These Clever Things Have So Many 5-Star Ratings, Amazon Can Barely Keep Them In Stock

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by Christina X. Wood
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When Amazon reviewers love something, they like to share their experience with it. There is nothing more reassuring, especially when considering which kitchen appliance or tech gear to buy, than someone offering up their experience — along with a shining five stars. When those five-star ratings are available in the hundreds or thousands, it’s that much more encouraging.

I pored over a lot of success stories and, as unique as some of them might be, came up with a load of clever things with so many five-star ratings, Amazon can barely keep them in stock.


This big mesh pocket to organize your car

Given that most people bring some sort of gear — often in a bag — with them when they hit the road, it’s a little frustrating that most cars don’t provide a place to put that. But this net organizer solves that problem. Strap it between the two front seats and it puts a big, mesh pocket within reach that’s big enough to hold your bag. It also creates a handy barrier that keeps the dog from jumping into the front seat.


A shower caddy that solves your bathroom storage problems

If your shower has few places to store the many bath products you need to keep yourself in tip-top shape, this shower caddy shelf will solve that. Just stick it to the wall with the included stick-on hook system and hang it wherever is convenient. It will hold up to 20 pounds of supplies and has four movable hooks for your sponge, razor, or washcloth.

“These are minimalistic, easy to mount, and have optional hanger attachments for a loofah or washcloth to dry. Can’t recommend these enough!” said one of the 25,000 five-star reviewers.


The roller stamp that helps protect sensitive information

You don’t have to find space for a shredder to prevent thieves from stealing your identity from discarded junk mail and other documents with sensitive info on them. You can roll over that information with this roller stamp set and obscure the important details. It’s small enough to store in a desk drawer, comes with three ink refills, and has a wide print area so this task is quick.


The drain protector that catches hair & hides the mess from sight

This tiny little mushroom is a clever tub drain protector that helps prevent your shower drain from clogging. Just drop it into the drain and it will catch all the hair as it travels along in the water. This means it doesn’t mass at the first bend in the pipe, stop the water, and necessitate a plumber. Pull it out occasionally and clean off the hair and your drain will run smoothly.

“It's a lifesaver,” said one pleased reviewer. And “unlike mesh strainers that you just put on top of your drain, the hair that gets tangled in this one is not visible.”


This bamboo utensil organizer that expands & contracts to fit your drawers

Skip the cheap plastic organizers and invest in this slick bamboo drawer organizer that offers enough room for all your cutlery, serving utensils, and tools. Not only does it look and feel lovely, but it expands and contracts to fit your drawers so you won’t have to toss it if you move or update the kitchen. Open it wider — and get more storage space — in wide drawers, and slide it closed in smaller ones.


This magnetic grill tool set you can stick to the BBQ

The magnetic handles in this three-piece grill tool set make it so easy to store them right at the grill. Just stick them to the metal so they are there next time you need them. The long-handled spatula, fork, and tongs are everything you need to make grilling easier. “The tools are a good length for use with my medium-sized grill,” said one pleased grillmaster.


A light laptop stand you can take with you

This snap-together laptop stand is both sturdy and portable so you can create an ergonomic workspace wherever you go. It elevates the screen of your laptop six inches so you don’t have to lean over to look at the screen, which helps you sit up straighter without straining your neck. It’s made from lightweight aluminum and allows air to move around your machine, too. Over 37,000 ergonomics enthusiasts gave this five stars.


This sleek little hack for hiding an outlet while still using it

If there is an ugly outlet somewhere in your house that you would love to move, plug this outlet concealer into it instead. It covers the outlet with a flat panel. But it’s also an extension cord so you can plug things into it — it has three outlets — three feet away. (There are other lengths, too.) It’s a fast, easy, and removable way to rewire your home to suit your furnishings and appliances.


This camping cook set with 2 bowls inside

Take this all-in-one cook set with you the next time you go camping so that you have a convenient way to prepare hot food over a camping stove. The locking closure on the bowl extends to give you a handle to hold when it isn’t securing the parts together and, inside, there are two stacking bowls to eat out of. The cooking pot has measure marks and the whole kit weighs only 24 ounces. Over 18,000 happy campers gave this a five-star review.


These Bluetooth over-ear headphones for an astonishingly low price

If the price tag on these Bluetooth headphones is making you wonder if they can be any good, take a look at some of the 41,000 five-star reviews. You will see that these comfortable, colorful (there are seven colors), over-ear headphones with a USB-C charging port are wildly popular for a good reason.

