These clever things have fanatical Amazon reviews because they save you so much money

Buyer tested and more than approved.

by Christina X. Wood
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Have you ever bought something and loved it so much that you wanted to tell everyone about it? Maybe you feel the need to demonstrate your pet-hair-removing brush to everyone who visits your house. Or maybe you can’t stop yourself from talking about a kitchen gadget, coffee brewer, or unique cleaning hack — especially if it’s affordable.

It’s not just you. This is a common feeling. As a matter of fact, the clever things on this list all have fanatical Amazon reviews. Because they work well and help save you so much money.


These cable savers so your cords don’t fray

Wrap these neat and colorful silicone cable savers around the charging cord for your phone, the plug for your laptop, and your headphone wires to protect those important cords from fraying under frequent use. They will also color-code the cords for easy identification and to make it clear to potential cord borrowers that these are yours.

One reviewer said: “Absolutely amazing. Ever since I’ve gotten these not a single [...] charger has broken in my household. A must-have.”


This hack for keeping produce fresher

Making expensive produce last longer is a lot easier than you think. All you have to do is drop one of these produce savers in the crisper drawer, on the produce shelf, or in the fruit bowl. The packets inside the apples absorb ethylene gas, which is emitted by fruits and vegetables to cause ripening — and rot. With less of that gas around them, your produce remains stable longer and you won’t throw so much of it away.

One reviewer said: “Strawberries and blueberries kept fresh while we were gone for a week - as if no time had passed! Amazing!”


An under-door draft stopper with 2 inches of insulation

A seemingly unimportant gap under your door can end up costing quite a bit of money. When it’s cold, your precious heat leaks through it. When it’s warm, the AC gets out. Meanwhile bugs, sound, and dirt can get in. This door draft stopper is a quick fix. Just cut the memory foam tubes to fit your door, slip them into the cover, and slide it under the door. It offers two inches of insulation and opens and closes easily with the door.

One reviewer said: “Easy to assemble and install and the amount of heat it helps keep in the house is amazing.”


These reusable silicone baking mats so cleanup is easy

Not only will these silicone baking mats save you from buying cooking spray or parchment paper, but they save time and energy, too. Set them on a baking sheet to keep your baked goods from sticking. They work beautifully. They also help keep the pan clean and are so slick and nonstick that they clean up easily.

One reviewer said: “Why did I not buy these sooner!? I love these things. [...] They don't take up a lot of room, they're super easy to clean, and they save a lot of resources and money when I use them instead of parchment paper.”


The reusable wool alternative to dryer sheets

If you are churning through dryer sheets to keep your clothes static-free, you will love this sustainable alternative. These wool dryer balls help remove static, prevent wrinkles, and aerate the laundry so it dries faster, saving you money at every step. Add a little essential oil to them if you want to scent to the laundry.

One reviewer said: “These are amazing! They really do cut the drying time down and do a great job of removing more pet hair from clothing. I haven’t noticed any problem with static or noise. They are quiet and a great alternative to regular dryer sheets.”


These outdoor solar lights that require no wires

Light the exterior of your house without running wires or increasing your power bill by mounting these solar security lights. You can choose a lighting mode to suit any situation. Set it so the lights come on only when they sense they sense motion or stay on all night. Or you can set them to stay dim all night and get brighter when someone approaches.

One reviewer said: “These lights are incredible. The motion detection is great, the lights are very bright, and I'm not adding to my electric bill by running these! Very happy with this purchase”


The sustainable way to mod your Keurig

Instead of buying expensive disposable K-cups that are bad for the environment, fill these reusable K-cups with the coffee of your choice. Fill all four of the micro-etched stainless steel cups to create an instant coffee system that’s cheaper and easier on your conscience.

One reviewer said: “[These] work great in my Keurig and are easy to clean. I’m a coffee fanatic, so my brewed cup is very important to me. These filters did the job!”


These under-counter lights that are weird & awesome

Shine some light on your kitchen, garage, or craft workspace without running wires or remodeling with this under-cabinet lighting kit that’s easy to install. The three light strips connect to each other and are motion triggered so you will get light where and when you need it. Or you can turn them on and off with a switch.

One reviewer said: “So impressed with this lighting kit! The design is very unusual, but it's easy to install and the directions are fantastic.”


A set of stretchy lids that replaces plastic wrap

Save that bowl of potato salad or that half lemon easily and quickly without adding plastic to the landfill — stretch one of these reusable silicone lids over the bowl or fruit. This set of seven lids will fit just about everything you have in the kitchen and make saving leftovers and eliminating food waste easy.

One reviewer said: “These are winning the lid game! [...] My fav is the teeniest one. [...] It fits perfectly over a yogurt cup [...] I also put one over a cut watermelon half! Genius!”


