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The natural selection of Xbox

In this episode, we explain how the latest video game tech is revolutionizing how people play them.

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Microsoft side-by-side of Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S.

With stunning visuals and shorter load times, Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X is making video games brighter and faster than ever before — and the company’s Xbox Series S is offering a budget-friendly alternative.

But for the next generation of gamers, it’s about much more than what comes inside the box. Xbox Game Pass, which grants players full access to a vast library of games through a subscription, takes the gaming world in a bold new direction. And it's one that seems more like Netflix than anything the industry currently has to offer.

For players thirsty for new experiences, this is poised to be the ultimate game-changer. In the hotly debated video game console wars, Xbox is surging ahead, creating a more inclusive and immersive future for gamers everywhere.

In this episode of The Abstract, we explain how the latest video game tech is revolutionizing how people play them.

Our first story offers an in-depth look at the newly released Xbox Series X. Creating the most powerful home gaming console ever made, Microsoft looks beyond the hardware itself and incorporates streaming — building a future where games are as accessible as they are entertaining.

Our second story looks at the Xbox Series S. It's the cheaper alternative to the Series X and the rest of 2020’s top-of-the-line consoles. Taking a page from the Apple playbook and the iPhone SE, Microsoft hopes the Series S can appeal to casual gamers with a budget — but who still want a nimble, satisfying gaming experience.

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