“Normally headphones with any decent sound quality cost upwards of $50,” said one happy reviewer. “But these headphones are superb.” They even have an AUX cord for when you want to plug into your music source.


A sturdy, protective case for your small tech gear

Whether you want to bring order to your accessories — battery backups, charging cords, and headphones — or need a secure way to carry a cell phone in your pack without damage, this waterproof, shockproof cable organizer case is a solid way to go. The hard shell and interior padding keep your gear safe while the pockets and elastic straps keep it all in order. It comes in lots of colors and gets over 10,000 five-star ratings.


These bear claws that make pulling apart meat so easy

If using two forks to pull cooked chicken, pork, or beef apart for your tacos or sandwiches is a struggle, upgrade your tools to these meat claws. They give you the power you need to blaze through that task quickly, and are also handy for lifting large cuts of meat onto and off of the grill or for holding them still while you carve.

“These claws were excellent at pulling the meat apart and shredding it quickly,” said one satisfied chef. “They're larger than my forks, so they shred in less time, and they don't have long handles, so they're easier to handle than the forks.”


A deck of cards so you can deal yourself a daily workout

Craft yourself a new daily workout with these fitness workout cards. There are 50 cards in each deck, each with a different stretch, yoga pose, strength exercise, or whatever style you choose. You can mix and match them to build an endlessly varied workout that suits you exactly. An illustration on one side lets you follow along at a glance, while more detailed directions on the back let you add unfamiliar exercises to your routine whenever you like.


A trunk organizer that keeps your groceries from flying around

Strap this clever trunk organizer to the interior of your trunk or hatchback so you have a stable place to store the sundries you like to keep in the car — and it makes an ideal place to drop the groceries so they don’t toss around. The big bins hold even your big-box store purchases securely, while the pockets keep safety equipment and everything else that stays in the car neat. Big handles make it easy to bring your groceries in. The more than 46,000 reviewers who gave this five stars agree.


A set of fast-drying microfiber towels you can take anywhere

Ever climbed out of the ocean (or the gym) and wished you’d brought a towel? Keep one of these quick dry towels in your car, gym bag, or backpack and you will never have to drip dry while salt stings your eyes. They fold up super small, absorb lots of water, and dry fast so you can store them easily. This is a set of three in different sizes so you can keep one where you need it. There are eight colors to choose from.


This mount so you can use your phone while you bike

Attach this clever bike phone mount to the handlebars of your bike, scooter, or motorcycle, so you can use your phone hands-free while you bike. It grips the phone securely with the side clamps and additional silicone net so it won’t fall out. It rotates 360 degrees so you can use your phone in the position you like, and grips the handlebars securely so the screen doesn’t wobble. It also boasts nearly 37,000 five-star reviews.


These weird Swedish dishcloths that are part sponge & part washcloth

These dishcloths are the hybrid offspring of a strange pairing between a washcloth and a sponge. They are half cellulose (sponge) and half cotton (washcloth) and the mix works, delivering the absorbency of a sponge to a cloth that’s flexible, washable, and mildly abrasive. They are a great replacement for paper towels that you can keep using for months. And when they get too worn to use, they biodegrade.


A big folding pizza paddle for transporting food to the oven or grill

Getting bread, pizza, and even a large piece of meat into the oven, onto the grill, or out of the heat for serving can be very difficult without a big pizza peel. But those are hard to store. This pizza paddle folds for easy storage and has a large, flat surface that makes it easy to move all sorts of hot or delicate food items. The rubber handle keeps the heat from burning you and it’s super easy to clean.


A mesh splash screen so you don’t have to scrub the stovetop

When frying food on the stove, set this splatter screen over the pan so the fats don’t spit all over the stovetop. The open mesh won’t trap steam and change the way your food cooks the way a lid would, but it stops the mess.

“I bought this splatter screen to keep the oil from splashing all over the stovetop,” said one reviewer. “It works very well for that, but it has also protected me from getting burnt. I have reached across it to turn the heat down and have not experienced any hot oil splashing up on my arm.”


The magnetic wristband that keeps all your nuts & bolts handy

When you are headed into a repair, assembly, or DIY project, first strap on this magnetic wristband and stick all the screws, drill bits, and small tools you will need right to it. The strong magnets embedded in the band hold your parts securely so you can grab one when you need it without searching blindly or spilling them everywhere. Over 12,000 people give this genius idea five stars.


