The 5 best gimbals for iPhones

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Three of the five best gimbals for iPhones

To give your iPhone videos a more professional look and reduce unwanted shaking, investing in a quality gimbal is an easy solution. The best gimbals for iPhones have three-axis stabilization, a secure clamp, and any added features you might want for shooting.

When you’re making your videos, you want to be able to get your shot, no matter the angle, which is why three-axis stabilization is a must-have feature. While two-axis gimbals can move in two directions, gimbals with three-axis stabilization can pan up and down, twist from side to side, and turn horizontally without wobbling.

Another important feature is a good clamp that fits your iPhone to prevent it from falling or moving while shooting. Because iPhones come in a variety of sizes, it’s good to double check that the gimbal you’re eyeing is compatible with your particular model.

Depending on what kinds of video you shoot, you may want a gimbal with additional features like slow motion, time lapse, and panoramic shots. Many gimbals also connect to your iPhone via an app, so that you can control your phone using buttons and joysticks on the handle and access advanced features like autonomous object tracking. Accessories like a tripod or convenient carrying case can also be great if they’re included with your model.

To shoot Hollywood-style videos without jibs and sliders, check out the top gimbals for iPhones below.

1. The best overall

This top-rated iPhone gimbal has three-axis stabilization, so you can twist and turn in any direction and still get steady shots. Shooting from one location is no problem either, because this gimbal comes with a tripod base accessory too. For even more versatility, the gimbal’s clamp has a magnet on the back, so you can attach it to your phone, then easily attach and detach it from the base. Even smaller models like the iPhone SE are compatible with this gimbal, which comes with a stick-on pad for getting a better fit. This gimbal is designed to be used with a free iOS app that lets you use the camera controls on the handle, as well as added features like gesture control and face tracking. Once you’re finished filming, the gimbal folds up for easy storage.

One fan raved: “This things is solid! It’s paired flawlessly and works amazingly well with my iPhone XS Max! I was worried it couldn’t handle the size/weight, but it’s like it’s holding nothing. The magnetic connection is life changing from the previous setup. Easy on, and doesn’t come off unless you really pull it off hard. I love it 5/5.”

2. The runner-up

Another solid choice, this iPhone gimbal has three-axis stabilization, many advanced features, and costs under $100. Like the top pick, it has a free iOS app that can be used to not only access the handle controls to shoot and angle, but also features like special shooting modes, slow motion, and more. A fan favorite with over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this gimbal has a 12-hour battery life and can also be used as a power bank, so you can charge your phone with it, too. The base can be attached to the included tripod, and the top has a clamp that fits phones measuring 2.5 to 3.5 inches in width. If you’re not sure of your phone’s size, check out the product page for a full list of compatible devices.

One fan raved: “This is the best product I've [ever] purchased. I film parkour and freerunning videos, and before this product my videos [looked] shaky and unprofessional. This gimbal changed the way I film and makes my videos look perfect and clean.”

3. The budget-friendly pick

This budget-friendly gimbal is still chock full of fun features, like the ability to take 3-by-3 panoramas, slow motion, and time lapse shots. Like the other top picks on this list, this one has three-axis stabilization to help you get any shot without shaking. It also comes with a tripod, a counterweight, and a USB cable, which can all be carried in the included bag. The handle has a joystick for angling shots, as well as power, record, and landscape/portrait buttons, and it has 15 hours of battery life for all-day filming. To connect your phone to this gimbal, you can use the free app, which is compatible with iOS 10 and above, and the clamp works for phones measuring 55 to 88 millimeters in width.

One fan raved: “It looks and feels like it would be much more expensive. It also comes with a nice case, a counter balance weight for heavier phones, and a mini tripod. The app (Van Top Gimo) that it works with has a lot of great features and actually works well. It takes a while to charge, but the battery does seem to last plenty of time, so the long charge time is worthwhile. It comes with a quick start guide and a more comprehensive guide to all the features and buttons. I would say overall a great value!”

