These clever, cheap things instantly fix the annoying problems in your house

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These clever, cheap things instantly fix the annoying problems in your house

Whether you’re constantly running out of outlets to charge your devices because they all seem to mysteriously run out of battery at the same time, or you can’t deal with the constant pet hair-covered couch, our list of clever, cheap Amazon products will instantly fix these annoying problems and more.

This USB charging station allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time, as does this three-sided multiple plug outlet. Problem solved. As for the pet hair, sure, we all love our furry roommates, but if you’re tired of buying a new lint roller every time you go to the store, get a reusable pet hair remover instead to save time, money, and your sanity.

The list also includes tons of clever cleaning solutions, like this Angry Mama microwave cleaner that loosens food splatter within minutes or a pack of magic sponge erasers that live up to the hype and magically clean multiple surfaces with incredible ease.

Whatever the annoying problem, we’ve got you covered with these genius products that won’t break the bank.


A Magnetic Weekly Planner That Sticks On Your Fridge To Help You Stay Organized

Stay organized and on top of your busy schedule with this magnetic dry erase weekly planner you can stick on your fridge so you don’t forget next week’s dentist appointment or your grandma’s upcoming birthday. The planner includes four magnetic markers and an eraser, and there’s plenty of room for multiple daily memos as well as additional space to jot down a quick shopping list.


This USB Charging Station So You Can Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously

If all your devices seem to hit the 1% charge mark at the same time, get this USB charging station and charge up to five of them at the same time. The ports have LED lights that double as a nightlight and automatically switch off when the device is charged. The dividers are movable and sturdy, and the whole thing has a nonslip base so you can trust your phone and tablet are safe.


These Gripper Pads That’ll Stop Your Furniture From Sliding Around

Keep your furniture from moving every time someone sits on it with these nonslip gripper pads you can easily cut down to fit your desired size thanks to the pre-scored lines. The pads have a rubber base that protects your floors and a heavy duty felt core to make them extra durable. Use them on anything from sofas and chairs to beds and tables — more than 4,000 shoppers have given them five stars.


An Electric Power Scrubber To Make Those Tough-To-Clean Spots A Total Breeze

Don’t waste time (and muscle power) scrubbing the bathroom floor over and over with no results — use this electric power scrubber and watch the dirt and grime disappear with minimal effort on your part. It’s battery-powered and comes with four highly durable brush heads that work on different surfaces, so while you’re only paying for one tool you are getting four functions out of it.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That’ll Save Space & Protect Your Belongings

Store out-of-season clothes or bulky bedding in these vacuum storage bags that will save you a ton of room while protecting your belongings from odors, moisture, and insects. For just $12, the set includes two small, one medium, one large and two extra-large bags that have a double-sealed zipper to ensure no air gets in. They’re made from thick, durable plastic and will increase your storage space by up to 75%, so give these a try if your closet is bursting at the seams.


A Stainless Steel Mini Trash Can That’s Sleek Enough To Keep On Your Countertop

Use this stainless steel mini trash can that’s sleek enough to conveniently sit on your countertop to throw out little things like used tea bags or gum wrappers. It has a swing lid top and is fingerprint-resistant with a smooth brushed finish for an easy clean. Use it in your kitchen, bathroom, or home office, it’s one of those cheap items that may be small but make such a difference.


A 3-Arm Water Sprinkler That Rotates 360 Degrees To Water Your Entire Yard

Instead of paying ridiculously high professional lawn care bills, get this three-arm water sprinkler that’s under $25 and rotates 360 degrees to keep your entire yard green and lush. It has 12 adjustable spray nozzles and covers up to 3,600 square feet, while staying in place thanks to the metal weights that are built into its base. More than 1,500 happy shoppers have given it five stars and say it’s easy to install and works amazingly well for the price.


This Expandable Bamboo Drawer Organizer So You Can Keep Flatware & Utensils Tidy

If your silverware drawer is a constant mess, put everything in its place with this bamboo organizer. It expands from 13 to 20 inches wide, or from seven to nine compartments, and has slots wide enough for items like tongs or serving spoons and deep enough for stacks of everyday silverware. The divider is made from organic bamboo and is water-resistant, which makes it highly durable and means you can use it for years to come.


