Your home could look so much more impressive if you tried any of these things under $35

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Outside of heading to work, your home is where you probably spend the majority of your time. It’s where you greet every morning, and where you go to relax at the end of the day — which is why I always try to make mine look as nice as possible. The only problem is that upgrading your home (or even simply redecorating) isn’t cheap. Luckily, there are tons of affordable ways to make your home look so much more impressive — and I’ve personally made sure that each item below is incredibly reasonable in price.

That’s right: Not only can you grab multiple items off this list without putting too much stress on your wallet, but I’ve made sure to only select items you’d actually want in your home. For example, the white marble lazy Susan you’ll find below would look good just about anywhere you put it. There are also LED candles that flicker like real flames, as well as a pull-out spice rack that fits inside cabinets. And if that isn’t enough to pique your interest? There are still dozens of other affordable picks to choose from — all for less than $35.

Your home is your sanctuary — and the affordable upgrades I’ve featured for you below can make it look even more impressive than it already does (maybe especially those flickering LED candles). Keep scrolling for more.

1. The illuminating LED bars you can put nearly anywhere

Whether it’s dark stairways, dim workbenches, underneath the kitchen cabinets — these LED light bars are so versatile you can place them nearly anywhere. They come with double-sided adhesive so installation is as easy as sticking them into place. Plus, they can provide up to 125 hours of light using just three AA batteries (not included).

2. These nice-looking storage containers that help keep food fresh

Ideal for flour, cereal, and everything in between, these storage containers help keep all sorts of dry goods fresh for later. Their airtight lids also help prevent spills should they ever get knocked over — and each order also includes a set of chalkboard labels so that you always know what’s inside.

3. A pair of throw pillow covers with a cozy jacquard weave

Not only do these throw pillow covers have a stylish jacquard weave, but they’re also made from ultra-soft polyester that feels oh-so plush against your skin when napping. The hidden zippers are less likely to snag on hair or clothes, and you have the choice of five sizes as well as dozens of colors.

4. The elegant breadboard made from solid acacia wood

Unlike some bread boards, this one is made from solid acacia wood that puts it a head above the competition. It’s naturally moisture-resistant, helping prevent buildup that can affect the flavor of your loaves — and you only need to rub it down with mineral oil every now and then to keep it nice.

5. A trash can that’s ideal for small spaces

While it may look diminutive, this trash can is able to hold more than a gallons’ worth of garbage, making it useful for bathrooms or underneath your work desk. The foot pedal means you don’t have to bend over in order to open it. Since the outside is made from brushed stainless steel, it’s less likely to rust than some metal cans.

6. These absorbent dish towels made from 100% cotton

Reaching for that roll of paper towels might be convenient, but the cost of having to buy new ones quickly adds up. That’s why I made the switch to a set of dish towels similar to these. They’re made from 100% cotton, making them plush and absorbent. Wash and reuse as many times as you like. Also, their hollow honeycomb weave makes them incredibly lightweight.

7. A modern night light with a rustic touch

Not all night lights are made for kids — this one is made with a black cage around the bulb that gives it a rustic, farmhouse look. It also turns itself on or off depending on how bright the room is, and the LED bulb uses less energy than incandescent ones, helping you save money on your monthly utility bill.

8. A bath mat that brings the spa to your bathroom

Made from sleek, premium bamboo, this bath mat brings a touch of spa elegance right to your bathroom. Non-slip gaskets on the bottom help keep it from shifting out of place, and the top features a non-slip coating to help keep you safe from falls. And since it’s water-resistant, there’s no need to wipe it dry after each shower.

9. These hangers that take up less space on your closet rod

Running out of space on your closet rod? You might want to consider switching to these velvet hangers. Their ultra-thin frame can help open up space, yet they’re still sturdy enough that each one supports up to 10 pounds. Plus, the velvet coating helps keep clothes from slipping off.

10. A swanky shower curtain with thousands of positive reviews

Not all shower curtains are created equal. This one is made from heavy-duty polyester to help keep it from billowing out of the tub when you’re trying to bathe. It’s also soft and moisture-resistant, with a waffle weave that makes it look like something straight out of a fancy hotel. “It's a nice heavy fabric and it looks great,” raved one reviewer. “The fold marks steamed out really nicely and I like the metal grommets.”

11. These floating shelves that are functional & fashionable

If you have a blank wall you aren’t sure what to do with, try putting these floating shelves up. They’re the perfect place to add everything from small potted plants to candles — and the bases are made from solid paulownia wood. Choose from five shapes: hexagon, diamond, gem, house, or moon.

12. A convenient organizer that expands to fit your drawers

Whether you’ve got a drawer filled with loose flatware or art supplies, this expandable organizer can help you tidy everything up. The sides expand out from 13 inches to 20 inches, allowing it to fit into nearly any drawer. The best part? It’s made from natural bamboo — not plastic.

13. This decorative tray that serves snacks or centerpieces

Add a vase of flowers to this serving tray, or even top it with a few candles to create a neat centerpiece for your dining table. It’s made from organic seagrass, yet is still sturdy enough to use as a regular serving tray. If your table is already looking good you can hang it up as decoration, or use it as a catch-all tray where you need.

