The 5 best headphone stands

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A composite of three headphone stands

Whether you're a gaming enthusiast or you just like listening to music, your headphones are an important part of your life — so they shouldn't sit on a desk gathering dust. The best headphone stands have a sturdy construction (please read: won't constantly be falling over) and an aesthetic that blends in with your space.

Before you start shopping around, consider where your stand will go. Will it be in your home or office? Think about the color scheme and what type of material would look best. Would a glossy black acrylic blend in well? Or a simple wooden design? There are a wide variety of styles available so consider your personal preferences. Keep in mind that some stands double as phone holders, bedside trays, or other handy items, too.

Another factor to keep in mind is the stand's size and compatibility with your headphones. Some headphone stands are larger display-style pieces that add to your home's decor while others feature smaller, simpler designs that you can tuck away when not in use. Most stands are capable of accommodating multiple headphone types but it's still a good idea to double-check that they're compatible with your particular set.

With these guidelines in mind, check out the best headphone stands below to find one that fits your needs and aesthetic the best.

1. A simple black headphone stand with 11,000 fans on Amazon

The lowdown: With 11,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this immensely popular (and cheap) headphone stand won't let you down. It features a sturdy aluminum bar with a cradle at the top that features durable, anti-slip rubber so your headphones won't slide off. Additionally, the wide ABS plastic base has grippy rubber padding for extra security. The sleek black design makes it adaptable for any room in the house. And the design works for a wide variety of headphone sizes, according to the brand.

One reviewer wrote: "Very sturdy device. The unit feels very light like it wouldn't stand up with headphones on it, but it is deceptively stable [...] Overall I am extremely pleased with this item."

2. This attractive wooden stand with a handy tray at the base

The lowdown: Designed to accommodate most headphone sizes, this beautifully handcrafted wooden headphone stand features Acacia wood and an elegant natural finish. The 6-inch tray at the base not only adds stability and prevents tipping, but can also be used to hold cables, keys, or other small items. What's more, the earthy aesthetic blends well with a variety of home or office spaces.

One reviewer wrote: "I had been searching for a headphone stand for a while now, something that would match the decor in my home. I am happy to have found this item! The item arrived in a nice box, well packaged, and it was a breeze to assemble! It was out of the box, on my coffee table, and with my headphones on it in less than a minute. The quality of the wood is superb! Very smooth, no damage, and solid."

3. A sleek adjustable option that doubles as a phone stand

The lowdown: With an adjustable height that ranges from from 9 to 12 inches, this aluminum headphone stand does double duty as a cell phone or tablet holder, too. It's sturdy and scratch-resistant with an anti-slip metal base, and the adjustable design allows you to tilt it up to 45 degrees. This stand can handle headphones from a wide range of popular brands, including Apple, Sony, Bose, Beats, and Sennheiser.

One reviewer wrote: "Well designed and high quality product. Finishing and quality are way above my expectations. Adjustable height and stable at desired height. No issue holding a iPad. Pedestal has anti slippery pad which makes the holding more steady."

4. This minimalist acrylic option with a sleek, modern aesthetic

The lowdown: This acrylic headphone stand is stable, according to reviewers, and doesn't wobble too much. It features a simple, sleek design that can fit in with practically any room, and the plastic is thick enough to hold your headphones securely. Reviewers noted that it does a good job of minimizing the look of clutter on your desktop. According to the brand, this stand is compatible with most headphones, ranging from Sennheiser to Dre Beats.

One reviewer wrote: "I love this product so much!!! I knew I needed something to place my headphones on when I had them laying around everywhere and it was starting to look very cluttered. This product was just what I needed. It is very shiny and it is made with a hard acrylic so it is very sturdy even if you place heavy headphones on it. It looks great with any setup because of how nice it is built. The shape is perfect for headphones, the headphones squeeze tightly around the stand and it keeps them from getting ruined or scuffed up."

5. This rockin' headphone stand with a cool gold finish

The lowdown: For all those who rock, this cool headphone stand is made just for you. Constructed with plaster cast resin, it features a sturdy design that's compatible with most types of headphones. Best of all, when not it use it doubles as a decorative mantlepiece.

One reviewer wrote: "Love it! Used it as decor rather than headphone stand. Great quality, highly recommend!"

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