A battery organizer that tests your power level

Turn that chaotic junk drawer full of mystery batteries into an orderly collection with this battery organizer and tester. It has room for 93 batteries in a variety of sizes, under a clear cover so you can see at a glance what’s going on with your battery inventory. It even has a built-in tester so you can confirm the power level of your batteries before you go to the trouble of installing them into your devices.


This 3-pack of puck lights for all your challenging lighting issues

Having problems lighting the dark corners of your kitchen, a closet with no power, or a shelf display area? These three LED puck lights are an easy solution for any of that — just ask the almost 24,000 shoppers who gave them five stars. You can stick or screw them to the underside of cabinets, the ceiling of a closet, or the top of a shelf and tap them to light the area. You can also turn them on and off and adjust the brightness with the included remote, as well as set them to turn off automatically after a few seconds or a couple of minutes to save battery power.


These silicone oven mitts that are better than old cotton ones

These silicone oven mitts are a modern update to those puffy mitts you’ve been using for years. The silicone hand covers not only protect you from the heat of the oven and pans, but they allow you to feel what you are doing through them and give your hands a grippy texture so you can securely hold onto things. They also wash easily. Just run them under the faucet. They come in great colors and cover your forearms to prevent nasty arm burns. Earning a 4.8-star overall review, they boast over 27,000 perfect fives.


The slim wallet that fits in your skinny jeans

When you want to wear skinny jeans without presenting a huge wallet bulge, switch to this minimalist slim wallet that holds all your essentials without the bulk. There is an inner slot for a few folded bills, a clear ID slot so you can flash your ID without removing it, and enough slots to carry several credit cards, all with RFID blocking protection for added security.


This flip-top travel mug that fits in your bag

When the pockets on your favorite backpack are too slender for your big water bottle, pull out this skinny stainless steel tumbler with a flip-top sipping lid and slide it right in. It’s tall and elegant to drink from, keeps your cold beverages icy for up to 12 hours, and hot ones steaming for six. And it comes in lots of great colors.


A big stoveside utensil holder for easy kitchen organization

Organize your cooking area while making it so much easier to put away your tools by setting this stainless steel kitchen utensil holder down next to the stove. Its large capacity and removable three-way divider make fast work of organizing your gear, and it spins so you can grab the thing you need quickly and easily. Thousands of satisfied home chefs rate this 4.8 stars overall.


A lunch kit that keeps your food cold all day

If you make a practice of packing your lunch, this kit makes that job a lot easier. The insulated lunch box set comes with three snap-closed containers and an ice pack that fits it nicely. It has lots of pockets, a shoulder strap as well as a handle, and is big enough for lunch and a few snacks.

“I am really enjoying this lunchbox,” said one reviewer. “Nothing leaks out at all during the day. There are convenient pouches for items that don’t need to be as chilled and I can carry my coffee mug and my water bottle in the side pouches.”


A pair of clippable book lights so you can keep reading no matter what

These two tiny book lights are here so you (and your partner) can keep turning the pages on that page-turner without making a bedmate or traveling seat-mate angry. It clips to your book — or your laptop or tablet — easily and shines light only on the surface you are looking at. You can set the light to daylight, amber, or white light, depending on what suits your eyes and environment best. And it’s rechargeable so you never have to hunt up batteries.


These 6 LED night lights that make your home easier to navigate

Quickly make your home safer and easier to traverse by plugging these LED night lights into outlets to help you navigate dark rooms. Plug one into the laundry room so you can see when your hands are too full to switch on a light, the entryway so you don’t stumble into a dark house, and the bathroom for middle-of-the-night missions. A sensor turns on the light — and adjusts its brightness — based on the ambient light. This is a pack of six that racks up more than 4,000 five-star reviews.


A salt & pepper grinder set for fresher, prettier spices at the table

Update your salt and pepper shakers with these salt and pepper grinders that let you use big salt crystals and whole peppercorns right at the table. They are pretty enough to glam up a table setting and are easy to use. Just twist the knob at the top to set your grind coarseness and spin the jar to grind. “These are the perfect size and they look pretty,” said one reviewer. “They were easy to fill with the included funnel.”


These TV back lights that improve the look of everything you watch

It’s so easy — and affordable — to install these LED strip lights to the back of your TV that it’s surprising how much they improve the viewing experience. Just peel and stick them to the back of your set and plug the end into an available USB port. You can use the remote to choose a color.

