Weird sh*t under $30 that SO many people are obsessed with

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by Christina X. Wood
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“I’m obsessed!” It’s what we all say when we find a thing that does such an amazing job at solving a problem that we feel compelled to tell everyone about it. I have been mocked by non-believers for obsessing over everything from my coffee maker to my microwave popcorn maker. All you have to do is ask me for a brewing tip or the secret to my delicious popcorn and you will be treated to a lecture, offered a notebook in case you want to jot down pointers, and — probably — get a link texted to you so you can improve your own life with your own version of same.

This is what “obsessed” means in the common vernacular. And obsessions aren’t always predictable. Sometimes people get obsessed over strange, obscure, and unpredictable items. For some people, it’s electronics or cars. But I know you are on a budget so this list is all the weird sh*t under $30 that so many people are obsessed with.

Whether you are cooking, brewing, organizing, making cocktails, or just chilling on the couch, you are about to discover your next obsession. Just read on and enjoy.

1. The coffee maker & travel cup that solves your solo coffee needs

If you are making coffee for yourself and want that cup to be portable, this coffee rig is for you. The coffee filter fits neatly into the insulated mug so you can brew a big cup of lovely pour-over coffee directly into your travel mug, and the paperless mesh coffee filter is easy to pack along if you want to make coffee while you travel. Your coffee will stay warm for hours in the 20-ounce mug. And the lid locks closed so your brew won’t leak out.

2. These molds so you can have ice skulls in your drinks

Bring some morbid amusement to your cocktails by freezing your ice in these 3D skull ice molds. Drop one into a drink and not only will the big ice chill it without melting too fast, but a creepy skull will stare back at you as you sip and encourage you to come up with death-themed names for your cocktails. The flexible, silicone mold makes two ice skulls that are over 2 inches tall.

3. This can insulator that’s perfect for your slim cans

When you want to sip a cold one, pop the can into this insulated can cooler so it stays cool to the last sip. This Hopsulator fits your 12-ounce slim cans perfectly and keeps the contents 20 times colder for much longer than a neoprene sleeve can. It will also keep your drink from sweating on the furniture, so you won’t need a coaster. It comes in 31 colors.

4. This TV backlight to improve your viewing experience

Installing backlighting on your TV is a clever hack for improving the viewing experience when you watch TV and movies. And this strip of LED lights is an easy way to do it. Just choose the size of your TV when you order — there are eight to choose from — and peel and stick the lighting strip to the back of the TV. Simply plug the lights into a USB plug and your backlighting system will increase the ambient light in your viewing room by throwing white light on the wall behind the TV. This makes colors and blacks more vibrant and is easier on your eyes.

5. A set of super absorbent fridge liners

Line your fridge shelves and drawers with this attractive, absorbent, and quick-drying liner to make the interior look better, stay cleaner, and preserve produce longer. This machine-washable liner is easy to cut to size and catches spills and dampness so you don’t have to clean the shelves. It also protects delicate perishables from cold, hard drawers and shelves so they last longer. Choose from 18 colors and patterns.

6. The throw pillow that looks like a fresh-cut log

This decorative throw pillow brings the look of the great outdoors inside while adding comfort to your couch, bed, or desk chair. It makes a great lumbar pillow, is a comfy place to rest your head, and pairs beautifully with the other shapes and styles in this line of wood-look pillows.

7. This beer holder so you can have a hot shower and a cold beer

Is there any greater pleasure than taking a cold beer into a hot shower after a hard day of work? Eliminate the risk of dropping your beer by sticking this shower drink holder to the wall. It grips the wall with a clever technique that requires no adhesives or flimsy suction cups. Just peel off the backing and place it on a shower wall. A drain hole in the bottom lets shower water and beer-can condensation drip away while you lather and sip.

