The 80 cheapest, most genius gifts on Amazon

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by Olivia Bowman and Christina X. Wood

When it comes time to impress the people on your naughty or your nice list (or just show them that you care!) there’s no better place to turn than Amazon. There’s a genius gift for literally everyone — even the discerning dad who “doesn’t want anything.” And there’s of course the wild convenience of said gifts being affordable, and turning up at your doorstep without the need to jostle your way through hyped-up, cranky crowds.

Indeed, there are countless clever gifts on Amazon that people actually want, ranging from the weird — like an indoor s’mores maker for that camp-dessert enthusiast in your life — to the wonderful, like smart plugs that let anyone control devices using voice alone.

There are sumptuous body-care goodies for the self-care aficionado (or those who could do to become one!), kitchen gadgets for quick and gourmet foodie delights, and handy tools to help the less mechanically- or DIY-inclined channel their inner handy-person.

These are gifts that are a touch off the beaten path, that are downright brilliant in their own way, and are sure to elicit a chuckle, an exclamation, or a satisfied sigh of relaxation-to-come for even the most challenging giftee. So scroll on — get your buy-list ready, and find something positively genius that won’t break the bank, but will make you the gift-giving hero of the season.

1. These Relaxing Shower Cubes That Help Wash Away Stress & Fatigue

Who said a shower can’t be as relaxing as a bath? These aromatherapy shower cubes are packed with pure lavender and chamomile essential oils, which dissolve in the shower vapors to wash away stress and wind you down before bed. Place one of the steamer cubes at the back of your shower outside of the direct water stream, and breathe in the aromatherapeutic properties they have to offer.

2. This Gel Eye Mask That Can Be Frozen Or Heated For Soothing Relief

Whether you’re suffering from headaches, migraines, puffy eyes, or just general facial inflammation, this stress-relieving frozen eye mask will instantly rejuvenate. Made with plush fabric on one side and gel beads inside a silicone cover on the other, you can wear the mask either way to soothe your eye area after a long day. Freeze it for up to 35 minutes for a cooling effect, or place it in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time for warmth.

3. A Facial Roller & Gua Sha Duo That Encourages Supple Skin

Facial roller and gua sha treatments are rising in popularity, and, in a spa setting, can cost you quadruple what this two-in-one roller and gua sha set does. Both tools are made from pretty pink rose quartz, and help soothe muscle tension, reduce facial puffiness, and make your skin feel taut and lifted. These benefits landed this set a 4.6 star rating, and you can give it as the ultimate luxurious skincare gift.

4. These Silky-Smooth Pillowcases That Treat Hair & Skin Like A Dream

Sleeping on luxurious satin will not only make you feel like royalty, but might actually make you look like it too. This two-pack of satin pillowcases majorly upgrades your bedscape, but also helps prevent frizzy hair and facial creases. They have less friction than typical cotton pillowcases, and are easier to care for than silk (not to mention more affordable). A hidden zipper prevents your pillow from slipping out in the middle of the night.

5. These Crease-Free Hair Ties That Are Comfier Than Elastics

If you’ve had long-ish hair, you’ve probably experienced the pulling and tangles that happen when you put it up. These spiral hair ties are superior because they spread the pressure of the hair elastic over a greater surface area, and won’t crease and damage your locks. I love these for wet or dry hair, and don’t notice breakage, damage, or any kind of pain, even after wearing them for hours (plus they make a great stocking stuffer!)

6. These Under-Masks With Powerful (& Odd) Rejuvenating Ingredients

It might sound a little gross, but these under-eye patches with snail slime work wonders on dehydrated, dark, and puffy eyes. They also contain 24K gold, and not unlike the Bruno Mars song, they’ll recharge your eye area and make you look and feel expensive. The jar contains 30 pairs, which they recommend leaving on for 15 minutes one to two times a week for optimal results.