This Cult Fave Spray That’s An Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover In One

Get rid of the lingering pet odor and that questionable carpet stain with just one product — this incredibly effective citrus-scented Angry Orange spray. It works for up to 80 hours and doesn’t just mask odors — it eliminates them. The spray is suitable for multiple surfaces, from carpeting and upholstery to wood floors and tile. Over 12,500 reviewers have given the spray a five-star rating and one said, “All I can say is that I’ve used all sorts of cleaners and machines for carpet/rugs, and this is the first thing I’ve used that works.”


A Beard Hair Catcher That’s So Clever You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without It

Keep your bathroom from being covered in hair and save yourself all that cleanup time with this genius beard bib apron that was featured on Shark Tank. To use it, simply attach the two included grommets to your mirror and secure the collar around your neck. The bib is available in three colors and two sizes, has a built-in tray to hold your grooming tools, and comes with a pouch so you can easily pack it for travel.


A Reusable Pet Hair Remover So You Can Stop Buying A Lint Roller Every Time You Go To The Store

As much as you love your pet, you probably don’t love everything you own constantly being covered in hair. This reusable remover works like a charm — just roll it over the hair-covered surface, then press a button and it’ll release all the collected hair. You’ll save so much on disposable lint rollers in the long run while keeping your home, car and clothing hair-free. Reviewers love it so much this pick maintains a near-perfect 4.8-star rating after nearly 8,000 reviews.


This Stainless Steel Canister So Your Coffee Is Always Fresh

Every coffee aficionado needs one of these stainless steel canisters in their life and on their kitchen counter. The airtight canister prevents oxygen from coming in to keep your ground or whole bean coffee beans ultra fresh. It even has a date tracker so you know exactly how long it’s been in the container. It’s available in two sizes and three colors and includes a stainless steel measuring scoop.


A Waterproof Arm Band To Hold Your Phone While You Run

Keep your phone securely in place while you run (or speed walk) inside this waterproof and sweat proof arm band. It’s super lightweight which makes it comfortable to wear and the stretchy spandex material it’s made of provides plenty of room not just for your phone, but for your wallet, keys and other small essentials. The arm band is available in four sizes and seven colors.


This Nifty Under-Cabinet Opener That’ll Open Any Sized Jar Or Bottle

Install this jar opener under your kitchen cabinets and easily open any bottle or jar without straining your hands. Just insert whatever you’re trying to open, twist and you’re done. Whether you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel or just don’t want to wrestle with a tightly-sealed jar all day long, this contraption is a must-have — and surprising fan favorite — with over 15,000 five-star ratings.


A Shower Head That Filters Hard Water

If hard water is, well, hard on your skin and hair, you need this filter shower head that can help soften it. It tackles typical hard water issues and has a multi-stage filtration system that reduces chlorine and acidity levels as well as odor and discoloration. The filter lasts for two to three months before needing to be replaced, and the shower head is available in four different finishes: brushed nickel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze and polished chrome.


A $30 Sound Machine With Seamless Looping & Six Soothing Sounds

Get a restful night’s sleep with this easily portable sound machine that has seamless looping, six sounds, and an automatic shut off option. The six relaxing sounds include white noise, fan, ocean, rain, stream and summer night to help you drift off to sleep, and you can set a timer to shut the machine off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It has a USB charging port and adjustable volume settings, and it’s available in black or white.


This Rubber Band So Your Sheets Stay In Place No Matter How Much You Toss & Turn

This clever rubber band is simple and effective at keeping your bed sheets firmly in place. If you spend every night tossing and turning only to wake up to your sheets being completely untucked, this will be a game-changer. It’s available in three mattress sizes and has just enough tension to secure the fitted sheet in place. Another plus is that there are no clips or grippers that could easily come undone and your comforter will completely hide the holder.


A Water Mark Remover That Gets Those Annoying White Rings Out Of Wood Furniture

You know that white ring mark from your morning coffee on your dining table that’s been bugging you for weeks? There’s actually a way to get rid of it thanks to this reusable cloth remover that takes away unwanted marks caused by heat and moisture without stripping the wood surface. Rub the surface with the cloth in the direction of the wood grain and it’ll also remove latex paint and most permanent marker stains, while concealing scratches.


