These cheap home products save you from having to buy expensive stuff

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by Madison Barber

Most of us want to make our home look the best it possibly can at all times, preferably without expending much effort or spending a ton of money. While there are plenty of fancy home products out there that can help us organize odds and ends, decorate the areas of our homes that need it the most, and make our daily at-home routines way easier, not everyone can afford to shell out the big bucks for just a few simple things. And why would you need to when Amazon exists?

It’s no secret that Amazon has every home product you could ever need for super cheap, and I was able to find tons of great, affordable products that will put your home in the best possible shape, whether that means organizing the messiest rooms in your dwelling or adding fresh decor to the spaces you’re bored with.

Whether you become obsessed with these functional and stylish corner shelves, or end up realizing how much you need this spice rack and paper towel holder, I bet you’ll find at least a few things to add to your space from this list. Check out 45 of the best inexpensive Amazon home products right here:

1. This adjustable organizer that’ll tidy up your silverware

To ensure your silverware drawer isn’t a big disorganized jumble of forks, knives, and spoons, install this adjustable drawer organizer, which can work in drawers from 13 to 20 inches wide. This bamboo organizer can expand from three compartments to five, and comfortably stores each kind of flatware within its designated compartment.

2. These wooden hangers that keep your pants secure

The best way to keep your collection of pants, shorts, slacks, and skirts organized and free of creases is to hang them with the appropriate type of hanger. These sleek wooden hangers, available in a pack of 10, have metal, non-slip clips that keep your pants and skirts secure in your closet, and they’re adjustable in order to fit all sizes of bottoms as well as maxi dresses, towels, and other hard-to-hang items.

3. These food storage containers that keep leftovers safe

Storing leftovers and prepping meals for the week requires great quality storage, and these Rubbermaid containers pass the test. This 10-piece set comes with three 3-cup and two 5-cup containers with lids to match, and the containers snap together, which allows you to easily organize your fridge. The best part about these containers? The shatterproof bases won’t retain residue or stains, so they’ll look good for a long, long time.

4. A set of 3 cutting boards that make food prepping easy

Cutting boards are a necessity in any kitchen, and these non-porous plastic boards with an overall 4.7 star rating are the best bang for your buck. This set of three cutting boards comes with a small, medium, and large option, each of which are dishwasher-safe and come with easy-to-grip handles. One side of these boards is even complete with a deep groove, which keeps juices and crumbs from getting all over the counter.

5. These sticky grippers that keep your area rugs from curling up

Attach these adhesive rug grippers underneath the corners of the area rugs in your house or apartment to keep them from curling up. These grippers work on all sorts of surfaces including hardwood, stone, tile, and carpet, and they’re weather resistant so you can use them inside or outside too. The stiff plastic will keep your rug from curling up, while the rubber on the bottom protects your floors from scratches.

6. A slender storage cart that works in any room

This storage cart is ideal for smaller homes with less counter, drawer, or cabinet space, especially because of its slim structure. Perfect for storing toiletries, pantry items, tools, or whatever else in your space doesn’t have a home, this three-tier cart requires a simple assembly and has wheels that make it easy to move it from one space to another.

7. A wall-mounted organizer for your bathroom necessities

This wall-mounted toothbrush and toothpaste holder is the best way to streamline your oral hygenie routine and free up precious bathroom counter space. It has six slots for toothbrushes, which keeps them safe from bathroom germs, as well as two slots for toothpaste to suit all your family’s needs while dispensing the perfect amount of product. Furthermore, this holder has two magnetic cups for water or mouthwash and two cups on top for further use or additional storage.

8. This nonstick pan that makes clean up quick & easy

Cut your cleaning time in half after breakfast with this 8-inch non-stick frying pan. Made from aluminum alloy and red marble, this nonstick pan requires only a gentle sponge to clean after frying, and you won’t have to worry about scorching your hand with its heat-resistant bakelite handle. This frying pan even works on all stove types, including induction, gas, electric, and more.

9. A handheld steamer to remove wrinkles at home

This handheld fabric steamer means you’ll never have to settle for wrinkled clothes or curtains again. This fast-heating steamer is a necessity to keep at home or bring while you travel, which you can do thanks to its mighty yet small build — it’s only 8 1/2 inches tall. Once you fill it up with water, it can last on a continuous steam for 10 whole minutes, which is plenty of time to de-crease your entire wardrobe.

