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The 2020 Inverse binge guide: An introduction

Hey, we hope you're holding up OK. To help you find the right thing (TV, movie, or video game) to occupy your time, we've made this for you. You could -- but we won't here -- call it "binge your own adventure."

And look, this story was published on March 29, 2020. The United States currently has the most Covid-19 cases on the planet, and New York, the country's biggest city, has the most cases. I write this from my small apartment in Brooklyn and the few people outside are wearing face masks, seeking a little fresh air while escaping their own small apartments. Times are strange, and if you can, you should really stay inside. Consider these your tips for a fulfilling quarantine stream. Scroll below the ad to keep reading....

We're trying to help — We've got recommendations for you if you're in the mood for Star Wars or Game of Thrones. If you're in the mood for a Cool Young Harrison Ford or Weird Young Nic Cage, we've got a few creative options. Maybe you're looking for a new Family or seeking comfort in stories of more biological ones.

Sci-fi fans, you might be in the mood for Black Mirror. You might be in the mood for a Rick and Morty marathon. Hell, you might even want to spend some time reading about Ted Danson. We can help you.

If you regard the Scream franchise as the best in horror movies, or even if you don't, we have suggestions.

When it comes to capital-V Villains, you're either one of two people. You're either a sci-fi monsters sort, or you are a raised-religious curious-about-Satan type. We have suggestions for you there, too.

Maybe you'd like it rough. Maybe you want it soft-and-fuzzy. (We are talking about video games!) We have a guide for you for both.

Hang in there. Stay inside. Escape for a while. And even if you're reading this at some future date and the Covid-19 pandemic looks to be fading, know this light-hearted guide was created by a few people at Inverse under those scary circumstances with every intention to help you escape the madness for a few hours (or a whole weekend or week.)

And if you found this article via a Google search, that means our plan worked. Thanks for joining us, friend.


-- The editors at Inverse.

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