Amazon keeps selling out of these 40 unbelievably clever things

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by Christina X. Wood

In modern times, when a product is both clever and affordable, people usually find it and buy it. And if you want to own it, you have to keep your ear to the ground and be quick on the draw. There was a time in the not-so-distant past, though, when clever things sold out. These days, we get the full read on an item through the world of Amazon.

When the star ratings are shining and buyers tout a product as game-changing, burden-easing, or just downright amazing, it’ll likely sell quickly. As it turns out, these unbelievably clever things on Amazon are also selling fast — and you’ll likely want to part with your hard-earned money to acquire them.

Check these products out. I know you need at least one of these things.


The paper towel holder you can stick anywhere

Stick a roll of paper towels in the most convenient place available in your kitchen by simply peeling and sticking this stainless steel paper towel holder. Put it under the cupboard, on the wall, or to the side of an appliance. It makes it easy to replace the paper towel roll — just slip it on — and your towels will always be right where you want them without eating up counter space.


This salad chopper so you can have fresh chopped salad whenever you want

Ready for a homemade delicacy of greens? Meet the salad chopper that will make it not only possible, but also fast and easy to enjoy a chopped salad at home. Drop your greens, vegetables, and cheese into a bowl. Then use this curved, double-bladed knife to chop it all up, right in the bowl. Add some dressing and enjoy. It’s also a quick way to chop nuts, herbs, and chocolate.


A very small but mighty portable charger

This portable charger might be tiny, but it packs a lot of power into the palm of your hand. It will juice up an exhausted iPhone to 100 percent power in 30 minutes. It can charge up to three devices at once. And it will do that more than two times before it needs to get to a power source itself. An LED display tells you exactly how much charge is left in it and it charges up fast, too.


The surge-protecting power hub with rotating outlets

This surge protector is the compact but powerful protection your computer rig or entertainment system need to survive lightning storms and power surges. It plugs right into the wall, compactly hugging the wall, and has six outlets that protect against power spikes. Those plugs also pivot so you can use them all without playing Tetris with the big plugs.


This set of resistance bands so you can take your workout anywhere

Punch up your workout, and make it one you can do anywhere, with this set of five resistance bands in varying weight-equivalent levels. Start with the extra light one and work your way up to extra heavy. Then start doubling them up to achieve the resistance level you can handle. Over 80,000 people gave them five stars and they come in their own storage bag.


A pack of cable clips that solves irritating cord slippage

Anywhere that you have cords and charging cables that are messy, frustrating, or always sliding off the desk, stick on one of these cable clips so you can snap that cord in and make it stay put. There are six of them in this package and they are peel-and-stick easy to implement. Over 13,000 people were like, “Five stars!”


This 50-foot light strip that transforms your space with arty lighting

Turn your home into a colorful art piece by installing these peel-and-stick LED strip lights behind furniture, under counters, and above the curtains. Then use the remote control (or an app on your phone) to choose lighting colors and set timers so your creation wows you at predictable times — or when people drop by to party. You can even set it to rock out to your music or movies.


The hack for conveniently using bacon grease as a cooking oil

Bacon grease makes an excellent fat for frying eggs, making popcorn, or cooking anything that requires oil. It has a high heat index and infuses whatever you cook it in with the yummy flavor of bacon. This bacon grease container makes it easy to capture that grease and store it. It holds five cups of grease and has a filter to remove all the cooked pieces of meat from the fat. The lid keeps it all clean and it’s nice enough to live on your counter.


A pair of silicone basters that will become your favorite tools

Once you embrace these silicone basting brushes, you will wonder why you ever thought butter knives and spatulas were adequate. You will paint your toast with butter, your pans with oil, your pastries with glaze, and so much more. These two heat-resistant basters in small and large sizes distribute your sauces and oils accurately and in reasonable quantities due to the grid-patterned brushes. They make working in the kitchen feel like a visit to an art studio.