10. These sleek utensils that come with a stainless steel holder

This stainless steel utensil set comes with all of the essentials for cheffing up a great dish, including must-haves like a slotted spatula, tongs, and a ladle, as well as nice-to-haves like a potato masher and pasta server. Each of these 10 utensils is made to last with stainless steel construction, and they fit comfortably inside an aesthetically pleasing matching canister.

11. An ergonomic kitchen mat that relieves leg fatigue

Washing dishes, prepping meals, cooking, and baking require a ton of standing over your kitchen counter, and this anti-fatigue mat ensures your legs and feet won’t pay the price in the end. Place this thick gel foam anywhere in your kitchen where you stand for long periods of time, and feel the added support quickly. Thankfully, this mat is even waterproof so you won’t have to worry about stacks of dishes or bits of soup dripping everywhere and ruining your mat.

12. A pour-over coffee maker that improves the taste of your brew

One reviewer for this pour over coffee maker said that it made “the best cup of coffee at home,” and the 4,800-plus five-star ratings are proof that their claim is correct. This pour over coffee maker allows for a better brew thanks to the laser-cut stainless steel mesh filter which extracts your grounds’ natural oils and flavors, leaving clumps of grounds and weak coffee behind. Just add your grounds to the endlessly reusable filter, slowly pour hot water over them, let the water drip down, grab onto the cool-touch collar, and pour it all into your favorite mug to enjoy.

13. A 3-pack of stick-on LED lights with motion sensors

Having these motion sensor lights will make it easier to get a midnight snack, late night glass of water, or head to the bathroom without turning on any overhead lights. You get three LED lights in your order, all of which can be adhered to your stairs or along the hallway with the included screws or heavy duty adhesive tape. These automatically turn on when they sense motion and switch off after 30 seconds of no detected movement.

14. A set of colorful throw pillow covers that are so soft

No matter the aesthetic of your home, these throw pillow covers will seamlessly fit in on your couches, beds, benches, and more. There are 29 colors and five sizes to choose from, so you can add a pop of color or keep things cool and neutral in any room. Unlike some decor, each cover is plush enough to make you actually want to lounge on them. Best of all, you can give them a cold machine wash when they’re in need of a clean.

15. These stainless steel containers that help your food last

These canisters are here to save your dried pasta, beans, nuts, and other dried goods items from going bad. These stainless steel canisters have airtight, screw-on lids that keep moisture and pests out while keeping your pantry more organized than half-opened boxes ever could. Despite their chic stainless steel look, they have transparent windows so you can see exactly which dried good you’re pulling out of your pantry when it’s time to get cooking.

16. These over-cabinet hooks that give you easy access to towels

Hang these over-cabinet hooks all over your kitchen or bathroom for quick access to potholders, towels, or whatever else you need at arm’s reach. These hooks require no tools — just place them on top of your cabinets and the non-slip padding will keep them in place. And, they’ll fit over most standard 3/4-inch thick cabinet doors, which makes them a truly versatile storage option.

17. The satin pillowcases that look & feel like a dream

Surely you’ve heard the hype around satin pillowcases by now — these silky soft cases are a better alternative to harsher-feeling cotton options given their ability to keep your hair and skin feeling smooth and non-irritated, and the 30,000 five-star reviews prove these budget-friendly pillowcases are the real deal. With over two dozen colors and patterns to choose from and a zipper closure that keeps your pillow firmly in place, these satin pillowcases will look and feel like a dream.

18. These reusable sandwich bags that cut down on waste

If you’re constantly packing up leftovers or bringing your lunch from home, these reusable food storage bags are a necessity. Not only do these bags reduce your plastic waste by as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use sandwich or freezer bags ever again, but they’re also dishwasher-safe, making them convenient to clean and reuse over and over again. Though most reusable bags are pricey, these are a bargain and you’ll get five sandwich, three snack, and two gallon bags in your order.

19. This under-bed organizer that makes use of unused space

Double your closet space by putting your out-of-season clothes, shoes, accessories, and linens in these under-bed storage bags. These zip-up rectangular bags can fit tons of items right under your bed due to their wide construction but only 6-inch height, and each has a handle for easy grabbing when you need something. Plus, they have a transparent cover so you can see exactly what’s inside each bag — no need to dig to pull out the exact sweater you need.

20. A 4-pack of dish towels with a chic waffle weave

Chances are your dish towels are in need of a replacement, and these stylish waffle weave dish towels are just what you need to replace the old ones in your kitchen. Ideal for drying or cleaning, these 100% cotton dish towels are super absorbent but still lightweight, making them an easy go-to. Plus, they come in five great color combinations that will match the vibe of any kitchen.