14. A cable-hiding box to keeps messy cords out of sight

The space behind your television doesn’t have to be a mess of jumbled wires — just hide all of them inside of this cable management box. Three entry ports on the back give you multiple options when it comes to configuring how cables run in and out. Plus, it’s wide enough to accommodate larger power blocks, as well as power strips up to 11 inches.

15. The TV backlights that enhance the viewing experience

Staring at a bright television screen while you’re sitting in the dark can leave eyes feeling strained. Luckily, these LED backlights are incredibly easy to install as they’re backed with sticky adhesive that lets you press them right into place. You can also stick them underneath cabinets — many reviewers wrote about how they “look great” wherever they go.

16. A farm-fresh planter box that makes small spaces greener

If you don’t have room in your life for a full garden, you can still show off your green thumb with this planter box. It’s small enough for cramped kitchens, balconies, or even window sills. The solid acacia wood frame gives it a rustic touch that’s sure to complement nearly any style.

17. This heavy-duty carpet tape that helps keep rugs in place

Rugs shifting out of place are annoying, and unnecessary. Try securing them down using this double-sided tape. Or if your rugs are curling at the edges, you can use it to keep them lying flat. It’s suitable for use on nearly any type of hard-style floor and won’t leave behind goopy residue once removed.

18. The curtains that add privacy without blocking light

If your home needs all the natural light it can get, these semi-sheer curtains will give you a little extra privacy while still letting through sunlight. They’re available in 12 sizes, as well as eight colors. And unlike some curtains, each order includes two panels — not just one.

19. These string lights that hold up through all types of weather

I’ve had these string lights on my patio for a while now, and they’re still just as bright today as they were three years ago. You can connect up to three strands together to cover more space — and each socket is weatherproof against rain, wind, or even regularly damp climates. Choose from three lengths: 25, 50, or 100 feet.

20. A set of drawers that fits neatly under the sink

Keeping the cabinet underneath your sink organized can be difficult, especially with all those pipes in the way. These 2-tier drawers are incredibly compact, yet still have tons of storage space for skincare bottles, scrubbers, razors, and more. They’ll also work great in kitchen cabinets, and the dividers are adjustable so that they can accommodate larger items.

21. This classic fruit bowl you can use for so much more

You don’t have to fill this acacia bowl with fruit — instead, you could use it as a stylish table centerpiece, or even as a convenient place to drop your keys after you walk through the front door. It’s made from 100% acacia wood, and reviewers remarked about how it looks bigger in person than it does in the photos (it’s 12-inches wide and 7 tall).

22. A trio of candle holders that are resistant to rust

Add a few tea light candles to this set of 3 candle holders, and you’ve instantly got a relaxing vibe (especially during bath time). They also look good set out on shelves, and their sturdy metal forms mean there’s no need to worry about candles being unbalanced. Plus, the metal is resistant to rust.

23. These handy storage bags that slide right under the bed

There’s no need to clutter up closets and shelves with seasonal bedding and blankets — just stash them underneath your bed with these zippered storage bags. The handles are reinforced so they remain robust when dragging the bags out. And unlike other storage solutions, these have a clear PVC window so you can easily see what’s inside without having to unpack anything.

24. An adjustable rack for efficiently storing all the pans & lids

Almost every kitchen has at least one cabinet that’s devolved into a jumbled mess of lids and pans — and that’s only part of the reason this pan rack is such a great purchase. The dividers are adjustable, allowing it to accommodate nearly any pan or lid. And with its non-slip feet on the bottom, there’s no need to worry about it shifting out of place.

25. The plant stand that elevates your green friends

Give plant buddies a proper throne with this plant stand that keeps pots lifted off the ground (also, it helps keep hardwood safe from scratches). It’s made from 100% sleek bamboo for a modern look that complements most decor, and the platform is large enough to fit pots up to 10 inches in size.

26. These hanging shelves that add storage to your closet

If you’re running out of storage space in your closet, these hanging shelves are an absolute essential. They also feature pockets on either side, giving additional space for small accessories. The sturdy frame helps keep its shape even when heavy items are placed on the shelves.

27. A box that helps keep loaves of bread fresher

Keeping bread in an airtight box can cause moisture to build up, leaving loaves with an “off” taste — that’s why this bread box features a ventilated lid. Air is able to flow in and out, helping keep moisture to a minimum to help those loaves stay fresher for longer. Plus, handles on either side make it easy to carry from counter to table.

28. This rustic coat rack that can hold up to 25 pounds

Not only does this farmhouse coat rack help you save space when compared to free-standing racks, but it’s also able to hold up to 25 pounds — or 5 pounds on each hook. And if you don’t need five? You can also grab it in three-, as well as eight-hook designs. Choose from seven finishes.

29. A lazy Susan turntable made from chic white marble

Made from elegant white marble, this lazy Susan turntable is the perfect addition to any tablescape. Top it with salt and pepper shakers so that they’re always easy to reach, or even put it inside of a cabinet so it’s easier to grab all the items stashed away in the back. Plus, its protective foot pads help prevent any scratches.

