These 50 cool things for your home have fanatical Amazon reviews

Believe the hype.

by Christina X. Wood
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It’s a real win discovering an item that makes my home look better or function more efficiently. Whether it’s a clever organization solution, a better way to grill a cheese sandwich, or something that makes dishes easier to clean, the answer is always, “Yes, please.” And when that item is affordable and supported with tons of glowing reviews, all the better.

Gone are the days of wandering the big-box stores and musing about the quality or usefulness of that random home good that catches your eye. Now we can turn to five-star reviews to discover the cream of the crop without even leaving the house. And these 50 cool things for your home have fanatical Amazon reviews. I’m pretty sure you are going to want some of these genius inventions.


This strainer that fits over the sink

Ditch that old-school colander that needs its own shelf in the cupboard and upgrade to this over-the-sink strainer. It’s elegant and storable and, brilliantly, fits over the sink — it slides open — so you can pour through it without clearing out the sink first. When you wash your produce in it, you can leave them to drip dry. It also makes a great impromptu dish drainer. It comes in six colors.

One reviewer said: “How did I survive decades of cooking without this thing?? No more spilled pasta! YAY!”


The organizer that stands unwieldy things on their sides

Bring order to your cupboards and make meal prep and cleanup easier by standing pans, lids, platters, cookie sheets, cutting boards, and other flat gear on end in this kitchen organizer. Everything will take up less space and be much easier to use or put away. The simple design works for many items and comes in four finishes.

One reviewer said: “I store cutting boards, pizza pans and peel, muffin tins, cookie sheets and racks, even my splatter screen. It’s so nice just to quickly grab what you need and not have everything else in the way. “


A cold-brew coffee maker that’s so easy to use

Brew up a pot of iced coffee in this cold brew coffee maker and you will never have to drop too much cash at a cafe to get your favorite cold, liquid energy. Fill the stainless steel sleeve in the center with grounds, add water, and put it in the fridge. When it’s done, remove the sleeve and your pitcher of cold brew will keep for a long time because the tight seal of the silicone gasket keeps the air out.

One reviewer said: “I make my own cold brew now using medium coarse ground fresh coffee. It is the best I have tasted!”


This set of colorful kitchen knives with a cutting board

Outfit your kitchen fast with this 12-piece colorful knife set that comes with a matching cutting board. All the knife basics are covered here with a workhorse 8-inch chef’s knife, a carving knife, a serrated bread knife, and a couple of smaller knives. Each one comes with color-coded sheaths for drawer storage. There’s even a knife sharpener.

One reviewer said: “I literally like these [better] than my expensive knife set. They are sharper and come with covers [...] I got them for my camper but once I used them I brought them inside.”


An under-bed storage bag for all your extras

Kick the dust bunnies out from under the bed and use that space for storage by filling these two big under-bed storage bags with shoes, blankets, sweaters, or whatever is eating up your closet space. The clear cover, big handles, and all-around zipper make it super easy to find what you have stored there. They fit neatly on a closet shelf, too.

One reviewer said: “I'm beside myself with super satisfaction with these superb storage containers, and amazed at the great size and good quality [...]! My decluttering project, organizing YEARS of Christmas stuff, was a big success, beyond expectations.”


A lid organizer so you never have to hunt for the food storage top

Never waste time hunting for the right lid again. This food container lid organizer keeps all the lids in one tidy place, organized by size, so you can find the one you want in seconds. The dividers move and adjust to suit your collection and the organizer is sized to fit neatly on a shelf or in a drawer.

One reviewer said: “This handy organizer did wonders for my kitchen cabinet. It allows me to stack all plastic and glass containers on one side and never have to worry about where the matching lids are.”


This panini grill that makes tasty pocket sandwiches

Turn some bread, cheese, and meat into Italian-cafe-worthy pocket sandwiches in just a few minutes by pressing them into this panini grill with a beautiful nonstick cooking surface. It will toast the bread, melt the cheese, and seal the edges so that when you open it, you have an impressive and tasty snack.

One reviewer said: “What I love about this Gotham sandwich maker is how easy and delicious the sandwiches come out, you need no butter or oil added so is healthier, however, I like to put a little garlic olive oil, and wow beautiful!!”


