The best mini keyboards you can buy on Amazon

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best mini keyboards

Whether you want something portable for typing or an easier way to play games and navigate streaming services on your TV or PC, there’s a mini keyboard for you. The best mini keyboards have features specifically tailored to your priorities and will have keys that are comfortable to use. And — an essential consideration — they’ll work with your particular operating system.

Depending on how you want to use your mini keyboard, there are three different designs. Here’s what you need to know about each:

  • Gaming keyboards create an immersive gaming experience with backlit keys and synced lighting effects, along with extra features like anti-ghosting and macro recording keys for seamless gameplay. And the keys themselves will be close to full size — so you don't have to worry about errors while you play.
  • Keyboards with built-in touchpads are a convenient choice if you want the option of being able to point, click, and scroll without an external mouse.
  • Standard mini keyboards are great if you just want a compact typing option that's portable and will reduce clutter on your desk. However, you may want to buy an external mouse to go with it.

You’ll also want to consider connectivity, power, and compatibility. Gaming keyboards connect to your device with a USB cable for the most secure connection during gameplay, but other options can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB receiver. And while most wireless keyboards have rechargeable batteries, you can also choose one that’s powered by alkaline batteries. Last but not least, the majority of these options are compatible with Windows and Android systems, so if you’re an Apple user, double-check to ensure the keyboard will work with your devices.

With all that in mind, these are the best mini keyboards that are portable and powerful enough to use for work, TV-watching, and gaming.

1. An ergonomic keyboard with a built-in touchpad

This versatile wireless mini keyboard comes at a wallet-friendly price and boasts hundreds of five-star ratings from Amazon reviewers. The pint-sized, ergonomic device combines a standard QWERTY mini keyboard with media and gaming controls and a small touchpad at the top. The accompanying mini USB receiver plugs into the device you want to control, so you can operate it from up to 49 feet away. And for a little something extra, there’s an optional LED backlight feature that makes it easier to see the keys. The battery is rechargeable and there’s an auto-sleep function that kicks in after three minutes to save power.

  • Compatibility: smart TVS, Windows, Android

According to a fan: “It works as expected, very responsive. The backlit light can be turn on/off easily. The size is just right for medium hands. The trackpad works well and sensitive.”

2. The best mini keyboard for gaming

If your main goal is PC gaming, the Razer Huntsman mini keyboard offers a little more space to accommodate your fingers, fast keystrokes, and game-syncing. Even better, it has the upgraded feature of Razer Optical switches, which use light-based actuation to register keypresses smoothly and at the speed of light. The backlit keys immerse you in the game even more, thanks to five optional preset lighting effects, including spectrum cycling and wave. The keyboard uses a USB Type-C cable for a secure connection during gameplay, so you don't have to recharge, and there are no batteries required. It’s available in black and white, and — if you don't like clicking — a quieter linear optical version.

  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux (Note that you can’t utilize RGB lighting or certain other advanced features with Mac or Linux)

According to a fan: “Amazing RGB and small gaming keyboard. Very small and has all the necessary buttons for gaming. Worth the price!"

3. A one-handed gaming keyboard

For a super-small PC gaming keyboard, opt for this one-handed keyboard from RedThunder. The 35 keys are still big enough for easy maneuvering, and the anti-ghosting feature ensures no keystroke gets lost during gameplay. There are two macro recording keys so you can easily play repetitive sequences, and the backlit display has seven color options, with breath and static modes. Plus, the ergonomic keyboard has a large wrist rest for added comfort. It’s available in a mechanical version for clicky gameplay, as well as a membrane style, if you prefer something quieter, and it connects securely to your gaming device with the included USB cord.

  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS

According to a fan: “For a membrane keyboard it's really good! It has a mechanical feel to it and the wrist rest is perfect for both left and right hands. I use this to play games like Warzone and Minecraft and it feels just amazing.”

4. A foldable Bluetooth keyboard

If you're looking for something you can take anywhere, this portable wireless keyboard folds up to a compact 6 by 4 inches when you're not using it — which is just slightly larger than the iPhone X. It features standard-sized keys, a built-in touchpad, and connects to your device via Bluetooth (but doesn’t support wired connections). The battery is rechargeable and there’s an auto-sleep function that kicks in after 10 minutes to save power. Plus, the keyboard comes with a stand holder for your phone or tablet so you can set up a workstation anywhere. The device is available in gray, black, and silver, with a durable, faux leather exterior.

  • Compatibility: Windows, Android, iOS (Note that you need to be operating iOS 13.4 and above to operate the touchpad)

According to a fan: “Great little portable keyboard. Tried it with numerous bluetooth capable devices i own and they all had no problems connecting to it right away. [...] Great size when folded, fits into the work bag easily, and the extra little stand worked great with my ipad and Iphone."

5. A keyboard with a whole-panel touchpad

About the size of a smartphone, this mini wireless keyboard has multiple modes that combine four functions into one compact device. You can use it as a touch screen QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, mouse with right- and left-click buttons, and as a remote for your TV (yep — it even has adjustable volume controls). Backlighting makes it easy to see the keyboard and the USB receiver picks picks up a signal from up to 32 feet away. The battery is rechargeable, and there’s an auto-sleep feature that activates after three minutes. It's also available in two other versions: a button-activated keyboard with a touchscreen on the back of the device and a button-activated keyboard with touchscreen just above the keys.

  • Compatibility: smart TVs, Windows, Android

According to a fan: “What I like is the touchpad is huge and using it is so simple, even on an android box or fire tv.”

6. A battery-operated wireless keyboard

If you want to go wireless but don’t want to worry about recharging, opt for this wireless keyboard powered by two AAA batteries (not included). Like the other wireless options on this list, it connects to your device with a USB receiver, making it a cinch to set up, and it works from up to 32 feet away. And while it’s bigger than other options on the list, it’s still slimmer and more compact than standard wireless keyboards. Keep in mind: There’s no touchpad on this keyboard, so you may want to get an external mouse. Choose from black, silver, and rose gold.

  • Compatibility: iOS, Windows, Android

According to a fan: “This keyboard is great for the price. It is very light weight and easy to transport. I love that the USB connector stores inside of the back of the keyboard.”

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