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Here’s How to Crack the Hero's Hideaway Safe in Pikmin 4

Pick a card, any card.

Pikmin 4 Hero's Hideaway Safe Code
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The final main stage of Pikmin 4, Hero’s Hideaway, is an intricate level, full of deadly creatures and puzzles to complete. To reach the very end, you’ll first need to open up a safe in the center of the room, which is done by inputting the correct combination. The combination to the safe is hidden on a set of playing cards, which are scattered around the map.

In total, there are three cards hidden throughout the map, and each one features a random number on it. Below, we’ll walk you through finding all three cards so you can open up the safe as quickly as possible in Pikmin 4.

Playing Card 1

The first card is on the bulletin board.


The first playing card is directly across the starting point. It’s attached to the cork bulletin board with a blue dart. To collect it, you’ll need to charge into the bulletin board with Oatchi, which will knock it down. This will allow you to carry it to your ship.

Playing Card 2

Next, look for a card on the steps.


Next, you’ll find a playing card on the stairs next to the Foot of the Stairs base. To reach it, you’ll need to use the lift next to the bookshelf in the middle of the level. At the top, you can then ride the rail, which leads to the top of the stairs, where you’ll find the next playing card. Make sure to lower the piece of yarn to get up and down effectively.

Playing Card 3

Complete the fan puzzle to collect the final card.


The final one is the trickiest, but if you know how it works, it’s a lot easier. First, head through the hole in the wall next to the Feasting Center base, which leads to a platform above. Then ride the rail onto the large table with the buttons. Press the yellow button to activate the fan below, allowing you to reach the table much faster.

Defeat the enemies, and then press the blue button on the far end to activate the fan right next to it. Ride that fan to the circular table across the gap. From here, take control of Oatchi, jump down, and then head back up to the large table using the yellow fan. While the rest of your squad is still on the small, round table, use Oatchi to press the red button on the large table to turn on the other fan.

Then, ride the fan on the stool next to the small table to the shelves on the opposite side of the room. Use the yarn to climb down and you’ll see the card below.

Inputting the Code

The numbers on each card correspond to the dials on the safe.


After you’ve gathered all three cards, make your way to the table across from the lift by using the fan below. You’ll then need to throw Pikmin at the dials to turn them to the right number. After you’ve matched each dial to their respective card, the safe will open, revealing the last major part of the game.

Pikmin 4 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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