7. A Set Of Colorful Loofahs That Gently Cleanse & Exfoliate

For light, everyday exfoliation, you can’t go wrong with this set of shower poufs. The pack of three comes with three colors, and is made to use with any body wash or soap to create a rich lather that helps the product stretch further than it would on its own. Use them to cleanse and remove dead skin all in one go, and hang dry with the attached ribbons for easy storage.

8. This Budget-Friendly Milk Frother For Artisan Coffee At Home

Encourage the Starbucks-lover in your life to ditch the daily coffee run and upgrade their at-home latte game with this elegant handheld milk frother. It uses two AA batteries and a stainless steel whisk to do up the frothy and creamy milk of their choice. It even comes with its own stand so it can be shown off next to their coffee maker or mug collection, and washes off easily under running water.

9. These Portable Drops That Prevent Wine Headaches

If you experience headaches after just a glass or two of wine, you might be sensitive to the sulfites and tannins inherent in vino. Rather than treating your wine through expensive filters, just put a few of these wine drops in each glass or bottle, swirl, and enjoy. It’s flavorless and suitable for use with any type of wine, and is gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free. The 10ml bottle is subtler than other treatment methods, and allows you to avert wine headaches anywhere, not just at home.

10. An Icy Roller That Relieves Tension & Soothes Puffiness Anywhere On The Body

Similar to the effects of a jade or rose quartz roller, this facial ice roller helps soothe tension and pain, calm inflamed skin, and smooth puffiness. But you’re not just limited to using it on your face: It’s also great for reducing swelling all over the body, without the mess of an ice pack. Keep it in the fridge constantly or freeze it in about 10 minutes for soothed, calmer-feeling skin.

11. This Silicone Brush That Applies Face Masks & Products In One Clean Sweep

Ever wonder how face masks look so neat in skincare campaigns and celebrity selfies, but like a toddler painted them on when you apply them at home? The secret is this face mask brush, which allows you to apply thin, even layers of face masks and other products neatly to your face. Use with masks, peels, serums, and more — they can even withstand hot wax and other high-temp products. And the pack of two is less than $4, so you can afford to stock up on a set for every skincare fanatic in your life.

12. A Rechargeable Lighter For Indoor & Outdoor Use

For camping and other outdoor adventures, there’s no better lighter to carry than this rechargeable, electric one. Not only does it come in a swanky rose gold (among other colors), it charges with a USB and is windproof, splashproof, and portable. The neck of the lighter can be tilted at any angle, so it’s great for lighting candles and other hard-to-reach items without burning yourself.

13. This Screen Magnifier That Projects Your Favorite Movies From Your Smartphone

If you’re like me and don’t like watching anything longer than a TikTok on your phone, then this phone screen magnifier is a game-changer. It works like a projector, with an HD lens that sits in front of your smartphone and effectively doubles the size of your screen. It’s compatible with most smartphones, and works great for more comfortably watching YouTube, TV shows, movies, and more.

14. These Smart Plugs That Let You Control Devices In Your Home With Your Voice

Instantly turn any of the electronics in your home into smart devices with the help of these easy-to-install smart plugs. They’re compatible with Echo and Google Home devices, so you can plug your lights, appliances, holiday decorations, and more into them and control them with your voice. Alternately, use the Kasa app. Create schedules, make groups, and set timers to manage your power usage and more while you’re away from home.

15. These iPhone Chargers That Work Faster & Are Extra Durable

Phone chargers are a practical necessity, so it’s important to invest in quality cords. This three-pack of iPhone chargers has braided nylon jackets, and each can withstand way more bending than your traditional rubber-insulated cord. They’re also six feet long for convenience, and have a copper wire inside for charging your device faster. And who can beat the $10 price tag?

16. An Ergonomic Reading Light That Snuggles Around Your Neck

If you like to read in bed while a partner snoozes away, then you need to invest in this LED reading light. It rests comfortably around the neck, illuminating a book and not the room at large. It has three modes and six brightness levels, with a narrow beam that won’t disturb anyone else in the room. It’s ergonomically designed and can bend to any angle, so you can read chapter after chapter in any position you choose.

