50 Of The Most Genius Things For Your Home Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

There’s a reason people want these home upgrades.

Written by Allison Bolt
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I don’t know about you, but it takes a lot for something to go on my Amazon wish list. Something about it feels like it’s solely reserved for genius things that I seriously need around the house. A bunch of people must feel the same because I found that these genius things for your home are some of the most-added things to wish lists.

These things make everyday tasks easier, your home more aesthetic, and keep your space organized. So trust me when I say these things will end up on your wish list (and cart and home), too.


A best-selling set of covers that easily fit & protect your drains

These cleanable drain covers are so easy to pop on all of your drains, so you can avoid cleaning out a clogged sink or shower and prevent pricey calls to a plumber. They’re made of flexible silicone, so they’ll fit right on top of the drain of any flat surface. That same material makes it easy to wipe away things that otherwise would clog your pipes.


This mini LED that lights up your entryway lock

This little light is barely noticeable on your front door, but it makes it so much quicker to get inside at night. It has a motion sensor, so it will instantly turn on to help you find your keys and see the lock. It’s powered by a single AA battery and is easily installed with double-sided tape.


These deep-cleaning tablets for your washing machine

Pop this pack of washing machine cleaners right next to your usual detergent and dryer sheets, and it will be so easy to keep your washing machine clean. These little deodorizing tablets go right into the wash during a hot water cycle, and they save you from scrubbing the inside of your washing machine, while cleaning parts you can’t even see. These are a fan-favorite on Amazon, with over 34,000 five-star reviews.


These stick-on organizers to wrap up long appliance cords

These cord organizers might look a little unique, but you can actually wrap kitchen appliance cords around them or even clip your extra-large phone chargers into them. The adhesive back sticks right onto the back of your air fryer or any appliance with a long, annoying cord. You can even use the loops in the middle to clip three different cords, so feel free to stick these on your desk, too.


These dishwasher cleaners with 45,000 five-star reviews

These little cleaning tablets are the answer when the inside of your dishwasher starts to look and smell a bit grimy. They fit right in the detergent tray, and clicking a normal cycle will wash all of the hidden parts that may have gotten a little gross. If you want to wash dishes at the same time, you can even toss this limescale-removing tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher.


This dual-sided dish brush to quickly wash & scrub utensils

This dish brush might look a little quirky, but it actually makes washing utensils so much quicker. There are bristles on the top and bottom, so you can slide cutlery and other slim utensils between them to quickly scrub each one. This easy-to-hold and non-slip brush is also small enough to store with your other brushes and sponges or on the side of your wash basin.


An easy-to-use veggie chopper with a huge bowl for ingredients

This vegetable chopper has a BPA-free, 7-cup container on the bottom, so you can chop all of your ingredients for dinner without reaching for a bunch of bowls to put them in. It comes with eight different blades to dice everything from tomatoes to cheese, and you won’t have to clean off a cutting board in between veggies, because it’s easy to stick in the dishwasher.


This extendable strainer that makes washing produce easier

This extendable strainer makes it easier to wash all of your produce because it sits on top of your sink instead of all the way at the bottom. You can see each leaf of kale better with this dishwasher-safe strainer at countertop height, and it works to rinse and drain produce or dry your cups and utensils.


This extendable broom set that won’t get all grimy

This unique broom set saves you from the biggest pains of sweeping — bending over and pulling gunk off of the broom bristles when you’re done. Instead, the extendable broom handle can go from about 40 to 51 inches long, and the dustpan has grippy details at the top that you can pull the bristles through to clean off whatever’s stuck in them.


This plant-based product that lets you quickly clean up cooking oil

If having a container in your cabinet full of leftover cooking oil kind of grosses you out, grab this cooking oil solidifier powder. You don’t even have to wait for the oil to cool down if you’re ready to pour in this 100% plant-based formula and clean up your pan. While you wash other dishes, the oil will cool and solidify, so you can scrape the solid organic matter right in the trash.


An adjustable organizer to fit your frustrating wrap boxes & more

This box organizer will take care of whatever clutter bothers you the most in your cabinets because it’s completely adjustable to fit a bunch of different wrap boxes, so that tinfoil and snack bag will finally be organized. There are also non-slip details on the bottom, so you can quickly pull out plastic wrap while you’re cooking, and it won’t slide around.


