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New World Petalcap locations for crafting and the Weakness of the Ego quest

Where to find one of the most important resources.

New World is taking the PC gaming community by storm, as players are just starting up their first quests in Amazon’s flagship massively multiplayer online role-playing game — or MMORPG. One of the first quests players encounter is called “Weakness of the Ego,” and it tasks them with crafting some Common Corruption Tincture. One of the key ingredients to making it is called Petalcap. In this guide we’ll explain where Petalcap is found and a few different ways the resource can be used.

New World Petalcap locations

The most common place for New World players to find Petalcap is here, in the First Light region near this river in the northern section of the region near the Fallswatch Overlook. Typically you’ll find Petalcap here, but because so many players are searching for the same thing, it’s possible some of the mainstay spots may be picked clean.

You’ll find plenty of Petalcap near the Fallswatch Overlook.

Amazon Games/The Ginger Empire @ YouTube

They look like big flowery green plants jutting out of the ground. The game labels them as Fronded Petalcap, but Petalcap is the name of the resource you harvest from the plant itself.

This is what Fronded Petalcap looks like. It’s a big green plant that sticks out of the ground.

Amazon Games/The Ginger Empire @ YouTube

In the event this Petalcap location doesn’t suit your precise needs, there are some other places you can try that are still in the general Windsward area. Pretty much anything around the border of the main Windsward settlement should work, with plenty of Petalcap growing just outside its walls. If you prefer to travel a little further, head towards the rivers just west of the settlement for even more opportunities to find Petcalcap. You only need three Petalcap to progress with the quest, so finding enough shouldn’t be too difficult.

This video offers some additional Petalcap location maps in case the first one fails you.

What is Petalcap used for in New World?

In general terms, Petalcap is a base crafting material in the game. Harvesting from the plant yields Green Pigment and various mushroom-based residues. The pigment can be broken down into dyes, and making these dyes can increase your cooking skill. Pigments might also be used to make certain types of furniture as well, so, if you’re looking to outfit your base with some swanky wares, knowing a few common locations of Petalcap may actually be helpful.

No matter how long your New World journey lasts, you’ll surely need a lot of Petalcap to get by. So good luck out there.

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