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The momen USB LED Wall Charger and Spicy Shelf Expandable Under Sink Organizer

When it comes to fun and functional gadgets for your home, it’s better late than never, right? While you’ll wish you knew about these weird but extremely clever products sooner, now you’ve been enlightened so you can fill your cart accordingly and enjoy the subtle yet awesome changes to your life. Plus, if there’s someone in your life who’s notoriously hard to shop for, there’s almost sure to be something here for them (a pickle-shaped wine stopper? Who wouldn’t delight in receiving that?).

Seriously though, this list of gadgets and gizmos aplenty can transform some of the most mundane household tasks. You’ll never look at your shredder, or night light, or nail clippers the same way again now that you know there’s another a delightfully weirder way. So get your “add to cart” finger ready because the future is here.

1. These tiered hangers with clips that hold multiple garments

Whose idea was it to just put one shirt or pair of pants on a single hanger? These tiered metal hangers with clips are far more efficient, giving you the ability to have a week’s worth of pants or skirts all in one spot. Grab a 6-pack to hold up to 30 items or opt for a three-pack with room for 18.

2. This sleek and sophisticated whiskey decanter set

With this whiskey decanter and glass set, you don’t have to go to a bar or club for an upscale drink experience — you can enjoy one right from the comfort of your home. You (and your guests) will appreciate the elegant craftsmanship and contemporary design, along with the dishwasher-safe durability.

3. A backseat cover to prevent damage when your dog is riding along

As much as we love our pets, we don’t always love the messes they can leave behind. That’s where this popular back seat protector can help; if your furry friends frequent your car, it’ll prevent potential damage and stains. Two sizes are available, and it comes in black with four color choices for the piping.

4. These glass food storage containers that are leakproof

There’s something so satisfying about opening your fridge and seeing an organized selection of food options. This set of glass storage containers gives you 12 containers in various sizes, plus locking lids, so you’ll be set for a variety of foods and portions. Use it at home, or pack it with you for lunches or snacks on the go since the lids are leakproof.

5. This set of stainless steel knives with a sharpener & cutting board

A good set of knives is a kitchen staple, so if you’re in need of a starter set or an addition to your current collection, look no further. Not only does this sleek stainless steel knife set give you five knives, but it also includes a cutting board, sharpener, holder, and scissors.

6. These insect-repelling bands you can wear for days

It’s true: there are insect repellent options that are easier (and less messy) than sprays. These insect repelling bands are infused with a blend of geraniol, lemongrass, and citronella oils and can be worn on the wrist or ankle and reused for up to 200 hours. They’re even safe for swimming and are DEET-free. With 50 to a pack, you’ll be set for the whole summer.

7. This plush pet bed that’s both cozy and calming

Warning: the plush faux fur material and cozy shape of this super soft plush pet bed might have you jealous of your cat or dog’s lounge space. Three sizes that range from 23 to 36 inches are available, and there are four colors to choose from. Plus, it has an anti-slip bottom so it’s stable and secure for pets.

8. A clipboard with a locking storage compartment

Level up your note-taking with a locking clipboard that can hold loose sheets or a pad on the front, and important documents, devices, cords, and more on the inside. For the built-in lock, choose between a key or combination lock.

9. A rechargeable headlamp that’s great for camping, home projects, power outages, and more

This USB-rechargeable headlight promises up to four hours of use on high power, and eight hours of use on low power, making it a great option for camping trips, emergency kits, toolboxes, and more. The band easily fits over your head, a helmet, or hat, or you can even use the included hard hat hooks.

10. This triple-insulated stainless steel bottle that works with hot or cold beverages

Crush your daily water goal, or bring your coffee on the go, with a simple and sleek stainless steel water bottle that comes with three lids; straw, mouthpiece, or a fully removable wide-mouth lid that makes it easy to add ice. The triple insulation keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24. A whopping 18 colors and styles are available, plus there are four sizes to choose from ranging from 25 to 64 ounces.

11. These quilted bins for safely storing glasses, mugs, and more

Great for long-term storage, moves, or simply reorganizing your kitchen, these glassware storage bins come in a set of two. Each quilted container has compartments sized for either 12 mugs or wine glasses, plus labeling cards so you always know exactly what’s in each one without having to open it and disturb fragile contents.

