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How to order the tasty secret dish in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Solve the Medali Gym puzzle and face this bland-looking man.

Larry at the Treasure Eatery in Medali

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet don’t force players to fight through mazes of trainers to get to gym leaders. Now, it relies on puzzles that vary from hide and seek to a city-wide scavenger hunt — like in Medali.

You have to solve the “secret dish” puzzle to fight Larry, the Normal-type gym leader. The “secret menu item” or “secret dish” is what Medali locals order from Treasure Eatery, the best restaurant in town. It also happens to house the gym’s battle arena. You’re given a clue and told to hunt down three other trainers for their clues so you could put them together to solve the secret dish puzzle.

Here’s how to find the secret menu item in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How to find the secret dish

The trainers are scattered throughout Medali, each with a different clue for the secret dish. They differ from typical NPCs because of the yellow speech bubbles that pop up when you approach them. Once you see the speech bubble, interact with them to initiate a battle and defeat them for their clues.

The four secret dish clues are as follows:

  • How the regulars season their dishes
  • The odd one out at the ice cream stand
  • A dark spot surrounded by stairs
  • Listen to the blue bird Pokémon

The order taker inside Treasure Eatery suggests asking the regulars around the restaurant about how they season their dishes. Larry, who is only referred to as an “Office Worker” in the beginning, gives you the hint if you talk to him. He says that a “nice squeeze of lemon” gives any dish a refreshing kick.

Larry is one of the most relatable gym leaders of this generation because of how he hates his 9-5 job.


One trainer is in the nearby courtyard opposite of the Treasure Eatery. After you defeat them, they tell you to look at the ice cream stand menu for their clue. There’s an option to order “grilled rice balls,” which seems like the “odd one out” next to the different ice cream flavors.

Another trainer is standing nearby the gym next to an amphitheater. The “dark spot surrounded by stairs” refers to the gate at the end of the amphitheater, which leads into a black, endless hall. There’s faint wording that reads “Fire Blast” written on the gate.

The last trainer, who can be found outside of the shop called “Sure Cans,” gives you the clue about listening to the “blue bird Pokémon.” Said Pokémon is a Squawkabilly perched on the shoulder of a nearby NPC, who boasts about how their bird buddy can talk. The bird will tell you “Medium.”

Some people say that the secret dish differs based on whether you play Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but this isn’t the case. The answer is the same no matter what version you’re playing.

Note: You can skip fighting the trainers entirely and just give the secret dish answer to the order taker in the restaurant without being penalized. If you don’t care about solving the puzzle, just jump straight to the section below this one about the answer to the secret menu item puzzle.

What is the secret dish?

What the order taker should say if you get the answer right.


Once you’re ready to complete the challenge, talk to the order taker at the front of Treasure Eatery. These are the four pieces of information you need to order the secret dish:

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Extra Crispy, Fire Blast Style
  • Medium Serving
  • Lemon

You know that the order is right when the order taker yells, “Medium-serving grilled rice balls, Fire Blast style, with fresh lemon on the side!”

The cook yells back, “Gotcha! Medium rice balls, extra crispy, with lemon!”

Once you successfully order the secret dish, Larry gets up from his seat and congratulates you on completing the puzzle before challenging the player to a battle.

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