21. These stainless steel bowls with matching airtight lids

This set of stainless steel mixing bowls is unique in that it comes with matching airtight lids that are ideal for storing food or ingredients. With the five different-sized bowls that all nest into each other, your prepping, baking, cooking, and leftover routines will become so much easier. As if these bowls weren’t already convenient, they’re all rust-proof, dent-proof, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe.

22. The silicone spoon rests that are extra-large & easy to clean

Spoon rests are perfect for keeping your counters mess-free while you’re cooking, and these silicone spoon rests are the easiest to clean. Look no further than the 4.8-star rating to see why. This pack of two extra-large spoon rests will comfortably keep your ladles, tongs, spoons, and other utensils propped on the counter and will capture every drip — just throw them in the dishwasher when you’re done using them.

23. A tiny charging stand for your Apple Watch

Got an Apple Watch? Outfit your nightstand or desk with this little charging stand that props your watch up instead of laying it flat with the traditional charger. Just weave your Apple charger through the stand and attach your watch to it — your alarms and messages will be available to you at just a quick turn of your head thanks to this upright stand, which is available in nine different colors.

24. A set of drawer dividers for all of your intimates

Manage the mess in your clothing drawers with these dividing organizers, which are especially ideal for sorting intimates. This best-selling set comes with four divided bins specially designed for underwear, bras, ties, and socks that help keep your items neatly folded and stored inside your top drawer.

25. This cozy sherpa blanket that you need for lounging

No movie night or midday nap is complete without a good sherpa blanket. This super soft, super cozy, non-shedding blanket measures 60-by-80 inches, making it perfect for sharing or really snuggling up by yourself. Plus, it comes in 28 different styles (including fun colors and some with pompoms), so you can have fun picking out your favorite for your couch or bed.

26. A dish drying rack that saves you countertop space

If you have limited counter space in your kitchen, you’ll be obsessed with this dish drying rack that fits over your sink. This rack rolls out and fits over most standard-sized sinks, allowing your dishes to dry without taking up counter space like other drying racks — and any excess water drips right into the sink, saving you a mess. Plus, it folds up when not in use and can easily be stored away.

27. A shower head with a high-pressure rainfall stream

You’ll never settle for a regular shower again after using this rainfall shower head. This easy-to-install shower head attaches to your shower in just five minutes, and improves your soaks instantly with unbeatable water pressure and a soothing rain-like stream. You can even adjust the angles on this shower head unlike your standard fixed shower head to really customize your bathing experience.

28. These motion sensor nightlights that are adjustable

These motion sensor nightlights help save you money on your energy bills due to their motion sensor-only activation that shuts off after a minute of inactivity. Unlike other plugins, these little LED lights have adjustable brightness levels and can be turned on, off, or to motion sensing, depending on your needs.

29. These giant porcelain bowls that are perfect for pasta

These shallow dinner bowls have a 4.8 star rating for a reason — they’re made from smooth porcelain which makes them look expensive, and they can hold up to 32 ounces of food. These bowls will be a total game-changer when it comes to eating soups, salads, pasta, or grain bowls for dinner — trust me. Plus, they’re microwave- and oven-safe, which makes them great for reheating leftovers.

30. An all-in-one wall-mounted paper towel holder & spice rack

There’s nothing better than a two-in-one home product, which is why I love this paper tower holder with a built-in shelf. This wall-mounted paper towel holder keeps your roll off of your sticky, wet, or dirty countertop while still granting you easy access to it, and the shelf above it is perfect for spices, seasonings, K-cups, or whatever other small kitchen item you may need in a flash. This is the ideal solution for people with small kitchens.

31. A basic coat rack that every entryway needs

Every entryway needs a good coat rack — where else will your most-used jackets, hats, bags, keys, and more go? This one is simple, sporting five durable metal hooks and a stylish wooden base that mounts onto your wall for a better space-saving option than a traditional standing coat rack. Each double hook can hold up to 5 pounds of weight.

32. These stove gap covers that keep your kitchen cleaner

Reduce the mess in your kitchen after every stovetop meal with these silicone counter gap covers, which seal the awkward space between your stove and counter top. These prevent food and crumbs from slipping between the crack and making a huge mess, and help keep splatters and spills at bay from whatever’s cooking on the stove. These can swiftly be thrown in the dishwasher when they need to be cleaned, which is much easier than moving your stove out.

