These genius finds on Amazon make you look & feel 10x better

Feel better inside and out.

by Christina X. Wood
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These genius finds on Amazon make you look & feel 10x better
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For every inconvenient situation life might present, you can rest assured there’s something clever out there that can resolve the issue. No time to wash your hair? Worked out hard and are feeling some muscle soreness? There are things to help — and these things are often easy to use, inexpensive, and readily available. You just have to know about them. These genius finds on Amazon can help you look and feel 10 times better, from head to toe, inside and out.


The hydrating cuticle conditioner you can apply yourself

A good manicure always includes a cuticle cream because ratty cuticles mar the look of your hands. This Onsen cuticle cream deeply nourishes your nail bed with a powerful blend of Japanese seaweed, minerals, aloe, bran oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. All you do is apply it. It’s designed to stay put without dripping or making a mess.


A body wash that helps alleviate skin ailments while you bathe

The tea tree, peppermint, and aloe in this body wash are not there just because they smell fresh and clean, though they do. These ingredients are known to help clear up skin irritations like athlete's foot and candida while eliminating common problems like odor and itchiness. “This stuff is some sort of black magic sorcery witchcraft that fixes almost everything nasty with your skin,” said one reviewer.


The scalp massager that exfoliates your head

The simple act of using this exfoliating scalp massager when you shampoo can bring enormous benefits to your hair. Massaging the scalp with either of the two included scrubbers — one for wet hair and the other for dry — removes dead skin to lessen dandruff, increases blood flow to improve hair thickness, and feels amazing.


This ancient remedy that treats cracked & dry feet

If your feet have been working hard inside boots or sneakers, they are probably starting to complain and are likely dry, cracked, and painful. It’s time to show them a little love by applying this ancient foot remedy that is rich in olive oil and other lush ingredients designed to cure what ails feet. It comes with a pumice stone, which is an integral part of the treatment.


This dry shampoo for days when washing your hair is not happening

Pack this dry shampoo camping or backpacking so you can look great even when there is no water for a shower. You might also find yourself using it when you are running late in the morning, want to give your hair a rest from shampooing, or otherwise just can’t. It’s easy to use — just apply and run your fingers through your hair — and smells light and fresh because of the rosemary and peppermint.


This heavy-duty treatment for breakouts that works overnight

When your skin is looking as if it’s about to break out, this drying lotion is a terrific overnight cure. It’s a blend of ingredients that reduce breakouts — such as salicylic acid, sulfur, bentonite clay, and calamine (no alcohol in sight). Just dab it onto blemishes and go to sleep. Everything will be better in the morning.


These tubes of sweetened ginseng for a boost of focus & energy

When you need to focus or are feeling weary and don’t want caffeine, these tubes of Korean ginseng mixed with honey are a fast and sweet way to get energized. They have none of the jitters that come with energy drinks, are actually good for you, and are easy to keep on hand in their sealed tubes. “I'm a teacher and could use that extra bit of energy to keep up with my students,” said one reviewer. “I like taking one stick before school starts. It keeps my energy up without crashing or feeling jittery.” This is a pack of 10.


The foot peel mask that makes your feet shed like a snake

Wear these strange foot peel mask booties around the house for an hour and then go about your life. About a week later, baby-soft feet will begin to emerge from the shell of what your feet look like now. All that cracked, dry skin will simply depart the scene, peeling away like the shed of a snake. Reviewers love this strange experience and give these lavender-scented foot masks almost 6,000 five-star reviews.


This small massage roller that helps relax tight & sore muscles

When your muscles are tight after a workout or because you have spent too many long hours working at a desk, this massage roller can bring real relief. The small diameter is great for hands and feet and makes it easy to pack along to the gym or on a hiking trip. Just roll the sore muscles to help them relax, just as they would during a massage.


This teeth whitening kit with LEDs so you can flash an actor’s smile

This kit brings the teeth-whitening treatment home, with trays you load with the same peroxide gel a dentist would use and that dose your teeth with an LED light for an extra-effective treatment. It even times the treatment for you. In just 30 minutes a day, you will have a flashy white smile within the week.


This broad-spectrum sunscreen for your face

You probably already got the memo: The sun does enormous damage to human skin. If you want to protect your outer layer from that often devastating damage, wear sunscreen. This affordable, broad-spectrum, SPF 50 facial sunscreen is easy to wear. It has no scent, is non-comedogenic, and protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. The oil-free formula is loaded with vitamin E, too, to heal your skin. Just do it.


