15 Legitimately cool lego sets for adults

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If you ask me, putting together a Lego set is fun no matter what age you are — but did you know it can also help you engage in mindfulness? According to The Washington Post, some repetitive activities — like clicking together Lego bricks — are helpful when getting into the proper headspace for effective meditation. But no matter whether you’re in need of physical relaxation or some mental recess, these cool Lego sets for adults are filled with hours’ worth of challenging fun.

Unlike the sets from your childhood, the best Lego sets for adults are designed to be challenging — but not so much that you’re left feeling frazzled. Apparently, the Lego company has spent the past five years making sure that their instruction manuals are foolproof. This means that no matter which one of these Lego sets you choose, you won’t have to worry about not being able to complete it. The ultimate Millennium Falcon kit, for example, has more than 7,500 pieces — but reviewers still found that even novice builders were able to follow the instructions.

No matter whether you’re into sports, movies, cars, or even have a general appreciation for architecture, there’s definitely a set of adult Legos out there to fill up your afternoons — here are my top 15 picks.

1. This Statue of Liberty Lego set

If you're looking for a patriotic lego set, you can't go wrong with this kit that lets you build the Statue of Liberty. Measuring in at over 17 inches tall, the pedestal and robes are highly detailed so that the statue is recognizable from afar — and the crown even has seven rays (just like the real Lady Liberty). While some reviewers wrote about how the face isn't as detailed as the rest of the build, most noted the difference — but found that it didn't bother them.

What fans write: "This is an absolutely beautiful architecture set. Some other builders have stated that they don’t like that there isn’t more detail in the face; I agree that it could look better to have some, but I don’t feel it detracts from the simple beauty of this set. I really enjoyed this one, as I build the architecture series of places that I (and/or my family) have seen. This one is different from the others in that it really gives height to the set, which allows for the folds of fabric in the statue to be seen and explored. Just a lot of fun to build, and I think this one will definitely get many comments. Kudos, LEGO!"

  • Total pieces: 1,685

2. The 'Pirates of the Caribbean'-inspired Lego set

If you're looking for more of a challenge, this Pirates of the Caribbean -inspired Lego set features moving parts, including the rudder, main mast, and more. The bow is hinged so that you can open it up to reveal a skeleton-filled hull, and each set comes with miniature figures of Captain Jack Sparrow, Henry, Carina, and more. The best part? There's also an integrated stand you can use to display it in your home.

What fans write: "The box does not do the set justice.This set is huge! [...] You will get the very large box, then you will finish it, and you will be in awe to how big it really is. [...] I recommend this to older POTC fans and lego fans alike. It is an excellent display model and will take up some space."

  • Total pieces: 2,294

3. A Ford Mustang Lego set

With its white blue racing stripes contrasting against the dark blue bodywork, this Ford Mustang Lego kit is perfect for any automobile enthusiast. Unlike the other builds on this list, you can customize your Mustang with a supercharger, rear ducktail spoiler, exhaust pipes, a nitrous oxide tank, and more, plus the interior is even detailed to look like the real deal.

What fans write: "Fantastic recreation of an automotive classic. The Lego design team are incredibly talented. Watching this Mustang evolve with each step gives a wonderful sense of the attention to detail that went into the creative process...the doors are just unbelievable., especially the hinges. The ability to change the stance is very clever also...A superb addition to the Lego creator catalog. Highly recommend!"

  • Total pieces: 1,471

4. This amusement park-themed Lego set

Ever dream of building your own amusement park? Now you can with this fairground mixer kit. Not only does the mixer ride actually move when you turn the crank, but some pieces even glow in the dark so it's almost like you're really at the fair. Each kit comes with 12 miniature Lego figures, including a juggler, a dunk tank runner, a ticket booth worker, and more.

What fans write: "This set is a wonderful cross between difficulty of build and compactness of the result! It is a non-trivial build, but also when you are done, you have two lego trucks (one fixed axle, one 5th wheel like any semi on the road) that can carry the whole set. It is the most carnival set I've ever had the pleasure of building, and more than worth the price of admission, if I'm honest. Worth noting that each of the three arms on the scrambler spin independently from the core, just like a real scrambler, even if it doesn't appear that way on the box. Can't recommend this set enough!"

