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Fennec Shand’s Bad Batch appearance makes Boba Fett’s backstory way cooler

Who is Fennec Shand working for in The Bad Batch?

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Who is Fennec Shand working for in The Bad Batch? In The Mandalorian, Shand is very clearly a bounty hunter, first hired by the Empire to snag Grogu. Later, she switched sides and joined Boba Fett and Mando to protect Baby Yoda. But what about before all that?

In The Bad Batch Episode 4, “Cornered,” Ming-Na Wen returns as Fennec Shand — nearly three decades before she appears in The Mandalorian. Despite this time gap, there might be one commonality between the Mando era and the timeline of The Bad Batch. Here’s how Fennec’s latest appearance in Star Wars could make Boba Fett’s origins way more interesting. Spoilers ahead for The Bad Batch Episode 4.

Fennec Shand in The Bad Batch.


How old is Fennec Shand in Bad Batch?

Figuring out Fennec Shand’s age in The Bad Batch might not be possible, but one thing is for sure, she’s almost certainly older than Boba Fett. In Attack of the Clones, Boba Fett is around 10-years-old, which makes him 13 going on 14 by the end of Revenge of the Sith, right at the start of The Bad Batch.

If you’d never watched The Clone Wars, you might assume that Fett’s young age means he’s not exactly in the game at this point in the Star Wars timeline, but he totally is. As of about 20 BBY, Boba Fett is the head of a criminal syndicate called Krayt's Claw. And, yes, it’s named after the Krayt Dragon. In The Clone Wars, Obi-Wan was kind of shocked when he learned that this kid locked in a Courscant prison was running an entire crime operation. Boba Fett eventually got out of that Courscant prison, so he’s totally out there during the events of The Bad Batch.

Fett in Return of the Jedi. Was he buddies with Fennec Shand at this point?


Will Boba Fett appear in The Bad Batch?

Even if we assume Fennec is about 20 years old in Bad Batch, that fact doesn’t prevent her from being employed by Boba Fett at this point in the timeline. In fact, when you consider that Darth Maul’s various crime syndicates were ordered to go into hiding in The Clone Wars finale, it seems more likely than not that Fett’s organization could have a lot more dominance at this point in the timeline simply because there’s less competition.

So, if Fennec Shand’s employer in The Bad Batch is ever revealed, betting on Boba Fett or his crime syndicate, the Krayt’s Claw, isn’t as out-there as it might seem.

Okay, so is Omega a Jango clone or what?


Why does Fennec Shand want Omega?

Well, this all kind of depends on who Omega is cloned from. While the prevailing theory is that Omega is yet another modified clone of Jango Fett, this is not entirely clear. When Inverse spoke to Bad Batch showrunners Jennifer Corbett and Brad Rau, they didn’t outright confirm that Omega was a clone of Jango Fett and instead said:

“Who Omega is and, and her backstory and, and how that's relevant to the series is something that's definitely something that we explore.”

This quote was in direct response to the question: Will we find out who Omega was a clone of?

So, if Omega is a modified clone of Jango Fett, then she’s also Boba Fett’s sister! But if Omega is a clone of someone else, then the reasons why Fennec Shand is tracking her down are more mysterious. Either way, the more Fennech Shand appears in The Bad Batch, the clearer the Star Wars timeline becomes. Then again, we shouldn’t expect every question about the scum and villainy in the faraway galaxy to be answered. It’s called the underworld for a reason.

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