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Up, up and away!
Nothing Lasts Forever

Doom Patrol and Titans' cancellations mark the end of DC's best era of TV

Sandwiched between the Arrowverse and James Gunn’s DC, Titans and Doom Patrol allowed the DC Universe to be weird.


Shazam! Fury of the Gods trailer pits the family against Helen Mirren and her dragon

Shazam! Fury of the Gods trailer offers a peek at Helen Mirren, Rachel Zegler, and Lucy Liu's badass characters.

La petite mort

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special trailer casts a smutty spell over Gotham

The romantic holiday gets a raunchy superhero twist.

Last Call

Bruce Timm’s Justice League was a blueprint for the superhero team-up series

The World’s Finest never felt finer than in Justice League.


5 years ago, DC released the best Batman movie you haven't seen

Forget the Joker and the Riddler. The detective has a bigger monster to fight.

My Man

Is Jason Momoa playing Lobo? The Aquaman actor drops a huge DC clue

Momoa may soon trade his trident for a Harley-Davidson, based on a recent Instagram post.


Joker 2 leak reveals the movie’s surprising inspiration

When you’re a Fleck, you’re a Fleck all the way.

Crisis Averted

The Flash's final season will give the Arrowverse the sendoff it deserves

Just don’t ask Arrow star Stephen Amell how he got here.

The Iceberg Lounge

The Batman 2 will be set up by HBO's The Penguin, director reveals

Oswald Cobblepot will reshape Gotham City before audiences flock back to the big screen.

DC's Gunn-Safran-Verse

The creator of The Arrowverse returns to Warner Bros. — for something even bigger

Prolific producer Greg Berlanti could be done with DC Comics.

Most Anticipated

The 10 most exciting sci-fi movies coming out in 2023

Here are the sci-fi movies we're looking forward to the most this year.

Movie Myths

Wonder Woman’s fantastical Amazons are based on these real-life warriors

Themiscyra is pure fiction, but its inhabitants are closer to reality.

Posting Through It

12 times James Gunn broke major DC movie news on Twitter

James Gunn and Peter Safran are reshaping Superman’s universe.

Black Out

Black Adam 2 is out of the new DCU, but not Dwayne Johnson

A sequel is on ice, but the door is still open for Johnson.

Reel Science

Is Superman’s strength possible? Scientists debunk DC's most iconic hero

Super strength is super stupid.

Hammer of Justice

Henry Cavill isn't going back to The Witcher — he's doing something even cooler

Another day, another classic franchise.