60 Weird & Deadass Cool Things on Amazon Prime That Are So Cheap

Strange little life-improvers.

60 Weird & Deadass Cool Things on Amazon Prime That Are So Cheap
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Sometimes the coolest products wind up being the weirdest ones. For example, this self-closing toothpaste cap is definitely weird... though is so brilliant and helpful, I qualify it as “cool,” too. If your curiosity is piqued by such a crossroads, read on, as every item I’ve selected for you to check out is just as weird as it is cool. And since saving money is always a good thing, I’ve also made sure that everything is cheap AF.


This extra-large foot scrubber that sticks to the bottom of your shower

You won’t have to bend over to clean (and massage) your feet when you have this scrubber. Suction cups on the bottom keep it firmly in place on your shower or tub floor, while hundreds of silicone bristles wash away grime with a few gentle swipes back and forth. Choose from nine colors.


An automatic soap dispenser that’s completely touchless

This sleek automatic soap dispenser is completely touchless so your hands stay as clean as possible. Simply wave your hand underneath and it’ll squirt out the ideal amount of soap into your palm. The full-screen display on the front tells you the indoor temperature as well as how much power the rechargeable battery has left.


This over-the-door hamper that helps you save space

Don’t have enough space for a bulky hamper? Not a problem when you have this over-the-door version. Two hooks let you secure it overtop of any standard-sized door, though each order also includes a pair of adhesive hooks you can use to hang it on flat walls. The durable Oxford fabric is designed to last through thousands of loads of laundry.


An RFID-blocking wallet that sticks to the back of your phone

Not only does this wallet stick to the back of your phone for easy access, but it also features RFID-blocking technology to help shield your credit cards from digital pickpockets. There’s enough space inside to store up to four cards, and it’s slim enough that you can still easily tote your phone in your pocket.


These grippy Firestick remote covers that glow in the dark

I’m always misplacing my Fire TV remote, which is why I’m a fan of these covers. They glow in the dark, making it easy to find your remote when relaxing in bed at night — and the textured silicone material helps you keep a firm grip when using it. Choose from three colors: green/blue, green/turquoise, or green/red.


This organic cat grass growing kit that makes a tasty & adorable treat

Cat grass can add nutrients to your cat’s diet, making this cat grass kit a nutritious and cute addition to any home. It only takes about one week for the grass to sprout, and the instructions are so easy to follow that you don’t need a green thumb in order to be successful. Plus, the Hello Kitty pot is an adorable touch.


The exfoliating towel that’s suitable for all types of skin

This exfoliating towels is gentle enough that even those with sensitive skin can enjoy a deep scrub. It’s long enough that you can stretch it behind your back to get all those hard-to-reach spots, and since it’s rip-resistant, it’s designed to hold up for the long haul.


A rotating phone holder that lets you watch videos in the shower

If you’ve ever wished you could watch videos in the shower, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this holder. It’s completely waterproof, keeping your phone high and dry whether you’re taking a bath or shower — and the rotating mount makes it easy to see from nearly any angle. Choose from two colors: white or black.


This sneaker sponge that helps get your shoes looking clean as new

Shoes looking a little dirty lately? Consider giving them a good scrub with this sponge. It arrives pre-moistened, making it ready to use right out of the box, and it’s just as effective on scuff marks as it is on dirt. There’s also no need to apply a ton of pressure, as the cleanser is strong enough that it can whiten dirty soles with just a little elbow grease.


A heavy-duty cord wrap that can handle up to 50 pounds

From hoses to extension cables, this wrap is great for bundling all sorts of heavy cords into a neat coil. It’s made from weatherproof polypropylene that can easily support up to 50 pounds, and the metal grommet is rust-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about it corroding inside your garage.


These webcam covers that come in 5 colors

Unlike some webcam covers, these ones have an ultra-slim profile that won’t affect how your laptop shuts. Installation is as easy as pressing them into place the same way you would with a sticker. With five colors to choose from (black, white, silver, pink, or khaki), you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that goes with your laptop’s frame.


