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MultiVersus Tier List: The Best Characters Ranked

Get a full breakdown of which characters to use.

by Echo Apsey
MutliVersus Tier List: The full roster of characters can be seen in key art.
Player First Games

MultiVersus has finally relaunched, and it has expanded its roster by another three characters. Alongside the new additions, Player First Games has made quite a few balance changes and revamped some fighters that were previously struggling to hold their own. This has changed up the MultiVersus tier list pretty substantially compared to just a year ago when the game went offline.

In this guide, you can find a deep dive into each of the characters, where they rank, and why, with detailed explanations about why their moveset outshines the rest of the roster. Or, in a number of cases, you can find reasons as to why their strength pales in comparison to the other characters available to choose from.

MultiVersus Tier List

The current MultiVersus tier list is:

  • S-tier: Arya Stark, Finn The Human, Harley Quinn
  • A-tier: Banana Guard, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Gizmo, LeBron, Shaggy, Tom And Jerry, Wonder Woman
  • B-tier: Black Adam, Jake The Dog, Jason, Joker, Morty, Rick, Stripe, Superman, Taz
  • C-tier: Garnet, The Iron Giant, Marvin The Martian, Steven Universe
  • D-tier: Reindog, Velma


The S-tier characters are the best characters in the game currently. Capable of dealing sustained damage, outmaneuvering their opponents, or disrupting others with traps and projectiles consistently, these characters include heroes and villains who are easy to learn, as well as some that can take time to master. But just know that with enough time spent using each one, you can win brawl after brawl.

Player First Games

Arya Stark

Arya Stark is a force to be reckoned with in Game of Thrones, and that is the same in MultiVersus. Her flurries of attacks, aerial combat ability, and fast dashes make her one of the fastest fighters in the game, and she can easily catch people at the top of the stage and land an easy ringout with her Dagger Slash combo.

Additionally, she has a number of fantastic abilities, like being able to steal the faces of opponents and transform into them, giving her an infinite range of abilities.

However, these strengths mean that Arya is one of the hardest fighters in the game to learn and master. She is built for experts of the genre to truly master, and if you are new to fighting games or arena brawlers, you may want to pick up another S-tier character, while you learn Arya’s moveset and playstyle on the side.

Player First Games

Finn The Human

Finn was the bain of a lot of players’ existences during the beta period, and those players will be less than thrilled to know he still will be. With strong horizontal normals and specials, he can easily ringout opponents on the side of the stage as they are launched, and his sword attacks provide nice combo opportunities.

On top of that, landing attacks drops coins, which can be picked up to unlock new special abilities, including the Backpack ‘Em Up! special. This will be where you can truly dominate the match. This can catch your opponents incredibly easily and is quick, meaning you can swing your backpack around, building up damage, and then fling the person caught in the attack across the stage while they are left helpless, unable to do anything.

With enough coins Finn can also increase the hitbox of these special attacks he unlocks, catching enemies in a wider area and being even more of a nuisance. The combination of all of these aspects makes him one of the strongest characters in the game and also a great medium-challenge character - with mechanics beyond simple moves, but not complex enough to overwhelm you.

Player First Games

Harley Quinn

Harley was one of the most dominant characters during the initial beta in 2022, and she has retained her strength with this full release. As an assassin, she is capable of landing devious and devastating blows using her variety of normal and special attacks and catching your opponents in devastating, combo flurries.

A mixture of her bat uppercuts, down special attacks, and hammer swings can cause your opponent to bounce off of her traps and easily ringout after being launched uncontrollably. She is also one of the most mobile characters, lacking the hefty weight of the tanks, meaning you can dart around stages quickly, avoiding projectiles or parrying melee attacks.

Simply put, Harley is one of the best assassins in the game, and she can be a great first character to pick up due to her simple playstyle.


A-Tier characters are fantastic options for new and returning players. They aren’t quite as strong as those in the S-Tier, but a mixture of fantastic combos, relatively few combos, and great utility makes them standout from the rest of the pack. A-Tier characters might take a little longer to master than those in the top tier, but with some training, they can still win battles.

Player First Games

Banana Guard

Despite effectively being a troll character, Banana Guard is actually rather good in MultiVersus currently. The Adventure Time character acts as a Bruiser, allowing them to land devastating hits with good ground and air control. They can catch opponents in long, powerful attacks that carry them upwards or across the stage.

They also have a number of specials that allow them to reflect attacks or cause damage buildup quickly on their opponents. They lack a little bit of versatility and if you have two fast characters, they can easily be outdone. But great teamwork and a good complimentary mage or assassin can ensure Banana Guard is able to survive and ringout their opponents.