These little spots that tell you if your sunscreen is working

Don’t wait till the next day when your skin is burned to learn that you didn’t apply sunscreen often enough or that your sunscreen was expired. Put one of these simple SPF sensing dots in a place on your body that’s exposed to the sun. If the dot is purple, you need more — or better — sunscreen. If it’s clear, you are good to go. There are 16 in the pack and they will help save you from a painful tomorrow.


This hemp cream for everything that hurts

Apply this hemp cream to sore muscles and joints for help with relief from the relaxing and pain-relieving hemp extract, menthol, arnica, and Boswellia serrata that are blended with soothing aloe and vitamin E. It’s also good for your skin. “I have arthritis in my knees,” said one reviewer. “Since I have started using this cream, the pain is pretty much gone. I also have started using it on my lower back and it seems to be working great there also.”


This hair-building powder made from keratin

You can bring your hair a boost of fullness by simply applying this powder of hair-building fibers where it looks thin if that’s what you’re hoping to accomplish. Choose a color that matches your hair and shake some of it on. The keratin fibers blend with your own hair to create a full-looking head. “I am straight up speechless. I figured this stuff would get me by, but my goodness, this looks like real hair. It’s unreal,” said one reviewer.


A 2-pack of cocoa butter lip balms with sunscreen

When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun, don’t forget your lips. They are constantly exposed and very sensitive. This two-pack of delicious cocoa butter lip balm has an SPF 15 sunscreen built-in so all you have to do to update your self-care routine is to apply this instead of what you use now. It’s “super soothing and provides lasting moisture without feeling greasy!” effused one reviewer. “The scent is subtle and very luxurious, not overpowering. I'm hooked! Only stuff for me now!”


The gently exfoliating body brush that prevents razor bumps & ingrown hairs

The trick, according to nearly 20,000 five-star reviews, to avoiding post-waxing or post-shaving bumps and ingrown hairs is to gently exfoliate with this exfoliating skin brush before the treatment. The brush fits easily in the palm of your hand, making it easy to scrub the skin anywhere on your body, and it feels great and makes skin super soft. “This has been a life changer!!” said one reviewer. “I no longer get itchy after shaving, the bumps have dramatically decreased, and the ingrown hairs are no longer trapped below layers of skin.”


This foot soak that pampers your sore dogs

When your feet are tired, sore, and suffering, fill a tub, add some of these Epsom salts that are loaded with mint and tea tree oil to the water, then set your poor dogs to relax in the soothing hot water. It smells great and tingles while it revitalizes tired feet with spearmint, peppermint, menthol, and wintergreen oils. And it treats all sorts of nail and fungus issues with tea tree oil.


The highly effective foot file that’s like going to a spa

Give yourself a spa-style pedicure by pulling out this big, effective glass foot file and giving your feet a thorough scrub. It has a cover so you can keep it clean or take it with you when you travel, and it cleans with a rinse in the sink. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and use and it’s so effective you don’t have to spend much time on this.


A compact & complete manicure set in a case

Never be without the nail clippers, file, or tweezers you need. This eight-piece manicure set is organized neatly into a compact case that snaps firmly closed. Toss it in your travel bag or keep it in your backpack and you’ll never find yourself unable to snip a broken nail, clean up an errant brow, or snip a thread. The set comes in three colors.


This luxury hand lotion scented with botanicals

Choose the scent you prefer — Amber Woods, Charcoal, Magnolia, or White Vetiver — and treat your skin to this luxurious, skin-conditioning plant-based lotion. Your dry hands will feel better, your skin will be more supple, and you will smell good. “This stuff is amazing!” said one reviewer. “It really, truly, absorbs into the skin for a non-greasy feel. I can apply this product and turn a doorknob five minutes later without leaving smudges and fingerprints on the surface.”


A cleansing brush that practically washes your face for you

Make washing your face a fun and effective routine with this facial cleansing brush. The brush does all the work by spinning the gentle bristles to exfoliate and lather. All you do is move it around and enjoy the effects. It has two speeds, runs on batteries, and can go right in the shower.


A soothing ice roller that many reviewers “definitely recommend”

When your skin feels tired or your head hurts, pull this ice roller out of the freezer and roll it over your face, temples, or wherever you feel irritation. It cools the reaction, feels terrific, and is easy to use. It’s great for depuffing eyes or icing an injury, as well.


