You would save so much money if you tried any of these 45 simple, genius things

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by Christina X. Wood

I love discovering clever and inexpensive ways to do things that I have been spending too much money on. Cooking at home is the obvious example, since a single restaurant meal can cost as much as a week’s worth of at-home ones. But there are so many other ways to spend a fraction of the cash for essentially the same end result. And saving money with minimal sacrifice is empowering. It means I can use my money for real things such as vacations, hobbies, and personal indulgences. I did some research (aka poring through the deepest recesses of Amazon) and I believe you would save so much money if you tried any of these 45 simple, genius things.

Skip the barber shop or salon, for example, and make every shower, face wash, and shave feel like a spa day. Apply some preventive measures to your home and life and you will never pay for things like locksmiths and plumbers. Try some of these clever tricks for bypassing the need for an electrician. And stop wasting money on disposable things that are also just wasteful. There are so many ways to go about this and I found plenty of them to get you started.

1. This 3-pack of stair lights that come on automatically

Eliminate the hazard of a dark staircase by mounting these LED stair lights on the risers or anywhere your staircase needs better lighting. The light comes on only when needed because it’s motion-triggered, and only when it’s dark. It runs on batteries so you don’t have to worry about any wiring. And because the LED draws little power and the light is only occasional, the batteries last a long time.

2. This stain remover that’s non-toxic & works on clothes, carpet, & furniture

This spray-on stain remover works well, is easy to use, and has no bleach or toxins to harm your fabrics, kids, or pets. Just spray it on your duds when stains happen and rub it in. Then go about your day and wash the garment as usual. The stain will come out in the wash. You can use it on furniture and carpets, too. This is a two-pack of 4-ounce spray bottles.

3. This reusable mop you can refill with your own cleaner

If you’re tired of mopping with a system that requires disposable cleaning pads and sprays, this reusable, refillable spray mop solves that problem. Just fill the reservoir with your cleaning solution and spray the floor using the trigger in the handle. The mop head swivels 360 degrees to get under and behind furniture and grips a washable, microfiber pad. It comes with three pads so you can always have a fresh one at the ready.

4. These tube squeezers that get out every last bit

These tube squeezers turn your toothpaste, paint, or beauty product tubes into a much more useful and convenient delivery vehicle for your products. Install the tube into the roller and it will stand upright on the counter. When you want toothpaste, simply turn the dial. It creates order, stops waste, and prevents messes on your vanity or in the art room.

5. These soaps that treat your skin while you wash

These Remedy soap bars are devoid of chemicals and irritants that can cause skin issues and are loaded, instead, with tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermints oils that can help with body odor, acne, and skin irritations. Also, you get a refreshing tingle every time you shower along with that botanical scent. These bars are rich in omegas, vitamins E and C, and aloe vera to soothe itching and moisturize dry skin (and leave behind no plastic waste).

6. A magnetic soap holder so you never have to clean the soap dish

Instead of setting your bar soaps in a soap dish, mount this magnetic soap holder to the wall, attach the smiley face to your bar, and stick it to the magnetic holder. Your soap won’t leave a soap-scum mess in the dish because it will air dry suspended on the air. You will always have a dry bar of soap within reach, and soap bars will last longer. A great hack for those making the switch from bottles to bars.

7. This slick-looking cordless trimmer for a well-groomed beard at home

This cordless hair trimmer is a thing of beauty in the bathroom, which means you can keep it out on the counter and always at the ready for quick trims and beardscaping without hauling out a toolkit. It’s quiet, the battery lasts for hours on a single charge, and it stands upright. It comes with three attachments and a straight razor.

8. A mini-golf course from the comfort of the living room

If you can’t get enough putt-putt, set this mini-golf course down anywhere and play whenever the mood strikes. You can set up the sandtraps, water hazard, and table and chairs differently for every game. And it comes with two sizes of golf balls, six clubs, and a goofy “shot maker” club with a built-in golfer.

9. These covers that keep kicking kids from scuffing the seat backs

When the kids are strapped into their car seats in the back, it’s hard for them to resist kicking the seat in front of them. These protective mats prevent that part of your car from getting dirty and scuffed. Just attach them to the back of the head rest and to the underside of the front seat, and they create a protective barrier for both front seats. Prevent cleanups before they start.