These colorful mats that make it easy to clean the fridge

Add a pop of color to the interior of your fridge or cabinets and make the kitchen easier to clean by lining the shelves with these refrigerator mats. They offer a soft landing for produce and glass containers and come right out to rinse if there is a spill.

One reviewer said: “These mats help me clean my refrigerator faster and easier. Instead of pulling out the glass shelves, I just pull up the mats, wash and dry them and put them back. Anything that makes my life easier, gets 5 stars.”


A roll-up drying mat that fits over the sink

Once you have this roll-up dish drying rack in your kitchen, you will wonder what you did without it. Set a pot on it to fill it with water. Let dishes or just-washed produce drip dry into the sink. Put a hot lid on it so you don’t burn the counter. When you aren’t using it, roll it up and store it in a drawer. But that may never happen because it will be in constant use.

One reviewer said: “I can leave my dishes [...] on this over my sink and still have my needed counter space. It fits over half my sink and can be folded up when done. Also good for draining plants after watering. I love this little thing!”


This little knife sharpener that works so well

There is no need to struggle with dull knives. This little knife sharpener will bring all your blades back to a fine edge in just a few minutes. Just suction it to the counter by lowering the arm, and then drag the blade through the tungsten carbide sharpener slot. Easy.

One reviewer said: “[You] take the knife or even scissors that you wish to sharpen, and just glide them along the sharpening groove in the direction of the arrow about 3-4 times, and your blades edge is like new!”


These puck lights that solve so many lighting problems

Create custom task lighting. Fix your dark closet problems. And make your home more comfortable and welcoming by mounting these LED puck lights to illuminate your collections in cabinets and shelves. You can control them with the included remote and choose to have them turn off automatically after a few minutes or an hour.

One reviewer said: “I’m shocked at how nice these are and not going to lie, I love the remote control! I’m ordering a second set for my closets and highly recommend them.”


The baking mats that make cleanup fast & easy

These silicone baking mats will change your after-dinner cleanup routine for the better. Lie one over the baking pan before you put your oven-bound meat, vegetables, or cookies on there. You can skip the “grease the pan” step, which is nice. But you will really fall in love when the pan is clean and these nonstick babies rinse clean in a second. They have templates drawn on them in case you want to make macaroons, too. This is a variety of full and half-sized mats.

One reviewer said: “Bought these baking mats to see if results would be different from using a sprayed baking sheet or using parchment paper and was delightfully pleased! They clean [...] quick and easy and no more uneven or burned items.”


This teapot with a built-in infuser & zip-on jacket

This little infuser teapot brews up enough tea for a small party and makes it easy to use loose-leaf tea or tea bags. The fitted infuser makes removing the tea quick and easy and the glass body lets you watch as your tea brews. You can even pop it into the microwave (without the lid) to heat water then drop the infuser in. It comes with the sweetest zip-on, custom-fit tea cozy to keep your tea warm.

One reviewer said: “This is a fabulous little teapot. I wanted a glass pot because I purchased the flowering tea balls and I wanted something pretty to brew them in [...] This pot is perfect.”


A clever way to catch & store bacon grease

If you like to use bacon grease to make popcorn, fry eggs, or as a flavorful grease for any cooking endeavor, make collecting it easier and tidier with this bacon grease container. It has a filter to strain out the bacon bits, a lid to keep the grease clean, and a handle to make it easy to hold.

One reviewer said: “I use bacon grease a lot. I was filtering it through a strainer into a glass jar. WHAT a hassle. [This] is awesome. I leave the screen on it and just take the lid off and pour into it [...] Love everything about it.”


The smarter way to store fresh herbs in the fridge

Having fresh herbs on hand makes for delicious results but keeping them alive can be a challenge. Enter this herb keeper, which creates the perfect environment for them in your fridge. The tall pitcher holds the greens upright, allowing their feet to sip water from the base. And the green holder lifts up with the lid so you can snip a few leaves.

One reviewer said: “I can now store my parsley, cilantro, and other such greens properly in the fridge, and they last so much longer staying fresher.”


A digital meat thermometer for perfectly cooked meals

There is no better way to make a steak exactly as ordered than to stick it with a meat thermometer and measure its internal temperature. This digital probe thermometer is the easiest to use — just open the probe and stick. The temperature is displayed on the big, readable screen and a chart right on the handle tells you what number you are looking for.