An old school butter keeper made from gorgeous marble

Keeping butter at room temperature makes it easier to spread — but that’s only part of the reason why this classic butter keeper is worth a look. It’s made from elegant white marble, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen. You also have the choice of dark oceanic gray marble.


A toothpaste cap that automatically shuts itself

Always forgetting to put the cap back on your toothpaste? Not a problem when you have these self-closing caps. They’re made from soft silicone that opens with a gentle squeeze, neatly dispensing toothpaste onto your brush. They close up on their own when you stop squeezing.

“These prevent such a mess in the bathroom,” wrote one reviewer. “They fit 2 different brands of toothpaste so far and easily just screw in.”


A universal power adapter that features 3 USB ports

With a universal design that lets you use it in more than 150 different countries, this power adapter is a must-have for your next vacation. It also features three USB ports as well as one type-C, eliminating the need to carry around a USB brick if you want to charge your phone. Many reviewers appreciated how its small size easily fits inside a carry-on bag.


A cereal dispenser that works with all sorts of dry foods

Whether you want a fashionable way to serve cereal or you need somewhere to store flour, this dispenser has you covered. It’s suitable for nearly any dry ingredient, and features a wide top that makes it easy to fill up when empty. You also have the choice of three colors: white, black, or green.


The headphone stand that can also wirelessly charge your phone

It’s almost too easy to accidentally swipe your headphones from desk to floor — and that’s where this stand comes in handy. Not only does it hold your headphones out of harm’s reach, but it also features a wireless charger for your phone built into the base. Plus, the frame is made from durable aluminum.


These plug huggers that make it easier to use loose outlets

Some outlets are too loose for certain plugs, which can lead to your devices annoyingly unplugging themselves. That’s where these huggers come in handy. Simply insert them into your outlets, and they’ll take up that extra space so that your plugs are less likely to fall out. Choose from two colors: clear or glow-in-the-dark.


A hammock chair that lets you kick back or sit up

Don’t leave for that camping trip before you’ve packed this hammock chair. Sling it between two trees with the simple, included hardware and sit up or kick back — soft foam cushions at your legs and neck make it a way more comfortable choice than camping chairs. It’s also made from ultra-tough parachute nylon that can easily support up to 500 pounds.


This cook book by Snoop Dogg that’s filled with easy-to-make recipes

Ever notice how the recipes inside some cookbooks are way too hard to actually make? Then From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen by Snoop Dogg is worth a look. Inside you’ll find 50 recipes from his own kitchen, ranging from shrimp po’ boys to fried bologna sandwiches — and all of them are just as easy to make as they are delicious.


The incense sticks that burn for up to 60 minutes

Whereas some incense sticks only burn for a little while, these ones can stay lit for up to a full hour, making them a cost-effective choice. They’re hand-rolled, smokeless, and cruelty-free, and each order comes with six scents: coconut/mango, island/Orient, green tea, ocean salt, rose/geranium, and orange blossom.


These foot peels that help exfoliate away flaking skin

If you don’t have time for a pedicure, grab a pack of these peels. Simply let your feet soak in them for about an hour. Over the next two weeks an outer layer of flaking skin will begin to gradually peel away, leaving you with ultra-soft feet — no pumice stone necessary.


This dog toothpaste that helps reduce plaque & freshen breath

You brush your teeth all the time, but what about your dog’s? Enter: this toothpaste made for canines. It helps reduce plaque and tartar formation, as well as freshen their breath. The poultry flavor means your dog may even look forward to getting their teeth brushed.


This plastic welding kit that helps you fix nearly anything

Plastic, fabric, metal, rubber — this plastic welding kit can help you fix items made from all sorts of materials. It’s stronger than regular glue and the liquid bonding solution will never dry out, even if you leave it sitting out. Plus, the bond it creates is 100% waterproof as well as heat-resistant.


