Everything we know about the Star Wars: Project Maverick video game

A curious leak from the European PSN revealed that a totally new type of Star Wars game may be in development.

After last year’s incredible Jedi: Fallen Order restored our faith in Star Wars video games, just about everyone is hankering for a high-quality new Star Wars game, and that just might come in the form of something referred to as "Star Wars: Project Maverick."

While it might not necessarily be a single-player game, the recently leaked project could one day be the next big thing in Star Wars video games. But what do we actually know for sure about the title? Is it a single-player game or more focused on multiplayer? Is something closer to Star Wars: Battlefront II?

The PSN releases Twitter account, which leaks data-mined information from the PSN store, shared some kind of teaser image for a game called Star Wars: Project Maverick on March 4 that was added to the European PSN store. The tweet refers to the game simply as Maverick, and it may be the same game hinted at in a February 2020 Kotaku report claiming that Electronic Arts was developing a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel and a "smaller, more unusual project at EA Motive.”

The teaser image (featured below) shows a single Imperial Star Destroyer and a small squadron of X-wing fighters on some kind of fiery planet reminiscent of Mustafar. Since the leak, all traces have been scrubbed from PSN, but the internet has a very good memory.

There's very little concrete information about the game, but here's everything we know about Star Wars: Project Maverick:

Here's the teaser art shared by PSN releases.PSN releases

When is the Star Wars: Project Maverick release date?

The game has yet to set a release date or even get officially announced, but a safe bet would be early to mid-2021. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is already slated to be 2020’s major Star Wars video game release. If EA puts out anything else on consoles, they risk stepping on their own toes. A Jedi Fallen Order follow-up is rumored for a release in 2022. The gaming giant would want to avoid that for similar reasoning.

However, judging from the PSN leak that started this all, there could be some kind of a multiplayer beta for Project Maverick sometime before the end of 2020.

Planet MustafarLucasfim

When is the Star Wars: Project Maverick Multiplayer beta release date?

Similar to the first answer, we’re not sure. However, the file that was uploaded to PSN earlier this week was titled “EP0006-CUSA19053_00-MAVERICKBETA0001,” implying it was connected with a beta in some fashion. Multiplayer was also confirmed by the game’s Play Together rating of five.

Play Together is a PS4 feature allowing users to start a game as a group from the party chat feature. Having a rating of "five" means that up to five players can launch this game from a party. This also implies that a multiplayer match can hold at least five players — or more likely five players per team for 10-player matches.

Whatever it may mean, we should learn more about the game later in 2020. Keep in mind that simply being uploaded to the PSN doesn’t mean a release is imminent. The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, for instance, was first noticed in December 2019 but didn't get released until March 2020.

Nevertheless, EA Motive is more than capable of delivering exciting multiplayer action.

Who is developing Star Wars: Project Maverick?

According to Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier, the game is being developed by EA Motive. The studio has yet to put out a major release, but the team is primarily known for working on Star Wars: Battlefront II’s excellent campaign mode. Motive previously collaborated with Visceral games on a now-canceled Star Wars game called “Project Ragtag." You might recognize Project Ragtag as the title initially led by Uncharted 2 writer Amy Hennig. It’s unknown if this game continues what Ragtag intended to do in any capacity or if Amy Hennig is associated with the game.

Motive’s dev team is primarily comprised of former Bioware Montreal developers, the folks who released Mass Effect: Andromeda in 2017. After Andromeda, EA Motive absorbed BioWare Montreal’s entire staff. The developers are presumably still employed there and contributing to this title.

What platforms will Star Wars: Project Maverick release on?

So far, we only know they will release on PS4. Given EA’s track record, it will likely launch on multiple platforms, so expect versions for Xbox One and PC, along with versions for next-gen consoles.

'Star Wars: Battlefront II' selection screen.Lucasfilm / EA Games

What is the Star Wars: Project Maverick's story?

The leaked art features X-wing fighters and a single Star Destroyer, so the game might take place during the Empire’s reign between Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi. The key art also seemingly features the planet Mustafar, the location where Obi-Wan dueled Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith’s climax. After becoming Darth Vader, Skywalker set up his fortress there. We’ve seen the fortress briefly during Rogue One and it’s the central location in the VR game Vader Immortal.

It's equally as possible, however, that this game takes place during another era after the original trilogy. There's also no guarantee that the fiery planet is Mustafar. It's a big galaxy after all.

Does Star Wars: Project Maverick have any music available yet?

Yes! Your earholes are certainly begging for more John Williams-esque tunes, right? Well, we’ve got one right here, straight from the PSN listing (Warning: clicking this will download the MP3 File automatically).

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