Player First Games


Batman continues to be a force to be reckoned with in MultiVersus. Strong throughout the initial launch, his selection of ranged and melee attacks make him a fantastic bruiser. His batarangs are arguably the best projectile in the game, and he can grapple towards opponents for melee hits with his grapple hook, giving him great coverage of the entire stage.

A number of special attacks and moves also means he can disrupt and disorent opponents to either follow up with a melee or ranged attack or allow your teammate to follow up with a subsequent combo or powerful, charged normal attack. There isn’t too much going on with Batman, but he is just a fantastic character in brawls.

Player First Games

Bugs Bunny

Bugs has remained quite strong from the original launch of the game. His kit has been practically untouched, and his projectiles, traps, and ranged attacks are still fantastic at causing your opponents to ring-out thanks to getting caught in them. The range of abilities at his disposal also means that he can keep his opponents on his toes by switching things up consistently.

He lacks a bit of power when it comes to melee attacks, but a few of those are still quite strong, like his uppercut. But generally, you will want to burrow into the stage and dart back and forth, launching projectiles, to succeed.

Player First Games


Gizmo has risen a bit in the rankings with this full release. As a mage, Gizmo is a bit trickier to pick up and play than some of the other classes. However, they have a pretty solid set of ranged moves, despite their size.

Additionally, their bow can be used to launch opponents pretty far and they have a healthy number of special moves that can give them a leg up over their opponent. These aren’t as immediately beneficial as some of the other mages, but he can block projectiles by jumping into his chest, provide buffs for allies with his musical notes, and drive a little toy car around for devastating ring-outs. Using all of these in conjunction with each other can make Gizmo a fantastic support character for your teammate.

Player First Games


LeBron has consistently been a great character to pick. Much like Finn, he acts as a medium-challenge character with some solid melee attacks using his basketball, but with some more in depth mechanics that you will need to learn to be at peak performance.

Being able to throw his basketball to attack from afar or catch someone in a ricochet is incredibly useful, but he is less effective without it. So, you want to try to pick it up as often as possible and not be caught without it. With the basketball, his melee attacks are far more powerful, and you can utilize stronger specials like his L-Train slam.

Player First Games


Much like LeBron, Shaggy has been consistently good since the game was first released. He has had his ZOINKS! special toned down significantly, but it can still power him up a great deal, and he has a great range of melee and ranged attacks to accommodate it. Thanks to his relatively basic moveset, Shaggy is one of the easiest characters to learn, and there is a reason he is in the tutorial.

However, he has more than enough power in his punches that he shouldn’t be forgotten about after you finish the tutorial. Strong normals and specials like his rising uppercut, flying kick, and sandwich throw can catch opponents off guard or while they are in the air, and you will be surprised how hard these can be to dodge. However, when it comes to his overall kit, Shaggy doesn’t have much complexity beyond some strong individual attacks.

Player First Games

Tom And Jerry

Tom and Jerry have moved around a lot in the roster rankings since the game was initially released. However, in their current form, they are pretty high up. By using your specials, you can effectively throw Jerry out and have a second character attack using projectiles and other ranged attacks.

This allows you to pin opponents in between two characters, plus you can have your teammate help out by landing attacks or focusing on the other opponent. They have a good range of traps, tools, and gear that can be used to catch your opponents off guard or create danger zones in an area of the stage they will want to avoid. However, as with all mages, they can be tricky to learn — so you will need to take some time to master them.

Player First Games

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has seen the most significant transformation of any character between the original launch and the current version of the game in 2024. Previously, she sat at the bottom of the tier list consistently and never really had a place in the game. But a complete rework of the character has practically seen her become one of the strongest in the game.

Using her shields to deflect damage, she can now power through hits and land devastating melee attacks, or combine her buffs with her shield dash to land huge launches that can easily ring-out opponents. Add her combo potential, decent anti-air abilities, and her lasso of truth to pull enemies towards her and you have a great medium range character that can act alone or work with teammates to rack up damage on opponents quickly.


B-Tier characters are where flaws start to emerge in their moveset. These characters usually have one or two big drawbacks that prevent them from being more devastating in brawls. However, that doesn’t mean they are useless. They are still strong, but you will have to accommodate their more drastic flaws, and as such, it makes them harder to pick up initially.