A poop bag dispenser that fits onto any leash

Don’t get caught without a poop bag when out walking your dog — instead, keep this dispenser attached to your leash. It’s designed to clip onto any leash, and each order comes with 60 bags to get you started. Choose from two colors: black or green.


A sun visor extension that helps prevent glare

If you’ve ever wished your sun visor was just a little larger, take a peek here. This extension not only blocks more sunlight when driving, but the polarized polycarbonate material also helps reduce glare. Installation is as easy as looping it onto your current visor using the attached strap.


The projection alarm clock with a convenient USB port in back

You won’t have any trouble seeing what time it is when you have this alarm clock, as it projects the time onto a nearby wall so that it’s easy to read from across the room. A USB port in the back also lets you charge your devices overnight. You can even adjust how bright the face is so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep.


An automatic drink dispenser that you can use one-handed

Milk, orange juice, cranberry cocktail — this dispenser makes it oh-so-easy to fill your glass using just one hand. It screws onto the top of nearly any beverage jug, regardless of how big or small it is. Once in place, simply press your glass into the blue trigger to have it start filling it up.


These square clips that stop your sheets from wadding up in the wash

Few things are as annoying as discovering your sheets have bundled themselves into a giant wad when doing laundry — and that’s where this square clip comes in. It attaches to the four corners of your sheets, keeping them separated so that they don’t get tangled together. Or, if your sheets are already clean, you can use it with tablecloths, or even to keep socks together in the wash.


A lip balm holder that attaches to your keychain

For those who are constant lip-balm appliers (like me), this holder is oh-so-handy. It attaches to your keychain, purse, or backpack so that your balm is always within reach, and the tight-knit elastic material won’t let your tube slide out. Choose from 13 colors.


These reusable straws that are made from soft silicone

Throw out those crummy plastic straws in favor of these reusable ones. They’re made from soft silicone, and come with a pipette brush so that it’s easy to clean them from the inside out. The best part? They’re tall enough to use with tumbler cups up to 30 ounces.


A handy spray that helps keep your glasses lenses from fogging up

Give your glasses a few spritzes with this anti-fog spray, and it’ll help keep them from clouding up when you experience a sudden change in temperature or humidity. Each bottle has enough spray inside for up to 500 uses, and is suitable for all types of lenses.


The money-saving caps that help you get every last drop out of bottles

One of the easiest ways to waste money is to throw out bottles before they’re completely empty. Prevent that with these clever emptying caps. They feature three legs that let you balance your bottles upside down, allowing any leftover product to drip towards the mouth so that it’s easy to squeeze out. They’re designed to work with nearly any bottle, whether it’s filled with ketchup or shampoo.


This nesting hammer & screwdriver set that helps save space

Running out of storage space inside your toolbox? Consider downsizing to this hammer and screwdriver set. The screwdrivers twist into the hammer’s handle to help save space — and each set comes with two flathead, as well as two Philips screwdrivers.

“Got this for a dorm room; it’s great [...],” wrote one reviewer. “No need to have a bunch of tools to have to store or find, or lose.”


An adjustable foot hammock that makes your desk setup super comfy

Not only can popping your feet onto this hammock help alleviate soreness when sitting for long periods of time, but the clamps can also be adjusted so that your feet sit as high or low as you like. With a weight limit of up to 176 pounds, there’s no need to worry about ripping it out of place.


The waterless shampoo caps for refreshing your hair on the go

Whether you’re camping or simply don’t have time for a shower, these shampoo caps are a smart pick. There’s no water required — just put one on your head, then scrub it into your scalp the same way you would with shampoo. They’re fortified with aloe vera as well as vitamins B5 and E, all of which work together to help soften and refresh hair.


These fish oil chews for dogs that are loaded with omega-3s

Consider giving your pup some of these fish oil chews if you’ve noticed that their coat has started to look a little dull. They’re loaded with omega-3s, flaxseed, and biotin, which can help support healthy skin and hair. Plus, vitamin C and E also work to help give their immune system a boost.


