45 weird but genius home products under $35 with near-perfect Amazon reviews

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Weird but genius home products under $35 with near-perfect Amazon reviews

In the comfort of your home, it’s OK to be a little weird. Sure, there are public places where this is OK, too — escape rooms, bouncy castles, nostalgic reunion tours of your favorite ‘90s acts. But the kind of weird you can be at your home is on a different level. That’s where the real magic happens, where you can stock as many bread-shaped pillows as you want, where you can have a kitchen full of monster-themed cooking tools, and flashlight gloves that are super useful but also make you feel a little bit like a robot.

And, no problem if you don’t have those things yet; that’s what this list of unusual yet functional home products will help with. There are plenty of ideas here to get you started in a quest for weird but genius things to elevate your home life. And the best part? They’re under $35 so you won’t break the bank, and they have great Amazon reviews, so you have plenty to go off of while you shop, too.

So, get your scrolling finger ready, and get comfortable. And, if you need a little help with that, might I recommend the wearable blanket or the aforementioned bread-shaped pillow?

1. This portable screen magnifier that gives a larger view of your phone

Level up your streaming game with a compact screen magnifier that gives you up to 12 inches of viewing space, or 4x magnification depending on your phone. The included speakers also allow for sound amplification, plus there’s a microphone feature, too. It’s compatible with a range of phones and brands.

2. An ergonomic mouse that makes work & play more comfortable

If you’ve ever experienced wrist pain or discomfort from computer use, then this vertical, ergonomic mouse might be a game changer. It offers your hand a more relaxed position, akin to a handshake, plus there are thumb buttons and a removable palm rest, too. Additional features also include a range of sensitivity options, and snazzy RGB LED lighting.

3. This wristband that keeps nuts, bolts, nails & more within reach

Home repairs, DIY projects, and even car fixes just got a little easier. This magnetic wristband has magnets and pockets to hold drill bits, screws, pins, and more, while still keeping your hands free. It’s also lightweight and adjustable, and easy to wear and use for hours at a time. Over 4,000 handypeople give this five stars.

4. A toilet nightlight that glows in a rainbow of colors

While at first glance this toilet night light might seem like a novelty gift, the soft glow it emits is enough to be helpful in the dark without being too jarring to bleary, tired eyes. It gives you eight different light colors to choose from (or rotating them all), and it can be easily installed on almost any home toilet.

5. A vampire-shaped garlic crusher that turns meal prep into bloodthirsty fun

If you’ve ever looked at a garlic press and thought, “Hmm, if only that was more whimsical...” this Count Gracula garlic press might be your new favorite kitchen gadget. It crushes and minces garlic cloves with a few pushes, and works with a variety of other foods, too. Plus it’s dishwasher-safe, and makes a fun kitchen-counter buddy.

6. These handy flashlight gloves for when you want to see in the dark (or let others see you)

If your hands are busy and you don’t want to hold a flashlight, why not just wear one? Thanks to these LED flashlight gloves, you can. Each glove has built-in lights, plus they leave fingers free to move, and reviewers appreciate them for everything from knitting to working under the car. Six different colors and patterns are available.

7. A clever clock that tells the time with illuminated words

When digital and traditional clocks are no longing cutting it, this light-up word clock can take over. It’s available in both a black or copper finish, and spells out the time in five minute increments. The versatile shape and size (a roughly 8-by-8-inch square) gives you plenty of options for display on the desk, shelf, or counter of your choice.

8. These book lights so you can read without bothering anyone

When that page-turner won’t let you put it down but everyone else wants to turn the lights out and sleep, clip one of these two book lights to the cover and keep turning pages. You can choose the brightness — there are three levels — and color (white, daylight, or amber) that’s most comfortable for your eyes and you’ll never need to find batteries because these lights are rechargeable.

9. A Star Wars-themed hologram light that glows in 16 different colors

You’ll never find yourself on the dark side with a character-themed table lamp in your home. An included remote gives you control over all the colors and features, and there are seven patterns to choose from. You can use it with batteries or the included USB charge cord, so you have lots of flexibility for its sure-to-be-impactful placement.