8. This clever charging stand for your Apple Watch

Turn your Apple Watch into a cute alarm clock while you sleep by setting it in this silicone charging stand that hides the charging cable, makes it easy to drop your watch on it to charge, and looks sleek. It holds your watch at just the right angle so you can see the time and your messages, and it comes in nine muted colors.

9. The perfect bowl for making ramen in the microwave

If you like to pack ramen for lunch, this microwave ramen bowl is the perfect lunch box for that. The two-part lid has a section for all your toppings and the fill lines in the bowl make it easy to add just the right amount of water or broth to your noodles. Just pop it into the microwave and then eat right from the bowl. It even comes with a set of travel chopsticks.

10. A 4-pack of packing cubes for easier travel

Pack your clothes into these four packing cubes, and not only will your packing job survive surprise openings and inquisitive TSA agents, but you will be able to find the garment you want much more easily. Pack into the two large and two medium cubes by clothing category or the climate or activities at your destinations and your wardrobe will be easy to access and less wrinkled when you arrive. It also comes with three reusable, clear bags to help you get through the security line.

11. This helpful crab that wants to be your cooking assistant

This cute, red crab is ready to help in the kitchen. Snap it onto the rim of a pan and it will hold your spoon conveniently above the stew. Or it will hold the lid slightly open so you can let steam escape. It is made of heat-resistant silicone, and it’s fun to have around.

12. The best way to store fresh herbs is in this in-fridge container

Fresh herbs make any dish taste better but storing them so they are fresh when you want to use them can be challenging unless you own this clever herb keeper. An inner frame allows air to circulate around the leaves of your basil, rosemary, or thyme while positioning their cut ends so they just dip into the water bath at the bottom of the outer container. Just water them occasionally and store them in the fridge and your herbs will last a long time.

13. This little humidifier & diffuser for your car

Plug this cute, cool-mist humidifier into the lighter in your car and enjoy less dryness and lovely scents as you road trip. Just fill the tank with water and, if you like, a few drops of essential oil, plug it into the lighter, and rotate it so that the mist goes where you want it. It will remove static, improve the air, and smell great.

14. These dog-poop bags that come in a dispenser box for easy walks

Set this tissue-style dispenser of lavender-scented poop bags near the exit so you remember to grab one on your way out the door when it’s time to walk the pup. The box comes with 100 recycled bags that are strong and leakproof. Reviewers love this kit and give it nearly 17,000 five-star ratings.

15. This collection of stretchy & reusable silicone lids for all your pans & containers

Instead of moving your leftovers from the pan or bowl to a storage container, save yourself the trouble and storage space by simply stretching one of these silicone lids over it in the dish it’s in. The lids work much like plastic wrap but without the single-use plastic waste and they’re much easier to apply. This set has every size you’ll need from cat-food can tiny to mixing-bowl huge.

16. This portable electric burner for hot pot or office lunches

Plug this portable burner in, set it on the dining table, and put a big pot of broth on it to enjoy a hot-pot dinner (shabu-shabu) or stash it in your office for heating up leftovers. It has two heat settings, is easy to clean, and has an indicator light that lets you know when it’s on. It’s small enough to take with you when you travel or use as a warmer for buffet night meals.

17. This easy privacy film so people can’t see in your windows

Instead of blinds or curtains, try this privacy film for a simple and elegant solution. It uses static to cling to your windows so all you have to do is cut it to fit and press it onto the glass. It lets light through but people can’t see into or out of your windows because it creates a frosted glass effect. It comes in nine sizes to fit everything from windows to patio doors.

18. A splatter screen so you don’t make a mess on the stove

Tired of cleaning the stove every time you cook? This splatter screen is the preventative tool you need. Just set it on top of the pan as the fried chicken splatters or the vegetables spit out juices. The fine mesh will keep all the mess in the pan without trapping steam or changing your cooking process. It’s easy to wash and has a silicone-covered handle so you can lift it without a hot mitt.