The silicone spatulas that are gentle on nonstick cookware

Not only are these silicone spatulas safe for use on nonstick cookware, but their flexible heads also contour to the shape of your pans, making them great for flipping omelettes, scraping batter from bowls, and more. Choose from five colors: orange, teal, black, blue, and green.


These elegant whiskey stones made from sleek granite

Ice cubes will dilute your drinks as they melt — instead, give these whiskey stones a try. Keep them in your freezer, and they’ll be ready to go whenever you’re in the mood for whiskey, soda, or any other drink. Plus, the smooth granite stone won’t melt and can be reused thousands of times.


These LED puck lights that are *so* easy to install

Shelves, closets, hallways — these LED puck lights are so easy to install that you can add them practically anywhere. There’s no complicated wiring required, as each one only needs three AA batteries (which are not included) to deliver hours’ worth of light. Plus, each order comes with double-sided tape as well as screws for easy installation.


The toe separators that can help alleviate bunions

If you’ve got a painful bunion (or two) that won’t go away, give these toe separators a try. They help space out your toes so that they don’t crunch into each other — and the medical-grade gel can be washed and reused hundreds of times, if not more.

“These toe separators are great support for bunion sufferers,” wrote one reviewer. “I have been purchasing them for years and they have kept me from having to have surgery.”


An accessories organizer that you can customize however you like

From charging cables to nail polish, this organizer is great for keeping all sorts of small items looking neat and tidy. The elastic straps securely hold your items in place, and since they’re placed in a grid formation, the configuration options are nearly endless. Choose from two colors: black or grey.


The under-the-bed storage bags that can open up a ton of space

Running out of space inside your closet? Consider transferring all those seasonal clothes and linens into these storage bags. Their low profile makes it easy to slide them underneath your bed, while a transparent top lets you see where everything is stored at a simple glance.


A ceiling fan duster that traps dirt within its fibers

Wipe your ceiling fan blades with this duster, and the soft microfiber will latch onto dirt, trapping it within its fibers until you’re ready to shake it out into the trash. You can wash and reuse it more than 1,000 times, making it a cost-effective addition to any utility closet.


A desktop water dispenser that works with large gallon bottles

Pouring yourself a glass of water from one of those large gallon bottles can be tricky. Instead, use this automatic dispenser. It’s designed to work with bottles up to 5 gallons in size — just slip the end of the tube into your bottle and you’re good to go. Press a button to start and stop water flow or choose from a variety of levels. It comes with a large-capacity, USB-rechargeable battery.


The stainless steel rotary whisk that does the mixing for you

There’s no need to tire out your wrist when using this rotary whisk, as a few pumps on the handle is all it takes to send the head spinning. Both the head and handle are made from food-grade stainless steel, and if you aren’t into baking, you can also use it to froth up milk for coffee.


These shatterproof wine glasses that come with leak-resistant lids

Not only are these wine glasses made from shatterproof stainless steel, but each one also comes with a matching lid to help prevent spills, even if they get knocked over. Also, their insulated walls help keep the heat from your hands from warming up your wine, ensuring that your reds and whites stay at their ideal temperature for longer.


The whitening toothpaste formulated with activated charcoal

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to brighten your smile — just grab this whitening toothpaste. It’s made without any fluoride or peroxide, instead relying on activated charcoal to gently scrub away stains from tea, coffee, and more. A hint of xylitol and peppermint oil give it a pleasant flavor while simultaneously helping freshen breath.


This pet bowl set that can help keep your floors cleaner

Tired of your dog scattering kibble all over your floors? Then this bowl set is a little game-changer. The raised edges on the silicone mat help keep kibble contained, while each bowl has its own slip-free spot. The mat is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, too.