One reviewer said: “Wow! I was not expecting how happy a nice digital thermometer could make me. Very high quality, very easy to use, love that it is magnetic, I just slap it on my fridge [...] The blue background light is a bonus!!”


These storage bins that help keep snacks fresh & easy to pour

Help keep grains, snacks, and cereals fresher and bug-free by storing them in these airtight food containers instead of the boxes they came home in. Your cupboards will be tidier, and getting a snack or a bowl of cereal will not require you to fight with a flimsy storage bag. They snap closed, come with labels and a marker, and have flip tops for easy pouring.

One reviewer said: “I love these storage containers! [...] They seal tightly and have a flip-top opening to pour from [...] They keep food fresh and since I am short on cupboard space, it’s very organized.”


These watering bulbs that save your plants from neglect

Your houseplants rely on you for their survival. These self-watering bulbs are your backup for times when you get busy or go away. Fill them with water, stick them in the pot with your plant and they will moisten the soil as needed. They look nice doing it, too. This is a pack of two.

One reviewer said: I got these just in time for a 9-day trip. [...] Not only did [my plants] survive the Texas heat for a week, but I came back [...] to find the plants furiously flowering. I've always struggled to remember to water my plants before they start wilting. Now I can just check if the globes are empty and refill them then.”


The sleek coffee canister with an airtight seal

For the best cup of coffee, start with fresh beans. To keep those beans from going stale, store them in this coffee canister with an airtight, locking seal and a dial on the top to tell you how long they have been in there. A handy scoop slings into the metal side holster and it looks great — in any of the four colors — on the counter.

One reviewer said: “No more searching for a spoon! I probably shouldn't like the spoon this much, but I do. [...] My wife is going to buy another to hold other stuff in.”


These copper mugs for authentic Moscow Mules

When you are mixing up some Moscow Mules, you need the right cup or it isn’t legit. These copper mugs are exactly the right vessel. The pure copper keeps your icy beverage cold longer and makes that drink look like it was made at a craft cocktail bar. They come with copper straws, a cleaning brush, and more.

One reviewer said: “Beautiful authentic copper mugs! Absolutely love how they look, how they keep my drinks extra cold for a long time, and how well-made they are. [...] A Moscow Mule is not complete without a copper mug [...] Cheers!”


A shelf that fits right over any outlet

This little outlet shelf fixes (almost) everything that’s annoying about bathrooms in modern times by putting a shelf right over the one outlet you have in there. This way you can put your electric toothbrush charger or a speaker safely and easily where you plug it in. There is a channel for the cord and it comes in white or black. Just replace the outlet cover with it.

One reviewer said: “These were great for our cell phones. Didn’t have a perfect place to charge them and didn’t want them laying on the floor [...] These can go anywhere you have an outlet.”


A kitchen scale for faster, simpler food prep

Making the shift from measuring ingredients with measuring cups to using a scale is one of life’s memorable “aha” moments. It is so much easier and more accurate. And there are no measuring cups to wash. This little kitchen scale is great at it. It stores in a drawer, turns on quickly, tares out your container and previous ingredients, and is accurate. It comes in nine colors.

One reviewer said: “Why did I not get a kitchen scale sooner??? [...] Finally, I have a way to weigh out grams, pounds, fluid ounces, etc; all on one tiny little gadget. And boy is it tiny! I was expecting a much bigger scale, and was totally shocked at this almost handheld device.”


The outlet extender that beefs up your power options

Instead of hunting around the room for another outlet, plug this wall outlet extender into the one that’s close and plug five standard plugs, three USB plugs, and one USB-C plug into it. And there is room around the plug faces to fit your oddly sized plugs so everything will get the power it needs without needing to fight for placement.

One reviewer said: “This thing is a lifesaver for me. I have so many things that need to be plugged in in my bathroom. It's nice not having to prioritize what stays plugged in and what doesn't [...] I love that it has a USB and a C port for charging. So convenient.”


The showerhead that feels like a tropical deluge

Don’t suffer under an inadequate shower. Replace your shower head with this high-pressure rain shower head and that morning ablution will be your favorite part of the day. It boosts the water pressure, douses you with a vast deluge of soft, rainlike water, and is so pleasurable you will wonder if you might be breaking some kind of law.