17. This Sturdy Stand That Provides Hands-Free Use Of Phone, Tablet, Or E-Reader

Read books, follow along with recipe videos, video chat with pals, and much more with this adjustable tablet stand. It bends up to 100 degrees for a comfortable viewing angle no matter if you’re working at a desk or standing in the kitchen. It fits any tablet, phone, or e-reader from four to 12 inches wide, and folds up compactly so you can easily travel with it anywhere you go.

18. This 18-in-1 Multi Tool You Won’t Want To Leave Home Without

You’ll want to give everyone in your life this portable, snowflake-shaped multi-tool, which performs 18 functions in one little package. It includes a slotted screwdriver, box cutter, bottle opener, variously-sized wrenches, and so much more. And it really doesn’t pack much of a punch, size-wise: It weighs only 2.3 ounces, and is meant to be hung on a key ring or backpack zipper for portable convenience.

19. A Magnetic Wristband That’s The Ultimate Gift For Construction & Handiwork

Pick the handiest person in your life and give them this magnetic wristband, which holds any small metal object securely, like screws, nails, small tools, even bobby pins, and more. It also comes with a magnetic pick-up tool, which makes retrieving small objects from the ground or a toolbox a breeze. The band also has two pockets for items of the non-magnetized sort, and is made from a breathable mesh that’s comfortable all day long.

20. This Grip Socket Set That Will Become The Most Adaptable Tool In Your Toolkit

This versatile grip socket set makes a great addition to any tool box. It allows you to work on specialized projects that require oddly-sized screws, nuts, and bolts, and also allows you to work faster and more efficiently without wasting time looking for the correct size. It works with both drills and wrenches, and one size fits most fasteners.

21. This Beanie With A Built-In Headlamp For Outdoor Exploring

Now that days are getting shorter and colder, it’s the perfect time to snag this light-up beanie for yourself or a loved one. It serves the function of a headlamp and beanie in one, so it’ll keep you warm — and illuminate the path up to 30 feet ahead of you at the same time. It’s ideal for runners, dog walkers, and other outdoor adventurers who find themselves out and about in the early morning or the evening, and is even machine washable after removing the LED light.

22. A Morse Code Bracelet That Only You & Your Giftee Will Understand

Send a secret message for only you and your recipient with this unique Morse code bracelet. It spells out a phrase in sterling silver beads that align with Morse code, with messages such as “Bad Ass,” “U Got This,” or “I Love You.” A drawstring closure allows you to adjust the bracelet as needed. Any enthusiasts of weird are sure to appreciate this personal gift.

23. A Mug Warmer That Keeps Hot Drinks At Perfect Sipping Temp All Day

I’m constantly making tea, then promptly abandoning it to go cold somewhere in the house. The Mr. Coffee mug warmer is an easy, affordable solution: The totable warmer can be taken anywhere, and warms up drinks in two minutes or less. No more nuking coffee in the microwave or dumping a wasted beverage down the drain — and cleanup is easy because the surface of the warmer wipes clean in seconds.

24. A Forehead Thermometer That Reads In 1 Second

Get an easy read on your health using this high-precision, contactless forehead thermometer. It’s equipped with a highly-accurate infrared sensor that determines your temperature in one second, and is practically a household and workplace necessity. The built-in color indicator lets you know immediately whether you’re safe to be out and about, or whether you should stay home.

25. This Avocado Slicer That’s Actually Three Tools In One

Avocado fiends (like myself) will appreciate the convenience of this three-in-one slicer, which splits, pits, and slices avocados without having to dig out separate tools. A serrated blade cuts the avocado in half without slicing your hands, while the pitter removes the pit in one go, and the fan blade cuts the flesh into seven even pieces for serving. It’s safe to use and even dishwasher safe on the top rack, so this is a great gift for someone currently outfitting their kitchen.