This decorative bamboo air purifying solution

Got a bad smell in the bathroom, laundry hamper, or car? Drop one of these charcoal air-purifier bags in there and it will absorb and eliminate that smell at the source. Instead of covering it up with perfume, these tap the power of sustainable bamboo charcoal to help neutralize the odor. They work for up to two years, look decorative, and decompose in the garden when you are done with them.

One reviewer said: “I put one in the musty closet, one next to the litter box, one in the trash cabinet, and one by the shoes. The first day I came home I was like, what is this miracle?? NO SMELLS. It's amazing.”


A milk frother for foamy drinks fast

Skip the high-priced but delicious foamy coffee drinks at your local café and use this battery-powered milk frother to create exactly what you want at home. Bonus points for sipping it in your bathrobe! It’s super easy to froth any kind of dairy or nut milk. Just dip the frothing end into your beverage and press the button.

One reviewer said: “The blending speeds are fantastic, even the low setting, and it froths milk or creamers in no time. Makes wonderful matcha lattes and milk tea lattes.”


These food storage bags that are better than plastic

You don’t have to give up the convenience of plastic bags to eliminate plastic waste from your life. These reusable food storage bags step in easily as a sustainable substitute. They are more substantial and easier to open and close than plastic bags, as well. This 10-pack includes a range of sizes from snack bag up to freezer bag.

One reviewer said: “I am officially obsessed. [...] They are so great for literally everything. I have used them for meat, vegetables, leftovers, and even a half avocado. [It] kept the avocado fresh [and there was] NO BROWN [...] the next day.”


The outlet extenders with built-in switches

If you have a lamp, appliance, or another electrically powered device with an awkwardly positioned on/off switch, plug it into this handy outlet extender. It has a switch built in so you can easily cut power to it, rather than leaving it on to needlessly inflate your power bill. Just plug it into an outlet, plug the appliance into it, and use the switch on the plug.

One reviewer said: “I have a lot of small kitchen appliances [...] plugged into these switches. [...] They [...] paid for themselves in just one month!”


This trick for stopping pet smells

When your pet has an accident, it can lead to a big rug-cleaning bill because if you fail to get the scent out, your pet will put that site on repeat. You can avoid that fate by keeping this odor eliminator on hand. It doesn't take much product – or effort – to eliminate the stain and the smell.

One reviewer said: “I am fanatical about order and smells [...] I immediately used [this] when it arrived [... and] the house smells wonderful. [...] Next time I will order a LARGER bottle.”


A skinny spatula that gets the last drop from jars

How much mayonnaise, pesto, expensive condiments or products do you throw away because you can’t get it out of the jar? These two tiny spatulas are the tools you need. The thin, firm heads reach into jars to get the last drop. The small one fits into lotion and cosmetic jars. The long one is perfect in the kitchen.

One reviewer said: “What a fantastic invention! Now my $40 foundation last even longer, because I can use every drop in the bottle.”


These pads so your furniture doesn’t slide

If your favorite armchair moves around the room, the couch slips backward when you flop into it, or the bed moves away from the wall, these furniture grippers are a quick and easy solution. Just set the furniture legs on them. They hold onto both the leg and the floor – without adhesives – so your furniture stays put.

One reviewer said: “I found my dream vintage sectional, had it reupholstered ... and every time we sat on it, it slid [...and] the pieces separat[ed]. Everyone urged me to zip-tie the legs together, but I was not going to risk damaging the couch. [...] Ordered these and the problem was solved.”


A bag sealer so your snacks are always fresh

Prevent the staling of your chips by closing the bag properly with this vacuum sealer that uses heat to return snack, cereal, cracker, and nut bags to their factory-fresh airtight selves. Just press the closed bag between the sealer and roll it along the edge of the bag. It has a built-in cutter, too, for when you want the bag open again.

One reviewer said: “Easy to use and keeps our chips and bread fresh!!”


The pet hair remover that’s as good as the reviews say

If you have a pet, you have probably struggled to get fur off your couch, carpet, and clothes. This reusable pet hair remover is the solution that works. It’s super fast, too. Just rub it back and forth on the fabric and it grabs all the fur and deposits it in the chamber in the handle. When the handle is full, empty it. There’s no tape, no power, and no hassle. The fur is just gone.

One reviewer said: “My golden leaves her fur EVERYWHERE and I was sick of vacuuming the couch. A friend recommended this, and I am obsessed! It works so well!! Everyone with a dog or cat [that] sheds needs one!”


These pads that stop your door handle from slamming

If you let door handles slam into the wall, you may be destroying the wall and making way too much noise. Stick one of these self-adhesive door handle stoppers to the handle or wall and put an end to that. The soft rubber deadens the sound while protecting the wall from further damage. They are clear so you can see right through them.

One reviewer said: “These are exactly what I needed! [... T]hey're clear [so] they don't stand out too much and it hides the indentation that my door knob caused.”