One reviewer said: “Where has this showerhead been all my life?!? I just took my first-ever shower with this showerhead and it was life-changing! Oh my goodness, I feel like I was in shower heaven. That was the best shower I've ever had. Seriously. Buy this now!”


These reusable baking cups for muffins & cupcakes

When the urge to make cupcakes (or muffins) hits, don’t be thwarted by a lack of paper liners. These silicone baking cups work beautifully and you can wash and reuse them forever so you will never run out. And since silicone is nonstick, your creations will pop right out of them with no breakage or cake loss.

One reviewer said: “I was a little skeptical, but these are so much nicer than the paper ones. I made blueberry muffins and it doesn’t rip off any of the muffin when you peel [them] off. Plus, I put them on the top rack of the dishwasher and ran them through.”


This organizer to corral your plastic wrap & foil boxes

Why give up an entire drawer to cling wrap, tin foil, and plastic bags when you can stack them in a cupboard in this wrap box organizer? They will be easier to see and find and your drawer will be available for more important items. The shelves are adjustable so you can reconfigure them whenever you restock.

One reviewer said: “I like that it is adjustable and it also makes it easy to see what you have! No more getting [boxes] to lay flat enough to close the drawer, or having to stack [them] in a deep drawer and not seeing what you have.”


These reusable cloths that are better than paper towels

Replace your paper towels with these super absorbent, soft, and reusable dishcloths that are the strange offspring of a sponge and a cotton cloth. Use them to wash dishes, wipe surfaces, and pick up spills. Then toss them in with the laundry and start over clean.

One reviewer said: “These are amazing!!! [...] I cleaned my whole kitchen with one of these just in awe! [...] They do stuff paper towels could only dream of.”


The wall-mounted toothbrush & bathroom organizer

Bring permanent order to the bathroom and get everything off the counters by mounting this toothbrush holder to the wall. It has space to hang four toothbrushes, a toothpaste dispenser, cups that cling magnetically to the underside, a shelf for personal care items, and a small drawer for sundries.

One reviewer said: “This thing is so freaking cool. I don't know how the toothpaste dispenser works, but it does. [...] Definitely helps with counter space.”


A grill press for better burgers & panini

This cast-iron grill press turns out the best pro-level burgers with little effort. Just set it on top of your patties and dogs while they cook on the grill. The weight presses the extra fat and oil from the meat and makes a deep indent from your grill for a crispy exterior. You can use it indoors, too, to make fabulous stovetop panini.

One reviewer said: “Simply amazing. The handle is sturdy, and the cast iron is high quality. If you want to get a patty, be it ground beef, sausage for breakfast, or even flatten your bacon, this is the smasher to get.”


A big set of laundry bags for shoes & delicates

You can put most delicates, small items, shoes, and other things that might get hurt or do damage on a trip through the washing machine into these mesh laundry bags and they will come out at the other end of their journey clean and with no garments harmed in the process. This is a set of seven with sizes to fit everything from athletic shoes to silk boxers.

One reviewer said: “I love the different sizes and the sturdiness and ease of operating the zippers. The mesh is a perfect weight and they dry quickly after use. They do an excellent job keeping things safe during the wash cycle.”


A touchless soap dispenser that’s more sanitary & looks good

Keep your hands clean with less effort and counter mess by filling this touchless soap dispenser with your favorite hand soap. It senses when your hand is waiting for a dollop of soap and delivers, so you you don’t have to use a dirty hand to pump the top. You can set the quantity for those dollops and there are seven finishes to pick from.

One reviewer said: “This soap dispenser is perfect. You can see when the soap is getting low and you can refill it accordingly. You can turn it on and off, [...] adjust the amount of soap being dispensed, and [...] match it with your decor.”


These vacuum storage bags that give you more space

This pack of vacuum storage bags will help you streamline your storage space fast by reducing bulky items like pillows, blankets, and coats into a small package. Just fill the bag with your goods, attach the included pump or your vacuum cleaner’s hose to the valve, and remove all the air. You can choose from five size options to suit your storage needs.

One reviewer said: “I was able to take my entire throw pillow collection which was taking up a TON of storage space and reduce it all to a flat, compressed pile [that] is being stored under the guest bed.”