This Angry Mama Cleaner That’ll Steam Clean Your Microwave In Seven Minutes

Get all that pasta sauce splatter out of your microwave with the help of this Angry Mama. Fill it with water and vinegar, microwave it for seven minutes and watch the steam that evaporates from the little figure’s head loosen all the nasty splatter. More than 2,000 reviewers have given this clever contraption a five-star rating and one said, “Takes less than 10 minutes to fully clean your microwave. It is truly amazing!”


An Absorbent Backsplash Guard To Catch All The Water Splatter

Keep the area around your sink clean and dry with this super absorbent backsplash guard. The mat is made from waterproof material, bends into place, and has a snap button closure that keeps it secure. For just $15, it’ll save you time and money in the long run since you won’t have to waste countless paper towels to wipe water away.


A Silicone Strip That Prevents Food & Grease From Falling Between The Stove & Countertop

Place this silicone gap cover between your stove and countertop and you won’t have to worry about grease and food falling in only to never be recovered again. It’s available in three lengths and colors and can be cut down to size to fit your kitchen. The cover backing is nonslip to ensure it stays in place while the top has a matte finish that makes it easy to wipe clean.


A Tiered Shelf With A Drawer To Maximize Kitchen Cabinet Space

Maximize your kitchen cabinet storage by using this three-tier shelf organizer that even has a handy little drawer. Instead of wasting precious vertical space, stack cans and jars on this shelf and stash spice packets or snacks in the pull-out drawer. The tiered shelves allow you to see exactly what’s on them and make everything look neat and tidy and not like a cluttered hot mess.


This TV Cord Cover To Hide Unsightly Cords

Hide unsightly cords hanging on the wall with this easy-to-install TV cord cover. It can accommodate three to six different cords and is available in three lengths and four colors — or paint it the same color as your walls to make it blend in. The cover can be cut to size and comes with a strong double-sided adhesive tape to secure it to the wall, so there’s no drilling or hammering involved.


A Sturdy Stand For Every Mug Collector Out There

If you can never resist a cute new mug but your shelves are bursting at the seams, you need this handy antique-style mug tree in your life and kitchen. It’ll hold up to 15 mugs and make them easily accessible and look so charming on your countertop. The iron tree also doubles as a drying rack for mugs that need to be washed by hand, and if the rustic bronze finish isn’t your style, it’s also available in a fun aqua, matte black and six other finishes.


These Drawer Organizers To Keep Your Socks & Underwear Drawer Tidy

Get your drawers under control and spend less time looking for matching socks thanks to these sturdy fabric organizers. The set includes six organizers that are collapsible for easy storage and are made from a durable gray fabric that won’t rip or tear with use. With an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 6,000 buyers, these get high praise for how stylish they look as well as for maximizing storage space and making it super easy to put clothes away.


A Desk Organizer That’ll Keep Your Desk & Mind Clutter-Free

A cluttered desk doesn’t exactly promote productivity or clarity of mind, which is why a simple organizer like this multiple-compartment black mesh one is an inexpensive purchase that’ll make such a difference. It’s divided into six compartments with one drawer to hold pens, scissors, sticky notes, and more, and it has nonslip rubber feet to prevent scratches on your desk. The mesh material is durable and also makes it easy to see exactly what’s inside each compartment.


This Popular Outlet So You Can Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Use this three-sided power strip with six outlets and two USB ports to charge your phone, iPad and laptop all at the same time. It has a nightlight with a dusk-to-dawn sensor around the edges and a built-in voltage sensor that protects your devices. The outlet also has a safety system that’ll power them off in the case of extended voltage, and it’s a tried-and-true pick with over 44,000 five-star ratings.


This Stackable Water Bottle Organizer That’ll Save You So Much Space

Instead of knocking over water bottles every time you open the cabinet door, neatly place them in this clear, stackable organizer. This pack comes with four racks that can hold three bottles each, and they’re perfect for use inside kitchen cabinets, a pantry, or your fridge. They’re made from durable, shatterproof plastic that can hold even your heavy-duty bottles.


This Double-Sided Carpet Tape To Keep Your Area Rug In Place

If you’re sick and tired of the kitchen runner sliding all over the place or the living room area rug corners constantly curling up, get this double-sided carpet tape for an under-$10 fix. It’s a silicone adhesive that’s 2 inches wide and doesn’t leave any residue on your floor. Use it under rugs that sit on hardwood, carpet, concrete or tiled flooring; it’ll keep them in place even in the highest traffic areas.