19. This toilet spray that replaces flushable wipes

Flushable wipes, as it turns out, aren’t that great for the environment or your plumbing so use this toilet spray instead. Just fold some toilet paper and spray it a few times with this spray to make your own flushable wipes. It won’t harm the plumbing, doesn’t create a difficult-to-compost waste product, and is soothing thanks to a blend of coconut oil, apricot oil, aloe, and witch hazel. It’s easy to carry with you and stash in the bathroom, too.

20. This clever hack for ripening & storing bananas

It’s so simple to install this clever banana bungee under a cabinet and it will change everything about the way you store bananas. When you bring home a bunch, pull the stretchy pieces with beads on them between the bananas and let the whole bunch hang. The bananas will ripen uniformly as if they were in a tree. When you have no bananas, you will hardly notice the bungee is there.

21. These self-watering plant pots so your greenery is easier

If you love your plants but don’t always remember to water them, put them in these self-watering pots so they survive your lapses. An inner liner holds your plant and soil above the well of water that sits in the outer pot so they don’t get root rot. And cotton rope wicks water directly to your plant’s roots as needed. As long as the outer pot has water in it, your plants won’t go thirsty. It can hold enough water to keep your plants hydrated for up to 15 days, so it’s a great solution for vacations, too.

22. This wine opener that looks like a pirate with a cork leg

Drinking wine is fun. Why not make it funnier by opening the bottle with this wine opener that looks like a pirate? When there is a cork on the corkscrew, it looks like the pirate has a cork leg. His face — complete with an eye patch — is a beer opener. One arm is a foil cutter and the other is a lever. He even has a parrot on his shoulder.

23. A lanyard so your phone is always within easy reach

If you want your phone handy as you go about your day — at work, on vacation, or at a theme park — this stretchy silicone lanyard is a great solution. Your phone hangs securely around your neck along with an ID card or park pass and you can use the camera, see the navigation, and check messages at a glance, all hands-free and without a need for pockets. It comes in 13 colors.

24. This kitchen thermometer so you don’t have to guess at the temperature

Instead of hoping the roast chicken is done or your steaks are medium-rare, stick the probe of this thermometer in there and find out for sure. It shows you the temperature on a clear and easy-to-read LCD screen and you can push a button to hold the temperature on the screen so you don’t have to stick your head in the oven to see it. It’s waterproof and is also handy for making candy, warming formula, or anything where an accurate temperature matters.

25. This wall-mounted phone case for the shower

Mount this phone case to the wall of your shower and you don’t have to go offline to get clean. You can watch a movie, keep an eye on the baby monitor, hear if someone rings your video doorbell, take a Zoom call, or just chat on the phone while you lather up and shave. A base sticks to the shower wall with a removable adhesive, your phone rotates 360 degrees when in it, and it keeps your delicate electronics safe and dry.

26. This soft blanket for wrapping yourself up like a burrito

Wrap up in this fun throw blanket and you will be as toasty and cozy as a burrito. The soft, fleece fabric is warm and comforting and the pattern makes it look just like a toasted tortilla, complete with little burn marks. Whatever you fill it with will stay warm and feel good.

27. The roller brush that hordes of pet owners rely on for getting rid of pet fur

If you share your home with a furry friend, you need a solution for fur that tends to cover all the furniture, bedding, and clothes. And, according to the 79,000 five-star reviews, this pet-hair removing brush is that tool. Just roll the grippy fabric brush back and forth over the fur-laden fabric. It grabs that fur and deposits it in the compartment on the handle, which is easy to empty so you can keep right on rolling. In very short order, your home will be fur-free again.

28. This lightbulb that’s also a Bluetooth speaker

When space is limited and you need both light and tunes to create a comfortable space, this lightbulb with a built-in Bluetooth speaker is a great solution. Just screw the bulb into a lamp, ceiling fixture, or even the vanity lights in the bathroom, and connect it wirelessly to your phone or a tablet. It will throw 50 watts of light you can adjust — brighter or dimmer — with the remote control and play music from your collection or streaming service.