Player First Games

Black Adam

Black Adam is the perfect example of a solid character with a lot going for him but with very little to help him stand out. His combos are strong, and his mobility is fantastic, as you would expect. He also has a lot of spikes and charged hits that can be combined with follow-ups from your teammate, like slow projectiles or traps placed around the stage.

He also has a good range of basic attacks, which can make him a great choice for new players, especially if you are a DC fan. However, for a Bruiser, he isn’t able to consistently launch opponents in the same way as other characters in the class, and landing ring-outs with him alone isn’t an easy task. So, you will want to play well with a teammate to really make the most of him.

Player First Games

Jake The Dog

Jake The Dog isn’t quite as strong as his partner Finn. He has solid attacks and some decent specials, like Rubber Stomach, which can swallow up opponents and deal consistent damage quickly. He can also get around the stage quickly thanks to his stretchy powers and overall lightweight feel.

But, he doesn’t quite have the flexibility and survivability you would expect from the Bruiser category. This doesn’t make him bad by any means, though, and you can still easily rack up ring-outs or deal sustained damage quickly, especially if you have a teammate working with you in 2v2 matches. He just feels very “middle of the pack” right now.

Player First Games


Included in Season 1, Jason has already made a name for himself and become quite popular, as his basic melee attacks and axe swings can catch opponents, launch them, and land some devastating damage. He also has some fantastic specials that can cause him to teleport across an arena and surprise launch an opponent or trap them in a sleeping bag. This allows him to disrupt the flow of battle in a way few other tanks can.

However, while his individual moves are something to be scared of, Jason’s combo potential is pretty low, and he works better in conjunction with your teammate, bouncing attacks off one another. He also has pretty poor air attacks that can easily be avoided by most other characters. So, if you do want to use Jason, you will want to ensure you stay on the ground and have a decent party member to fight with.

Player First Games


Joker is one of the more complex characters in the game currently. Utilizing a variety of traps and gadgets, the Joker can easily catch opponents in the midst of the chaotic fights that take place in MultiVersus. However, being able to combine these with his regular attacks, as well as ensure you don’t get caught in a combo, takes a skilled hand.

So, with enough time, the Joker can easily be a top character for some players, and his unpredictability and ability to scamper across the stage mean you can easily escape the grasp of your opponents. But if you are looking for a character with a lot of easy attacks and combo potential, Joker isn’t the one for you - and that is why he sits below a number of other fighters overall.

Player First Games


Originally pretty useless during the original launch of the game, Morty has been reworked and improved quite a bit in 2024. A combination of his powerful melee hits, grenade, and ability to teleport and dash around the arena make him a pretty strong Bruiser that can easily escape danger.

However, like the Joker he is quite a convoluted and complex character, with a lot going on when it comes to his moveset. This can make him a real challenge to learn and most players will find the barrier to entry too high. But, with enough time, being able to use his unique moveset well will pay off with some fantastic damage and the ability to keep your opponents guessing.

Player First Games


Like his partner Morty, Rick also finds himself in the B-tier with a solid range of abilities and the same unpredictability that is at the heart of Morty’s kit. Focusing more on traps and summons, like Mr. Meeseekes, Rick can keep his opponents on their toes by constantly changing up how he fights.

Additionally, Rick has a surprising amount of mobility, allowing him to launch himself into the air and jump across the full width of a stage. This allows you to play to his strengths when using him by keeping away from the fight and firing projectiles or using summons to do most of your damage for you. However, as with most mages and Morty himself, Rick is pretty difficulty to get to grips with preventing him from being higher.

Player First Games


Stripe is a pretty good character overall, but compared to the other assassins in the game, he is lacking in flexibility. Most of his attacks are focused on stronger, hard-hitting blows when charged, rather than chaining rapid flurries together. In the current state of the game, this isn’t quite as useful as it has been previously, knocking him down slightly in our ranking.

Individual attacks are strong and if combos weren’t as strong as they are right now, Stripe would find himself higher. But the strength of these attacks and their sheer launch capabilities make Stripe incredibly powerful at times. But his moveset doesn’t allow for the fluidity or flexibility that other characters in his class and outside of it have.

Player First Games

Superman has always hovered in the mid-section of the tier list, and that is largely because his classification as a tank comes with some drawbacks. But he is worth considering over some of the other characters in the class thanks to his mobility and strength. Aerial special attacks can launch opponents quite far and Ice Breath is a fantastic special that can completely freeze opponents in place.

However, his attacks don’t really allow him to outshine a lot of the movesets characters have in the A and S-tiers, leaving him to sit in amongst the middle group of characters. You can do well with him, but their are flashier and more interesting characters on the roster.

