The 5 best full motion TV wall mounts

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Despite the ubiquity of smartphones, Americans are still watching a significant amount of television. In fact, according to a 2018 study by Nielsen, Americans watch four hours and 46 minutes of TV per day — so it’s worthwhile to invest in the optimal TV set up. The best full motion TV wall mounts can support the weight and size of your set and have a wide range of angles to give you the best view no matter where you’re sitting.

The first factor to consider when buying a television mount is compatibility. Mounts not only need to be compatible with your television’s size and weight but also the VESA Interface Standard, which indicates the distance between mounting holes. With most mounts, the brand will give a range of VESA sizes that it fits, so when shopping around, be sure to check that your particular television is compatible before making a purchase.

You’ll also need to make sure that the mount will work on your walls. Some mounts only fit wood studs with certain measurements, and others require additional hardware to work with concrete and brick walls. If you plan to install your mount on drywall, it’s important to find your studs first, as your television will not be secure if the mount is installed into empty drywall. Look for a mount made from durable materials like aluminum and steel that can handle the weight of your TV.

Beyond compatibility, consider what range of motion you want. While all full motion mounts can swivel and tilt, some also extend far out from the wall, or rotate 180 degrees. These features allow you to angle your television away from windows to reduce glare and get the best view from any seat in the room.

This list of the best full motion TV wall mounts will make it easy to find an affordable and compatible option, so you can revamp your television-watching space.

1. The overall best

  • Maximum TV size: 55 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 77 pounds

With over 20,000 five-star reviews, this TV wall mount is a serious fan favorite on Amazon. Compatible with concrete, brick, and wood studs in drywall, this mount has a wide range of VESA compatibility. It can tilt 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down, and it can swivel 180 degrees, making it easy to get the best viewing angle. This wall mount can also extend nearly 17 inches out from the wall and comes with all of the hardware you need to install it. It’s made from a durable combination of aluminum and steel, and it’s backed by a 10-year warranty. Make sure to check the full VESA compatibility and your television’s cable locations before buying to ensure it’s the right fit for your TV.

One fan raved: “Just installed this mount MD2414-MX this past weekend. It's a great, solid mount and comes with all the mounting hardware that you will need for walls with wooden studs or concrete. I like the fact that they provide various options for mounting along with the necessary hardware to accomplish the task. It was plenty strong enough to mount my TCL 55" 4K TV (which is only about 30 pounds). I was impressed at how smooth the swivel and tilt action are on this unit. It's definitely a best buy. They sell a similar one at Costco that costs more than twice the price.”

2. The runner-up

  • Maximum TV size: 80 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 130 pounds

If you’re nervous about installation, this simple full motion wall mount from Amazon Basics is a great choice. It’s best for larger TVs, ranging from 32 to 80 inches in diameter, and it comes with a drill template and a built-in bubble level. Like the previous mount, this one can tilt 5 degrees up and 10 degrees down and can swivel 180 degrees. This mount is made of aluminum and features a jointed arm that allows it to extend 19.9 inches from the wall. The brand only lists this mount as being compatible with wood studs (though, reviewers noted that they’ve installed it in both concrete and brick with no issues).

One fan raved: “This is a quality wall mount for a great price! I was worried it might be cheap or feel inadequate. No dice! This thing is legit. It is fully articulated, so it moves in just about any way you'd want up/down, side/side, tilt, it provides plenty of viewing angles. It is also very well built. It is solid metal with heavy duty hinges. It's not messing around, this mount means business. Installation was relatively painless, it does help to have a second person for when you are trying to center/level the mount, and the step of hanging the TV, but one person could definitely swing it if you were feeling frisky. Don't be scared by the price. This is not junk. It isn't going to break the first time you look at the TV funny. It's a serious wall mount for an unbeatable price.”

3. The best for small TVs

  • Maximum TV size: 42 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 44 pounds

This compact TV mount is compatible with concrete, brick, and wood studs in drywall. It’s perfect for smaller TVs and monitors, and it only requires two drill holes to install. It can not only tilt 5 degrees up, tilt 15 degrees down, and swivel 180 degrees, but can also rotate a full 360 degrees. This mount is made from alloy steel and can extend 14.5 inches from the wall, but make sure to check the VESA compatibility and cable outlet locations on your TV before buying.

One fan raved: “Based on the price I didn’t expect much. Like they say you get what you pay for. BUT this has blown me away. This was easy and very simple to put up. It came with plenty of options to screw into the back of the tv. Once we decided on a spot to put the tv, this was installed in less than 10 minutes. The only tools I had to provide was a drill to pre-drill the pilot holes and a socket wrench to screw in the bolts to hold it to the wall. The range of motion is awesome. The wall mount sits the tv about 4” off the wall and extends out to turn our 32” tv completely sides ways both ways.”

4. The best for large TVs

  • Maximum TV size: 86 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 125 pounds

For larger TVs, this Echogear mount is the best choice as is can support televisions up to 86 inches big (and up to 125 pounds). It’s compatible with concrete and wood studs in drywall, as well as all major TV brands including LG, Sony, Vizio, and Samsung. It’s made from steel, fits most VESA patterns, and includes a drilling template and hardware for easy installation. This mount pulls out 22 inches from the wall and can tilt 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down, and swivel 130 degrees. This mount is also a popular choice on Amazon, with an overall rating of 4.8 stars and more than 10,000 ratings in total.

One fan raved: “Absolutely LOVE this mount. Great quality and it was easy to install. The company rocks and even makes the instructions enjoyable to read. The mount is very easy to adjust and swivel. Holds my 75 inch Sony with ease, even fully extended.”

5. The best corner TV mount

  • Maximum TV size: 65 inches
  • Maximum TV weight: 99 pounds

Designed specifically for corner installations, this Perlesmith TV mount is compatible with concrete, brick, and wood studs. It can tilt 5 degrees up and 10 degrees down, and it can swivel up to 45 degrees. It can also rotate up to 3 degrees up and down, so you can get it perfectly level. This mount is made of stainless steel and fits a wide range of VESA patterns, though it’s always best to check your TV’s compatibility before you buy.

One fan raved: “We have a 70 [inch] curved TV. The way our living room is set up, our tv can only be in the corner. We needed a way to mount this new tv to keep it away from our 2 year old. This mount was easy to install and fit perfectly in the corner. It’s also extremely sturdy and we are not at all worried about our brand new tv falling.”

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