it easy to stick them right into place. They’re also waterproof in case you want to use them outdoors, and the included remote lets you switch them to one of 44 different colors.


A lightweight backpack that’s perfect for hiking

If you ask me, the trick to hiking comfortably is to pack as light as possible — and this backpack can help. Despite weighing less than 1 pound, it still gives you tons of room to store water bottles, towels, clothes, and more. Plus, the waterproof exterior helps keep everything high and dry.


The stainless steel sleeve that helps keep your canned drinks cold

Designed to fit any slim 12-ounce can, this sleeve is a must when you’re sipping on drinks in hot summer weather. The vacuum-insulated walls help keep drinks chilled for hours, and they’ll also prevent sweat from developing on the outside. Plus, the stainless steel frame can handle being bumped around.


A container that helps keep coffee beans fresh

With its airtight lid that helps seal in freshness, this canister is perfect for keeping coffee beans fresh — even if it takes you a while to finally brew them. It’s made from sleek stainless steel that’s rust-resistant and looks good sitting out on your counter. Plus, there’s even a built-in holder for the included coffee spoon.


These charging cables that work with multiple devices

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can still use these charging cables to power your phone up. The USB end splits off into four cables two lightning, one type-C, as well as a micro-USB. And since they measure out to 4 feet long, they’ll easily reach into the back seat of your car if someone needs a charge.


A self-watering flower pot that keeps your plants hydrated

With a large water reservoir in the base that can hold up to two weeks’ worth of water, this flower pot is perfect for anyone who always forgets to water their plants. The exterior is heat- and cold-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use, and reviewers appreciated how it “looks nice.”


This table touch lamp that can turn almost any color

Not only does this table lamp have a multicolor setting that gives you the choice of 13 different shades, but it’s also touch-activated; simply tap anywhere on it to turn it on or off. Plus, each order includes a remote so that you can control it without having to get up from the couch.


The silicone lids that can stretch to fit all sorts of containers

Since these reusable lids are made from silicone, they can be stretched to fit a variety of containers — including opened cans. And unlike saran wrap, they create an airtight seal that helps keep your ingredients fresh, as well as prevents leaks or spills.


A Bluetooth keyboard that folds in half for travel

If you like to bring an extra keyboard with you when traveling, this Bluetooth one folds in half so that it takes up less space in your bag. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, as well as Windows systems — and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 40 hours before you need to plug it in again.


An electric whisk that’s surprisingly versatile

Growing tired of the same cup of coffee every morning? Change things up by using this electric whisk to whip up some milk into a delicious froth. The motor runs at a super-quiet level that won’t disturb others — yet it’s so powerful that you can also use it to beat egg whites into stiff peaks when baking.


This light bulb that helps get the party started

Combine a Bluetooth speaker with a color-changing LED, and you’ll wind up with this shockingly versatile light bulb. Its volume is adjustable up to 50 levels — just in case your neighbor complains about how loud your party is — and each order includes a remote so that you can control it from afar.


A tray that creates slow-melting ice balls

This ice ball tray has a leakproof lid that helps prevent spills in your freezer, and you’ll also get a small funnel to help you fill up the mold without any spills. Once they’re frozen, you’ll have ice spheres to keep your beverages chilly. The mold is available in three colors: black, blue, and gray.


The magnetic phone mount that sticks to your dashboard

Air vent phone mounts aren’t always the most stable, whereas this one sticks to your dashboard so that it’s less likely to get bumped out of place. It’s universally compatible with any smartphone. Plus, the strong suction cup base means that installation is a total breeze.


A glass pad that gives you somewhere to jot down quick notes

Instead of using wasteful sticky notes to write quick notes, just grab a dry-erase marker and jot them down onto this glass pad. It’s small enough to fit in front of your computer keyboard, and even features a hidden drawer where you can stash extra office supplies.


This weighted blanket that can help calm anxious minds

Snuggling underneath this weighted blanket can make it feel like you’re being wrapped in a warm hug, thanks to the glass beads inside the soft, plush lining. And while it is heavy, it isn’t too warm — which means hot sleepers can still use it. Choose from seven weights and four sizes.


These affordable headphones that help block outside noise

A good pair of headphones can be hard to come by, but these ones are more than worth their reasonable price. Noise-canceling ear cups help block outside sounds, while a padded headband helps prevent pressure points from developing after extended wear. Plus, there are even controls on the ears that let you adjust the volume.


A magnetic screen door that closes itself behind you

Leaving your screen door open is an easy way to wind up with bugs in the house — that’s why I made the switch to this magnetic one. The magnets running down the middle automatically seal themselves shut once you’ve walked through, and even pets can use it to let themselves outside.


The gloves that protect your hands from nicks & cuts

If you’re prone to nicking yourself in the kitchen, try putting on these cut-resistant gloves. They’re made from food-safe material that won’t affect the flavor of your meals should they come into contact with your ingredients, and they work particularly well when working with a mandoline slicer.


A camping lantern that stays lit for days

You want your camping lantern to last as long as possible when you’re out in the wilderness. Not only does this one provide up to 72 hours of light, but the weather-resistant design means you can use it on rainy days without having to worry about it breaking.


These food saver sheets that help keep veggies fresh

Regularly throwing out spoiled produce adds up over time, so why not help save yourself some money with these food saver sheets? Just slip one in alongside your veggies, and it’ll absorb excess moisture in order to keep them tasting crisp up to four times longer.