Player First Games


Taz was once a dominating force in online matches and one of the strongest melee-based characters in the game. However, he has been toned down a fair bit since then. But he is still a strong character on the ground. Basic melee attacks can outdamage a lot of other characters on the roster, and his special attacks like the Taz-nado and Dogpile! Dogpile! can catch enemies for a while, allowing you to rack up damage before lashing them with a normal attack.

Taz’s one main flaw is that he suffers from poor aerial combat abilities and a lack of mobility when in the air. So, if playing him, you want to almost always stick to the ground and dodge attacks instead of jumping to avoid them.


C-tier characters have a significant flaw, or multiple, that stops them from being one of the best characters in the game. Usually, this can be the range of attacks, cooldowns, or their overall mobility options. Therefore, if you are looking for great characters, you might want to look elsewhere, even if these fighters have some strengths.

Player First Games


Garnet has never really found herself sitting beyond the C-tier. She has some solid attacks and projectiles, which gives her a decent amount of flexibility in brawls. Plus, she has solid movement, despite her stature, allowing her to dart around the arena. But she feels quite unremarkable compared to most other fighters.

Her Heart Song special attack allows her to buff herself slightly, but as with her basic attacks, someone else is doing what she does better. But if you do want to use her, then you can hold your own, as she isn’t underpowered.

Player First Games

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant also plays a similar role to when he was in the initial launch of the game. Acting as the bulkiest, tankiest character in the game, the sheer size of The Iron Giant makes him relatively hard to ring-out, giving him great survivability. He also has some incredibly strong melee attacks, thanks to his size, which allows him to catch opponents in them easily.

His ranged attacks also give him a good amount of versatility, alongside his thrusters, which can allow him to fly above projectiles, catch enemies in combos off the side of the screen, and recover easily. However, his size does mean he can be hit incredibly easily, and he lacks mobility in the way any of the other classes do — even when compared to other tanks.

As such, The Iron Giant can be an incredibly fun character, but you will need to learn when to back up to avoid getting caught in extended combos. Also, be prepared to move for the incredibly slow movement.

Player First Games

Marvin The Martian

Marvin is a rather odd character in MultiVersus. He has a fine kit overall that outshines the D-tier characters, but it doesn’t really play to the strengths of the current meta. His lack of strong horizontal or vertical attacks makes it hard to land ring-outs, and even some of his special abilities lack power or take way to long to fire.

His role as an assassin also feels slightly out of place, and he fits better into a mage role. This means he feels caught between the two roles and, as such, can be hard to be effective with. A skilled player with a hard-hitting bruiser or assassin teammate can be as useful as Marvin, but generally there are better options available.

Player First Games

Steven Universe

Steven is one of the more unique characters in the game right now. They use a variety of buffs and shields to inflict status effects, boost the power of their teammate, block off sections of the stage, protect a teammate, or trap an opponent. They can also heal allies, being one of the few characters with this ability.

But, overall, the kit doesn’t come together quite how we would like and they lack damage and power when compared to other tanks. Additionally, they have very little use in 1v1 matches due to their focus on buffing allies. So, while they can be effective in 2v2 matches, outside of that, someone else is almost always a better choice.


D-tier character should be avoided. They have huge flaws that mean they are completely ineffective in their current form and will need significant reworks to stand out. Skilled players can still do well with them, but the negatives that come with using these characters make them a poor choice in any online competitive match.

Player First Games


Poor Reindog. The only original character in the game doesn’t stand out right now and will often cause you to end up in sticky situations you can’t escape from. As a mage, they can give themselves and their team some nice buffs. But their damage potential and mobility are severely lacking and at times it can feel like a wasted character spot choosing them.

One or both of these aspects will need to be improved to see any change in their rankings, especially as the roster expands and stronger characters emerge with each season.

Player First Games


Believe it or not, but there was once a time when Velma was considered one of the top characters in the game, despite her complex and hard-to-learn moveset. She has a really specialized playstyle, and that just doesn’t work in the current meta. A number of her abilities and her mobility have also been toned down, which makes her an even poorer choice right now.

Velma is a hard character to get right, as her moveset is far less basic than almost anyone else on the roster. But even if you are looking for a high-skill character to master, you will get better returns on your time investment than practically anyone else.

That covers the current state of the character rankings. This list will undoubtedly shift and change in the coming weeks and months as characters are buffed and nerfed — and more fighters are added with each season. So be sure to keep an eye out as we update this list over time! We’ll also be ranking Agent Smith in the coming days once we unlock him.

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