26. This scalp massager for an easy, head-tingling delight

You know how good it feels when you get a haircut and the stylist gives an amazing head scratch and massage with the shampoo? This scalp care brush makes it simple to give yourself the same treatment every time you shower. Reviewers report that it not only feels terrific, but helps clean up an itchy, flaky scalp through exfoliation. The nubs are made from gentle, flexible silicone.

27. These rocks glasses that bring the forest to cocktail hour

Pour your amber-colored whiskey into these mountain-made and designed, screen-printed tumblers, and it will look like the sun is setting just beyond the distant trees. The forest image is stunningly detailed, covers most of the glass, and tapers to a few botanically accurate trees, leaving a viewing area so you can pour accurately (or not, depending on your taste).

28. These wool & cotton socks that are warm & eye-catching

These ultra-plush socks are the perfect blend of warm wool and soft cotton to create a cozy, gentle-to-the-skin sock that’s also festively fun to look at. You get a full four pairs for $17, which is often the price of one pair of woolens, so it’s hard to fault the price. The patterns are fall-fabulous and there are 16 options to choose from.

29. This lumbar support pillow for a more comfortable chair

If logging long hours in your desk chair or car seat results in a sore back, this lumbar pillow brings the comfy support your back is craving. Two straps hold it firmly to your seat, the contours support the shape of your lower back, and it’s covered in a breathable mesh so you don’t get too hot. Almost 6,000 people give it a perfect five stars.

30. A warm, fuzzy throw that’s pretty & incredibly soft

Pulling something warm and impossibly soft over you when you get a chill on the couch is one of the great pleasures of cool weather — or robust air conditioning — and this fluffy and incredibly soft throw is almost like a microfiber fur, with long fibers that create terrific loft. It’s roomy, affordable, and comes in seven colors.

31. This sandwich grill for toasty lunches at home or camping

Assemble your sandwich in this two-sided grill, close the sides together, and triumphantly hold it over your stove or campfire because delicious, toasted, melty sandwiches are minutes away. The nonstick surface requires no oil and cleans up brilliantly with just a quick wipe. The sandwiches it creates are, according to reviewers, fantastic. They even have professional-style grill lines.

32. This bag that completely organizes your tech gear

With dedicated pockets for everything from your mouse and battery backup to your charging cable and tiny memory cards, this zip-around bag will transform the interior of your laptop travel bag. An organizational dream, it makes everything easy to find and untangled when you reach for it. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, and easy to identify as your tech kit.

33. A trifold wallet you can clip to a belt loop (with ‘90s cool cache)

Never lose your wallet again once you move to this leather tri-fold wallet with a lengthy chain that clips to a belt loop. Even a clever pickpocket won’t be able to get this away from you and it easily holds cash and eight credit cards. It has an ID window and comes in four styles (JNCOs not included).

34. This lavender-scented eye mask for your moment of Zen

When your eyes are tired and dry from long hours working in front of a computer, heat this eye pillow up in the microwave and lie down with it for a relaxing moment of self care. The heat helps your peepers recover from dryness, the scent is relaxing, and the fabric is deliciously soft on the delicate skin around your eyes.

35. An insulated tumbler so you can stylishly take any beverage to go

Whether you want to sip a smoothie, a cold brew, or your own filtered water, this big, 24-ounce tumbler is the to-go container to use. It comes with two lids: the straw lid is perfect for your smoothie or cold coffee beverage, and the flip-top works for anything and is leakproof. This tumbler is double-wall insulated so it will keep your drink hot or cold for hours.

36. A bagel slicer for perfect halves that won’t cut your hands

Slicing bagels is a dangerous kitchen activity, but this bagel guillotine makes it safe for you — if not for the bagels. The sharp implement and unwieldy bagel are housed together inside a clear safety chamber where you can watch as you plunge the super-sharp blade neatly into the bagel, slicing it evenly in half without leaving any crumbs for you to clean up.

