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Everything you need to know about Sloclap’s ambitious Sifu roadmap

Sifu will soon become more approachable.


Sifu was one of 2022’s most divisive games, as it garnered positive buzz from those who learned to master its deep systems, while many players failed to get past the game’s second boss. Developer Sloclap has acknowledged many of those criticisms and plans to release an abundance of additional content over the course of 2022, including new difficulty modes — for free! To highlight the rest of the year’s content, Slowclap shared a roadmap that gives us a taste of what to expect. Here’s what you need to know about Sifu’s future content.

Difficulty options

On May 3, 2022, Sifu will finally get multiple difficulty modes, including Student, Disciple, and Master. Difficulty was one of the game’s most divisive factors, as many players were unable to even get past the first stage. It’s unclear how each difficulty mode will compare to the current version, so we’re eager to see how it turns out.

The spring update brings the long-awaited difficulty mode options, hopefully allowing more players to complete Sifu.


In addition, players will gain access to “advanced training,” which will hopefully feature more detailed explanations of the game’s mechanics. This May 3 update will also feature more outfits to choose from, allowing you to add a bit of flair as you master the art of Pak Mei.

Gameplay modifiers and new scoring



In summer 2022, Sifu will receive the next update, featuring an advanced scoring system. Sloclap has yet to announce the details of this new scoring system, but it will likely offer a wider variety of ways to earn (or lose) points throughout a run.

This update will include new gameplay modifiers, which will fundamentally alter the way Sifu plays—perfect for those looking to get through it for the first (or hundredth) time. The modifiers are as follows:

  • No Pendant
  • One Health Point
  • No Guard
  • Stronger Enemies
  • Golden Staff
  • All Skills Unlocked
  • Bullet Time

It’s unknown if these modifiers will halt progress or the ability to unlock trophies.

New outfits will be available with the summer update, too.

Replay editor, new outfits, and more modifiers



In the fall, players will gain access to a replay editor, which will likely function as a theater mode, allowing you to edit gameplay videos to share with your friends. Sifu is a game that takes a high degree of skill to learn, so you’ll definitely want to show off those noteworthy moments with the use of the new replay mode. New outfits and modifiers will be added, as well.

Arenas mode

Finally, in the winter, Sifu will get a new Arenas mode, expanding beyond the base story portion of the game. It’s not clear what this new Arenas mode will entail, exactly, but the roadmap features an image of multiple points marked on a map—potentially indicating you’ll need to visit multiple areas to earn rewards. This update will also feature new outfits and modifiers.

Sifu is available now for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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