4. The lightweight gimbal

This lightweight gimbal is the perfect choice for filming while traveling, hiking, or for anyone who just doesn’t like to lug around a lot of equipment. It weighs just over half a pound and still has three-axis stabilization so you can film at any angle. There’s a free app you can use to access features like dolly zoom, time-lapse, and panorama, and it comes with a tripod for stable filming. The app also has face tracking, so you can lock onto your subject even while on the move. The buttons on the handle can be used to record, change the angle, and more, and the battery can last up to eight hours.

One fan raved: “Always wanted to buy a phone stabilizer to take videos while walking my dog. This phone gimbal is the perfect one for me. It is small after folded and is lightweight, so I can even put it into my waist bag and I can easily hook it up with my phone whenever I want to use it. It really makes filming my dog while walking much more steady. Love it. Probably will try to make some travel vlog with it someday.”

5. The best under $50

While this easy-to-use gimbal only has one-axis stabilization, it’s still a good choice for casual filmmakers who are on a budget. The single axis allows you to stabilize horizontally, so you can pan left and right, and it also has 360 degrees of rotation to help you get the angle you need. The handle has buttons for rotating, shooting, and power, and the battery can last for up to two hours. Once the battery dies, you can use this gimbal as a selfie stick too. This option doesn’t use an app to connect with your phone, but it uses Bluetooth for a seamless connection.

One fan raved: “I like this gimbal - it’s a great introduction to the world of better video shooting. Works smoothly, I had no issues with the Bluetooth remote connecting, and battery life seems decent given the price paid. The built in tripod and selfie stick also make it a handy multipurpose gadget that I can stick in my purse and take with me anywhere. It seems pretty sturdy from just playing around with it. Pole extension goes about 2 feet.”

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Also great: a mount extension bar

To shoot professional quality videos, you may want to use more than just a gimbal. This mount extension bar can easily be attached to the base of a gimbal with the included 1/4-inch screw. It also comes with a mount that has three cold shoe brackets that can be used to hold microphones, lights, and more. This simple design is simple to use and attach, so you can get filming quickly.

One fan raved: “I bought this adapter for my DJI osmo 3 so I can connect lights when I am recording. The material is very sturdy and good quality. I have no complaints at all about this product. I would highly suggest this product and adapter plus the matte color is awesome!”

Also great: an LED light accessory

When shooting videos, you also need good lighting, which is why this LED filming light is an essential accessory. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can run for 120 minutes on maximum brightness or 300 minutes on minimum brightness, and the 49 LED lights can be adjusted from a warm 2500K light to a cool 5500K light. It also has a cold shoe bracket, so it can be mounted to the extension bar in addition to being stackable, so you can attach up to four lights together for filming at night.

One fan raved: “I bought this awesome light after my son bought one. Once I saw this little thing in action, it was a no brainer. It is great for photography and videography and other tasks where an adjustable compact light is needed. I will be buying another so I can have light from multiple angles during photo shoots. The price and quality is a real motivator.”

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Also great: a microphone accessory

If you want to improve the quality of you video’s sound, this shotgun microphone accessory can make a big difference. In addition to a microphone, it also includes a shock mount and a wind muff to decrease unwanted noise. It connects to your iPhone using a headphone jack, so if you have a newer device without one, you’ll need an adapter. The microphone has a cold shoe bracket, so you can attach it to the mount, and it doesn’t have a battery, so you won’t have to worry about it running low during a shoot. To keep all these accessories safe and ready to use, a carrying bag is also included.

One fan raved: “This provides really nice sound, when kept within 18 inches of the talent. Like virtually all mics, when you mount it on a camera four feet or more from the talent, you will not get very good sound. But that's just the way of mics [...] I am pretty picky with audio, and I often will EQ to get things the way I like with various mics, but this one gives me quite good audio without EQ-ing. For being small and cheap, it has surprisingly good bass. And the upper end is crispy without being shrill. For the money, this is very nice.”

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