15 CBD Products That Are Worth Every Cent


Anyone knows me—and this includes the disdain of my mother—associates me with weed. And while I do love my leafy greens, much of the reason I love pot as much as I do is because it keeps me functioning at my best self despite two decades of chronic pain and illness. Without the vape pen I keep on my nightstand, I wouldn’t be able to move my hands well enough to type this sentence right now. Without that same vape pen, I might find myself bent over the toilet pain-vomiting instead of leisurely drinking my daily iced vanilla latte in a coffee shop right now.

So when I heard of Eaze Wellness, the fully legal marijuana delivery service, my ears perked up. The legality rests in the exclusivity of its CBD offerings, meaning none of these products contain THC, meaning none of these products will get you high. What these products will do though is relieve your aches and pains, stabilize your mood, allow your senior dog some additional comfort, help you sleep better and even enhance your sexual experiences.

And most importantly, since this is your first time using Eaze Wellness, you’ll save $20 off your order. But whether this is your first time or your hundredth time experiencing CBD, you’ll be sure to find something revolutionary for yourself. All orders ship nationwide within 4-6 days.

Mary's Nutrionals Elite Transdermal Patch

What It Is: An adhesive patch meant to be placed over a veinous area of the body to deliver a precise dose of medicine—in this case, CBD. Sore hips? Apply this patch directly to the area and experience relief for up to 12 hours.

Price: $10

Mary's Nutritionals

Cannuka CBD Healing Skin Balm

What It Is: Manuka honey is the unsung natural hero of the skincare community. This balm provides the antimicrobial properties of the tea tree honey with the healing properties of cannabinoids and other natural oils to deliver the best skin of your life.

Price: $58

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $38.


Select Focus CBD in Peppermint

What It Is: A discreet vaporizer full of non-psychoactive CBD oil blended with peppermint for the taste of a mint with the relief of CBD. No battery required. Ready to use right out of the box.

Price: $25

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $5.

Select CBD Focus

Isodiol Bioactive Sleep Caps

What It Is: A remedy of insomnia and poor sleeping habits. Containing a blend of adaptogens, melotonin and proprietary blend of CBD, ISO99™, these capsules are great to take right before bed.

Price: $60

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $40.


Be Trū Organics BODY Pain Relief Cream

What It Is: Applied just like any topical pain reliever, this CBD-enhanced menthol topical will allow you to get done what needs to get done for up to 6-hours. Made from a form of patented non-amplified hemp extract, absoprtion is enhanced allowing for better pain relief than anything else currently on the market.

Price: $50

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $30.

Be Tru Organics

Hora Skincare Overnight Exfoliating Mask + CBD

What It Is: Any wanna-be skincare guru will tell you that the secret to good skin is exfoliation. And any lazy girl will tell you that there’s nothing more tedious than washing off every step of your skincare routine as you complete it. No more with this overnight exfoliating mask enhanced with CBD, gentle enough for daily use.

Price: $62

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $42.

Hora Skincare

Kana Skincare Lavender Hemp Sleeping Mask

What It Is: Used 3 times a week, this lavender and CBD sleeping max will provide noticable healing, hydration and brightening to your body’s largest organ.

Price: $55

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $35.

Kiskanu CBD Intimacy Oil

What It Is: An oil based lubricant with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties so that your sexual experience can be as comfortable as possible.

Price: $40

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $20.


Kush Queen Relax CBD Bath Bomb

What It Is: You know what bath bombs are, this is that with some CBD added. Handmade to aid in your relaxation at the end of the day.

Price: $13

Kush Queen

CBDfx Wax Dabs

What It Is: An oil made to be used with a dab rig without the psychoactive effects. Experience all the joys of a wake and bake without the productivity-ruining bake part.

Price: $35

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $15.

CBDfx Wax Dabs

Mary's Nutritionals Elite Transdermal Gel Pen

What It Is: An on-the-go pen for precise, topical relief of aches and pains and a great accompaniment to the aforementioned transdermal CBD patch.

Price: $50

Cloverstrip Lingonberry

What It Is: For a super light dose of CBD with the ease of a breath mint, these Lingonberry oral strips will relax you, invigorate you and keep you performing at your best.

Price: $24


2Rise Naturals CBD Vanilla Tincture

What It Is: A THC-free vanilla flavored tincture for anyone who needs some relaxation throughout the day. Drop them into your water, tea or coffee and immediately feel the results.

Price: $60

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $40.

2Rise Naturals

Elite California Forever Pet CBD

What It Is: The benefits of CBD aren’t just for the human side of life. They work wonders for older and anxious pets as well. With this CBD tincture, specially designed for pets, you can squeeze a little right onto the food of your furry friend and you’ll notice the difference in their demeanor almost immediately.

Price: $36

First time buyers can get $20 off making this item only $16.

Elite California

Cannuka CBD Hydrating Lip Balm

What It Is: Because CBD is absorbed best by the top layer of the skin, this balm is perfect for repairing and healing the root causes of dry lips. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties calm and reduce swlling while manuka honey sets out to repair and prevent additional injury.

Price: $9

Eaze Wellness

All first time buyers receive $20 off their total order, making it extremely enticing to try Eaze Wellness for your easy and convenient at home CBD delivery. While it’s my opinion that these are among the best products they have to offer, Eaze Wellness is constantly updating their stock and lines available. A number of these products also come in a variety of doses and varieties so that your unique needs may be met.

If you’re living a CBD free lifestyle, there is no time like the present to try something new.