12. These stackable food storage containers for pristine pantries

A set of BPA-free, airtight food storage containers is the next best thing after hiring a professional organizer to tackle your pantry. These seven containers in varying sizes are transparent, so you can always see exactly what’s inside, plus chalkboard-style labels are included so you’ll never mix up your sugar and your salt.

13. This set of double-walled mixing bowls with airtight lids

What’s so great about double-walled bowls, you might ask? The stainless steel interior allows chilled ingredients to retain temperatures, plus they promise to be odor- and stain-resistant. Non-slip bottoms also make them easy to use and stir, since they won’t slide around counter tops. Matching airtight lids are really convenient for covering bowls and placing them in the fridge. Both a colorful set and a solid grey set are available.

14. A wooden organizer that’s perfect for displaying your record collection

What good is a record collection if you’re not able to see it or appreciate it in between listening sessions? This wooden record holder can hold up to 50 albums, and it includes two clear, acrylic end pieces for protection. The base comes in eight different colors including white, black, and six different natural wood shades, so it’ll match nearly any home.

15. An insulated lunch box to protect and preserve food when you’re on the go

If you’re looking for an all-in-one lunch box set for dining on the go, look no further. This insulated bag comes with three glass food containers (two 12-ounce and one 35-ounce), plus a reusable ice pack so you can keep your food chilled and safer for longer. Two compartments give you plenty of extra room, plus outer pockets are great for drinks or other belongings.

16. A clever anchor for holding your beach umbrella in place

If you’ve always had nightmares about seeing your beach umbrella tumbling down the shore — or worse, you’ve experienced such a tragedy — this beach umbrella anchor will keep your worries at bay. It’s built to hold umbrellas even in winds up to 50 mph, so your perfect day at the beach won’t get ruined by any rogue gusts.

17. This charcoal soap that addresses a host of skin and body issues

Once you get used to the deep grey color of this activated charcoal soap, it will be the new staple of your shower routine. Charcoal, along with tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus, work together to cleanse skin and remove impurities like blackheads, eczema, acne, and more on your body or face.

18. This VR gaming headset that’s smartphone compatible

If you or someone you know has been curious about a VR headset, this under-$25 one is a great pick for trying it out. It works with multiple phone brands, has soft foam padding around the goggles, and an adjustable strap that can be sized for kids or adults.

19. This reusable calendar and chore chart that will help you keep everything straight

If your household schedules and chores feel unruly, consider a chore chart and calendar system that allows you to track appointments, schedules, household tasks, and more. The matching magnetic sheets work perfectly on your fridge, and a set of magnetic dry erase markers is included so you’ll be ready to start using it as soon as it arrives.

20. A magnet so you never have to question the status of your dishwasher

When your housemates (or your memory) aren’t the most reliable, consider this double-sided dishwasher magnet to indicate whether or not the dishes inside have been washed. It’s so simple, yet so useful, and it can potentially save you so much time and frustration. Choose from white or blue styles, and no worries if your dishwasher isn’t magnetic — an extra adhesive piece can remedy that.

21. A luggage tag you can spot from a distance

We’ve all been there; watching suitcases loop the carousel and then reaching for one that turns out not to be ours. With this initial bag tag, the bright letter will be clear for you (and other travelers), and the stainless steel loop ensures that it’s secure through even through the roughest of flights. It’s also great for school backpacks or strollers that need marking.

22. A mosquito net that doubles as a bed canopy

Part form, part function, this mosquito net bed canopy looks luxurious while protecting you from nature’s most annoying insect. It works indoors or out, and comes in two sizes to fit cribs up through king beds. The hanging pieces are included, along with a travel bag so bring it with you camping or vacationing, too. It’s conveniently machine-washable.

23. A wildly popular pet grooming brush that’s easy to clean

This soft-grip pet brush is backed by over 52,000 five-star ratings, and reviewers love its ergonomic grip and push-button mechanism that makes the bristles retract, so fur and hair can be collected in one fell swoop. It works for cats and dogs with all hair types, and is even safe for other pets like rabbits to soothe, groom, and massage.

24. A popcorn popper that makes delicious snacks in your microwave

This silicone microwave popcorn popper is as convenient as those pre-packaged bags but with more customization and at a cheaper cost in the long run. Create your own flavors and even choose favorite colors so you can your family members and housemates can each have your own bowl. Plus, it can fold down in between uses for easy storage, and it’s dishwasher-safe.

