40 annoying problems around your house you didn't realize you can fix for less than $30

Affordable fixes for annoying problems.

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Sometimes it’s the little things in life that are the most annoying, like a cold cup of coffee, extra-bright alarm clocks, and watermarks on your sink. They all add up to one big headache — but luckily for both of us, many of these problems have easy solutions that can be found right on Amazon.

And since saving money is never a bad idea, I’ve ensured that each solution below costs less than $30. That means you can keep your coffee warm, dim that alarm clock, and keep your sink clean — all without breaking the bank.


Problem: Your soap bars always turn into soggy messes

Solution: These soap dishes that drain away excess water

Letting your bars of soap sit in water can cause them to deteriorate into a sudsy mess, making these dishes a smart investment. Raised slats elevate your soap to help air circulate underneath so that they dry faster, while a channel in the front allows water to drain into your sink. And since they’re also heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you can even use them as spoon rests in the kitchen.


Problem: Your bananas go bad quickly

Solution: A hanger that helps them stay fresher for longer

Place your bananas on this hook, and it’ll encourage natural airflow between the bananas, helping them stay fresher for longer. Installation is also incredibly easy: simply twist the eye screw underneath your cabinet, then hang the hook on it. Choose from four colors including yellow, red, green, or black.


Problem: Your home is too dark for plants to thrive

Solution: This indoor grow light that’s surprisingly powerful

Whether your plants are mature or still seeds, this grow light is powerful enough to help them flourish. The brightness is adjustable up to five levels, while a flexible gooseneck makes it easy to point them in whatever direction you like. Plus, there’s even a built-in timer that you can adjust from four up to 12 hours, helping you save electricity when you aren’t home.


Problem: You’ve run out of plasticware to store leftovers

Solution: These silicone lids that stretch to fit containers

If you’re always running out of plasticware, try using these silicone lids instead. They stretch to fit all sorts of containers, ranging from large pots to small bowls — and you can even use them to cover halved citrus for later. The best part? They create a leakproof seal, helping keep your fridge and pantry safe from spills.


Problem: You’re too busy to water your plants every day

Solution: These bulbs that keep them hydrated for you

Fill these bulbs up with water, then press them deep into your potted plant soil. The water will gradually seep out, helping keep your plants watered for up to two weeks before you need to refill them. And since they’re made from sleek, colorful glass, they also double as cute decorations.


Problem: You’re always losing your television remotes

Solution: Attaching these item trackers to them

Stick these item trackers to your television remotes, and you won’t have to go hunting throughout the house to find them. Simply press the corresponding button on the remote — the tracker will let out a loud beep, helping you find the remote in a fraction of the time it would take without. They’ll work from up to 115 feet away, and even come with batteries included.


Problem: Your sponges do a subpar job at cleaning glassware

Solution: This brush that reaches deep into tall glasses

With its long handle and silicone bristles, this brush makes it much easier to clean deep into tall glassware. The bristles are soft yet grippy, allowing you to scrub away grime without having to worry about leaving behind scratches — and you can even place it on the top rack of your dishwasher for a quick clean if it ever gets dirty.


Problem: Your alarm clock is too bright to sleep

Solution: Placing one of these light-blocking stickers on the front

If your alarm clock’s face is too bright to comfortably sleep, try placing one of these stickers on the front. They’ll reduce the brightness by about 50%, making it easier to fall asleep at night — and you can also layer multiple stickers on top of each other if you’d prefer the light to be even dimmer.


Problem: The lights are left on when no one is home

Solution: Swapping out regular bulbs with these smart ones

Swap out your regular light bulbs with these smart ones — the next time you forget to turn them off before leaving the house, you’ll be able to use the downloadable smartphone app to shut them off remotely. You also have the choice of more than 15 million colors when setting the mood. The best part? They’re compatible with Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to control them using convenient voice commands without having to get up from the couch.


Problem: You accidentally break mugs inside your cabinets

Solution: Storing them on this mug tree instead

Keeping your mugs in a cabinet is an easy way to wind up with chips and cracks, so why not place them on this tree instead? It’s made from stylish bamboo, with a large base that can accommodate larger mugs — so there’s no reason to worry about it tipping over.


Problem: Losing shoes inside a cluttered closet

Solution: Keeping them organized with these shoe slots

Not only can these shoe slots be adjusted to fit nearly any type of shoe (including heels), but their nonslip design means you won’t be stuck having to constantly reconfigure the way they’re set up — your shoes should stay put the first time you put them in. Choose from blue or black.


Problem: You’ve run out of closet space for your shoes

Solution: Storing them on your closet door with this organizer

With space for up to 24 pairs of shoes, this organizer is a total game-changer when it comes to maximizing your closet space. The pockets are transparent, making it easy to see where each shoe is without having to unpack anything — and the stainless steel hooks on the top are wide enough to fit over any standard-sized door.


