Robots Gone Berserk

Lost in Space Season 3 trailer fixes the Netflix show's biggest plot hole

Why do these robots do what they do?

Will Robinson is always in danger. But why? In the excellent and breakneck Netflix Lost in Space reboot, the various alien robots are both heroes and villains. Since the first season premiered in 2018, the entire story of the Robinsons and the human colonists of the Resolute has been driven by the robots, which John Robinson (Toby Stephens) calls “relentless,” in the new Season 3 trailer.

The thing is, up until now, we haven’t really understood the whole deal with the robots. But the big Season 3 trailer shows that a missing piece is finally falling into place. Speculation ahead.

Lost In Space Season 3’s full trailer reveals almost nothing about what the show’s final season will actually be about. Although we get plenty of new footage, it also recaps where it left off in the Season 2 finale.

All the children are on their own, while the adults are trying to keep things together in a different part of the galaxy. The wrinkle is that (the original) Robot — the one that is on the side of the humans — is trying to warn the kids that something awful might be happening to the remaining fleet of Jupiter spacecraft. Somehow, wrapped up in that twist, we’re apparently going to finally learn what’s up with the robots and why Robot has such a specific link with Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins).

The Robot has been really helpful. So why are all the other robots so awful?


Lost in Space’s robot mystery — In the trailer, Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) says Robot “wants something from Will! He always has.”

This quote hits on one of the murkier aspects of Lost in Space’s storytelling in general. In Season 1 and Season 2, certain characters have quasi-telepathic connections with robots, and others don’t. Prime examples of this are Ben Adler (JJ Feild) in Season 2 and Will throughout the entire series. Even Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) briefly got control of the primary robot a few times. This connection hasn’t been made entirely clear, and hopefully, the final season will provide an explanation.

This leads to the other big mystery Lost In Space Season 3 must answer.

So many robots.


Another robot mystery — In Season 2, Ben Adler seemingly sacrificed himself, but at that moment, it seemed like a bunch of angry robots suddenly were multiplied. This all seems to imply there’s some kind of connection between the actual existence of the robots (remember they are alien robots) and humans. Some robots, like the “regular” one and “Scarecrow,” seem to side with humans, while all the other ones want to destroy humans.

But, this is the smoking laser-gun that began with Season 1: What do the robots want, and why are they so fickle? Hopefully, the new season attempts to explain the robots’ motives.

She’s back!


Did Dr. Smith survive? — In Season 2, it seemed like June Harris/Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) met her demise in a zero-gravity nest of a bunch of robots. However, we figured she survived. But how?

Because Dr. Smith has always been looking out for her own interests first, it feels like she may know more about the robots’ true motives than she is letting on. This is a big leap to be fair, but if Dr. Smith is absent for part of Season 3 and then returns, the question is who was she spending her time with? Because there aren’t that many players in the Lost in Space universe, the answer could very well be: Dr. Smith hung out with the robots and got some answers!

The series may be called Lost in Space, but the real thing we’ve been lost in is a sea of robot mysteries. And now that Season 3 will conclude the series, all our robot questions can finally be answered.

Lost In Space Season 3 hits Netflix on December 1, 2021.