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Inverse interviews the directors behind our favorite shows and movies, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Netflix originals to weird indie sci-fi.

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Denis Villeneuve tells Inverse about the changes he made to 'Dune'

The Superhero Issue

Indie auteur Nia DaCosta shows off her comic book roots in 'The Marvels'

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‘Black Panther’ writer unpacks his sci-fi film debut and upcoming Marvel comic

'12 Years a Slave' and 'Black Panther' writer John Ridley takes on science-fiction in 'Needle in a Timestack.'

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Mad God: Star Wars stop-motion maestro Phil Tippett’s wild ride to hell and back

The visual effects titan braved his own subconscious and a trip to the psych ward.


Halloween Kills ending explained: Slasher sequel’s new final girl speaks out

Andi Matichak reveals the technicalities of fighting with slashers and her take on the evolving “final girl” trope.

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Why Neill Blomkamp made a sci-fi thriller that 'District 9' fans will hate

The 'Chappie' director talks memes, video games, religion, and simulation theory ahead of the release of his first feature film in over six years, 'Demonic.'

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Westworld’s Lisa Joy is breaking the loop with Reminiscence

The sci-fi thriller, in theaters and on HBO Max, marks an extension of Joy’s creative partnership with Thandiwe Newton.

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How 'The Green Knight' brought its most iconic character to life

For actor Ralph Ineson and makeup effects artist Barrie Gower, creating the titular character in 'The Green Knight' was a rare and exciting experience.

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Free Guy director explains how the movie’s marvelous ending came to be

“It's not just clapping or laughing, it's cheering.”

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'What If...?' is doing one imaginative thing Marvel could never do before

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Exclusive: Shawn Levy drops some huge clues about 'Real Steel 2' and 'Deadpool 3'

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'Loki' director reveals the MCU spinoff she wants to make next

'Loki' director Kate Herron reveals her process, who He Who Remains really is, which Loki deserves their own show, and more.


Sweet Tooth creators unpack the show’s “surreal” Covid-19 connections

Creators Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz discussed their unexpectedly timely sci-fi fantasy.


Nobody director reveals what separates Bob Odenkirk from John Wick

“He should be average in the coolest sense.” Nobody director Ilya Naishuller reveals how Bob Odenkirk survive two years to star in 2021’s coolest action movie.

Let them fight

'Godzilla vs. Kong’s best monster was inspired by a bad Transformers movie

The best part of 'Godzilla vs. Kong' isn’t Godzilla or King Kong. Instead, another classic Japanese movie monster joins the battle: Mechagodzilla.

The Inverse Interview

Godzilla vs. Kong ending explained, and why there’s no post-credits scene

Director Adam Wingard and writer Max Borenstein tell Inverse what comes next — or doesn’t.