Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Teases a Refreshing New Role for Zelda

She’s doing her own thing.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Each Tears of the Kingdom trailer comes with a new wave of theorycrafting. First, it was theories about Zelda’s demise and Link’s arm. Now that the final trailer is out, Nintendo has shown its hand of references to existing lore and returning characters from Breath of the Wild.

A playable Zelda still seems like a stretch based on the content so far, but her comment about “something only I can do” and the footage of her in unusual clothing talking to unfamiliar people hints at an exciting turn. Even if she and Link are separated during their journey, she could play a vital role in her own way.

The first Tears of the Kingdom trailer saw Zelda fall into a dark gaping hole, and she hasn’t appeared much in subsequent footage — until the latest reveal. In the new trailer, a deep, unfamiliar voice tells Zelda that her knight (presumably, Link) is their last line of defense.

Instead of the blue top and black trousers from the beginning of the trailer, Zelda wears a long, white strapless dress decorated with ornate patterns. She wears stone jewelry around her wrists, neck, and forehead, and mysterious pinecone-shaped earrings. The person speaking to Zelda wears a decorated cape with similar aesthetics to the new outfit she wears in the trailer. It’s unclear why she changed clothes, but it could be related to some kind of duty in a distant kingdom. It could be related to the Zonai, a tribe only referenced in Breath of the Wild that previous trailers suggest will have a more prominent role in Tears of the Kingdom.

On the other hand, she could be in a kingdom from the past or an alternate Hyrule that she and Link failed to save. The final trailer also features a few familiar faces, like the resurrected Ganon, that support this theory. Perhaps the person speaking to Zelda is one of her relatives. Notably, this person’s voice sounds different than her father’s.

A mysterious man places a hand on Zelda’s shoulder. Who is he?


Another part of the trailer shows Zelda holding a yellow, tear-shaped gem in the palm of her hand. This could be one of the titular “tears” of the kingdom. The series has a pattern of having multiple nations (typically seven) connected to each other under Hyrule. The Gerudos, Zoras, and Ritos are just a few groups that could be involved with the tears, and possibly coordinate with Zelda in whatever mission she’s undertaking.

Link is still journeying to find Zelda. However, the connection between the two hasn’t been revealed just yet.

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