A set of wine glasses that are both unbreakable & elegant

Take your wine into the garden, by the pool, or out on the deck without worrying about broken glass. These unbreakable stemless wine glasses are made of stainless steel so they are impervious to drops. But your wine will smell and taste just as it is meant to because the 18-ounce glasses are shaped for sipping. There are 23 color choices so you can get the set that suits your style.

One reviewer said: “I love these! They look beautiful in my glass door cabinets, and are practical to use out on the deck.”


An electric lighter that never needs a refill

You will never have to buy butane for this lighter because it recharges, right next to your phone, via a USB plug. It’s a dream to use, too, with a long gooseneck that reaches into candles and has an electric arc instead of a flame so it will light in the wind or rain.

One reviewer said: “Candle fanatic here! This little contraption is awesome. Comes already charged and ready to light those candles!”


These bamboo paper towels you can rinse & use again

Single-use paper towels create an enormous amount of trash and, every time you toss one, it’s like throwing away money. Instead of tossing these reusable paper towels in the trash, you can throw them in the laundry. They will come out clean and ready to use again up to 100 times.

One reviewer said: “Not only are these better than any paper towel, they absorb better, they are softer, and they clean very easily [...] I’ll never go back. I don’t say this lightly, but I am OBSESSED!”


The travel mug that’s also a coffee brewer

With this travel mug (and some coffee grounds) in your kit, all you need is hot water and you will be sipping the finest pour-over coffee around. It comes with a custom-fit steel mesh filter. Simply pour hot water over the grounds to brew a cup on the go. The insulated mug will keep whatever you drink from it hot or cold for hours. And the leakproof lid prevents spills.

One reviewer said: “This cup and cone amaze me. A product that actually delivers, performs above expectation [...] AND is brilliantly simple in design and function!!”


The trick to winterizing windows on the cheap

If you don’t have high-quality, modern windows, you may be paying too much to heat your home. This simple window insulation kit is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to put a stop to that energy loss. Just peel and stick it to your window and shrink the plastic with a blow dryer.

One reviewer said: “I live in a big, old New England house that still has most of its original windows so you can imagine the drafts even with storm windows. This stuff is easy to put up [...and] practically invisible. It totally stops the drafts and wind from blowing in.”


A mattress protector that can stand up to almost anything

Cover your expensive bed with this waterproof mattress protector so it is safe from fluids, bugs, and bacteria. A waterproof — but breathable — membrane backing keeps anything from getting through but does not make that awful crinkle noise cheap plastic protectors do. A terrycloth top layer absorbs liquids and helps add peace to your sleep.

One reviewer said: “Nothing leaks through this thing. I love it.”


This rechargeable battery kit for never-ending power

Set yourself up with this battery charger and you will have a never-ending supply of fresh batteries. It comes with four AA batteries, alerts you when they are charged, and takes a battery from dead to fully charged in four hours — with no need to recycle dead ones.

One reviewer said: “This [...] is a fantastic money and time saver. Call of Duty gets played every day and there are no man tantrums because I forgot to buy batteries. [...] They are always right there ready to go.”


The bidet attachment that’s a huge life upgrade

Supplying toilet paper for everyone in the family every month can be a substantial cost. With this bidet installed, that cost can become an afterthought. And your nether regions will be much cleaner and you you will be happier because you can dip into the bathroom anytime for a butt-targeted shower.

One reviewer said: “I am now obsessed with the bidet life and will never go back. Saves on TP, a great feeling of cleanliness. [...] One of the better >$40 purchases I've ever made.”


This heated throw so you can be warmer without a huge power bill

When you are shivering on the couch, don’t reach for the thermostat. Pull this heated blanket over you and get cozy and warm without needlessly heating the whole house. It lets you choose from four heat settings, looks great draped over the couch, and is machine washable.

One reviewer said: “This electric blanket is so incredibly soft! It feels great next to your skin. I used it already and it kept me warm and toasty without my heat on in the house. Several settings from just a bit warm all the way up to toasty [...] would recommend it to everyone!”


This clever trick for unclogging a drain

A slow drain does not mean you have to call in the plumber. Just use this simple drain weasel to clear it yourself. It’s easy. Insert the snake part into the drain through the shower grate or sink drain and turn the handle. It spins deep into the pipe and grabs the hair — or whatever the blockage is — with its barbed end.

One reviewer said: “I literally pulled a ponytail’s worth of hair out of my drain. It was disgusting and amazing! Saved me a trip from a plumber and having to rip out my drain cover which is cemented in. I’m obsessed!


The easy way to stop a vent from blowing

When a room is sitting empty or a vent is pumping hot or cold air where you wish it wouldn’t, covering that vent is a simple way to control it. These magnetic vent covers let you cover — and uncover — that vent easily. The strong magnet stays put and they are easy to cut to whatever size you need.