A durable carrying strap that makes it easier to carry heavy cords

Hoses, rope, extension cables — this strap is great for carrying all sorts of bulky items. The strap secures around your item with a hook-and-loop closure to keep things neatly coiled, while the attached handle makes it easy to carry around. Plus, the small size makes it easy to stash inside of a drawer when not in use.


The microwaveable heating pad that wraps around your neck

Whether your shoulders are feeling sore or you accidentally tweaked your neck, this heating pad is here to soothe. A quick spin through the microwave is all it needs to warm up, and the extra-long design makes it easy to drape over your shoulders so that you can wear it around the house. Choose from two colors: gray or flower print.


A hydrating shower gel that deep cleans & hydrates all the skin

With a refreshing sandalwood scent that leaves you smelling oh-so-clean, this shower gel deserves a spot in every bathroom. Aloe vera and coconut water work to deliver a powerful clean and dose of moisture to dry skin, and it works into a rich lather so you can rest assured that a little goes a long way.


The privacy sign that lets people know when it’s safe to enter your office

If you’re tired of co-workers barging in on you when you’re in a meeting, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this sign. It features four adjustable messages that let others know whether you’re available to talk: “Please knock,” “Do not disturb,” “In a meeting,” as well as “Out of office.” Plus, each order includes adhesive so that you can hang it up easily.


A waterproof cover that helps protect your car’s backseat from dirt & accidents

I don’t drive anywhere with my little dog until I’ve set this cover up in the backseat of my car. It’s made from tough Oxford fabric that’s both waterproof as well as easy to clean, and the universal design makes it suitable for cars both large and small. Choose from three colors: orange, black, or blue.


This dry erase chore chart that comes with colorful markers

Whether you’re divvying out responsibilities to the kids or your roommates, it’s super helpful to write the weekly chores on these dry erase charts. The magnetic backing lets you put them on yoru fridge so that they’re easy to reference at a glance — and each order comes with enough charts for two people, as well as six markers that you can use to color code their schedules as needed.


These heavy-duty shoe horns with *thousands* of positive reviews

If you’d like to forego bending over to get those shoes on, take a gander at this set of metal shoe horns. They’re made from tough metal, so there’s no need to worry about them bending under pressure — the long one is ideal for easily reaching your feet at home, while the shorter one is the perfect size to take along when traveling.

“I slip the toes of my foot in the shoe or slipper, insert the shoe horn and it works perfectly.” wrote one happy customer. “They slide on without difficulty. Very sturdy and strong. Very solid. Much better than the plastic ones.”


A hydrating serum that’s chock-full of snail mucin

Snail mucin is known for its hydrating properties, and this serum is absolutely loaded with it. You’ll also find hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil on its list of ingredients, both of which work to help soften and moisturize skin. The best part? Many reviewers were able to see noticeable results after just a few days.


The guided scissors that help you cut straight lines

Not only are these scissors sharp, but they can also help you cut a straight line without having to draw one on whatever material you’re cutting. A built-in laser gives you an easy-to-follow guide mark when slicing — and you can adjust its angle up to two levels so that it’s always aimed right where you want it.


A self-stirring mug that comes in 4 colors

Instant coffee, creamer, protein shakes — this mug is a clever way to keep all sorts of drinks tasting smooth and clump-free. A small magnetic bar on the bottom spins around in circles, mixing up your drinks for you so that you don’t have to dirty up a spoon or utensil. It’s also rechargeable, waterproof, and comes in four colors: black, coffee, pink, or white.


A soothing gel eye mask that you can use hot or cold

Whether you prefer hot or cold therapy, this gel eye mask has you covered. It’s freezable as well as microwaveable — and the gel on the inside contours to the shape of your face for added comfort. Plus, each order comes with a drawstring bag for storage.


This multipurpose charcoal filter that you can trim to fit

For less than $15, you can swap out the crummy filters inside of your air purifier, HVAC system, vents, or cat’s litter box with this charcoal version. Just trim it to fit as needed. It’s way cheaper than buying replacement filters or purifier and is made in the USA to boot.

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