37. This kit that makes creating your own sushi so simple

With this kit, making sushi becomes something you can do at home whenever the mood strikes. The rice paddle and spreader make it simple to layer cooked rice onto your nori sheets. Then just use the rolling mat to roll up your sushi roll, and take a sharp knife to it for slicing into tasty morsels. It even comes with five pairs of chopsticks for you and your buds to down your creations.

38. A lightweight hoodie priced so you can buy all the colors

Stock up on this affordable, lightweight, 50 percent cotton, pull-over hoodie and boost your wardrobe so you have something to wear every day till laundry day. This roomy hoodie comes in 15 colors so it’s easy to find several that you — or your friends and family — want. Just shy of 48,000 people rate it a perfect five stars.

39. This breezy bamboo blanket that comes in ten colors

If you want to add a layer to the bed without dialing the heat level up too much to comfortably sleep, this soft, cooling bamboo blanket is just the ticket. It feels cool to the touch and is lightweight so you can snooze through the night, even if you tend to wake up overheated. It will also add a breathable layer to your other bedding so that air flows freely and you don’t sweat.

40. The simple device that streams media to any TV

Want to watch Netflix from your TV or projector? Tired of switching remotes to change the volume on your TV or the channel from your streaming device? This simple Roku unit will stream just about any channel to any TV that has an HDMI port, and it will improve the visuals, sound, and remote control experience at the same time. Just plug it into your TV, connect the remote to all your devices, and watch whatever you want.

41. This massage roller that relaxes tight muscles

When your back is stiff from working at a desk or your calves are seizing up from your morning run, pull out this massage roller and instantly give yourself a delightful massage. Or, use it when massaging a friend to save your hands from doing all the hard work. You can apply oils or use it without. The small size makes it easy to keep handy for massage anytime the mood strikes.

42. A classic, long-sleeve crewneck from Carhartt

This t-shirt has a fan club. And it’s easy to see why, since it’s a heavyweight, all-cotton tee with a loose fit, long sleeves, and a chest pocket. That it’s durable, looks good on your form, and comes in 16 colors is gravy on top. Over 21,000 people give it five stars and many say that it’s the only tee they will wear.

43. A humidifier for your plants or personal space

When the heat or air conditioning are running, your indoor environment can get very dry. This can lead to sinus problems for you and a survival challenge for your plants. This ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier handily moisturizes small spaces to alleviate all of that. Set it to shut off automatically after a couple of hours or let it run for ten. It doubles as a night light and will turn itself off if it runs out of water.

44. This egg cooker for perfect eggs every time

Cook six perfectly soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs without any skill or cleanup. Just set them into this egg cooker and push a button, then a bell will ring when your eggs are just as you like them. You can also make poached eggs and omelets in the specialized trays that come with it. It comes in eight colors to complement your kitchen and gets nearly 14,000 five-star reviews.

45. The microwave popcorn popper that’s so easy to use

Skip the expensive (and fiddly) bags of microwave popcorn and keep this popper and some kernels on hand instead. You can have popcorn anytime, and you have complete control over the ingredients. Add kernels and the oil of your preference, microwave for a couple of minutes, and add butter and salt — or get creative with seasonings. You’ll have a perfect bowl of custom popcorn every time.

46. A warm beanie for all your cold-weather activities

This classic beanie from Carhartt will keep you warm because it’s lined with serious Thinsulate flex 40g insulation. It’s made of a soft, ribbed knit so you won’t get itchy and overheated. But the best part may be that it comes in four, terrific muted colors that work with nearly any winter wear. It gets almost 3,000 five-star reviews.

47. These velvet pillow covers for a quick style upgrade

Transform your couch or bed in just a few minutes by covering your pillows with these soft and velvety covers that come in ten rich colors. Just choose the color you wish and the size you need and zip them right over the pillows you have for a quick upgrade to your home environment.

48. A lap desk so you can work on the couch

When the couch looks like the best option for working on your laptop, pull out this lap desk with a cushiony, dual-bolster bottom so it’s comfortable and cool on your thighs. There’s a built-in mouse pad and phone stand for a complete, office-worthy setup. A ledge keeps your laptop from sliding off, a handle on the top makes it easy to move about, and it comes in six colors and patterns.