“Our eyes are extremely sensitive to very minor variations in light in a dark room,” explained one reviewer. “This raises the background light level to the point that you don't really notice the subtle back-light variations that are present in even the best State of the Art LED TVs today. It turns on with my TV... [and] stays on for a minute after I turn off the TV, which I find to be perfect.”


A bright & durable flashlight with an adjustable beam

This bright LED flashlight punches way above its price tag, competing — according to many of the over 19,000 five-star reviews — with much more expensive, pro-level tools. A simple button on the end makes turning it on and off super easy, even with cold or gloved hands, and the beam adjusts from a wide, forest-illuminating beam to a tight spotlight.

“I have used many flashlights and this unit is one of the very best of all,” said one satisfied reviewer. “It is extremely bright and switches from wide to narrow beam effortlessly.”


This portable charger with a fun paw print indicator

This slender portable charger is a serious battery backup, with two USB charging ports so you can charge two devices at the same time, along with a USB-C input charging port. It also has a flashlight built in so you can see what you are doing, even when your phone battery is low. It comes with a storage bag and charging cable. But it goes to the next level — the adorable one — by letting you know how much power it has left with a cute paw print indicator light.


The leakproof, in-car trash can that handles messes on the road

If those tiny trash containers that fit in a cup holder have no chance of handling what happens in your car, this big, strap-down car trash can is the one you need. It has the capacity to handle empty cups, fast-food wrappers, and all the life-sized trash people produce. It comes with 20 liners and doubles as a cooler.

“This trash can is leakproof and keeps my vehicle tidy and neat,” said one reviewer. “As a mom of seven, I sometimes have to clean my car out several times a day. Now I can go almost the entire week!”


The wireless doorbell system with thousands of fans

This wireless doorbell system has over 25,000 five-star reviews for excellent reasons. First, it’s super easy to install. Just stick the bell to your entry, then plug the receiver in somewhere where you will hear it. Second, the battery makes it so versatile that you can carry the receiver so you never miss a delivery — and you can even use it as a call system in an office or when someone is sick and bedbound. It comes in lots of colors and has an LED alert as well as a volume-adjustable audible one.


The screen door that closes itself for hands-free use

Screen doors are superb if you want to keep the bugs out and let breezes in — but they can fail you if you want to easily come and go with trays of snacks, or if pets and small children need to enter and exit. But this magnetic screen door is more like a curtain. This makes it easier to install and use. A row of high-powered magnets in the center seam close it behind you — and opening it is so easy a puppy can do it. Almost 52,000 shoppers gave it five stars.


This rack & hook system that cleans up the broom closet

If you have a closet — or corner of the garage — that has been overrun with long-handled tools like brooms and rakes, this five-slot broom holder will get them out of the way and organized into much less space. Mount it to the wall and put the broom handles into the five clamps. Hang rags, dusters, and other small items from the six hooks. And stick the single broom holder wherever you like so there is always a broom (or rake) where you need it.


These four organizers that turn messy drawers into tidy spaces

If you waste too much time digging through your sock and underwear drawer looking for what you want, drop this four-pack of drawer organizers in there and give every pair a place of its own. That way, you can find what you are looking for at a glance. Each one has a different configuration so you can put socks, ties, tees, and boxers in a compartment that best fits each of them. This set has a total of 45 cells to hold all your small items, along with over 40,000 five-star reviews.


The hanging shoe organizer that fits neatly into your closet

Hook this hanging shoe organizer over the rod in your closet to create 10 handy cubbies — and store everything from shoes to wallets and all the small items that are hard to store. There are also lots of mesh pockets on both sides that are ideal for earbuds, charging cables, or other small sundries.

“I hung three of them from a wire shelf and the space it saved was wonderful,” said one pleased buyer. “I had my shoes in a storage bin and trying to go through it looking for shoes was crazy...My closet is finally neat.”


A set of sharp & colorful kitchen knives with a cutting board

Setting up a kitchen with good knives can be a costly undertaking. Not with this colorful kitchen knife set, though! It comes with five sharp and colorful knives with sheaths to keep them that way — and protect your hands. The large cutting board has grippy sides so it doesn’t slide around, and juice grooves to trap liquids. There is even a knife sharpener to keep those edges honed.

“These knives are super sharp!” said one reviewer. “This set has a knife for any job in the kitchen. I love all the different colors.”


A highly-accurate kitchen scale that fits in a drawer

If you are baking, controlling portions, or otherwise need to know what foods weigh, accuracy is important. But so are space and ease of use. And this slender and affordable kitchen scale has all those bases covered. With accuracy down to the gram, the ability to tare out the container or previous ingredients, and a size that makes it easy to store, reviewers are raving.