Problem: Losing track of all your snack bags

Solution: This organizer that keeps them neatly in one place

It’s almost too easy for your snack bags to turn into a jumbled mess of plastic — that’s where this organizer comes in. Whereas the cardboard boxes they came in are flimsy, the organizer is made from sturdy bamboo, with dividers throughout the inside to help keep larger bags from mixing in with smaller ones. Plus, each compartment is labeled to help you keep track of which bags are where.


Problem: The top of your sink is stained with watermarks

Solution: This splash guard made from absorptive microfiber

Place this splashguard around your faucet, and it’ll catch any stray drips that fall its way, helping keep your sink stain-free. It’s made from absorptive microfiber, with a snap button around the faucet opening to help keep it from shifting out of place — and you even have the choice of four colors: black, cream, grey, or grey with a checkerboard texture.


Problem: Your opened wine bottles go bad before you can finish them

Solution: These vacuum stoppers that help seal in freshness

There’s no need to chug that bottle of wine — just use one of these vacuum stoppers to help keep it fresh for up to 10 days. They’re designed to fit inside practically any bottle and work just as well with reds and whites as they do with sparkling bottles of champagne.


Problem: You keep scratching up your nonstick pans

Solution: Making the switch to these sturdy rubber spatulas

Metal stirrers and spatulas can scratch nonstick cookware, making these rubber spatulas a smart alternative. They’re heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, which means there’s no need to stress about them melting or warping at high temperatures. Each one also features a small loop on the handle so that you can hang them in storage.


Problem: You’re always running out of disposable straws

Solution: These reusable ones that work with large tumblers

Not only are these straws reusable, but they’re also long enough that you can use them with larger 40-ounce tumbler cups. They’re made from 100% food-grade silicone that’s BPA-free — and each order includes a cleaning pipette to help you scrub them from the inside out.


Problem: Your kitchen floor is uncomfortable to stand on while cooking

Solution: Standing on top of this anti-fatigue mat

Stand on top of this anti-fatigue mat while preparing meals, and it’ll help keep your legs from growing sore when you’re stuck standing for long periods of time. The thick foam interior absorbs shock to take the load off your joints — and since the top is stain-resistant, you can easily wipe it clean if it ever gets dirty.


Problem: Spices get lost in the back of your cabinets

Solution: Storing them on top of this lazy Susan

If you’re always losing spice bottles in the back of your cabinet, try placing them on top of this lazy Susan. Two tiers give you ample room for everything from spices to cooking wine — and since it rotates 360 degrees, reaching items located in the back is as easy as giving it a light spin.


Problem: Your strainer takes up so much cabinet space

Solution: Downsizing to this clip-on version

Strainers can take up a ton of storage space, which is only part of the reason why I’m a big fan of this clip-on version. The clips are spring-loaded, allowing them to stretch onto practically any pot, pan, or bowl — even if it has a lip. And since it keeps all the food inside of the container you’re straining, there’s little risk of spilling any of it into your sink.


Problem: Your drawers are overflowing with clutter

Solution: Getting organized with these customizable dividers

Not only can you adjust these dividers into whatever configuration works best for your drawers, but each order comes with enough to make up to 45 cells. They work great with everything from office supplies to socks — and since they’re also waterproof, you can even use them in humid areas of your home, including the bathroom.


Problem: You keep running out of paper towels

Solution: Upgrading to these reusable dishcloths

Absorbent, reusable, and affordable — these Swedish dishcloths hit all the right notes. They’re lightly abrasive when dry, making them great for cleaning non-stick cookware since they won’t leave behind scratches. They also become incredibly soft when wet, allowing you to use them on delicate surfaces like glass, porcelain, and more.


Problem: Your bills are always getting lost

Solution: Sticking them to the fridge with these magnetic clips

Bills always getting lost? Stick them to the fridge using these magnetic clips, and you’ll always know where they are. They open up wide enough to hold up to 20 standard-sized sheets of paper — and each order also comes with a set of clear stickers you can place on their back to help prevent scratches to your fridge.


Problem: Your kitchen is really, really dark

Solution: Installing these puck lights underneath your cabinets

Sleek kitchen lighting doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg — just stick these puck lights underneath your cabinets. They only need three AA batteries to provide up to 100 hours of light, so there’s no need for any complicated wiring during installation. Plus, each order comes with all the double-sided adhesive you’ll need for mounting.


Problem: Your mirror is always foggy after a hot shower

Solution: This fog-free mirror you can mount on glass

Hot showers will leave your mirrors unusable, so why grab this fogless version? Suction cups on the back let you stick it to your mirror so that it’s always ready to go after you finish showering — or, you can stick it to the tile in your shower. Each order also includes a squeegee as well as a travel bag.


Problem: Letting your loofah sit in a puddle of water

Solution: Hanging it up on this easy-to-install hook

Keeping your loofah on a shelf in your shower can make it grimy — instead, hang it on this hook. Installation is a total breeze following the drilling template that comes with every order, while the double-hook design gives you extra space to hang a towel, squeegee, and more. Choose from two finishes: black or gold.


