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Everything we know about League of Legends Patch 11.7

Space Groove, balance changes, and more!

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A major League of Legends patch is coming very soon.

Patch 11.7 is the next Season 11 update for the ever-popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). In addition to all of the balance changes updates like this always bring, 11.7 will also introduce the Space Groove skinline for several champions. Inverse revealed concept art for many of those skins earlier this month, and the rest of the update is looking promising.

Here’s everything you need to know about the League of Legends 11.7 patch.

When is the League of Legends Patch 11.7 release date and time?

Developer Riot Games’ support site lays out the schedule for the entirety of 2021, confirming that a big League of Legends update is scheduled for every two weeks this year. It confirms that Patch 11.7 is slated for March 31, 2021.

League of Legends also always updates at a specific time. For North American players, the update will go live a 6 a.m. Eastern. If you want to play on March 31, expect a little bit of downtime around when the update is released to all players. If you log on later in the day though, all of the changes should already be in place.

League of Legends patch 11.7 includes lots of balance changes and the Space Groove skins.

Riot Games

What are the League of Legends Patch 11.7 patch notes?

Full patch notes have not been released yet, but Gameplay Design Director Mark Yetty gave us our first glimpse at the patch notes on Twitter over a week before the patch’s scheduled launch. These are the planned buffs, nerfs, and adjustments that we have to work with for update 11.7:

Item Nerfs

  • Essence Reaver: Cost decreased to 2800; attack damage decreased to 45
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards: Cost increased to 3000; attack damage decreased to 30
  • Everfrost: Active damage decreased to 100 +30% ability power; Active cooldown increased to 30s

Item Buffs

  • Serylda’s Grudge: Cost decreased to 3200
  • Trinity Force: Attack Damage increased to 30; AS decreased to 30; [NEW] passive stacks on towers; Mythic Passive 10% AS change to 3 attack damage, 3 MS, 3 Haste

Item Adjustments

  • Turbo Chemtank: Supercharged Move Speed decreased to 60%; Supercharged Slow increased to 50%

Champion Nerfs

  • Udyr: Base attack damage decreased to 64
  • Hecarim: E -maximum move speed decreased to 65%
  • Ivern: E - damage decreased to 70-150
  • Rell: E - stun duration decreased to 0.5s
  • Thresh: W -shield decreased to 60-180
  • Alistar: Q - damage decreased to 60-220; E damage on attack decreased to 20-275
  • Kai’sa: R - cooldown increased to 130 - 70
  • Tristana: Base Attack Damage decreased to 59

Champion Buffs

  • Kindred: Q - bAD ratio increased to 75%; E cooldown decreased to 15-12 seconds
  • Yorick: Mist walkers draw tower aggro to themselves when attacking; E - marked champions continuously awaken graves during the debuff; E - mist walkers deal an attack when they leap; R - towers prioritize Maiden last (unless it attacks an enem)
  • Braum: E - cooldown decreased to 16-8; R - max knockup increased to 1-2 seconds
  • Yasuo: Attack damage per level increased to 3
  • Morde: Q - isolation bonus increased to 40-60%
  • Lissandra: Q - damage increased to 80-200
  • Ashe: W - damage increased to 30-90
  • Varus: Attack damage per level increased to 3.4
  • Amumu: Q - mana cost decreased to 30-50; E- cooldown decreased to 9-5 seconds

This patch mainly focuses on small balance changes that may wind up having noticeable impacts on League of Legends’ meta. Yetter specifically points out that Yorrick’s buffs were long overdue. We will update this post when full and final patch notes are released by Riot Games.

These are the early patch notes that Mark Yetter shared.

Riot Games

What are the new League of Legends Space Groove skins?

Outside of the balance changes, Patch 11.7 also introduces new Space Groove skins for several champions. If you want to get a look at the skins themselves, check out our exclusive card story on the skin line. If you just want to know which champions are getting skins and how much they’ll cost, check out the list below:

  • Blitzcrank: 1820 RP
  • Lulu: 1350 RP
  • Lux: 1350 RP
  • Nasus: 1350 RP
  • Nunu & Willump: 1350 RP
  • Rumble: 1350 RP
  • Samira: 1350 RP

League of Legends is available now for PC.

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