“It is an extremely easy scale to use,” said one of the 85,000 five-star reviewers. “It is self-explanatory. The means of changing measurement units is obvious. The tare function is obvious. I knew how to use this scale as soon as I looked at it. I'm very pleased with it.”


The super absorbent dish drying mat that comes in so many colors & patterns

This highly absorbent, reversible microfiber dish drying mat is a nice way to let dishes drip dry while keeping your counters dry and safe. It’s soft, folds for storage, and brings a lovely pop of color to the kitchen. You can choose from lots of hues and patterns and it goes right in the washer for cleanup.

“This mat is a great alternative to a plastic drying rack and it is much easier to clean,” said one happy reviewer. “I think it looks very nice in the kitchen and is easily put away. Nice addition!”


The classic can opener that works on all kinds of cans & bottles

Once you own a good can opener, you will never go back to the flimsy, irritating ones that make you fight with every can. This classic, multifunction can opener is the tool to convert you. The stainless steel blade gets the lid off without a fight. The entire tool feels solid in your hand. And there is a real, usable bottle opener built into it. Choose from the many handle colors and enjoy completing simple opening tasks without irritation forevermore. Over 52,000 people gave it five stars.


A trio of mesh laundry bags that will save your delicates from the machine

If you want to put delicate items — shoes, scarves, baby clothes, lingerie — into the washing machine, zip them into one of these honeycomb mesh laundry bags first so they don’t get lost, and survive all those moving parts. These three 9 by 12-inch bags are durable, let water and soap through, and are also a great way to keep garments organized in a suitcase.

“I bought these to wash all the little things in that get lost in the washer,” said one contented reviewer. “I often wash our pet's collars and leashes, via soaking, but now I toss them in a laundry bag and they are cleaner than ever.”


This pair of apothecary jars that makes bathroom storage look good

Instead of hiding things like cotton swabs, flossers, and Epsom salt in drawers, set these apothecary jars on a shelf and turn those useful items into decorative storage so you can find and use them easily. These jars are lightweight, clear plastic so you can see what’s in them without risking broken glass in the bathroom. And the lids fit securely to keep dust out of your stuff.


A huge box of velvet hangers that will transform your closet

Hang more clothes more easily by bringing this big box of 50 space-saving velvet hangers home. The grippy velvet keeps slick clothes from sliding to the floor, and the hanger’s thin shape fits more garments into your space so your closet holds more — and looks better doing it. Over 21,000 people love this solution and gave it five stars.


The footrest that brings squishy comfort to working at a desk

Set this memory foam footrest under your desk so you have a place to rest your feet while you work. This helps take pressure off your legs and lower back and lets you relax into your work day. The heat of your feet makes the foam conform to the shape of your anatomy for some delicious comfort for your overworked appendages.

“I work remote so this makes it very comfortable while sitting at my desk,” said one comfy reviewer. “I also have trouble sitting still, so I could flip this over and make it rock.”


This organizer so you can always find the lid to your storage containers

When you have a sizable collection of food storage containers, finding the right lid for each one can be a time-consuming and irritating proposition. But this container lid organizer solves that problem once and for all. The partitions adjust so you can set it up to handle your specific collection, and it sits on a shelf, keeping all the lids upright and in place so you can see them all at once.

One reviewer said, “Great for storing all those lids. Holds well over 20 lids.”


A collection of 6 fabric storage bins that come in lots of colors

When you are organizing a closet or shelving unit, it’s easy to drop a small fortune on baskets and storage bins to create order. But this collection of six collapsible fabric storage cubes will create order — as well as a pop of color — for an affordable price. Nearly 63,000 five-star reviewers agree.

“There are so many uses for these amazing collapsible storage organizers,” said one customer. They continued, “We placed one by the door for shoes, in the kids' playroom to organize toys, and in our closets for socks. So many uses, reusable, perfect.”


This food masher that’s the kitchen utensil you didn’t know you needed

If you have been struggling with spoons, spatulas, and other not-right-for-the-task tools to mash and stir meat, potatoes, and batters, you will love this tool that’s designed to do exactly that. The pinwheel shape of this meat masher makes fast work of mashed potatoes, turns ground beef into tiny bits quickly, and more.

“I like chopping up my hamburger when making homemade chili, and it's getting harder to do that with a spatula,” said one reviewer.

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