  • Total pieces: 1,746

5. The Yoda Lego set

When the clones finally attack, you'll be happy you had this Yoda Lego set to defend you. Equipped with a lightsaber, the head and eyebrows can be posed into different expressions, plus the fingers and toes are also moveable. The best part? Each order also comes with an informational fact plaque you can use for your display.

What fans write: "My daughter recommended a Lego kit for a gift--one with a lot of pieces for her engineer fiancé. I came across this. Knowing he would love to have the really big Millennium Falcon kit, I bought it. Turns out when he was a little boy, his parents gave him a similar Lego kit with Yoda. His mother said it was his favorite gift that year. And he really liked it the second time around."

  • Total pieces: 1,771

6. A Harley-Davidson Lego set

Adult Lego kits can be incredibly expensive, whereas this Harley-Davidson Fat Boy kit is available for just $100. The pistons on the authentically-designed Milwaukee Eight engine actually move, as do the gear shift pedal and brake levers. Once you're finished building, you can either set it up in the included display stand, or send it zooming across your floors as it blazes a path forward.

What fans write: "I love this so much! Took me back to my childhood and playing with LEGO. I ride a Harley-Davidson and this was great to kill time around the house over the Holiday season. Now its a cool little piece for the office. Add a lighting kit to it for a really cool piece."

  • Total pieces: 1,023

7. This Lego set for Manchester United fans

Even if you're not a Manchester United fan, you can still appreciate the amount of time it'll take to complete this model of Old Trafford. Measuring in at 18 inches long and 15 inches wide, this set is large enough that you'll be working on it for hours, yet small enough that you won't need to dedicate an entire table to it. Many exterior details from the real stadium have been incorporated into the design, and each set also comes with a miniature version of the Sir Matt Busby statue.

What fans write: "I'm very impressed with the amount of detail in this stadium. This stadium has everything. On the pitch, it has the players tunnel, the seats where the gaffer and the players sit. All of the major banners including (Sir Alex 26 Years) and (Flowers of Manchester) among others. They have the Munich clock and even have the team bus parked outside of the Stretford End. Definitely a great buy for any football supporter and a must have for any Manchester United supporter."

  • Total pieces: 3,898

8. The tree house Lego set

Even if you never wished for a tree house in your yard when you were little, you can still appreciate the complexity that goes into assembling this Lego tree house kit. Each order comes with summer and fall leaves that you can change depending on what season it is, plus the crane and swing both move. While the price may be a little higher than other entries on this list, many reviewers were in awe of the amount of detail put into the exterior of the houses.

What fans write: "My wife loves putting things together and also is a big fan of Legos. She also loves trees so this was a perfect fit. The amount of detail that is put into the exterior and interior design of the treehouse is really neat, and fun to see during assembly. They really think of every little thing! The instruction booklet is very easy to follow and quite detailed. Once together, the structure is very sturdy, with the exception of the "leaves" on the tree."

  • Total Pieces: 3,036

9. A diner-inspired Lego set

It's clear that no detail was forgotten when designing this diner-inspired Lego set. Not only does each floor detach so you can easily change up the inside, but there's a different business on every level: a diner, a boxing gym, and a record studio. You also get miniature figurines of all the employees for each business — perfect for making stop-motion videos, if that's something you're interested in.

What fans write: "This is a fantastic LEGO set as part of the modular line series. Please note, the modular series LEGO sets are HUGE and really take a time commitment when building. The boxes are large and the completed LEGO build is quite impressive. This particular LEGO set took me around 6 hours to complete. It's also worth noting... the instructional manual that comes with this set was easy to follow and helped with the building process...In closing, I give this set a strong BUY recommendation."

  • Total Pieces: 2,480

10. This Bugatti Lego set

If you're simply an automobile enthusiast, you might want to check out this Lego Bugatti kit. Teens and adults alike can appreciate the accurate design — and the realistic suspension paired with the spoked rims give it an authentic look. At only 9 inches long, it's not the biggest kit on this list — but if you're more interested in having a gorgeous conversation piece sitting on your shelves, this kit is for you.