These best-selling pillows with a fluffy & cooling filling

These pillows might look like classic and luxurious pillows hanging out on your bed, but they’re actually hiding gel fiber inside that’s super cooling. This unique filling will still feel as fluffy and plush as you use them, making them an easy go-to. In fact, these are the go-to pillows for tons of Amazon shoppers; they have over 150,000 five-star reviews.


A 4-pack of motion-sensor night lights with adjustable brightnesses

These motion-sensor night lights won’t stand out too much on your outlets because they’re super small, and the white finish will blend right in. They can be set to turn on at dusk or when someone is within 12 feet, and they automatically turn off after 60 seconds. Each long-lasting bulb has brightness controls and a switch hidden on top if you want this warm white LED on all of the time.


A non-toxic stain remover that you can use all over your home

If you have a few different stain removers scattered around your house for clothes, your carpet, and more, swap them all out with this single non-toxic stain remover. This unscented and biodegradable formula works on stains all over your home — and the water-based stain remover can even fight things like blood, ink, and pasta sauce.


A clip-on, easy-to-store strainer for an easier pasta night

Popping this strainer onto your pot makes draining everything a way easier process than usual because you simply tilt the pot, and you’re all done. The unique design might look like half of a strainer, but the clip-on design will still catch all of the noodles, potatoes, or whatever you’re straining. This non-stick strainer also won’t take up an entire dishwasher rack when you finish cooking.


This pack of smiley scrubbers with 2 textured sides

This pack of sponges is so popular right now because they’re adorable enough to leave out next to your sink, and they actually work on everything from silverware to windows. They have two different sides — an absorbent foam side and a scrubber side — depending on if you’re scrubbing grease or drying a spill on your countertop. You can even clean delicate glassware or your stainless steel fridge without worrying about scratches.


These stackable mixing bowls that double as leftover containers

These stainless steel mixing bowls stack right up in your cabinet, so they won’t take up a bunch of space, and it’s easy to grab the size you need. This set also comes with airtight lids, which means you can use them for prep, serving, and storing leftovers.


These slim velvet hangers to pack even more into your closet

These velvet hangers are slim enough to stack a ton of them in your closet, so you can pack in even more clothes. Of course, the velvet coating also makes these hangers better than your usual ones because it gives them a non-slip finish, and each hanger can hold up to 10 pounds, so feel free to use these for your winter jacket.


An easy-to-store milk frother to elevate your everyday coffee

It’s worth grabbing this milk frother no matter how often you make coffee at home because when you do — it will be so much better. It quickly whips up milk or creamer to top off your usual coffee with a latte-like foam. It also comes with a little stand to store it on days when you’re getting coffee out.


These gentle, cooling satin pillowcases that look expensive

These satin pillowcases will become your new favorite because they make your bedding look and feel so luxurious — no matter what sheets or duvet you pair them with. The sides of them have an envelope-style closure to keep your pillow inside, and the fabric itself is silky soft, smooth, and cooling, so it feels as nice on your face as it looks in your room.


These odor-resistant cleaning cloths to wipe up any surface

With these reusable dish cloths, you won’t have to clutter up your countertop with a paper towel holder and roll. Instead, these double-sided and versatile cleaning cloths are small enough to tuck in a bathroom drawer or next to your kitchen sink sponge. They’re soft when wet yet gritty when dry, making them suitable for drying a ton of dishes or wiping your countertops every night (since they absorb 20 times their weight in liquid).


A reusable cleaning kit that makes dusting baseboards a breeze

Instead of avoiding cleaning baseboards all the time, this Baseboard Buddy kit with reusable microfiber pads will quickly take care of them and any annoying trim that you can’t reach — it’s as easy as walking. The 4-foot extendable scrubber has a unique shape to fit on the side and the top of baseboards at the same time. The long handle and grippy pads also help you to clean the tops of doorframes and windowsills.


A dreamy humidifier with adjustable mist & lighting

Instead of trying to hide your humidifier behind your bedside lamp or a houseplant, grab this cloud-shaped humidifier that looks like a trendy decor piece. It’s not all about the fun shape — this 1.8-liter cloud humidifier has a a variable mist knob to control the output, a night light with eight different colors, and a quiet design to make it extra-functional for bedtime.


