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Inverse interviews the directors behind our favorite shows and movies, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Netflix originals to weird indie sci-fi.

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'Loki' director reveals the MCU spinoff she wants to make next


Sweet Tooth creators unpack the show’s “surreal” Covid-19 connections

Creators Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz discussed their unexpectedly timely sci-fi fantasy.


Nobody director reveals what separates Bob Odenkirk from John Wick

“He should be average in the coolest sense.” Nobody director Ilya Naishuller reveals how Bob Odenkirk survive two years to star in 2021’s coolest action movie.

Let them fight

'Godzilla vs. Kong’s best monster was inspired by a bad Transformers movie

The Inverse Interview

Godzilla vs. Kong ending explained, and why there’s no post-credits scene

Director Adam Wingard and writer Max Borenstein tell Inverse what comes next — or doesn’t.

The Inverse Interview

This must-see sci-fi horror movie explains why you see shadows at night

Ever fallen victim to sleep paralysis? Anthony Scott Burns’ new sci-fi horor movie Come True dives deep into where those shadows come from.

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Face/Off 2 director: This “isn't an empty sci-fi gimmick film”

Adam Wingard tells Inverse all about his next big movie after Godzilla vs. Kong.

The Inverse Interview

Falcon and Winter Soldier director breaks down that epic opening scene

Inverse goes inside the Marvel series premiere’s massive set-piece with the show’s writer and director.

The Inverse Interview

Falcon and the Winter Soldier director reveals her surprising real-world inspiration

The show’s creative team didn’t just look at other movies and TV shows for ideas.

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After Marvel, the Russo Brothers rule their own universe

What is life after Avengers: Endgame? Joe and Anthony Russo are finding out for themselves.

Inverse Social Hour

'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' director has a surprising spinoff idea

The Inverse Interview

'Bliss' explained: Director unpacks the meaning of his trippy sci-fi film