49. These dual-tipped Sharpies that write & highlight

The expansive selection of gorgeous colors in this Sharpie collection is not just pretty — it’s super useful. Dress up your bullet journal or take organized (or flashy) notes by switching easily from the fine point end to the chisel-tip highlighter. They neatly pave the way for seamless and colorful note-taking and creative endeavors.

50. These stick-on LED strips to create slick lighting effects

You can peel and stick these light-changing LED strip lights to anything to create subtle, exotic, or wild party lighting in any room. Light the bed frame, your cupboards, under the kitchen cabinets, your gaming area, or anywhere you want to enhance the ambience. Then choose the color and brightness that suits your mood using the simple remote. There’s over 65 feet of lighting strip in this package.

51. A vibrating foot spa to revitalize your tired dogs

When your feet need some love, fill this vibrating foot bath with hot water and some scented salts and kick back. It vibrates to give your feet an allover relaxing massage, and there’s a removable pinpoint attachment ideal for getting between toes and into arches. And there’s no need to get up — you can turn it on and off with your toes.

52. This nubby foam roller that gets deep into muscles

When you’ve worked your muscles to the point of pain, and a smooth foam roller (or ball, or friend) isn’t giving you the relief you seek, take things up a notch with this bumpy foam roller that gets in there to really work out the kinks. It has a variety of massage zones and comes with directions to get the most out of it. Almost 19,000 people give it five stars.

53. This slim wallet that neatly holds all your cards

The clever accordion design of this wallet holds 15 credit cards in a small space, while making each one easy to access at a glance. There is also room for your folded money and a dedicated space for your ID that’s designed so you can get it out quickly. It clips to a belt loop for security and comes in 26 colors.

54. A pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet you will use constantly

You might have other pans, but this Lodge cast-iron skillet is the one you will keep on the stove and use for everything from fried eggs to baked cornbread. It’s the perfect size at 12 inches in diameter, is pre-seasoned so you don’t have to worry about that rigamarole, and gets better and better the more you cook with it. There’s a silicone grip cover included so you can handle it without a thick mitt.

55. This set of flameless candles for risk-free mood lighting

Instead of running around lighting a massive collection of holiday candles, kick back and use a remote control to instantly spark this set of nine. There’s no dripping wax or fire risk to contend with, and a timer feature allows you to set them to automatically turn off. They’re hyper realistic down to the flame flicker, and reviewers describe them as “beautiful and easy to use.”

56. A beautiful fountain pen for leveled-up creative writing

If you’ve ever wanted to try writing with a fountain pen, these beautiful and carefully balanced cartridge-ink versions from Wordsworth & Black are a great place to start (or to add to your collection). They come in a case with six extra cartridges and deliver a smooth inkflow so that your journaling or letter writing will be a study in creativity and beauty.

57. The nightlight that hides in your light switch

When it’s too dark to even fumble for the light switch, you will be grateful for this handy night light that’s built right into the switch plate. It has three dimmer settings and automatically comes on when it’s dark, throwing just enough light to find the switch or to find your way around the bathroom. There are three available colors and it has an easy, snap-on installation.

58. A sleek & modern alarm clock you can use as a mirror

The big, bold face of this mirror-finish alarm clock is easy to peep from anywhere in the room when you want to know the time. It does double-duty as a mirror with a switch-off display, so is perfect for a bathroom or vanity. Two USB ports charge your phone, the display has three brightness levels and an automatic night mode, and it comes in eight colors to sleek-ify any room.

59. These absorbent coasters with replaceable liners

This clever coaster design solves all your cold-drink condensation problems with a brilliant replaceable felt liner. The rubber base protects your furniture while the felt absorbs water. When the felt gets wet, just remove it and replace it. You can wash the liners and use them indefinitely or buy replacements whenever you like. The rubber and felt pieces come in four snazzy colors.