This styling paste that makes your short hair look amazing

This hair paste goes on like wax so you can style your hair just as you like, but it dries with a natural, satin finish so your hair just looks like your hair — not some wet-looking pomade. “It is a soft paste and it disappears in the hands yet when applied to the hair it holds it beautifully. [...] It washes out very well and leaves hair ready for the next application,” wrote one fan.


This complete Korean skincare kit for travel

Instead of filling tiny bottles for your next trip, toss this complete travel skincare kit featuring Centella Asiatica into your bag. It’s a plant that’s been used for hundreds of years in both folk and science-based medicine to help protect skin and heal wounds. And this kit incorporates this miracle leaf into a cleansing oil, serum, cleaning foam, lotion, and toner. It’s all sized for travel and comes in a travel pouch.


This turmeric & collagen exfoliant that helps revitalize all skin types

Exfoliating is an important part of skincare. It helps keep your skin clear, hydrated, and vibrant. And this exfoliating scrub is a plastic-free and nourishing way to accomplish it. Collagen, turmeric, and coconut oil hydrate and revitalize skin while sugar and salt exfoliate. It smells great, too. “The feel of the scrub is a but greasy at first but that's by design as it contains coconut oil. The scrub itself smells great and does its job. My skin feels soft and well moisturized using this and it washes off very cleanly,” wrote one fan.


This activated charcoal deodorant with no aluminum

Instead of applying dangerous chemicals to your body to keep the odor at bay, use this deodorant cream that absorbs easily into your skin and neutralizes odor with activated charcoal and magnesium. Just rub it in like lotion and enjoy the gentle scent created with essential oils.


This herbal soap that’s a simple remedy for skin problems

Wash with this eczema body wash bar when you have a rash, your eczema flares up, your skin is dry, or you feel the need to detox. It combines anti-inflammatory Noni fruit with oat and clay to calm and detoxify skin so that it can recover from what ails it. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and moisturizes as you wash.


This posture brace that reminds you to stand up straight

This posture corrector brace is a great way to mitigate slouching. Just put it on like a jacket and wear it under your clothes. Start wearing it for just 30 minutes a day and work up to more. “I found that I was hunching while sitting at my desk and I started to get back pain,” said one reviewer. “I decided to give this a try and it works great. I wear it for about 1/2 hour to one hour a day and definitely notice an improvement.”


The magnesium spray that helps ease muscle pain

Magnesium is a naturally-sourced remedy for muscle pain. Just spray it on the area that hurts and it absorbs quickly through your skin and works its magic. This magnesium spray is from the Dead Sea and is odorless, clear, and easy to use. It seems too easy, especially for chronic pain, but people say it really works. “I simply cannot believe how this has helped my knees after a terrible fall. I have tried many products in the last three months and this is the only one that worked. I feel like my old self again. If I could give it 1000 stars I would,” said one reviewer.


This foam roller that’s like giving yourself a deep tissue massage

When muscle aches or a hard workout have you groaning and dreading the next time you have to get out of your chair, pull out this textured foam roller and treat yourself to a deep tissue massage with no sticker shock or trip to the spa. The ridges work like magic to get deep into sore muscles and release stiffness. It comes with a 20-page downloadable guide to getting this right so you can be an expert and feel better fast.


The insoles that support & massage your feet as you walk

If your feet hurt after a long day at work or living your life, upgrade the insoles of your favorite shoes to these extra support insoles that have massaging gel to pamper your feet. It’s super easy to do. Just pull out the insole, cut these to fit your shoe size (there are scored marks that are clearly labeled) and slide them into your shoe. “Before I had insoles I would come home with bad feet and back pain,” said one reviewer. “On the first shift I wore them I noticed no pain. I came home feeling perfectly fine even after standing for a five hour shift. I would definitely recommend these if you're in a field that requires you to stand for long periods of time.”


This exfoliating toner that helps brighten skin

With just a couple of easy swipes with a cotton pad, this glycolic acid toner works to brighten your skin, reduce the appearance of your pores, exfoliate, improve tone, remove excess sebum, and hydrate skin leaving your face looking refreshed and healthy. “Love this product!” said one reviewer. “Daily use has my skin clear and glowing. My skin tone has evened out, my tiny wrinkle lines around my eyes have smoothed out, and acne scars are diminishing. Truly a miracle product for me.”