29. A slim & useful over-the-sink colander

Expand this slender and pretty colander over the sink so you can wash fruits and vegetables, let dishes drip dry, and strain the pasta water, hands-free. When closed, it stores easily and when opened it fits perfectly into your sink’s opening. It comes in five beautiful colors to add a pop of color to your kitchen.

30. This laptop chilling mat so your workhorse doesn’t overheat

When you rely on a laptop for work and fun, the processor can generate a lot of heat, which is bad for your machine and for whatever surface it sits on. This chilling mat has two fans that operate by drawing power through a USB port in your laptop so you don’t have to run a cord to an outlet. It has a low power draw so it won’t suck down your battery. It’s light enough to pack along in your laptop bag, too.

31. This adorable egg cooker that looks like a colony of penguins

Cooking and storing hard and soft-boiled eggs has never been this cute before. Put eggs in the bellies of each of the six penguins in this bird colony and then lower it into a pot of boiling water to cook your eggs. When they are done to your preference, lift it out and serve — or store — the eggs right in the penguins, which stand in a huddle holding eggs in their bellies.

32. This magnetic wristband that makes tasks a breeze

One of the hardest parts of a job is making sure you didn’t accidentally drop your nails and bolts. This magnetic wristband will save you a ton of time when it comes to your next house project. Over 11,000 people on Amazon didn’t hesitate to give this nifty bracelet a five-star rating. And, you can’t beat the price.

33. These wine stoppers that look like hats with pom poms

When you don’t finish that bottle of wine and want to store it for another day, pop one of these cute wine-stopper hats into the bottle and put it back in the fridge. The silicone cork creates a seal to keep air out of the bottle, and the beanie looks adorable on top. This is a two-pack and there are two color options.

34. A thin, dual port USB plug that makes charging a phone in small spaces easy

When space for plugging in a huge charging brick into the wall is lacking, this slender two-port USB outlet charger is a genius solution. You can plug it in behind a piece of furniture because not only is it slim but the plugs face down so they don’t stick out. It lies so flat against the wall that it barely takes up more room than the baseboards while providing two outlets for charging phones and other small electronics right where you need to.

35. A simple solution that lets you shave in the shower fog-free

This simple in-shower shaving mirror is the solution you need for shaving or doing other personal grooming in the shower. Just suction it to the wall and hang your razor from the built-in hook. It won’t fog up and you will be able to see to shave while you shower. Over 15,000 people love it and give it five stars.

36. This clever strap for your AirPods so you stop losing them

If you are always looking for your AirPods, turn them into jewelry that you can always find with this magnetic strap. Just insert the ends of your AirPods into the openings and snap them together to wear them around your neck. They unsnap easily when you want to listen cord-free, and they add some protection during a workout. You can also wrap them around your wrist to make a bracelet. These silica gel straps come in 18 colors.

37. This pumice stone that’s a great foot scrubber & callus remover

This coarse pumice stone is a great tool to hang in the shower or near the bath for when your feet feel rough and callused. The porous rock is a terrific exfoliator and it’s nice and large so you can effectively and easily scrub your feet with it. The loop of string makes it easy to hang from a hook.

38. The long-handled spatula that reaches into jars to get the last drop

This long-handled jar scraper is the perfect tool for getting the last of the peanut butter or mayonnaise out of the jar and onto your sandwich. The handle is long and the head is slender so it reaches in through just about any jar opening and all the way to the bottom of the jar. A nylon core gives it rigidity while the silicone head is flexible and easy to clean.

39. This little donut maker for whenever the urge for donuts strikes

When it’s the middle of the night and only donuts will do, pull out this little donut maker and whip up a quick batch. Just pour your batter into the donut-shaped molds and close the lid. You can use anything from cake to brownie mix to your own perfect donut recipe. In a few minutes, they will be ready to pop out of the non-stick grill and eat.