A handy tool for keeping your screen & keyboard clean

Keep this little laptop cleaner tool near your workspace so you have a quick way to clean the screen and get crumbs out of your keyboard. On one end a fine brush appears at the push of a button and retracts again so it stays clean. On the other end, a microfiber pad lurks behind a dust cover and is ready to scrub fingerprints and smudges from your screen. Over 9,000 people gave this clever idea five stars.


The pour-over coffee maker you can take anywhere

Not only is this compact pour-over coffee maker a beautiful piece to have in your kitchen, but it also makes an excellent cup of coffee (or two) — anywhere. Fill the stainless steel, laser-cut mesh filter with coffee grounds and pour hot water, slowly, over those grounds. Coffee will fill the glass carafe below and there are measures printed on it so you can get your ratios perfect. The insulated collar makes it easy to pour out a cup.


This set of 10 food storage bags that will help you give up plastic

These 10 reusable food storage bags will step in when you want to put a sandwich in a bag, a snack in your backpack, or some tomatoes in the fridge. They close easily and tightly, are clear so you can see what’s in them, and wash easily. There are three color-coded sizes, from snack to gallon, and they won’t end up as a plastic island that sullies the ocean because you can use them over and over.


A pair of tactical flashlights that switch from wide beam to spotlight

Grab one of these two LED flashlights when you are heading out to walk the dog so you can see both the big picture and the small one. The light beam switches easily from wide enough to illuminate the yard to a spotlight that can quickly locate dropped keys (or something your dog dropped) with a quick twist. They clip to a belt and have a simple on button that’s easy to locate in the dark.


The oven mitts that bring your cooking into the space age

These silicone oven mitts are the modern update your kitchen needs. They are long enough to cover your arms, have a grippy texture that makes holding onto hot pans easy, protect your hands from high heat without the bulk of old-style mitts, and come in a wide range of colors that bring a bright pop of color to the kitchen.


The big water bottle that keeps your beverages hot or cold

Yes, this colorful triple-insulated water bottle will make you look hip and stylish, especially if you choose a color that coordinates with your outfit. (There are plenty.) It will also make it very easy to grab a cold sip of water when you are parched. It’s a terrific bargain, keeps cold drinks icy for a full day, holds your coffee at sipping temperature for hours, and comes with three lids so you can choose to drink from a straw, a wide mouth that’s clipped to your pack, or a flip top depending on what you are sipping and what your day holds.


A safe place to put your phone when you drive

This air vent car phone mount is like a comfy car seat for your phone, keeping it right where you can glance at it while you drive. The bottom seat keeps it from dropping out and the side clamps open and close at the touch of a button so that getting your phone out is a one-handed operation.


A meat thermometer so you never overcook the steak

If you hope to cook that steak at a precise medium rare, this meat thermometer is the tool you need. It tells you the internal temperature of anything — liquid, meat, fish, candy — and displays it clearly on the LCD screen. There is a chart, printed right on the thermometer, that tells you how to translate that temperature into the doneness of meat. All you do is flip out the probe and insert it. It has a hold button, backlight, and magnetic back.


The clever container that keeps guacamole fresh

Storing an avocado — or the guacamole you made from them — is such a challenge because the fruit quickly turns brown when exposed to air. But this guacamole keeper has figured out how to do it. The lid presses down over your dip and locks the air out so your guac is green when you reach for it tomorrow.

“Was a little skeptical on this item,” said one reviewer. “Tried it with two large avocados [and] two days later the guacamole is as fresh as the day I made it!!”


This big trunk organizer for a tidier car & safer groceries

This clever trunk organizer will make all your trips to the grocery or big box stores go more smoothly. There are big compartments to keep your purchases from flying around and loads of smaller pockets to keep your umbrella, battery charger, and safety equipment stored and easy to find. It straps into the car securely and has big handles so you can haul all your stuff in at once.