The vacuum bags that shrink down bedding, bulky clothes & more

These vacuum bags are a go-to even if you’re not trying to fit a bunch of clothes in your suitcase because they also work in your closet. Stick all of those seasonal throw pillows in one of these durable bags, use the included hand pump or your vacuum, and the triple-sealed design will shrink them down up to 80% of their original volume to fit in your storage bins.


These clear drawers to help organize your vanity or pantry

These BPA-free plastic organizers will make all of your skincare bottles, office supplies, or snacks in your pantry look more put together. It comes with two easy-to-pull-out drawers, so you can stack them up on your vanity or fit them side by side in a kitchen cabinet, maximizing your space.


An easy-to-use steamer that has an extra-long cord

This portable steamer has a sleek design that makes it easy to fill it up with water and see the water level while you deodorize clothing and take care of wrinkles. It’s just 8 inches tall, so it’ll easily fit in your closet or suitcase, but it’s 8-foot cord allows you to use it anywhere — even on curtains.


A freezer-friendly glass food container set with airtight lids

With this set of 12 glass food containers, you’ll have all of the sizes you’ll need, from 11 to 35 ounces. It also comes with matching leak-proof and airtight lids, which help keep your leftovers fresher for longer. The borosilicate glass is also temperature safe, so you can keep them in the freezer and put them right in the oven without worrying about shattering.


This shelf for your phone that looks like a part of your outlet

This little outlet shelf will simply look like a part of your wall because it has a unique design that wraps around the outlet. The easy-to-install outlet add-on is just right for sticking your phone, headphones, Alexa, or electric toothbrush on top while you wait for it to charge instead of having it awkwardly dangle from the cord.


These silicone baking mats that save you from scrubbing sheet pans

This silicone baking mat set will let you toss those annoying tin foil boxes and you won’t have to hand-wash your baking sheet after every dinner or cookie baking session. You also won’t have to reach for oil (which always seeps under if you’re using tin foil) because this set is completely non-stick and can handle temperatures up to 400 degrees.


This trendy glass & straw set that’s easy to clean

These glasses prove that having trendy can-shaped drinkware with bamboo lids and a matching glass straw on your desk doesn’t mean you’re stuck hand-washing it after work. Instead, the glasses can go in the dishwasher, and you get plenty of mini brushes to take care of the straws.


A toothbrush holder that tackles all of your bathroom clutter

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder is such an organized setup for all of the things that end up falling over on your bathroom counter. There are obviously spots to tuck your toothbrushes (with the bristles covered and protected from germs), but it also comes with a drawer, magnetic water cups, and plenty of slots on top for razors, hairbrushes, lotion bottles, and more.


A can holder that organizes things all over the kitchen

Of course, this can organizer is the perfect shape for your sparkling water, but you can also stick cleaning supplies in it for under the sink or toss all of your frozen veggies in it to clean up your freezer. You also get two different handles on each side, so it’s easy to pull out your freshly organized cans no matter where you put them in the fridge.


These flameless taper candles to keep your trendy holders wax-free

These flameless taper candles are made with real wax, but the flickering LED light on top means you won’t have to deal with melting wax at all, but the end result is still remarkably realistic. You can also turn them all off with the remote or put them on timers so these trendy candles go off after dinner.


A cutlery organizer to keep spoons & forks tidy in 1 spot

Instead of taking up a ton of space organizing your silverware side-by-side, this bamboo cutlery organizer keeps everything way more compact. It’s all about the slim design that lets you tuck forks and spoons away vertically, and there are little icons to let you know which utensil is in each slot.


A countertop squeegee & brush that clips onto your sink

This unique brush hangs on the side of your sink with the compact L-shaped design, so you won’t have to find a spot under the sink for it. It also saves you from reaching for a paper towel because it has a built-in brush for dry crumbs on one side and a squeegee for water spills, so you can push it all into the kitchen sink.


These dustproof under bed storage bags that are easy to pull out

Go ahead and put extra clothes or your guest linens and bath towels in these under-bed storage bags. They have a reinforced handle on the front, so you can pull them out when you need them without ripping them. They also have a clear top, so you can quickly find your towels or the top you want to wear.


This floating corner shelf to stack up scattered decor

This compact corner shelf has five shelves if you want to neatly stack up all of those decor pieces and plants that don’t have a spot in your home. Each shelf can hold up to 11 pounds, and it comes in over half a dozen finishes to fit any decor style. You can also pull them apart and put a few of these lightweight shelves around your home.


