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Everything we know about ARC Raiders

Ex DICE devs take battle royale to new heights.

ARC Raiders just capped off the 2021 Game Awards as the big finale announcement, and gamers everywhere are talking about the brief gameplay glimpse that was shown. Curious about the game’s projected release date? Hoping for a second look at its action-packed trailer? Want to know what makes this battle royale different from the others on the market? Here’s a full rundown of everything we know about ARC Raiders following its reveal.

What is ARC Raiders?

ARC Raiders was the finale announcement at the 2021 Game Awards. It’s the debut project from Embark Studios, a new game development outfit headed by former Electronic Arts Chief Design Officer Patrick Söderlund and other industry veterans from EA.

ARC Raiders features squads waging war against tough bosses.

Embark Stusios

At its core, ARC Raiders is a battle royale set in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic universe that seemingly features large raid-based boss battles against formidable foes. As a company Embark has repeatedly extolled the virtues of utilizing machine learning AI, which suggests this game could capitalize on that state-of-the-art technology for its large-scale firefights. Instead of simply fighting one another on a large map, ARC emphasizes fighting the environment and the savage creatures therein.

In one blog post, developers show a spider-like monster that reacts in real-time to the threats it faces thanks to AI-assisted technology. Using these methods characters in-game will react with entirely unique animations for every interaction specifically based on the situation at hand. Each hit from a rock will prompt a different type of flinch, and said boss can easily adapt to player strategies without working from a pre-canned routine. If, for example, your team is peppering a tough boss with rocket launchers, it may leave the battle and return with tougher armor to stop your gunfire.

When is the ARC Raiders release date?

The announcement trailer for ARC Raiders officially features a 2022 release window. Beyond that information, a specific release date has not been announced.

Its environments are diverse.

Embark Studios

Is there an ARC Raiders trailer?

Yes! The trailer debuted on the evening of December 9. The short clip offers a glimpse at ARC Raiders’ gameplay and hints at some of its hulking bosses. You can watch it all below.

The reveal trailer for ARC Raiders

What are the ARC Raiders platforms and consoles?

ARC Raiders differs from its contemporaries by being a current-gen-exclusive experience. When it does release, it will be playable across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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