10. This skin brush that helps prevent & treat razor bumps

Before you shave or wax, exfoliate your skin with the soft silicone bristles of this handheld brush to help prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It sloughs off dead skin cells for an excellent exfoliation treatment and lifts hairs to prep skin for shaving. This helps stop those irritating bumps. It’s easy to use, wet or dry and is gentle on your delicate areas.

11. The bumper protector you need for city parking

This bumper protector adds two inches of cushion around the license plate area of your car so that when a bad parker, clumsy bumper-to-bumper driver, or any other close calls happen, the bumper will be buffered from scuffs. Just install it like a regular license plate holder. The curved design doesn’t obstruct the view of your plate.

12. These bamboo paper towels you can use again & again

This roll of reusable bamboo towels looks like paper towels, and fits into the paper towel dispenser you already have, but the towels themselves are made from an eco-friendly bamboo wood pulp that can be used for a week without breaking down. This saves you from adding 10 rolls worth of paper to the landfill. It also saves you from needing to buy the paper ones so often, so you can save your money for better things.

13. These toaster oven pans for cooking small portions efficiently

Forego firing up the big oven when you bake cookies, wings, or other treats. Do them in your toaster oven with these small pans that are sized for small ovens to make smaller portions and clean up quicker. The two pans come with silicone baking mats so you don’t have to use parchment in the toaster oven. And the cooling and baking rack fits neatly into the pans for making crispy dishes or setting your cookies on to cool.

14. This roll-top breadbox to keep baked goods fresher for longer

Fill this countertop bread box will all your breads, pastries, and bagels to keep them fresh and safe from pets and ants. It gets bread out of the pantry where it will get smashed and frees up cupboard space. The tops slides up and down easily and it looks nice on the counter. It comes in natural bamboo or white.

15. This in-fridge storage solution that helps fresh herbs last

Create the perfect in-fridge habitat for your fresh herbs with this cleverly designed herb keeper. The inner basket allows air to circulate around the leaves while dipping their feet into the water in the outer basket so they stay hydrated. Just store the case in the fridge door and water your herbs occasionally and they will last a very long time.

16. This simple, portable cold brew system for delicious iced coffee wherever you want it

This cold brewing system is so easy that even a newby brewer can make great coffee. Just toss the coffee sacks into the brewing bag, add water to the fill line, and put it in the fridge. The coffee is already measured so there is no guesswork. And the brewing bag stands on its own in a shelf and has a built-in spigot for in-fridge dispensing.

17. Or, craft cold-brew at home from your favorite grounds

Further skip the drive-through and make your own cold-brew coffee at home with this in-fridge cold-brew coffee maker. It makes the process so easy you could do it when you’re half-asleep. Just fill the fine mesh inner sleeve with your coffee grounds, add water, and pop it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, your not-bitter, sludge-free coffee will be ready to get you started.

18. A wine aerator to make even cheap wines taste great

It can be quite surprising how much better a wine tastes if you pour it through an aerator on the way to your glass. It’s so easy to do, too. Just open the wine, insert this aerating pour spout into the bottle, pour, and drink. Cheap wines will be palatable, pretty good wines will taste great, and you will look like a classy wine snob now matter how much money you spent on the bottle.

19. A complete macaron baking kit with mats you’ll use for everything

The baking mats in this macaron baking kit are extra-thick silicone with perfect circles drawn on them to make creating macarons super easy. They clean up easily and are non-stick so you don’t have to use so much oil just to get your baked goods off the pan, which means you will use them for everything. The kit also comes with three piping bags, eight tips, and a coupler to aid your baking adventures — au revoir, fancy bakery.

20. The meal-replacement powder that’s gluten free & vegan

Trying to stick to a gluten-free and vegan diet can be challenging, time consuming, and pricey — Soylent’s complete-nutrition meal replacement powder makes it super easy to down a healthy, on-your-diet meal anytime and anywhere with almost no effort. You can stop skipping meals and eating unhealthy alternatives. Just mix some of this powder with water in a blender or shaker bottle and drink.

21. This genius knife sharpener that hones any blade fast

This knife sharpener is the solution for every dull blade in your house — no need to toss. Just suction this puppy to the counter by pressing down the lever. Then draw blades between the two tungsten carbide sharpeners a few times and they’ll be sharp once again. You can even replace the sharpeners in this little tool so it will last indefinitely.