A trendy mirror alarm clock with hidden USBs

This mirror alarm clock actually adds to how trendy your nightstand looks instead of taking away from it — like most clunky and dated clocks do. The compact design will look sleek next to any lamp, and it even has USB ports for your other chargers. Plus, the LED numbers have a bunch of brightness settings, so you can control the glow in your room or turn them off completely to use this as a mirror in the morning.


This coffee mug warmer that doubles as a quirky phone holder

This mug warmer is way less boring than a classic one because it has an adorable cat design that wraps around your mug. It has three temperature settings, which you can see with the LCD display. When you’re not keeping your coffee warm, this warmer has an auto-off setting and doubles as a cute little cat phone holder on your desk or bedside table.


A bathroom set for an organized & trendy countertop

This bathroom set has the chicest faux-stone finish to add plenty of trendy texture and a neutral tome to your countertop. It comes with a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, two lidded cotton ball containers, and a cup holder for makeup brushes or toothpaste. Plus, there’s a matching little tray to keep this durable set tidy.


A closet organizer to easily add shelves to your space

This closet organizer is way easier than trying to organize stray sweaters into baskets or storage bins. Instead, you can hang it in your closet and still see all of those bulky turtlenecks you don’t exactly have room for. Each reinforced shelf is sturdy enough to stack shoes on, and there are even mesh pockets on the sides for smaller accessories.


A memory foam bath mat that will *actually* stay plush

It’s super easy to not notice how flat and faded your bath mat is, so swap it out with this memory foam mat that will keep its support and shape — even after you wash it. Also, unlike that old bath mat, this plush option will actually absorb water after your showers or relaxing baths, and it comes in over 20 colors and eight sizes to match your bathroom’s decor and size.


A trendy, sweet candle for your kitchen counter

This cereal-themed soy candle with three wicks is honestly the only decor piece you need on your countertop to make your kitchen feel more whimsical and trendy. This seriously realistic candle comes with a scrumptious vanilla scent, of course, and it’s finished off with a moveable faux ceral pieces, a real glass bowl, and spoon.


A mini purifier with 3 filters & aromatherapy options

This air purifier might be compact enough to tuck it behind a house plant or on your bedside table, but it also packs in a pre filter, HEPA filter, and even an activated carbon filter to keep your air free of allergens and dust. Meanwhile, the built-in spot for essential oils helps to mask leftover smells


These pantry containers that keep your food fresh for longer

This airtight container set is easy to stack in your pantry for clean organization, but each one looks nice enough to leave out on your kitchen countertop. The reusable labels come with a chalkboard pen, so it’s not a huge deal if you get to the bottom of your BPA-free rice bin and decide to fill it up with granola.


A purple succulent to tuck next to your classic houseplants

Grab this succulent to break up all of your green houseplants because it will add a fun touch of purple. I promise adding another plant won’t be a huge deal, though, because it’s low-maintenance. To make it even easier to style in your home, it comes in a pot that’s small enough to tuck anywhere to add a pop of color to your home.


A huge wood & silicone utensil set that all matches

Grab this utensil set with wooden handles so every single one of your utensils and kitchen accessories will match, which will make your kitchen look clean and put together. This huge 33-pack of silicone tipped kitchen tools even comes with storage, like a spoon-rest mat, a utensil holder, and even a bunch of hooks to hang all of your new spoons and spatulas up.


These LED puck lights that illuminate spaces for 100 hours

These LED puck lights are honestly all you’ll need for your kitchen cabinets or that closet that has the worst lighting. It comes with slim lights that are super compact, but they’ll still illuminate your entire kitchen countertop. These adhesive (screws optional) lights also turn on when you touch them and they’ll light up your kitchen for up to 100 hours.


These rug grippers that keep corners safe & secure

With these rug grippers you won’t have to pull that annoying outdoor rug back in to place every time it’s a little bit windy outside. You can stick the versatile adhesive design on your porch, patio, and of course, on your floors inside to keep all of your rugs in place.


A mounted kitchen jar opener that works on lids of all sizes

With this under-cabinet jar opener, you won’t have to add another clunky tool to your kitchen. You can slide all sizes of hard-to-open lids into this tool, and they’ll quickly twist right off, yes even giant jars of jam or tiny vanilla bottle caps. You can even use it with one hand if you need to stir veggies while you open your go-to pasta sauce.

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