These oven rack covers that help prevent burns

Prevent those painful arm burns that happen when you put food in the oven by covering the oven rack edges with these heat-resistant, silicone oven rack covers. They snap right on and insulate that high-touch area so you can go ahead and touch it by accident without getting burned. This is a pack of four covers, which you can cut to fit your oven rack. They come in three colors.

One reviewer said: “I cannot tell you how many times I have burned my arms [...] while reaching into the oven to grab a hot pan. This works wonderfully! No more burns.”


The clever way to get the last bit out of the tube

This three-pack of toothpaste squeezers tidies up the bathroom and gives you access to all the contents of your tubes of product with so much less hassle — and they are only a little over a dollar each. Put your toothpaste, or anything in a tube, in them and the tube will stand up. Just turn the key to get the contents out.

One reviewer said: “These work great for toothpaste and all those tubes you have in the bathroom laying around. They keep them neat, standing up and you get to use all of the product. Very good product.”


A shower towel for delicious, exfoliating lather

This exfoliating shower towel gives your epidermis an invigorating scrub with just the right amount of texture to feel terrific and gently exfoliate. It’s long enough to reach all the parts of your back and dries quickly when you hang it, keeping it fresh and ready. And the lather it produces is astonishing.

One reviewer said: “It truly was an amazing shower with this exfoliating cloth (towel)! The amount of lather this thing can hold and the way it makes your skin feel is incredible!”


This charging station that keeps all your gear neat & powered

Transform that cable and gadget-littered desk or bedside table into an orderly and efficient charging station with this USB charging dock. With six slots that stand a phone or tablet on edge — and can be adjusted to fit other items — along with six short cords that lead to the base, it fits a lot of gear into a small space. And it takes only one outlet to charge everything.

One reviewer said: “This is the best! Everyone that comes over and sees this on my counter ends up ordering one on the spot! [...] It lights up when something is charging and goes off when it’s done.”


A big blanket that makes you look like a donut

Whoever dares to pull this glazed donut blanket over them sleeps in danger of being eaten alive because they will look just like a giant, tasty donut. It’s big, ultra-soft, and rolls up small enough to store in the car or near the couch.

One reviewer said: “This blanket is so soft, and it’s a great size. Perfect for curling up on the couch. The details are amazing. Highly recommend for any donut lover!!”


This ladle that looks like Nessie

Bring a little whimsy to the kitchen with this Nessie soup ladle. When you spoon out soup or stew, it will look as if the Loch Ness Monster has risen up in the pot. And it will stand patiently on the counter when you aren’t cooking just looking adorable.

One reviewer said: “This ‘Nessie’ looks so cute standing up in a pot or a large bowl. It is also a great size for [ladling] soup into bowls. We used it for tomato sauce and it came clean easily, no orange residue.”


A pair of booklights so you can read without disturbing partners or seatmates

When you are traveling by train or plane (or in your own bed) and are so lost in a pageturner that there is no way you are turning the lights out just because someone else wants to sleep, this book light will let you carry on. Clip it to the book, choose the color your eyes prefer (white, daylight, or amber), and set the brightness so you can see. This is a pack of two and they are rechargeable.

One reviewer said: “I found this to be the perfect light. I am a poor sleeper, often reading far into the night or waking in the middle of the night, then reading. This light is lightweight, bright, and the long neck allows me to easily turn the pages of my book without adjusting it. I also use it on my Kindle.”


These hangers that organize your pants in less space

Free up some room in your closet while putting your entire pants collection into an orderly filing system. These pants hangers each hold five pairs of pants in the space of one hanger. Getting pants into them is easy because you can start with both hooks on the closet rod so it hangs horizontally, then drop one hook off and drop it into the vertical position.

One reviewer said: “Fantastic product, I wish I'd bought it sooner. It's made organizing pants so much easier. Each hanger has a grippy silicone material that keeps clothes from sliding off.”


A complete set of stainless steel kitchen utensils

This cooking utensil set has every cooking tool you are ever likely to need, including some you haven’t thought of, and they all match and fit neatly into the matching stainless steel utensil holder. All you have to do is set it on the counter and you are ready to cook.

One reviewer said: “We were blown away at how nice these are and for the price. I would definitely recommend these. I also love the container that holds all of the utensils.”