A little handheld vacuum cleaner for your desk or car

When someone drops goldfish crackers all over the back seat, crumbs on your keyboard, or eraser bits on your desk, whip out this handy little handheld vacuum cleaner and dispense with that STAT. There are attachments to get into corners and crevices or to handle dust or pet fur, and it charges via a USB plug so you can keep it in the car or at your desk. The filter is washable so you don’t have to invest in consumables.

“I was delighted at how powerful this little vacuum is,” said one reviewer. “I spilled kosher salt and when I was done you couldn't see a speck!”


These sleek curtains that block out light & heat

When it’s blazing hot and sunny outdoors but you are in dire need of a nap, pull closed these blackout curtains. The thermal backing will help block out the light and the heat so that it’s cooler and darker indoors. This works in the winter, too, to help lock warmth inside. They come in loads of colors and sizes and get over 38,000 five-star reviews.


These heavy-duty liners so you don’t have to clean the oven

When it comes to odious tasks like cleaning the oven, prevention is so much better than sticking your head in a grimy oven clutching a scrub brush. And these two cut-to-size, nonstick oven liners are that prevention. Slide one below your cheesy casserole or roast meat and it will catch the drippings before they turn into a mess that needs to be scraped off. The Teflon sheets are easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher.


An organizer for all your electronic accessories

Zip all your cords, charging plugs, chargers, headphones, and electronic accessories into this handy electronics organizer bag and you will never again have to untangle an electronics snarl to charge your device. There are slots for all your memory cards, small pockets to fit plugs and cords, and a large pocket for a phone or camera. It zips neatly closed and also protects everything in it from water.


This pan that makes the crunchiest brownies

If you agree that the best part of the brownie is the crunchy edge, bake your brownies in this bar baking pan. Each brownie gets its own square to create a crunchy edge all the way around each and every brownie. The nonstick steel pan cleans up easily, makes it easy to get the brownies out, and will be your go-to for making small cakes and bar cookies, too.


The brilliant solution to under-sink storage mayhem

Maximizing the storage area under the sink is a challenge. But this expandable and adjustable under-sink organizer shelf does it brilliantly. The width adjusts to fit your cupboard size. The U shape accommodates the plumbing. And the height adjusts to fit the supplies you want to store under there. Almost 7,000 people gave it five stars.


These big storage bags that slide easily under the bed

Create space in your closet by putting everything you don’t use frequently into one of these huge, zippered under bed storage bags. The clear tops make it easy to find the blankets and off-season clothing you have stored in them. The zippers go all the way around the top so you can open it wide so that getting items in and out is easy. And there’s a big, easy-grab handle on the front that makes getting the two bags out from under the bed a cinch.


The fridge organizer that stores cans in a tidy display

Don't let the beer — or soda cans — dominate the fridge. Load this refrigerator organizer up with 11 cans of beer, soda, or juice, and take advantage of the vertical space in your fridge to pack more cans in less shelf area. It serves as a can dispenser, too, so it’s easy to find your next beverage.

“It's a great space saver in my wee little kitchen,” said one of the nearly 4,000 five-star reviewers.


This comfy lap desk for when you are working from the couch

If you like to work from the couch or sometimes have to work in chairs that are not designed for the task, pull out this lap desk so you can do so efficiently and comfortably. A microbead cushion underneath conforms to your lap while the built-in mouse pad and phone holder on the surface let you work without irritation and slippage. It comes in six colors.


A slim wallet that will fit in any pocket

This little wallet is so slim that you can slip it into a shirt or jacket pocket, or fit it into the back pocket of your skinniest skinny jeans yet still have everything you need with you. There are six card slots and an ID window so you can flash your ID without struggling to remove it. There's also a center pocket where you can hide a few folded bills. It’s minimalist but RFID-protected, and comes in lots of colors.