Problem: You can’t reach those dusty fan blades

Solution: This duster with a helpful telescopic handle

Dirty fan blades are no match for this duster, as the telescopic handle extends out from 27 to 47 inches, making it easy to reach tall light fixtures, fan blades, shelves, and more. The microfiber head also latches onto dust, holding onto it until you’re ready to shake it out over a trashcan.


Problem: Spending way too much money on coffee pods

Solution: Making the switch to this reusable pod

This refillable coffee pod is an easy way to help save money. Each order includes a scoop that holds the ideal amount of coffee grounds for the pod, helping you avoid overfilling it and creating a mess. Many reviewers also appreciated how it’s “easy to clean,” as a quick rinse in the sink is all it takes to wash it out.


Problem: You keep breaking & chipping your wine glasses

Solution: These unbreakable ones made from stainless steel

Made from tough stainless steel, these wine glasses shouldn’t break if dropped, making them a cost-effective upgrade if you’re always breaking your regular glasses. The walls are thick enough to help insulate your wine from your hands, helping keep it at the ideal temperature — and each one is also BPA-free.


Problem: Your television has glare at certain times during the day

Solution: Hanging up these darkening blackout curtains

Not only can these blackout curtains reduce television glare, but they’re also thermally insulated. The result? You may notice your energy bills are lower than usual, as they can help insulate your home against the sun’s warming rays, as well as prevent heat from escaping out your windows. Choose from dozens of colors, including a trendy shade of beige.


Problem: Your lightning cable is too short to reach your bed

Solution: This extra-long cable that’s been reinforced for added durability

Unlike the lightning cable that probably came with your phone, this one is a whopping 10 feet long, making it easy to use no matter how far away that outlet is. The best part? It’s also been reinforced with stronger connection joints, allowing it to withstand up to 25,000 bends without fraying.


Problem: Pet toys always get lost under your couch

Solution: This barrier that stops them from rolling under

Place this barrier underneath your couch, and it’ll stop pet toys from getting lost underneath. It’s completely transparent, allowing it to blend into your floor and couch so that it’s hardly noticeable. Plus, there’s no drilling required for installation, as it relies on sticky double-sided adhesive to stay in place.


Problem: Spills are dirtying up your refrigerator shelves

Solution: These waterproof mats that are easy to clean

Refrigerator spills can be really hard to clean, so why not put these shelf liners down? Their waterproof surface makes it easy to wipe them down — and since they’re nonslip, they can even help prevent spills from happening in the first place. Choose from four colors: blue, clear, gray, or an assortment of blue, green, red, and clear.


Problem: Bugs keep escaping into your home

Solution: A screen door that automatically seals itself shut

If bugs are always escaping into your home, consider adding this screen door to your patio. A series of magnets running down the center seals it shut every time someone passes through, helping keep bugs outside rather than inside. Installation is also a total breeze — just use the included Velcro strips to lock it into place.


Problem: Water keeps pooling inside your toothbrush holder

Solution: This toothbrush holder with an aerated base

Pooling water can quickly turn grimy, making this toothbrush holder a sanitary upgrade. The open wire frame allows air to circulate through, helping your brushes, toothpaste, razors, and more dry quicker when wet. Choose from two finishes: bronze or chrome.


Problem: Your shower is cluttered with shampoo bottles

Solution: These dispensers that keep clutter to a minimum

Transfer your shampoo and conditioner into these dispensers, and they’ll help clear up all those bottles currently cluttering up your shower walls. The containers are shatter-resistant as well as large enough to hold nearly an entire bottle of soap — and installation is as easy as pressing them into place using the included adhesive. Or, use screws (which come included) for a more permanent mounting.


Problem: Your razors keep falling to the ground

Solution: These holders that keep them high & dry

Accidentally knocking your razors and toothbrushes to the floor is an easy way to get them dirty — so grab these holders. Four flexible prongs allow them to hold onto everything from combs to charging cables. And since they’re made from soft silicone, there’s no need to worry about them corroding in humid bathrooms.


Problem: Your desk chair is really uncomfortable

Solution: This seat cushion that contours to the shape of your body

If your desk chair always leaves you feeling sore, try putting this cushion down. It’s filled with soft memory foam that contours to the shape of your body for added comfort, while a cooling layer of gel on the top helps keep you from overheating. You can also remove the cover for a quick wash.


Problem: Your chairs keep scratching up your floors

Solution: These leg covers that let them slide with ease

Not only can putting these covers on your chair legs help prevent scratches on your floors but each one is also made from soft, stretchy silicone, making it easy to pop them on (no nails or drilling required). Choose from three colors: transparent, black, or brown.


Problem: Your coffee goes cold before you can finish it

Solution: A heated coaster that keeps it deliciously toasty

There’s no need to stress about your coffee getting cold — just place your mug on this heated coaster. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels, and it’s compatible with cups made from ceramic, glass, as well as stainless steel. Plus, the automatic shut-off kicks in after four hours.

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