What fans write: "Shout out to Lego for this stunningly-designed and manufactured Bugatti Chiron building kit. This incredible set with whopping 3,599 pieces is so sophisticated to a point where during four days of assembly, I was even able to learn the automobile production process and how each part works together to make a car fully functional."

  • Total pieces: 3,599

11. The Apollo 11 Lego set

It might've been one small step for man, but you won't have to make a giant leap in order to complete this Apollo 11 Lego set. Just like the real lunar lander, the stages on the ship are detachable, and one miniature United States flag comes included with each set. It does, however, have fewer pieces than the other entries on this list — but if you're looking for a more casual building experience, that likely won't be a problem.

What fans write: "All I can say is - amazing! It's a little daunting pulling out all those bags of pieces... but once you get into it you just can't stop! The instructions were clear and the book comes with some interesting facts and the story behind the Apollo missions."

  • Total pieces: 1,087

12. A movie theater Lego set

Looking for Lego kits that pair with each other? Not only does this movie theater kit match perfectly with the downtown diner, but no bit of detail has been missed — from the brick-built entrance doors to the miniature concession stand on the inside. Each order comes with all the miniature figurines you'll need to run your new theater, as well as one classic-style limousine.

What fans write: "I love this set. All of the Lego modular expert buildings are similar and very fun. they have great detail inside the buildings (concession stand was a nice detailed touch). This set is similar, and was very easy to take the top of the building off to look inside. They are modular, so you can attach them to the other sets (Pet store, detective office, Parisian restaurant, etc.) which is a nice touch."

  • Total pieces: 2,194

13. This Disney Castle Lego set

While the price may seem a little steep for anyone shopping on a budget, this Disney castle Lego set more than makes up for it with a whopping 4,080 pieces — the second highest on this list. Not only does it take hours upon hours to complete, but the highly-detailed inside includes mosaic floor tiling, arched doorways, suits of armor, shield-decorated walls, buildable flowers, and more. The best part? You can also remove part of the roof to find Cinderella's glass slipper.

What fans write: "I have to say that this was quite a challenging build. I consider myself an advanced Lego builder, but this took time, patience, steady hands, and ample room to complete. I spent 13 hours, spread over 2 days 3 nights, building this magnificent set. The attention to detail is truly amazing and neither video or pictures can do it justice...Overall I'm satisfied with this as a display piece. I highly recommend it for Disney and Castle Enthusiasts alike."

  • Total pieces: 4,080

14. The fishing store Lego set

Fishing can quickly become tedious if nothing is biting, but putting together this Lego fishing store comes with hours' worth of fun. The roof is removable so that you can easily change up the interior, and the back wall opens up for added convenience. You can choose from multiple creative signs you can use to decorate the inside of your store. Plus, each order also comes with four miniature figurines: a captain, fisherman, fisherwoman, and child.

What fans write: "This is an incredible set. Not only is the concept fantastic, but there are small details hidden all over the place. Every corner has some tiny detail, and it's clear a lot of work went in to designing this set."

  • Total pieces: 2,049

15. A Millennium Falcon Lego set

With more than 7,500 pieces to put together, this Millennium Falcon Lego kit is the ultimate challenge for anyone who considers themselves a professional builder. The hull panels are removable, and the boarding ramp lowers down like it would on a real ship. But don't overlook how detailed the inside is — not only is there an engine room with a complete command console, but there are also two escape pod hatches for even more authenticity.

What fans write: "It was much bigger than I thought it was despite knowing how many pieces there were. I ended up working on it for about an hour each day after work and it's been a ton of fun. There are so many small details that just haven't existed on this level before on Legos, and while I had been a bit hesitant to spend the money on this at first, I can say that it was more than worth it. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment to seeing it slowly take shape and when it's finally done, it's almost sad because the work is over. Can't wait for the next Ultimate Star Wars Lego set. Gonna be bigger and better!"

  • Total pieces: 7,541

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