33. This tiered organizer for under-the-counter storage

If your bathroom or kitchen cabinets are a cluttered mess, re-organize everything with these two-tier bins that fit perfectly in those under-sink cabinets. These bins also slide out for easy access and come with convenient dividers for effortless organization of cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products, sponges and more.

34. The chair leg covers that prevent floor scratches

Tired of the chairs in your home scratching up your floors? You’re not alone — and over 7,900 people decided these silicone chair leg covers are a five-star solution. Discrete enough to put on the bottoms of all of your chairs without ruining their aesthetic, these easy-to-remove silicone covers will surely protect your floors with their soft felt bottoms.

35. These dainty candle holders that double as decor

Both purposeful and decorative, these candle holders will look fantastic in any room in your home. This set of three candle holders is made from durable, rust-resistant metal and protects your table and countertops from any wax drips — all while looking super pretty anywhere in your home. They’re available in six antique-inspired colors, too, including gold, rustic rose black, and silver.

36. These drywall picture hangers that can hold 45 pounds

Need a picture, painting, or mirror hung in your home? You’ll need these drywall picture hangers to do the job. These hangers can support up to 45 pounds and require zero tools to install, just a quick push into the drywall. And you can hang these anywhere on your drywall — no need to look for studs, so you can hang whatever you want wherever it works best for your space.

37. These stylish wood coasters that have curved edges

Who knew coasters could actually be stylish? These acacia wood coasters come in a pack of four that look good stacked for easy storage when they’re not in use. They also have smart features, like a felt bottom that both protects your tabletops and prevents your coaster from sliding around and a cork insert that absorbs moisture.

38. The foldable cubes that can organize & store tons of stuff

If you have a room in your house that’s in desperate need of organization, these fabric storage bins are the best things to help you get your messes under control. These six bins can be inserted in bookshelves, set in closets, and used in playrooms, but they quickly fold down when you’re not using them. There’s even a side handle that makes any bin easy to pull out and carry around when needed.

39. A simple corner shelf that’s both decorative & roomy

Keep this corner shelf in your living room, bedroom, or practically anywhere else in your home — it’ll look good anywhere. With three tiers and a design that allows it to seamlessly fit into the corner (therefore taking up less space), this easy-to-assemble shelf is perfect for adding a decorative yet functional touch to any room.

40. These floating shelves with a fun geometric look

Floating shelves are a great solution for owners of small spaces that want a place to display their favorite frames, books, and more. These floating shelves in particular have a fun geometric design made from metal wire that give your space a refreshed look without crowding your space, and they come in a pack of two so you can outfit more than one room with these shelves.

41. This humidifier that emits a soothing cool mist

Add this cool mist humidifier to your home or office and experience how soothing and refreshing a subtle cool mist can be. With over 6,400 five-star ratings, this humidifier is the real deal — it’s easy to clean, works for up to nine hours on a full tank, and makes very little noise the entire time it’s operating, which makes it ideal for sleep.

42. A hanging closet organizer that makes the best use of space

Whether you have limited clothing storage space in your bedroom or just want to maximize the vertical space in your closet, this hanging organizer is for you. This five-shelf organizer can hold everything from purses to T-shirts to hats in each of its fabric cubbies, all without using valuable hanger space. There’s even mesh pockets on the side for smaller accessories needing a home in your space.

43. These pretty string lights that light up any patio or backyard

Revamp your outdoor space, whether that’s a small terrace or a big backyard patio, with these string lights. This 25-foot-long string of Edison glass bulbs lights are the perfect way to spice up your outdoor space, and the over 36,000 five-star ratings are here to prove that. A huge plus? The bulbs are dimmable and waterproof, too.

44. This unique under-shelf spice rack that saves pantry space

Short on pantry storage but need a way to contain your most used spices and seasonings? Luckily this under-shelf spice drawer exists. This pull-out organizer utilizes the power of heavy-duty adhesive tape to secure it underneath a shelf in any of your kitchen cabinets, giving you a new way to store up to seven standard-size spice jars in otherwise unused space.

45. These tiered baskets that have so many uses

Perfect for anything from fruit to toilet paper, this tiered storage basket is a must for organizing pretty much anything in a more decorative fashion. This comes with not only four baskets but also a base that doubles as a plate, making the organization options endless no matter the space. And it requires zero tools to assemble, just stack them together to create your tiers in a few minutes.

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