10. These light-up chopsticks that are part form, part function

These reusable, light saber-inspired chopsticks come in packages of four, with either a red and blue pair, or green and purple. The BPA-plastic material is food-safe, so you can indeed use these for eating, or as accessories for your favorite Star Wars costume. Batteries are included, too.

11. This charming soup ladle for scooping, stirring, and mood-lifting

Be warned, this Loch Ness Monster-shaped ladle might motivate you to make soup every day. It’s equal parts cute and clever, and there are three sweet colors to choose from: turquoise, green, and purple. The best part? You can stand it up in a pot of pan to look like Nessie is actually “swimming.” She scoops up a 4.5-star rating.

12. This cheeky pen set with a variety of medical & anatomical shapes

If you or someone you know is an aspiring — or current? — med student or orthopedic surgeon, or just likes to go all-out for Halloween, this set of medical-themed pens will be a welcome addition. With a total of 20 pens with blue and black ink, you’ll never be without an attention-grabbing writing instrument.

13. This touch-controlled moon lamp that gives lunar-themed light in the comfort of home

This 3-D moon lamp looks like a miniature version of the real, gorgeous thing. It glows in white or yellow, and there are multiple brightness levels to choose from. It’s touch controlled and charges with USB, so it’s a cinch to use and adjust. It’s available in four different sizes, from 3.5 to 7.1 inches. Reviewers describe it as “a great gift” and “oddly mesmerizing and calming.”

14. An organic mushroom-growing kit with everything you need to get started

If you’re interested in growing your own fresh, organic fungi, this indoor mushroom kit makes it super simple — all that’s required is some indirect light and twice-daily misting. Plus, if you post and tag the account with a specific hashtag, they’ll donate a kit to a classroom of your choosing to spread the fun(gi). (Had to.)

15. A wind chime with solar-powered hummingbird accents

On its own, this hummingbird wind chime makes a lovely addition to any porch or yard, but that’s not even the best part. It charges by solar power, so after the sun goes down, the hummingbirds glow in different colors. Plus, an “S” hook for super easy hanging is included, too. Reviewers are enchanted, and describe it as “very pretty.”

16. This wireless doorbell kit so you don’t have to run wires

Install a doorbell anywhere you like with this wireless doorbell kit. It’s super easy. Just peel and stick the bell where your visitor will encounter it and plug the receiver into a wall outlet near where you will hear it. Done! You can choose from 32 ringtones and five volumes for a custom sound in your home. The bell is waterproof so you can put it anywhere outside.

17. A popcorn popper that makes snacking so easy

Forget those microwave popcorn bags that are full of additives and calories. Skip the messy stovetop experience. This silicone microwave popcorn popper is the easiest way to make popcorn and it makes the tastiest and healthiest snack. Just put oil and your own kernels in the bottom, microwave for a couple of minutes, season as you like, and enjoy. Then drop the popper in the dishwasher for cleanup.

18. This best-selling electric can opener that streamlines the most mundane kitchen task

No more tired wrists or splashes from awkwardly-held cans, thanks to this electric can opener. It’s not bulky like many countertop options, and it works in seconds with just a quick press of the button. Plus, it promises to leave a smooth edge so safety risks are minimized. It comes in nine different colors, and is Amazon’s number one best-selling electric opener.

19. This bathroom freshener that prevents odors before they start

This specialized toilet spray is meant to be sprayed into the toilet itself, creating a fragrant layer over the water that blocks unpleasant odors. The reviews are full of enthusiastic buyers, and there are multiple scents (like citrus, fresh sea salt, and vanilla mint), and bottle sizes to choose from. Over 4,000 folks are now breathing easier and give this 4.7 stars.

20. This incense holder that creates a waterfall display of aromatic smoke

Why use a regular incense holder when you can use a ceramic waterfall incense holder? This nifty display uses backflow incense cones (and comes with 120 of them in seven scents), so the delicate smoke flows like a waterfall. Regular incense sticks can be used too, and it comes in five different colors.

21. This best-selling lap desk created for laptops and tech accessories

Whether you need your laptop for work or play, it’s crucial that you’re comfortable while using it. This laptop desk has a cushioned bottom, so it rests easy on your legs, plus the smooth surface has a short ledge to keep your device in place, along with a space for your phone and a built-in mouse pad. There are five colors and styles available.