60. A face mask that seriously exfoliates in just ten minutes

Reviewers love the youthful glow this glycolic acid peel gives them in just ten minutes. They report that after using it — just apply, listen to a couple of your favorite songs, and wash it off — a dewy, new layer of soft skin is revealed. They’re fans of the stuff for smoothing out texture, lightening scars, and reducing pigmentation. Almost 16,000 people bestow it with five stars.

61. This set of glass jars to elegantly contain your spices

It’s smart to buy spices in bulk, as you get better product for less money. But, you need a place to store it all. These glass jars with sealing bamboo lids are perfect for that. Each of the borosilicate glass jars holds just over two ounces, and they come with chalkboard labels so you can easily ID what’s in them.

62. The snazzy wireless earbuds with an affordable price tag

It turns out you don’t have to drop hundreds to possess a pair of wireless earbuds complete with wireless charging case, that are waterproof, pair instantly with each other and with your phone, and that have a 30-hour battery life (including the case.) You just have to choose what color you want — there are five. There’s a big fan club for these TOZO t10s, which have racked up 173,000 perfect reviews.

63. A pair of pillowy slides for waterproof comfort

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hanging around the house, or using the showers at the gym, these waterproof pillow slides are hard to beat. They’re thick and cushiony soft, so your feet will love them. It’s totally encouraged to wear them in the splash zone, as they’re waterproof and have grippy soles that won’t slip. There are 14 colors to choose from — pick up a rainbow set for yourself and your pool guests.

64. This camping chair that carries all your stuff

When you’re headed to an outdoor concert, sporting event, or campsite, you need a handy chair that does more than give you a place to park your posterior. This one has a built-in cooler so four beverages of your choice are cold and at-the-ready, along with a cup holder for the aforementioned drink, and pockets to hold your reading material and phone. It folds up easily, comes with a carry bag, and has a roomy seat.

65. These affirmation cards that deal in laughter

You might be the cynical and pessimistic type, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use affirmations to help overcome obstacles, take care of yourself, and keep truckin’. You just need those affirmations to come with a bit of cheek and intelligence. Affirmators! is that collection, printed on fun, illustrated cards. They’ll make you laugh — they’re written by comedian Suzi Barrett — while also helping improve your outlook.

66. A jump rope with two rope options for varying fitness goals

The Ballistyx jump rope is smooth and engineered to last through countless workouts. A light speed rope gets your heart pumping, and a heavier power rope raises the ante to improve conditioning or take your workout up a notch. Both are strong cables, though, that turn on a 360-degree ball bearing in the silicone grip handles. They also come with membership in an online jumprope mastery program for added support.

67. An aluminum fidget toy to keep your hands busy

For some people, it’s nearly impossible to concentrate without clicking a pen, tapping a foot, or drumming on the table, which can be (is) annoying to others. This fidget toy satisfies that urge by giving your hands something to keep them busy — flipping and rebuilding the shape of this pleasantly weighted toy — but is very quiet. It’s a great gift for the fidgeters in your life.

68. A sound machine so noises & tensions don’t distract

When you are trying to concentrate, have a serious conversation, work, or sleep, the noises made by other people, traffic, or your own thoughts can be an irritating distraction. Playing the non-verbal and calming sounds from this Magicteam machine masks those distractions with sounds that help you focus or sleep. It has an auto shutoff feature so it won’t play all night, and will remember your preferences.

69. This pair of pillows for a quick decor update

This pair of big — 18” x 18” — square pillows rendered in a velvety microfiber will quickly bring a soft accent and a pop of color to your dwelling. The affordable pillows come in ten colors to create the look you want (or for easy experimenting), and within 24 hours of arriving, fluff up to a soft and comfy resting spot for your bed, couch, or armchair.