A quality can & bottle opener that gets the job done

A can opener is an essential kitchen tool. But many people struggle every day with a low-quality, flimsy one. This multifunction can and bottle opener, though, is a sturdy, stainless steel tool that feels capable in your hand and gets the job done without a struggle. The big handle turns the sharp and sturdy opener easily, and the bottle opener on the top is hefty and works well.

“This manual can opener has great features,” said one reviewer. “It is easy to hold and the handle turns with great ease. Love the color.”


The fun & practical dispenser for cereal, snacks, or pet food

Fill this food dispenser with cereal, small candies, or pet kibbles, and make getting a measured portion of the item fun and easy. Just turn the dial to dispense a single ounce of food. The dispenser makes your kitchen look like a hotel buffet and keeps the air sealed out so your food stays fresh.

“My kids love the hotel feel of this cereal dispenser!” said one of the over 14,000 five-star reviewers. “It adds so much more ease to getting their breakfast in the morning.”


This big box of slender coat hangers for a uniform closet

Stock your closet with this pack of 30 slender, velvet hangers to make everything about laundry day and getting dressed easier. They take up very little space so you can fit more clothes in the same amount of space. The velvet is grippy so your clothes stay put. And having plenty of hangers makes putting all your clothes away so easy.


This compact laundry basket you can wheel to the laundry room

Tuck this slim laundry basket into a corner of your closet so you have an easy place to toss dirty clothes. The casters make laundry day easier by letting you wheel the whole thing to the washer. And a mesh inner bag cinches tight if you want to close up the top against a pet. It comes in lots of colors and several sizes.


The light bamboo blanket that helps keep you cozy & cool

This cooling blanket helps keep you cooler while you sleep because the porous fibers of bamboo are more absorbent and breathable than cotton, so your body heat escapes through them. It’s also lightweight and silky so it’s delightful to sleep under.

“I have a hard time sleeping without a blanket and I tend to overheat,” said one reviewer. “Got one of these and it's perfect! Heavy enough to feel its presence, supersoft but lightweight and cool throughout the night.”


This silicone bowl that’s the easiest way to make popcorn

If you love microwave popcorn in those prepackaged bags, this popcorn popper is the health and cuisine upgrade you need STAT. Just pour some oil and popcorn kernels into the well in the bottom and microwave it for a couple of minutes. You will get perfect popcorn every time. You can season it exactly the way you want and turn this delicious snack from a guilty pleasure to a healthier treat.


A sleek & simple way to move an outlet

If you wish that wall outlet was somewhere else, this ultra-thin power strip is the simplest way to move it. Just plug the cover plate into the socket and run the eight-foot wire where you want the power to be. The power strip puts three grounded outlets right where you want them.


This set of colorful refrigerator liners for a bright & clean interior

Line your refrigerator shelves with these easy-to-clean and colorful refrigerator liners so that when you open the door to find a snack, a clean and colorful interior will greet (and cheer) you. The liners are waterproof and offer a bit of cushion to your vegetables and glass jars. They work just as well in drawers and cupboards, too.


The over-sink dish rack you can roll up & store in a drawer

This roll-up dish drying rack lets you save so much counter space. When you wash dishes, unroll it over one side of your sink and let the dishes tidily drip dry. When you aren’t washing dishes, use it as a trivet or cooling rack or store it in a drawer. It’s made from stainless steel and silicone so it’s impervious to water and heat.


The silicone utensil rest that handles all your tools

Set this silicone utensil rest on the counter next to the stove so you have a place to set your spatula, tasting spoon, or whisk — or all of them at once. It’s roomy enough to handle all your kitchen tools, holds them above the mat to avoid cross-contamination, and catches all the drips. It comes in so many colors that you can use it for a pop of whatever hue you like in your kitchen.


A dimmer & remote control for your LED strip lights

Upgrade your strip lighting system with this remote control and USB switch and dimmer rig that lets you adjust lighting levels and control it all from a remote. Just plug the USB port into your Luminoodle (and some other) LED strip lighting setup and you are good to go. You can adjust the light levels with the in-line controls or the remote.

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