22. A compact egg cooker that prepares a hot breakfast in minutes

If seeking a quick and easy way to prepare breakfast, this rapid egg cooker does the trick. It can prepare up to six eggs at once, with settings for hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, and even omelettes. It takes just a few inches of counter space, and has a vintage design that’s offered in eight different colors.

23. This wearable fleece blanket that’s the ultimate in comfort & coziness

What’s better than a cozy blanket on a cold day? A wearable cozy blanket on a cold day. It has sleeves, a pocket, and even pouches for keeping feet and toes warm. You have the option of getting it with or without plush sherpa lining, and there are 19 different colors and patterns available. Reviewers like how it keeps feet toasty, and say it’s “far beyond expectations.”

24. A wrapping paper organizer that keeps your supplies safe & secure between uses

A nicely wrapped package is one of life’s greatest treats, but an unruly batch of supplies makes it a challenge to perfect. With this wrapping paper organizer, you have room for up to 18-24 rolls (depending on thickness), along with space and pockets for bows, ribbon, scissors, tape, and more. It comes in white, black, and red.

25. This coffee scale to bring precision to everything you brew

Turn your morning brew into a science with this kitchen scale with a built-in timer. Set your pour-over brewer on the rubberized, non-slip weighing surface, zero it out, and add your grounds. Then set the timer so you pour the hot water at a precise pace. And enjoy perfect coffee. The scale works for everything else you want to weigh, too.

26. An MVP rice cooker that’s super easy to use & maintain

You’ll always feel a step ahead for dinner prep when you have a go-to rice cooker on hand. With multiple sizes available, from a 3-cup design all the way up to a 28-cup design, it’ll suit almost any home kitchen. Plus, a serving spoon is included, and the interior pieces are all dishwasher safe. Over 20,000 people rate it a perfect five stars.

27. A snap-on kitchen strainer that saves you space and time

This compact, clip-on strainer can be attached directly to pots and pans, so hot foods can be strained and drained without having to be transferred to a room-temperature dish. It doesn’t take up as much space as a standard colander, and it comes in four bright colors, so it’s easy to store and find.

28. This wine opener that looks like a little pirate

Wine aficionados who appreciate pirates, pirate aficionados who appreciate wine, or really, anyone who likes swashbuckling — this one’s for you. This pirate corkscrew is as efficient as it is clever. Its body is complete with a classic corkscrew, foil-cutter, cork puller, and bottle opener, and it swings in with 4.7 stars.

29. An immersion blender that spins, stirs, and froths in seconds

This multi-purpose hand blender comes with three attachments for a range of mixing, whisking and whipping. It’s compact so it’s easy to store, plus it’s corded so you never have to worry about batteries running out. It does great work for sauces, smoothies, pesto, soups, creams, and more.

30. This crabby spoon rest that holds spoons in place while you’re busy cooking

If you’ve never cooked with a crustacean-themed gadget, today is your lucky day. This crab-shaped utensil rest makes it so you won’t misplace your spoon, or clutter up your counters with extra spoon plates. The bright red color makes it easy to spot when it’s not in use, and it’s made of dishwasher-safe silicone, so it’s easy to clean, too.

31. A versatile teapot that you can use in the microwave and on the stove

This best-selling transparent glass teapot is pretty and practical. It’s made of borosilicate glass that’s heat-resistant, so it’s safe to put on the stove or in the microwave (and the dishwasher, too). It holds up to 40 ounces of liquid, and both a removable infuser and two blooming tea flowers are included. It has nearly 10,000 five-star ratings.

32. A ring toss game for elegant fun in the living room

If you enjoy a ring-toss game, you will love the challenge of this elegant table-top ring toss game that’s not only fun to play but also looks great on the coffee table or your desk. The premise is simple. Swing the circle so it hooks on the hook. But it’s harder than it looks. It makes a great party game or obsessive challenge.

33. A cool mist humidifier that fits in your car’s cup holder

This portable cool mist humidifier allows you to enjoy the moisturizing benefits of a humidifier while at home or on the go. It’s powered by USB, so it’s versatile, and it can run for up to 8 hours per charge. It’s available in three colors (white, grey, or black), and it comes in two sizes (in case you want one that stays home, too). It has a 4.5-star rating.

