Director Interviews

Inverse interviews the directors behind our favorite shows and movies, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Netflix originals to weird indie sci-fi.

The Inverse Interview

'Obi-Wan Kenobi' director Deborah Chow talks Leia, Legends, and recasting Star Wars icons

The director speaks on the story that has consumed her life for the past three years and reveals what fans should watch to prepare.

The Rules of Time Travel

How Time Traveler's Wife became TV’s most intimate time-travel show

The team behind The Time Traveler’s Wife share what makes the HBO sci-fi drama so personal.

The Rules of Time Travel

20 years ago, H.G. Wells’ great-grandson reimagined a time travel classic

For The Time Machine’s 20th anniversary, Simon Wells gets candid about remaking an iconic sci-fi adventure.

The Inverse Interview

Gargoyles star Keith David has a bold plan to reboot the show in 2022

The iconic actor also talks Halo, Community, and more.

Valhalla Rising

The Northman explained: How the Viking epic brings “real authenticity” to Valhalla and Valkyries

Prof. Neil Price, one of The Northman’s historical consultants, answers burning questions about Robert Eggers’ Viking epic.

The Inverse Interview

How Apollo 10 1/2’s Richard Linklater and Glen Powell recaptured the space age

The Boyhood auteur blasted back to his 1969 childhood in space-obsessed Texas to make one of Netflix’s best original films to date.


15 years ago, James Wan made the most "freaky" underrated thriller of the century

James Wan’s forgotten feature is secretly one of his strongest.

The Inverse Interview

How Ti West became horror’s X factor

The man behind A24’s surprising new slasher on returning to movies and his secret X prequel.


35 years ago, Sam Raimi redefined the zombie movie

Sometimes a good sequel refines rather than reinvents.

The Inverse Interview

Aisha Tyler wants to see her 'Diabolical' characters on 'The Boys'

Superheroes are just like wrestlers!


From Tyrion to Cyrano: Why Peter Dinklage is always “the smartest person in the room”

In Joe Wright’s musical retelling of the classic play, Dinklage shakes off Game of Thrones in dramatic fashion.

The Inverse Interview

Guardians of Justice: How Adi Shankar went from YouTube bootlegs to Netflix “fever dream”

Adi Shankar, creator of the “Bootleg Universe,” reveals the machinations behind his weirdest, most ambitious project yet.

The Inverse Interview

Adrien Brody comes clean

Oscar-winner Adrien Brody talks about writing, producing, starring in, and co-writing his latest film, Clean.

The Inverse Interview

How Matthew Vaughn tricked Hollywood into making the war epic of his dreams

The King’s Man director tells Inverse why he made a WWI epic, why he’s done with Flash Gordon, and why he’s optimistic about the X-Men.

The Inverse Interview

How George MacKay turned himself into a wolf to make 2021's wildest movie

Ending Explained

The Feast director reveals the eco-horror’s original ending [Exclusive]

The year’s best eco-horror has a bonkers third act, but its final shot almost looked very different.