One reviewer said: “These are by far my favorite household item! [...] I use them in closets and under furniture or areas not used by my family.”


These washable pee pads that look great on the floor

Setting down a pee pad for a young or old puppy can be essential. But throwing disposable ones away is costly — for you and the planet. These decorative and washable pee pads are a fun and functional solution. When the pup wets one, throw it in the wash and put down the other. This is a two-pack.

One reviewer said: “These rugs are not only beautiful but work to keep animal pee off my floors. [...] They also work well in the entryway where we take off our snow-covered boots.”


The blackout curtains that help insulate your home

These blackout curtains might look like a lovely window treatment designed to add a pop of color to your room. But in addition, they are a money-saving solution designed to prevent heat and AC from escaping. They also darken the room to enable daytime napping. The thick lining blocks all light and adds two layers of insulation to help keep your room comfortable and quiet.

One reviewer said: “These curtains have to be the best thermals I've ever purchased. Love the black fabric backs.”


This tool that gets every bit from the toothpaste tube

These tube squeezers are clever little gadgets that not only make it easy to get the last of the toothpaste out of the tube but also make the tube stand up so it doesn’t take up as much space. This is a two-pack so you can line up your toothpaste options for easy dental hygiene.

One reviewer said: “I love this little gadget. It's very easy to use and sturdy. It looks nice and keeps the toothpaste tube rolled up and standing.”


A big set of flameless candles with a remote & timer

If you love candlelight, you will love turning on all eight of these flameless candles without getting up from the couch. Or you can set a timer so they stay on while you relax and turn off after two, four, six, or eight hours in case you fall asleep or forget. They are beautiful when unlit and come in lots of pretty colors.

One reviewer said: “I absolutely LOVE the glam of these!! [...] I LOVE that the remote allows for brightness and a timer!! These would be a great gift!”


The hair catcher that prevents shower clogs before they happen

When it comes to your shower drain, preventing a clog can save you a lot of money and hassle. And this hair catcher is a great way to do that. Drop it into the drain and the water runs through the mushroom top while the hair gets trapped in the mushroom’s “stem.” Pull it out occasionally and remove the hair and you will keep clogs at bay.

One reviewer said: “After using it for about a year, I am obsessed with my tubshroom. [...] It catches SO.MUCH.HAIR. I was previously unclogging the drain every couple of months, but it's been a year with no need since installing this.”


These glass bottles for plastic-free grab-and-go beverages

Prep some grab-and-go bottles of your own homemade iced tea, smoothies, or infused water in these glass water bottles with sleeves to make sipping your favorite beverage as easy as grabbing a can from the fridge. The glass won’t leach anything into your drink and the sleeves make them easy to hold and add a wrist strap.

One reviewer said: “We keep them prefilled with our own filtered water and refrigerated. Easy to hold, easy to clean, and no more disposable plastic water bottles.”


The cute cat globes that water your plants

Throwing away an expensive plant because you failed to water it is so expensive and upsetting. These cute self-watering plant globes prevent that. (Also the cat will feel seen.) Just fill them and stick them into the dirt and they will replenish the soil with moisture as it needs it. When the globes are empty, fill them again.

One reviewer said: “I am seriously obsessed with these bulbs. [...] Just little perfect kitties ready to feed my flowers while I’m away!”


This shoe-cleaning kit for spiffy kicks

Love your kicks? Then show them some love with this shoe cleaning kit that comes with a bottle of shoe cleaner and a brush to scrub with. It works on everything from leathers to vinyl, to even nubuck, suede, canvas, and cloth.

One reviewer said: “Very happy with the result! Absolutely recommend this product. I only planned to clean my favorite sneakers but it worked so well that I cleaned up all of my shoes. My shoes all look brand new again!”


A set of reusable dish cloths that can replace your sponge

Give up that smelly sponge and upgrade your kitchen cleaning tools with this pack of 10 reusable dishcloths that are the hybrid offspring of a sponge and a cotton rag. They are great for washing dishes, especially delicate ones. And they are so much better than paper towels for mopping up spills and wiping surfaces.

One reviewer said: “I shudder at the thought of a regular sponge. The smell, the bacteria, the soaking wet feeling when you pick it up. [... These] work like paper towels but are more absorbent and dry super fast, so there is no gross bacteria, smell, or wet feeling ... I'm obsessed.


The pet brush that cleans itself

One way to keep the fur off your furniture is to brush it out of your pet before it lands there. And this pet grooming brush is perfect for the task. It gets mats out easily, feels great to your pet, and grabs lots of fur. When you want to clean the fur out of the brush, slide the button to retract the bristles and it will drop into the trash.

One reviewer said: “I get excited to brush my pets because of this brush. [...] Super easy to clean with the vanishing bristles, and crazy satisfying to see how much hair and debris it combs off my animals!”

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