25. A complete set of silicone cooking utensils with heat- resistant handles

Whether you’re starting from the beginning in your kitchen, or looking to update your existing spoons and spatulas, this set of silicone cooking utensils has you covered. With 11 pieces including multiple styles of spoons and turners, you’ll always have the exact tool you need within reach. The handles are heat-resistant, too, and the tools themselves are dishwasher-safe.

26. This easy soft-serve maker that won’t take up a ton of counter space

Gone are the days of staring forlornly at those hulking ice cream machines that take up most of your kitchen. This fan-favorite frozen soft-serve maker is compact, cute, and best of all — efficient. The removable parts are even dishwasher-safe. Choose from five display-worthy colors, and enjoy the 36 included recipes to help you get started.

27. A kneeling pad that makes gardening and chores much more bearable

No, it’s not just you — some chores are just harder on bodies than others. If you’ve found yourself sore or struggling after certain activities, consider this thick kneeling pad. Use it in the garden, while bathing your tiny humans or pets, or even during yoga. It’s available in two versatile sizes and 10 colors.

28. An indoor s’mores maker so you can have your favorite snack year-round

Who said you can only make s’mores in the woods? This indoor flameless electric s’mores maker emits just enough heat to toast marshmallows to perfection, plus the outer tray has plenty of room to hold the rest of your fixings. Two roasting forks are included, too. Enjoy it with friends, family, or on a random Tuesday (because, goals).

29. An ergonomic mouse to make work and play more comfortable

If you’ve finished a round of gaming or a session of work to find that your wrist is sore, your mouse may be the culprit. This ergonomic mouse holds your hand in a position that mimics a handshake, which can relieve pressure on your wrist. One happy buyer attested, “I just cannot express how grateful I am that someone invented these.”

30. A water filter pitcher that rivals the well-known brands

This water filter pitcher promises to get rid of pretty much everything thing you don’t want in your water, including parasites, bacteria, microplastics, chemicals, and more. The membrane microfilter lasts about a year and the activated carbon and ion exchange filters are good for two months. With multiple styles and colors available, you can select the shape and size best suited for your kitchen. As one buyer put it, “Never expected to be so floored by the taste of water.”

31. A pink multi-purpose cleaner reviewers swear by

Perhaps you’ve seen The Pink Stuff cleaner trending on Tik Tok, which many buyers credit for piquing their interest. The multi-purpose spray can be used throughout your home on everything from sinks and showers to glass and even outdoor furniture, and it has a pleasant scent to boot. It’s so versatile, you may be tempted to get rid of your other products and use it in every room.

32. A colorful night light for your toilet of all places

You haven't lived until you’ve used a glowing toilet. Okay, just kidding — but seriously, not only does this toilet night light give you just the right amount of light in the middle of the night, but the colorful options add whimsy, too. The best part? It’s motion-activated, so you won’t struggle with it when you’re half asleep.

33. An under-sink organizer that will completely transform your storage

As clutch as under-sink storage can be, it’s also a bit awkward. This expandable, under-sink organizer can help, giving you two tiers of storage that conveniently fit around your pipes. The width, height, and depth are all adjustable, so if you move it from your bathroom to your kitchen, you’ll still be able to make it the perfect shape and size.

34. A pair of silly wine stoppers that keep your wine fresher for longer

Who says wine stoppers have to be boring? Some of us like pickles just as much as wine, so we may as well show it with pickle-shaped wine stoppers. They’re made of versatile silicone, and are even dishwasher-safe. If pickles aren’t your jam, there are also cacti, pineapple, and quote versions, too.

35. These cups that turn your favorite ingredients into slushies and smoothies

This DIY silicone smoothie cup allows you to turn almost any drink into a smoothie in minutes — just by squeezing and pinching and gently molding liquid into icy slush. The included straw also has a spoon attachment, so you can use it either way. Choose from four colors (or get one of each for sharing).

36. A waterproof phone holder that even works in the shower

Whether you like to sing along to favorite songs, listen to the latest podcast, or there’s an important call you can’t miss, keeping your phone close while you’re in the shower just got easier. This waterproof phone holder can be mounted to the wall, and it allows you to position your device horizontally or vertically, so your phone’s never more than a tap away.