22. A gorgeous bar set for leveled-up cocktail parties at home

Going out for drinks with friends can set you back a hefty chunk of change, and having drinks at home is affordable — and doesn’t involve sticky floors and brawling. But you do need some tools. This mixology kit has them all, nested beautifully in a bamboo stand that will look great on your bar. With a shaker, strainer, muddler, two jiggers, three pourers, and a wine opener, you can create just about any cocktail. There’s even a collection of recipe cards so you’ll know how.

23. An ab wheel & workout kit for a six pack without the gym

Start your journey toward a ripped six pack by rolling on this ab wheel roller. It has a wide base — so it doesn’t wobble — and fat, easy-grip handles. It comes with foam knee pads for comfort and is an easy way to tap your abdominals for strength. Mastered that? Move up with the push up bars. And when you are really cooking with gas, add the two elastic bands to challenge your push ups.

24. These posters that help you get a better workout at home

Add these workout posters to your home gym so you don’t rely on the three or four exercises you know (or a pricey personal trainer). There are 120 different exercises here, divided among three posters that cover working with weights, bodyweight-only exercises, and stretching. It comes with 10 routine cards that collect those exercises into a daily workout so you can easily mix it up. You can write on the posters with the included erasable marker to keep track of progress.

25. A beard taming kit that helps whiskers grow & calms skin

This beard-taming kit has everything you need to calm itchy skin, nourish your whiskers so they grow and thrive, and groom it all so it’s healthy and looking good. The orange walnut soap exfoliates skin while it washes away dirt that can clog pores. The beard balm conditions your beard while moisturizing your face to reduce itching. The jojoba-rich oil makes your whiskers soft. And it all comes in fancy box for that barbershop-professional feel without the small talk.

26. An at-home dry cleaning kit that’s fast & cheap

Taking your dry-clean only fabrics to the cleaners is expensive, and you usually have to wait a week to get them back. This at-home dry cleaning kit, though, takes only 20 minutes. Just blot the stain on your delicate fabric with the stain removing wipe and put the garment in the dryer. It will emerge clean — and wrinkle free — a few minutes later.

27. An automated pet feeder with customizable voice recording

This pet-food feeder holds over 12 cups of pet food and delivers it at the times — and in the portion size — you choose in the on-screen menu. That’s enough food to feed a cat for a few days of travel or a small dog all day while you are at work. You can even record a voice message and the feeder will use it to call your pet when it’s time to eat.

28. A curved grooming comb that helps get rid of troublesome matted fur

No need to shell out tons of cash at the groomer’s to get rid of even the toughest patches of matted fur with this rounded blade de-matting comb. The handle is specially designed with a comfort grip, non-slip material that makes it easy for you to brush out your pet's hair in its entirety. Its hooked and serrated bristles are the key to its incredible dematting ability. Reviews are glowing (and also include some graphic fur pics).

29. This professional-level dog grooming kit for at-home ‘dos

If you are the proud owner of a dog with fur that requires a lot of upkeep, investing in a professional dog grooming kit will save on the cost of fancy groomers and let you create custom cuts at home. It was designed with adjustable, safeguarded blades to get the hair length exact with every use. Recharge it when you’re done using it so it’s ready to go for the next grooming situation.

30. These vacuum-seal travel storage bags with a hand pump

Never worry about running out of room in your suitcase by utilizing these vacuum seal travel bags. By sucking all of the excess air out of the bags, you save space in your luggage by compacting everything you’re packing. This simple travel bag ensures you’ll never have to pay fees for extra luggage again.

31. This hand racquet that is a rechargeable bug zapper

Old school, flimsy fly swatters are a thing of the past as this rechargeable bug zapping racquet will become your new go-to outdoor tool. Easily recharge it after every use, or wait until the battery is completely dead then simply plug it into any compatible USB port. You’ll no longer have to constantly spend money on items like sprays, traps, and heavily-scented candles.

32. A complete detailing kit to wash your car like a pro

This 22-piece car cleaning kit will deliver a professional-level car wash in the convenience of your driveway every time. The microfiber sponges and brushes give you the ability to properly clean both the interior and exterior of your car. It even has small brushes to get into the vents, and glass cleaning tools for crystal clean windows. Your ride will look even better than after a cruise through the automatic wash.