A Customizable Cube Storage Organizer That’s As Stylish As It Is Practical

Get your entryway, playroom or living room quickly organized with this customizable six-cube storage system. The six cubes can be assembled in countless shapes to suit your space and needs — turn it into a dresser-style console to store toys or stack the cubes one on top of the other to build a tall shelf to hold books. The cubes snap together with connectors that hold them in place and are easy to reconfigure when you need to reposition them.


A White Paint Marker To Restore Grout Back To Its Original Brightness

Instead of scrubbing the bathroom floor tile for hours and hours, get this $9 paint marker and whiten the grout without breaking a sweat. To use it, quickly wash and dry the tile, shake the paint marker (make sure the cap is on), activate the marker tip, and it’s ready to be used. Wipe off any excess paint and let the grout dry for six hours before getting it wet again. Restoring your tile grout is as easy as coloring it in.


These Soft Corner Guards That Are Already Pre-Taped To Easily Babyproof Your Home

Quickly and easily babyproof the sharp corners and rough edges in your home with this set of eight pre-taped guards. They’re made from a soft foam to prevent bumps and bruises and couldn’t be easier to install — just peel off the backing and stick them on. The double-sided adhesive tape works on wood, glass, steel and ceramic surfaces, and the set is available in four colors to fit with your interior color scheme.


A Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster So You Can Finally Clean That Dusty Fan For The First Time

If you’ve resisted turning on the ceiling fan because of all the dust that falls, this genius ceiling fan duster will solve the problem. It’s made from a soft microfiber that attracts dust and quickly picks it up, so there’s no need to use anything else. Unlike a regular duster, the U-shaped design grips the top and bottom of the fan blade, giving you a double-sided clean.


This Fan Fave Bidet Attachment With Adjustable Water Pressure

Add this bidet attachment to your toilet and instantly upgrade your bathroom without having to purchase an additional fixture. It has two spray modes and adjustable water pressure, and it self-cleans the nozzle after each use. The attachment is easy to install and is compatible with most standard toilets. Over 9,000 shoppers give this pick five stars, including one who highly recommends it and said, “I am currently in another dimension as this bidet blew me away.”


These Foam Liners That’ll Extend The Life Of Your Fruits & Veggies

Is there anything more disappointing than looking forward to fresh fruit for breakfast only to find it half-rotten in the fridge? These foam liners work to keep your produce fresh for longer by allowing air to circulate underneath it. They come in a pack of four and are 12 by 15 but can easily be cut down to size as needed. Make this $11 investment, and you’ll save yourself a ton of money and food waste in the long run.


These Reusable Magic Erasers That Are Just That — Magic

Clean kitchen appliances, tile, floors, tubs and countless other surfaces with these reusable magic eraser sponges that have gained more than 6,000 five-star ratings from happy shoppers. There’s no need to add any cleaning liquids, just wet the sponge with warm water and gently rub the dirty surface. Once done, wash the sponge with cold water to get all the dirt out, then let it dry and it’s ready to be reused.


A Smart Key Finder With A Built-In Flashlight

Anyone who’s constantly losing their keys will appreciate this smart key finder that can locate your keys within a 131-foot range. The set includes six color-coded receivers that you can attach to keys and other items that are frequently lost and a remote with a built-in flashlight that’ll help you locate them. To find your keys, simply press the colored button that’s corresponds to them and follow the beeping sound.


These Hand-Blown Glass Watering Globes To Keep Your Plants Watered At All Times

Keep your plants hydrated and prevent over-watering with a set of these beautiful hand-blown watering globes that are also a pretty plant accessory. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants and all you need to do is fill them with water, then insert them into the soil. This allows plants to draw water through the soil and roots as they need it, instead of rotting because of too much water. If you’re traveling and are worried about your plants surviving while you’re gone, this is a great solution.


A Linen Bulletin Board With A Wood Frame For Functional & Practical Wall Decor

Pin up photos, favorite quotes, or inspirational images on this stylish linen-lined bulletin board that has a wood frame and a hemp rope hanger for a rustic look. The set includes two boards and 20 pushpins, and unlike corkboards, won’t warp. Hang it above your desk or lean it on an entryway console, it’s versatile enough to look good wherever it’s placed.

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