37. A cupholder that slips between couch cushions

If you (and your guests) are constantly looking for a place to set drinks when you’re on the couch, look no further. This couch cup holder has a specific shape that allows the base to be held in place by cushions, so you can pop it right into the couch. Five different styles are available.

38. These heat-resistant lids that cover all sorts of food containers

These heat-resistant silicone food lids offer an airtight seal on a variety of pots, pans, bowls, and containers, and they can be used in temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Use them as splatter guards, to keep leftovers fresh, or to help coffee stay warm. And best of all, you can slip them into the dishwasher for easy cleaning and reuse.

39. An electric nail clipper that promises safe and simple trims

Even the steadiest of hands can slip when it comes to nail trims, but this electric nail trimmer makes the process quick and easy, offering gentle clips and trims with a single push-button — plus, it catches clippings. A USB cable is included for charging, and there are four colors to choose from.

40. These easy earplugs that reduce noise

Is there a drummer in your household? Or perhaps you have concert tickets coming up? For whatever reason you may be looking to protect your ears, these noise-reducing earplugs are hear for you (pun intended). Four different colors are available for the external loops, and each set comes with four sizes of silicone inserts, plus a carrying case.

41. A misting fan for hot days when you’re on-the-go

This handheld misting fan is easily portable, so you can bring it with you on warm, sunny days when your plans take you outside. It’s great for camping, traveling, and long days in theme parks, or use it at home when the mood strikes and your skin needs a gentle refresh. It’s available in white, black, and blue, and features single-button control.

42. A roller stamp to protect your information

Instead of sending documents through a bulky shredder (that creates lots of dust and mess), this wide roller stamp can be used to used to cover up sensitive details on papers or mail before you discard or recycle them. Ink refills are available too, so you can count on it for long-term usage.

43. This USB wall charger that you’ll want to bring on every trip

A spare USB charger is almost always a good idea, and this version has multiple features that will come in handy for you. In addition to the dual USB ports, it has an LED light that doubles as a nightlight, plus the prongs can fold down for easy transport. The “crackle” design also helps ensure you won’t miss it when you’re packing up.

44. A home security camera for practicality and peace of mind

Check on your home from miles away with a smart security camera that syncs to your phone. It’s easy to set up and offers features like two-way talk, motion detection, night vision, and more. The shape and size is versatile, too, and you can simply place it on your surface of choice or use the included stand.

45. A power bank that’s barely bigger than a credit card

Never again find yourself with a dead phone battery when you’re on the go. This ultra-slim portable power bank is compact enough to fit in your pocket, and it has a built-in micro-USB cable that pops out when you’re ready to use it. A stick-on phone pocket is included, making it super convenient.

46. This cooling pad that helps prevent your laptop from overheating

This slim, lightweight laptop cooling pad can slip right into your bag for easy, on-the-go use wherever you need it. Containing three fans powered by USB, it also doubles as a stand with two height levels, and it has optional LED lights. Three color styles are available in combinations of blue, black, and red.

47. A brilliant 2-in-1 spray & cloth cleaner for your devices

If you’ve ever dusted off your devices with your sleeve — or worse, a tissue — then stop right there. A microfiber cloth is a much safer option, and even better yet is a cloth and cleaner combo like this clever gadget. It fits into your pocket or bag, so you’ll never have to struggle with a dirty or blurry screen when you’re out.

48. A handheld neck massager to alleviate stress and tension in the comfort of your home

Do you have tight neck muscles (don’t we all)? Consider this handheld massager. The silicone knobs are perfectly positioned for key trigger points, and the long handles make them easy to reach even while you’re comfortably sitting. One happy reviewer declared, “This is the greatest pain relief purchase I’ve ever made. Hands down. My neck has never felt so good.”

49. A toilet paper holder with a built-in shelf

Why don’t all toilet paper holders include a built-in shelf? In the meantime, the option is available in the form of this clever choice that features a lidded compartment designed for wet wipes. Two different sizes and four different colors are available to suit a variety of bathroom spaces and styles.

50. A sleek wireless charger and cooling fan in one

Part form, part function, this wireless charger and cooling fan also serves as a stand when it’s in use, so you can conveniently continue streaming or taking video calls at your leisure. Even better, It works with a variety of brands, and you can position your devices horizontally or vertically.

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