40. This marble slicer that’s like a beautiful guillotine for cheese

Set a block of cheese down on this beautiful slab of marble and lower the lever on it to slice a perfect piece of cheese for your crackers. It’s fun, beautiful, and uses wire to cut the cheese so you get a perfect slice every time. It comes in three shades of marble or you can opt for stainless steel if that better suits your style.

41. This exfoliating body brush that prevents ingrown hairs & razor bumps

Before you shave or wax, give the area you plan to treat a gentle exfoliation with the soft bristles of this silicone skin brush that fits easily into the palm of your hand. Reviewers love it for everything from a pre-wax treatment to an everyday exfoliant, and it’s easy to clean. It comes in blue or orange.

42. This toilet roll holder with a shelf for your phone

Upgrade your toilet roll holder with this brushed nickel version that has a shelf for your phone so you won’t drop your expensive tech in the bowl. It installs with screws or you can simply peel off the film backing and stick it to the wall. The bar-style roll holder also makes changing out the roll easier than the old-fashioned, spring-loaded ones.

43. This concave cutting board with a curved blade to match

When you are chopping fresh herbs, nuts, garlic, or other things that tend to fly away and all over the kitchen, this concave cutting board with a curved mezzaluna blade to match makes it so much easier. Everything stays in the bowl so you can cut it easily without chasing it around. And the blade matches the curve of the bowl so chopping is easy. It is also a beautiful piece that will look great in your kitchen. You can buy just the blade, just the board, or the set.

44. This magnetic phone mount that looks good on the dash

The slender and low-profile magnetic mount of this phone holder eliminates a lot of the clutter of many in-car phone mounts. Just peel and stick it to the dash or another in-car surface and stick your phone to the magnetic base. You can rotate your phone into the position you like, and you’ll never have to fuss with fiddly clamps and release buttons to get your phone out of it. Just grab your phone and go.

45. This avocado tool that does everything from pit removal to slicing

This little tool is everything you need to take an avocado from ripe to sliced. The blade cuts the skin. The pitter removes the seed. And then you just slide the slicer head through the fruit to remove it from the skin and slice it at the same time.

46. This inconspicuous safe that looks just like a dictionary

When you need to keep a stash of medications, valuables, or cash safe from visitors, the housekeeper, or your family, this metal safe hiding inside a very convincing dictionary will do the job. No one will ever suspect that the innocent dictionary on your bookshelf holds your secrets, so they will likely never look inside. If they do, it will be locked so you are still safe. It’s easy to open with the password you set, though.

47. This adorable sloth that brews loose-leaf tea right in your cup

Brew up a cup of delicious tea with a dose of cuteness by filling the belly of this happy sloth with tea leaves and letting them hang from the side of your mug. They will bring a smile to your tea break and do a great job of slowly brewing. The little guy is made of silicone so they are super easy to clean.

48. This super realistic moon lamp resting in a hand

This small moon lamp is super realistic because it is 3D printed using astronomical data acquired from NASA. It gives off a charming glow and sits in a ceramic hand to create a bedside lamp or decorative ambient light. You can change the color of the light your moon emits simply by touching it. It’s rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about cords or batteries.

49. A two-pack of microneedle rollers for at-home skin treatments

Skip the spa and give yourself a facial at home with this two-pack of microneedle rollers. They exfoliate, roll out enlarged pores and scarring, and generally give you a fresh glow in just a few minutes. Over 16,000 people give this easy at-home procedure five stars. “This is my new glam product and I can definitely see a difference in three weeks,” says one reviewer. “I do it every Sunday evening. I love this product.”

50. This weird bib that prevents shaving mess from ever happening

Instead of creating a huge whiskery mess in the sink you’ll later have to clean up, wear this dorky bib and contain it all instead. Just put it on like a bib and then suction the ends to the mirror. As you shave, the whiskers will fall into the bib so cleanup is a matter of emptying it into the trash. Will you look silly? Maybe. Will you spend an hour cleaning the bathroom after you shave? Never.

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