'Pokemon' Players Just Can't Seem to Win Global Missions

They failed to catch 'em all again.

A painting with various Pokemons from 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Moon' on a beach

The second Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission was supposed to be easier than the first, only requiring players around the world to collect a million Pokémon instead of 100 million. Sadly, players again fell short of the goal, leading some to wonder whether the whole thing is too damn complicated.

The Pokémon Global Link site recently announced the results of the second Global Mission, which ended on January 9. The second mission was both easier and harder than the first one. It only required fans collect a million Pokémon, but players had to find them using the Alolan Island Scan feature. If you’re unfamiliar, that’s unlocked once a day after earning 100 points from scanning QR codes.

According to Pokémon Global Link, players nabbed about 660,000 (or 66 percent) of the needed Pokémon, instead of about 16 million (16 percent) in the first challenge In other words players got much closer to the goal but nabbed way fewer Pokémon overall than they did the first time around. If they’d succeeded, players would’ve been rewarded with over 2,000 coins for buying stuff at the Festival Plaza. Instead, they got about 200.

No word about what the next Global Mission will be, but based on how things have gone so far, it could be just as much of a failure. In general, Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Festival Plaza is kind of out of the way for players, and it’s relatively tricky to navigate. Plus, in order to access the Global Missions, you have to seek out the global mission receptionist in the central castle of the Festival Plaza, then you have to remember to sync your game before the mission ends. Let’s hope next time they settle on a goal that’s reachable, before players give up on missions entirely out of frustration.

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