A Wi-Fi extender that helps boost spotty signals

Ever notice how the internet can be kinda spotty in that one part of your home? Plug in this Wi-Fi extender, and it can give your signal a much-needed boost so that it reaches all over your home. Plus, installation is a total breeze, as it’s compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix, as well as Mac operating systems.


The stainless steel cocktail shaker set that comes with all the essentials

Not only are all the tools in this cocktail shaker set made from stainless steel, but each set also comes with everything you need to make martinis, margaritas, and more. The best part? The shaker tin features a built-in strainer so that bits of ice don’t make their way into your drink.


These dispensers that let you serve oil & vinegar in style

There’s no denying that these sleek oil and vinegar dispensers look good — and since each one is made with a drip-free pour spout, they’re also less likely to leave behind messes on your tables. Plus, the stainless steel exterior is even resistant to rust.


A travel pillow filled with plush memory foam

With its plush memory foam filling and silky cover, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all drifting off to sleep with this travel pillow around your neck. The cover can also be removed if it ever needs a quick clean — and the universal fit is designed to feel comfortable around necks of any size.


This reusable tea infuser that fits right into the mug

Unlike some reusable tea infusers, this one fits right into the mug you can sip your tea from — and the silicone rim around the top even gives you somewhere heat-resistant to grab when taking it out. The glass body is also scratch-resistant as well as large enough to brew enough tea for up to five people.


The TV backlights that can help ease strain on your eyes

These colorful backlights will help soften how bright your television seems, and the adhesive backing makes it easy to stick them right into place. And since they’re powered via USB, you can even plug them into the back of your television.


A pasta maker that can do it all

Whether you’re rolling out thin angel hair or making ravioli, this pasta maker can handle it. Multiple thickness settings let you adjust how thick or thin your noodles come out — and with its heat-treated gears, you can rest assured that it’ll crank smoothly for the foreseeable future.


This shelf that fits around awkward sink plumbing

Organizing the cabinet underneath your sink can be difficult with all that plumbing in the way — that’s why this set of shelves has a U-shaped design that fits around the pipes. The height, width, and depth are also adjustable, making it easy for them to fit into cabinets of nearly any shape or size.


A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can use outside

Don’t worry about getting caught in the rain with this Bluetooth speaker, as its waterproof design will keep the tunes flowing regardless of how bad the weather gets. The rechargeable battery also lasts for up to 24 hours — and with a Bluetooth range of up to 66 feet, there’s no need to keep your phone glued to its side.


The neck fan that sends soothing essential oils your way

Unlike other neck fans you’ve likely seen, this one is made with a small sponge in the center of both fan blades where you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. The wind speed is also adjustable up to three levels, and the rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of cooling breeze.


A fabric steamer that you can take with you

When was the last time you opened up your suitcase to find wrinkle-free clothes? Probably never; that’s why I like to travel with a fabric steamer like this one. It’s small enough to pack in your suitcase, yet the large water reservoir provides up to 10 minutes of steam. It’s available in two colors: black and white.


These velvet-lined hangers that can open up space in cramped closets

If you’re running low on closet space, try swapping out your hangers with these slim velvet ones. They take up less room than the thicker plastic ones you might be using, and the velvet coating helps keep strappy tops from slipping off. Each one can also hold up to 10 pounds.


A heated coaster that any slow coffee drinker will appreciate

If you like to take your time drinking coffee, this heated coaster can help keep it warm for as long as you need. It’s compatible with mugs made from either ceramic or glass, and the extra-long power cord makes it easy to plug in no matter how far away the outlet is.


The wireless mouse that lights up in brilliant colors

Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, this wireless mouse adds a little flair to your boring workdays. The left and right buttons are completely silent, so there’s no chance of disturbing anyone around you — and the battery is easily rechargeable via USB.


A wall-mounted toothbrush holder that also dispenses toothpaste

With space for up to five toothbrushes, this holder is large enough for your entire household to use. There’s also space on top where you can store brushes, razors, and more. But if that isn’t enough, it also features built-in dispensers for toothpaste and paper cups.


This vegetable chopper with thousands of positive reviews

Looking for ways to save time in the kitchen? Search no further than this vegetable chopper, as a firm press on the lid is all it takes to dice onions, tomatoes, and more into small pieces. Four interchangeable blades also let you cut wide ribbons or thin noodles — and all pieces are safe to send through the dishwasher.


A high-pressure showerhead that’s easy to install

There’s no need to call a plumber when installing this showerhead, as most reviewers were able to get the job done in just a few short minutes — without using any special tools. It also features high-pressure water nozzles that deliver a refreshing cleanse, as well as a swiveling ball joint at the base so that you can adjust its angle however you like.


The organizer that helps you clean out your trunk

It’s almost too easy for your trunk to devolve into a jumbled mess of stuff — that’s why this organizer should be considered a game-changer. Adjustable straps help keep it from sliding around in the event of a sudden stop, while multiple compartments on the inside give you room to store everything from sports equipment to grocery bags.


A mirror that won’t fog up in the shower

Save yourself some time on busy mornings with help from this mirror. The glass won’t fog up when placed in hot showers, allowing you to quickly shave unwanted hair so that you don’t have to do it in the sink. Or, keep it on hand for when your foggy bathroom mirror is making it too hard to apply makeup.

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