70. A face cleanser that’s gentle and hydrating

This CeraVe foaming facial cleanser isn’t expensive, but it’s packed with the things you need. It’s gentle and hydrating so doesn’t strip skin of its essential moisture, but still effectively removes dirt or makeup. In fact, it restores and protects your skin’s barrier with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin, that leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

71. This tiny patch that heals blemishes overnight

When you have a blemish on your face, it can be hard to go out into the world. When that happens, these patches are your best friend. They’re like tiny bandaids that are breathable and absorbent, which helps drain and heal blemishes. Just pop one on at bedtime, and in the morning, things will be clearer. You can can also wear them under makeup to keep the healing train going while hiding the zit

72. These hooks that create storage where there was none

Turn the underside of your cabinets into storage that’s not only easy to access, but that also turns your collection of whisks, spoons, and other tools into functional art. These two metal hangers screw or glue to the underside of your cabinets and bring six rotating hooks within easy reach of your workspace.

73. This cheese-making kit for a new & tasty hobby

If you love cheese and are curious about crafting it, this kit has everything you need to become your very own fromager. It comes with all the specialized ingredients and instructions required to turn your own milk into mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, mascarpone, and goat cheese. Not only does it make a great and unique gift, but it’s an easy way to get started on a delicious (and money-saving) hobby.

74. A single-serving ice-cream maker for instant gratification

If you have this clever and diminutive ice cream maker at home — and the bowl in the freezer — you are always just a few minutes from having fresh, delicious ice cream. Follow a traditional recipe (a book of them is included) or throw in a novel juice, yogurt, or fruit that you have on hand and see how it turns out. It comes in three colors and makes one pint. Share if you like.

75. This machine so you can have camp-worthy s’mores in the living room

Sure, the weather’s terrible and you’re trapped indoors — but you can still have campfire quality s’mores. This indoor electric s’mores maker has everything you need to turn graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow into toasty, melty, decadent sandwiches. Just plug it in and wave the marshmallows over the heating element using the included stainless steel roasting forks.

76. This collection of moisturizers derived from nature

Burt’s Bees lip balms have die-hard hordes of fans. This starter kit takes that incredible — nature-focused — moisture ethos everywhere from lips to feet, with five introductory-sized treats. The cleansing cream uses soap bark and chamomile to clean without chemicals, the hand salve is rich with beeswax, the body lotion is a delicious blend of milk and honey, and the coconut foot cream is a pampering lotion for dry dogs. And of course, there’s a tube of the famous lip balm.

77. A personal blender that whizzes up a wide array of treats

Throw some tomatoes, onion, and peppers into the jar and push the button for salsa. Make a quick and delicious blended omelet for a fast breakfast. Whip up a single serving of hummus. Grind your coffee beans. Or make yourself a morning smoothie from fresh fruit. The base of this clever, personal blender fits the three jars of various sizes for whatever you plan to make. Two lids let you store your creation without needing to mess with another container.

78. A gift box of indulgent hand & body creams

These classic, luxe creams and oils from L’Occitane are a pure indulgence. There’s body oil ideal for skin that’s fresh from a hot shower, a portable tube of hand cream loaded with Shea butter, an ultra-rich body cream that’s a luxurious treat for dry skin, and a lightweight comfort cream that heals and restores. It all comes in a pretty, giftable box (and may create an addiction to these luxury products).

79. An easy tire inflator you can keep in the car

Keep this tire inflator in the trunk of your car and you will never find yourself in the unenviable position of “stranded with a flat.” Simply plug it into your car’s lighter/12V for power. Then attach it to your tire, hit the big green button, and wait till the dial tells you the tire is at capacity. It’s so simple, even the mechanically challenged can do it.

80. This pour-over coffee maker for a perfect cup

This classic pour-over has survived the test of time because its visual — and functional — simplicity is so pleasing. Just pop a stainless steel coffee filter into the neck, pour a small amount of hot water in to warm the grounds, then slowly flow in the rest for an ideal brew. Remove the filter and pick up the carafe using the insulating, cork-wrapped neck, and enjoy that delicious cup o’ joe.

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