34. A rechargeable hat light for camping & outdoor fun

This LED headlamp that clips to your hat is ready to illuminate everything you do outside at night. It clips onto any billed cap, has four light modes — bright, dim, UV, and strobe — rotates so you can get the angle just right, and — once it’s installed into your hat — is completely hands-free.

35. This adorable & more hygienic sponge holder

Get your sponge out of the sink and into this cute sponge holder so it dries out when you aren’t using it instead of moldering in a sink full of dirty dishes. This porcelain ceramic stand with the word “sponge” written on the front in a charming font makes it clear what this stand is for so no one will have an excuse for not putting the sponge away.

36. A complete kit to get your vegetable garden started

This garden kit has everything you need to jumpstart a colorful vegetable garden on a window sill or in the garden. There are seeds for black corn, purple carrots, yellow cucumbers, and space broccoli. IT comes with the pots you need, soil pucks, plant markers, and instructions. The pots are biodegradable so you can put them right in the ground when your plants are big enough.

37. This glasses holder that will make it so you never lose your eyewear again

If you or someone you know is prone to misplacing glasses, this nose-shaped eyewear stand will help. It’s hand-carved from mango wood, so even when it’s not in use, it makes for an attention-grabbing display piece. It has a footprint of 2.5 by 2.5 inches and stands 6 inches tall, making it a versatile and practical size.

38. This ice shaver for delicious snow cones whenever you want

Make slushy cocktails, snow cones, and other icy creations by dropping some ice into this ice shaver and turning the crank handle. It cranks out the shape you want and deposits it right into your glass. The non-slip legs keep it from moving around while you crush and it’s sized to fit perfectly on your bar.

39. A wall-mounted ring toss game for fun & challenge

Mount this ring toss game to a wall in the rumpus room or the fence in the yard to bring a challenging and fun game to your family get-together. There are no sharp darts to put an eye out but the challenge is just as much fun. Toss the included rubber rings on the hooks to score. The real wood board is attractive enough for indoors and portable enough to take camping.

40. This bamboo whisk so you can create your own matcha tea

Making matcha tea is a pleasant ritual that involves using a bamboo whisk like this traditional one from PureChimp to mix the dried matcha tea in a cup or bowl. When you whisk it quickly, it creates a delightful foam on your tea. All you need to start drinking this energizing, healthy, and yummy tea is this whisk, matcha powder, and hot water.

41. A spaghetti measuring tool for quick & precise portions

Tired of cooking too much spaghetti, or not enough? With this stainless steel spaghetti measuring tool, you’ll always have exact portions. With four sections meant for — you guessed it — up to four adult-sized servings, you’ll be able to plan accordingly for a solo dinner in, or a big batch with leftovers for days.

42. This platypus-shaped spreader that you’ll reach for every morning

This adorable Splatypus spatula will bring a smile to your face, and jam to your toast. Not only is it great for spreading, but it’s also slim enough that it can reach deep into jars to scoop out contents, so no food goes to waste. And, it’s dishwasher-safe. Over 1,000 platypus (and breakfast) enthusiasts rate this 4.8 stars.

43. A grocery checklist pad that streamlines meal-planning & shopping

Never again find yourself aimlessly wandering the aisles of a grocery store (unless you enjoy that sort of thing). This magnetic grocery notepad has a pre-printed list of dozens of ingredients, plus space to write additional ones, so it’s a cinch to update at home and on the go. Multiple colors are available, along with specialized lists for vegan and vegetarian shoppers.

44. These flashlights that turn on the moment the power goes out

This pair of emergency flashlights are meant to stay in home outlets, so if and when the lights go out, they light up immediately. They’re rechargeable, holding enough power for up to 7 hours of usage, and they’re less than 5 inches long, so hands of all sizes can comfortably use them.

45. A dishwasher magnet that lets everyone know the state of the dishes

If your housemates, or your own memory, can’t be trusted, then this magnetic dishwasher label will save you plenty of hassle. There are seven designs to choose from with various colors and fonts, and each measures 7 by 2 inches so you can see it from across the room. This gets a 4.8-star rating from 15,000 fans.

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