30. This full set of stainless steel utensils complete with holder

Spatulas, stirrers, ladles, potato mashers — this set of kitchen utensils includes all the essentials, as well as a bonus holder to keep everything looking organized on your counters. Each utensil is made from stainless steel that’s resistant to rust. Plus, they’re smudge- and fingerprint-resistant.

31. A pull-out spice rack with a very little footprint

It only takes a few screws to mount this spice rack inside one of your cabinets. Once installed, it smoothly glides out so that each one of your spice bottles is easy to reach. The best part? It’s made from high-quality stainless steel, with a stylish chrome finish that makes it look more expensive than it is.

32. This toothbrush holder with dedicated space for the toothpaste

It’s almost too easy for your toothbrush to get dirty when left sitting directly on your sink top. Luckily, this toothbrush and paste holder keeps bristles positioned away from all that dirt and grime — and there’s even extra space to keep toothpaste tubes out of the way. Choose from two finishes: soft brass or bronze.

33. A faux fur throw blanket that looks good wherever it lands

You don’t have to be cold to appreciate this cozy throw blanket, as the faux fur gives any couch a luxurious touch when draped across it. Unlike some throws, this one won’t shed fibers all over your home — and it even features faux fur on both sides instead of just one.

34. These realistic fake plants that come with their own pots

Potted plants are a tried-and-true way to add little pops of color throughout the home. However, if your thumb is less than green, these faux eucalyptus plants are a safe pick. Each one arrives in its own pot made from pulp paper. They’re also ideal for shelves or desks, as their small sizes takes up very little room.

35. A pillowcase that can help smooth frizzy hair & sleep lines

If you’re going to pillow, may as well do it right with some luxurious satin pillowcases. Made from soft polyester satin, these create less friction against hair and skin than cotton. The result? It can help smooth away frizz and sleep lines, as well as tame that unruly bedhead you may wake up with in the mornings. Plus, the hidden zipper is less likely to snag on bedding or hair.

36. The LED candles that flicker like real flames

Always having to buy new candles adds up quickly, making these LED candles an affordable, long-lasting alternative for less than $35. The bulbs flicker just like actual flames, making them look like real candles even when you’re up close. Each order even comes with batteries included.

37. A handy set of mixing bowls that comes with matching lids

Even professional chefs can appreciate these stainless steel mixing bowls, as each one comes with a matching lid to help keep dough, salads, marinating meats, and more fresh. They’re also made from rust-resistant stainless steel that can handle being dropped or knocked around — and you can nest them inside each other to help save storage space.

38. A bathroom hook that looks sleek & modern

Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest impact, like this bathroom hook. Its high-quality finish is resistant to scratches, rust, tarnish, and chipping, while its double prongs give you ample space for towels and scrubbers. Choose from three colors: black, gold, or chrome. It comes with all the installation hardware, too.

39. The luxuriously soft bed sheets that are resistant to wrinkles

No bedroom is complete without high-quality bedding. Luckily, this 4-piece sheet set is available for less than $35, and is even resistant to wrinkles and stains. You can also keep them on your bed year-round, as they’re made from a breathable blend of microfiber and bamboo. Choose from sizes ranging from twin to California King, as well as 12 different colors.

40. A soap dispenser that’s completely touch-free

You wash your hands all the time, but when was the last time you washed the pump on your soap dispenser? Enter: this touch-free version that helps keep hands safe from germs. Its infrared sensor detects when your hands are nearby — and you can adjust how much soap it squirts out.

41. These wood & cork coasters with a fun ‘70s feel

With their cork insert and raised edges, these stackable coasters collect any stray drips that form on the outside of your drinks, keeping tables safe from water rings. They’re made from sleek acacia wood — not plastic — and the non-slip bottoms help keep cups stable if bumped.

42. A unique cheese board made from hand-cut olive wood

Not only has this cheese and serving board been hand-cut from rustic olive wood, but no two boards are alike — which means the one you receive will be completely unique to you. And if you aren’t into cheese platters it’ll also look great as a centerpiece, especially with a few candles or small potted plants on top.

43. The mat that helps protect your desk against spills & scuffing

Spills, scratches, heat marks — this desk mat is tough enough to protect your work surface from all of them and more. Its non-slip backing helps keep it from shifting out of place, and the reversible, dual-color design means you can refresh your office look with a flip. Choose from three shades: dark/light faux leather, black/red, or pink/blue.

44. A kitchen sink organizer for dish scrubbers, soap, & more

With space for scrubbers, soaps, and even a bar where you can hang a small towel, this sink organizer makes de-cluttering the kitchen a total breeze. It’s made from tough stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, with a small drip tray on the bottom to help protect counters from water marks. Choose from two finishes: silver or black.

45. This reusable microfiber mop that latches onto dust & dirt

There’s nothing wrong with a few dust bunnies floating around, but if you’d like to tidy things up a bit this microfiber mop is a must-have. Its telescopic handle extends out to 60 inches, making it easy to reach distant clumps of dust underneath your furniture. And since each order comes with four machine-washable pads, there’s no need to purchase costly replacements.

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