33. This portable booster & set of cables to easily jump a dead car battery

Get your own dead car battery up and at it again thanks to this incredibly handy portable booster and jumper cables. This awesome and handy tool is capable of powering up cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, and more. If your battery happens to kick it while you’re out and about, you can avoid calling for roadside assistance and having to pay the fee for that service.

34. A professional auto-trim kit for scratch-free repairs & maintenance

With a full selection of tools at your disposal, this auto trim removal kit gives you the ability to remove interior and exterior trim, molding, wheel hubs, door panels, fasteners, dashboards, and more without scratching or damaging your car. As one reviewer put it, “If you work on interiors of cars ever, [get] these.”

35. A DIY starter kit to grow healthy produce at home

If you’ve been wanting to grow some of your own produce and think you lack adequate space to make that happen, check out this DIY gardening kit. Included, you get seeds to grow your own beets, leeks, kale, and Brussel sprouts in the convenience of your home. This will be just the beginning of your foray into producing your own produce and ultimately cutting back on that weekly grocery bill.

36. These solar LED garden lights to illuminate walkways without wiring

Light up your walkway without racking up additional money on your electricity bill with these LED solar garden lights. There is a pointed stake on the bottom of each light to easily and quickly install them. Each day they automatically recharge as their little solar panels soak in the rays of the sun.

37. A universal battery charger with 8 charging slots

Instead of buying then tossing batteries when they’re low on juice, pick up this universal battery charger. It’s got slots for rechargeable AA and AAAs, even Cs and Ds, and an LCD screen shows how juiced up they are. Think of how many devices around your house use those types of batteries and how much money you’ll save yourself in the long run.

38. This multi-purpose touch-up paint so you can make repairs without needing a whole can

Dings, scratches, and scuffs on the walls will no longer be an eyesore as you can quickly and easily repair them with this little bottle of touch-up paint. Get a color sample palette to find the match you need, and get your paint repairs done quickly. Having to spend money and time on paint (and repainting a whole wall) isn’t the only option anymore.

39. An at-home candle-making kit ideal for crafters of all ages

If you’re struggling to find a candle that fits your personal taste, or are tired of shelling out for the things, take matters into your own hands with this candle making kit. For the typical price of one candle, you can now create your own luxurious, custom concoctions. The all-natural soy wax and wax-covered wicks also ensure a long burn time.

40. This reversible sling pouch that lets you tote your pet with you

Make things easier on you and your favorite furry friend when you need to carry them by transporting them around in this shoulder sling pouch. The reversible pouch measures 20 inches wide and 14 inches deep and is able to comfortably hold 12 pounds, making it an ideal fit for small dogs and cats. It’s also a much more affordable option than most pet-carrying cases.

41. This foot file that buffs away callouses & dry skin for pedi-smooth feet

Give your feet a pleasant surprise in the form of a gentle massage and scrub down using this handheld foot file. The end results? You get the smoothness of a salon-level pedicure without having to make an appointment, and for half the price. It works great on wet and dry feet and promises to never scrape skin raw.

42. A handheld back massager with different heads for pinpointed tension-relief

Get instantaneous muscle relief from knots and stress with this help of this handheld deep tissue massager. It has six different massage heads you can swap out and a 2-hour battery life so you can really work out those sore muscles. This massaging tool is so effective you may never want to pay for an expensive spa experience again.

43. A bidet that fosters cleaner nethers without all the paper

If you’ve been curious about what all the fuss is over bidets, look into this toilet bidet attachment for your at-home use. That dreadful feeling of running out of toilet paper while you’re in the bathroom will never be a problem again. This bidet has multiple spray settings to ensure you’re fully cleaned without being wasteful with toilet paper.

44. These mini spatulas that get all the product out

Wasting the last bits of any product in any bottle will no longer be one of your struggles when you invest in these Spatty Daddy spatulas. The amount of waste from product left behind in near-empty bottles really adds up over time, needlessly. These spatulas measure 6 and 12 inches, getting every last bit out so you get all the bang for your buck.

45. This fake rock that makes an excellent hiding spot for serial locker-outers

Hide this hollowed-out fake rock in the yard with a spare key stashed in it so you never find yourself locked out again. A plastic back cover keeps items inside safe and dry. And the realistic rock top blends into landscaping so that only you know where to find it — no need to be saved by expensive locksmiths. Over 10,000 people give this clever trick five stars.

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