These eye masks that treat puffiness & under-eye shadows

If you wake up in the morning with tired eyes and under-eye shadows, the cure is right there in there in the fridge. Pull a pair of these gold eye masks out of the cold fridge, apply them to your eyes, and sit down with a cup of coffee. When you get up again, remove them and your eyes will be depuffed and looking fresh and awake. Almost 15,000 people give these five stars.


The vitamin E oil you can drop on your skin or hair for a quick fix

If your hair looks lackluster, drop some of this Vitamin E oil on it to rejuvenate it. If you have an itchy patch of skin? A few drops will help. Apply it to your face after a shower, to a scar you want to go away, or anywhere on your body that needs help getting over what ails it. It’s rich in vitamin E, sunflower oil (extracted from sunflowers in South Carolina), as well as jojoba and avocado oils, which all heal and nourish both skin and hair.


A memory foam knee pillow to support your back while you sleep

If you wake up with back pain, consider this prevention strategy: Support your upper leg with this memory foam knee pillow. If you sleep on your side, this support helps you lie with your spine straight so you don’t create stress on the muscles that support the lower back. This pillow has a cooling gel so you won’t overheat, tucks neatly between your legs so you don’t lose it as you sleep, and isn’t too big for the bed.


The beard wash & conditioner that also soothes irritated skin

This beard wash and conditioner set has earned a stellar 4.7-star overall rating for a reason. Besides leaving you feeling squeaky clean, jojoba and argan oils work to soften your beard and reduce skin itching and irritation. And according to multiple reviewers, the subtle sandalwood scent “smells amazing.”


The plant-based wet wipes that are also flushable

Nothing beats a thorough clean and these Booty wipes deliver. The flushable wipes are made from plant fibers and infused with soothing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E. Strong and durable, they’re also hypoallergenic and free of fragrances, making them perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.


These handy lens cleaning wipes for your glasses & screens

When the world starts to get blurry, look at your glasses and the screen you are working on. If smudges, fingerprints, and dirt are the problem, these pre-moistened lens wipes are the easiest solution. Open one, clean your glasses, clean your phone screen, give the camera lens a wipe, and everything will look clear again.


This heating pad that will help aches & pains retreat

When you have pain in your back, neck, shoulders, or any muscle, heat is often the best cure. This electric heating pad is the easy way to get that heat. Plug it in, choose the temperature you like, and apply. It has three temperature levels and — at 24 by 12 inches — is extra large for lots of coverage. The soft, microfiber exterior feels great against your skin.


The handheld massager that attacks sore muscles

When you trained too hard, worked too hard, or otherwise gave yourself sore muscles, pull out this handheld massager and aim it at the pain. There are six attachments to hit the spot just right and three speeds so you can finesse the pain away. It’s rechargeable so you can take it anywhere.


This 3-pack of of blackout sleep masks so you can snooze anywhere

Want to sleep on a plane or train? Play some soothing sounds through your headphones and don one of these contoured and breathable sleep masks that black out all the light. They won’t squish your eyes because there is a cutaway space inside so you can open and close them. But the masks —in three colors — fit snugly, block all light, and signal “this person is sleeping so don’t talk to me.”


A 4-pack of tongue cleaners for better oral hygiene

These four two-in-one tongue brushes are a gentle and effective way to get your tongue clean, which helps improve the flavor of foods while removing bacteria that leads to unwanted odors. Each one has gentle brushes on one side — start with those — and a scraper on the back. They remove plaque buildup on your tongue in just a few minutes a day.


A sinus spray with essential oils to help you breathe

This essential oil sinus spray is designed to open up your breathing without pharmaceuticals or steam. It’s blended with therapeutic essential oils — rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, and juniper — that open up your sinuses and let air through. It doesn’t take much. Just spray it to your temples, chest, or wherever works for you and breathe deeply.


This honey that’s good for you & so sweet

Manuka honey is harvested from bees that pollinate New Zealand’s tea trees and it’s thought to be good for everything from fighting bacteria to reducing inflammation. It’s also sweet! (Because it’s honey.) And this is a potent raw culinary Manuka honey. Use it to sweeten your tea, make hot toddies, and bolster smoothies, or even as a face mask.


This aloe gel that’s infused with tea tree & manuka honey

Burned yourself? Whether you did that in the kitchen, at the grill, or from spending too much time in the sun, this is the aloe vera gel you want to apply to that. It starts with real gel from cut aloe leaves. Then it’s infused with tea tree oil and Manuka honey to make sure your skin recovers. This is a big bottle of it with a pump top so it’s easy to use.

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