The clip-on pot strainer that’s so much better than a colander

This pot strainer is so much easier to use and store than the huge colander that’s taking up space in your kitchen. Just snap it onto the pan and pour the pasta water into the sink. No aiming for a target in a crowded sink; no annoying cleanup. It comes in five colors and you can fit several of them in the space that your old colander needs.

One reviewer said: “Wow! No more pulling out the clunky strainer or hoping the lid won't move and [dumping] your food in the sink while you're trying to avoid steam burns.”


An aerator that makes all wine (even cheap stuff) taste better

Go ahead and buy that bottle of cheap wine. But when you get it home, pour it through this wine aerator. No one will know how little you spent. Whatever wine you pour through this will get just the right amount of air to soften the tannins and help bring out the subtler flavors. This is a pack of two.

One reviewer said: “This thing is a life changer. It made a cheap, dirty bathtub-flavored wine taste like heaven in a bottle. Highly recommend this gadget to anyone that drinks wine.”


These clever magnetic clips you can use to tidy everything

These clever silicone magnetic cable ties seem like such a simple item. But once you start using them, you won’t be able to stop. Use it to wrap cables so they don’t tangle yet are easy to use. Use one to hold the curtains back, another to stick a pen to the fridge, and yet another to keep a key magnet stuck somewhere handy. You will never run out of ideas for this one.

One reviewer said: “These are such clever little tools. I keep finding more ways to use them! Genius innovation!”


A desktop vacuum cleaner for crumb cleanup

It’s so easy to keep your desk clean of crumbs and eraser dust when you have this sleek desktop vacuum cleaner sitting there, looking decorative. Just move it over the mess and it sucks it up. It’s easy to empty and comes in five colors. It works on counters and dining areas, too.

One reviewer said: “This product is awesome. So perfect for crumbs around the table or around the desk at the office. I was so happy with mine that I bought two others for [...] gifts.”


The electric wine opener that easily gets the cork out every time

Don’t let the inevitable struggle with cork and corkscrew keep you from enjoying wine. This electric wine opener will get the bottle open with no hassle or strain on your hands. Just set it on the bottle and push the button. Then push a button to spit out the cork. It comes with a foil cutter and looks beautiful standing in its charging base.

One reviewer said: “This bottle opener/cork remover is amazing! Works well, easy to use, looks sleek, and no more cork pieces in the wine. Great product, especially for the price!”


An electric can opener that creates no sharp edges

Opening a can with a standard can opener usually involves sticking your fingers in the can to retrieve that sharp lid. Not with this electric can opener. Just set it on the can and push the button and it will zip around, removing the lid from the side so there is no sharp lid or sticky, sliced fingers.

One reviewer said: “It’s so easy to use, zero effort [...] The device itself does NOT have a ‘sharp knife’ that may cut your fingers when you touch it!”


A wall-mounted broom holder for more storage space

If you are still using an entire closet to store brooms, dusters, and other long-handled tools, this broom holder will give you back so much space. Mount it to the back of that closet door or to a wall in the mud room or pantry and all those tools will stay put in a very small space. It holds five brooms or rakes and has six hooks to hang other tools.

One reviewer said: “I can't believe I waited so look to get one of these. I put my mops and brooms and hung umbrellas on it and now my utility space doubled. I love it!”


A 2-tiered lazy Susan for flexible storage anywhere

Create a handy spice holder next to your range or in a cupboard. Keep personal care items within reach in the bathroom. Or make a condiment station on the dining table. This lazy Susan is a versatile storage solution that makes it easy to find things because it spins. And the double-decker design holds a lot in a small space.

One reviewer said: “This has been one of the best purchases for kitchen organization that I've ever made!”


These clear bins that create order in the fridge

Create order in the fridge or pantry and make assembling lunches or a meal so much more convenient with these clear refrigerator bins. Put all the condiments in one. Put fruits or vegetables in another. Stash the sodas in another. When you are prepping a meal, pull out all the condiments — they have handles — or all the vegetables. You won’t lose track of anything or have to unload the entire fridge to track something down.

One reviewer said: “I didn’t know I would like these so much. They work great for organizing the fridge. [And it] makes it so easy to get something from the back.”

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