The 50 cheapest, most exciting products on Amazon

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Amazon is always stocking up on new things to buy for your body, home, and life — and some of the most exciting things on the online retailer are so cheap when you consider how much they impact your life. Of course, cheap does not mean a downgraded version of something you may already have. Cheap just means that it’s actually possible to upgrade parts of your life without shelling out a ton of cash. Amazon makes that clear.

There are genius products like this defrosting tray that uses thermal conductivity from aluminum to quickly thaw frozen meat and these cleansing facial sponges that end up costing just 20 cents each when purchasing the pack. But there are so many cool new things that I felt compelled to make this list to make the endless possibilities of fun, exciting, and cheap stuff on Amazon easier to navigate.

So before you go out and spends hundreds on fancy-looking products that aren’t guaranteed to have a quality that matches the price, scroll ahead.


These fire pit packets that create rainbow flames

Switch up the vibe of your bonfire (or indoor fireplace) with these fire pit packets that create rainbow-colored flames. Throw the entire packet into any indoor or outdoor pit and enjoy over an hour of purple, blue, green, orange, and pink flames. You’ll be surprised just how much it amplifies your experience.


An easy-to-install bidet attachment for a more hygienic cleanse

For a more hygienic clean and quick bathroom upgrade, install this bidet attachment to your toilet in just minutes without the use of any tools. The spray nozzle emits cold water and has an adjustable pressure so that you can customize the experience to perfectly fit your needs. No batteries or electricity is needed.


This stainless steel travel mug that makes pour-over coffee

Carry this travel mug with you wherever you go for freshly brewed joe on the go. All you have to do is place the included pour-over filter on top, fill it with the coffee grinds of your choice, and pour in hot water. The insulated, copper lined vacuum layer will keep your fresh brew hot for over six hours or cold for over 20.


This sun visor that gets rid of glare while driving

The sun visors that are built in to every car are useful for blocking out the sun but don’t do much for the glare that typically comes on those bright days. This visor extension drops down an extra screen to filter out the polarized light and give you a more high definition visual of what’s in front of you. Grab one for more a more comfortable and safe drive.


A wireless item finder with a 131-foot range

If you spend nearly as much time looking for your keys as actually having them in hand, these key finders will make your life a lot easier. This pack includes four receivers that can be slipped into your wallet, stuck onto a remote, or hung onto your keys. When you inevitably lose something, use the receiver to set off an alarm from up to 131 feet away. The receiver also has a built-in flashlight so you can follow the high-decibel alarm in the dark too.


This wireless doorbell that will last up to 3 years

After taking just minutes to install this wireless doorbell set, you’ll be set for three years. The long-lasting battery works to transmit any of the 52 chime options up to 1,000 feet away. Place the two transmitters anywhere in your house to be notified of visitors by powerful volume that can be adjusted between four different settings. The weatherproof system can withstand temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


The bendable ice cube trays that makes perfectly round ice

This isn’t your average set of ice cube trays. This four-piece set comes with two easy-to-bend trays that make perfectly round ice, instantly upgrading your cocktails. Just fill the bottom tray, attach the top, and you’ll have spheres — no funnel required. This set also comes with a bucket to store your ice and a mini scoop.


A cold brew maker with a non-slip base

Why pay $8 for one cup of cold brew, when you can make your own right at home with this glass coffee maker? The thick and durable glass can hold up to 32 ounces of liquid and is equipped with a built-in precision-cut filter so you can add in your favorite ground beans and make enough for the whole family. Tighten the fit cap around the dual silicone rings for freshness that can last a while.


A defrosting tray that speeds up the cooking process

Spend less time waiting for your food to come to temperature with this defrosting tray. The large surface can fit multiple pieces of meat at once and is made of high-quality aluminum, whose thermal conductivity speeds up the thawing process. Each tray has non-slip corners to keep it in place on your counter.


This soothing ice roller that will help your skin glow

Soothe your face and body with this ice roller. After popping it into the freezer for a little while, this roller with an ergonomic handle and water- and gel-filled head can help to decrease puffiness and reduce redness, all while adding some relief to your skin for a fresh, new glow.


An easy-to-use grinder to turn pills into powder

This pill grinder is a quick and easy way to avoid the inevitable fight that happens when trying to give kids or pets their medicine or vitamins. Its compact stainless steel design is built to crush multiple pills at a time, ranging in size and shape. Simply turn the handle and you’ll have a fine powder in just seconds.


These stainless steel taco holders that make them easy to serve

As delicious as tacos are, they’re not the easiest dish to serve. Pull out these taco holders for a display that’s fit for a restaurant and will stop your meat, onions, and cheese from spilling all over your plate. The stainless steel stands have three slots and are safe to put in the oven and dishwasher or on the grill.


This high-power steamer that removes germs & bacteria

While wiping down your home’s surfaces certainly removes a great amount of dust and dirt, using this steam cleaner will dig deeper to remove grime and grease from crevices that your hands can’t reach. This model uses 100 watts of high-pressure, high-temperature steam power to sanitize and remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also comes with seven multi-surface cleaning tools including a jet nozzle, three color-coded round bristle brushes, a grout tool, a flat scraper tool, and an angle concentrator tool.


A beard bib that keeps your sink clean while shaving

Avoid the mess and annoying cleanup or shaving with this beard bib that collects all the stray hairs on its slick surface so you can easy dump them in the trash instead of clogging the drain. And don’t worry about holding it up while shaving — the strong suction cups stick to the mirror to form a table-like platform directly beneath your chin.


This candle lighter that recharges with a USB cord

If you’ve ever burned yourself with matches or been annoyed when a traditional lighter runs out of fuel, this rechargeable candle lighter will be your new favorite thing. The flameless lighter uses plasma to cause a spark to light up candles, grills, campfires, and more. It’s rechargeable with a USB and powers up completely in just one hour.


This loud alarm clock that runs away from you

If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning as much as I do sometimes, this alarm clock on wheels is the annoying solution you absolutely need. It’s annoying in all the right ways — including a loud robot beep that will stir deep sleepers and a design that can jump off your nightstand and roll around your bedroom until you turn it off. Once you’re out of bed, you’re out, but if you need to snooze the Clocky, you can for one to eight minutes.


These bamboo drawer dividers that expand

These drawer dividers can organize even the messiest junk drawer. The bamboo slabs can expand from 17.5 to 22 inches, making them easy to position in any size space. Plus, the soft foam pads on both ends prevent any damage to your drawer’s walls, and the bamboo wood blends in with your furniture. Compartmentalize food, skincare, clothes, office supplies, or anything else that needs tidying up.


An under cabinet jar opener that works on any size bottle

This jar opener has a compact design that adheres under any cabinet or table so that it’s completely hidden until being used. It has a handy V-shaped design that can open any size bottle or jar from a little cap of nail polish to an extra-large container pickles.


A tri-fold vanity mirror with 21 bright LED lights

This vanity mirror is equipped with 21 LED lights that can be dimmed or brightened to give you just the right amount of light to do your makeup or fix your hair. The 180-degree rotation and tri-fold design let’s you have multiple angles so you can make sure everything is presentable and at its best. If you need a closer look, use the high-definition side panel that magnifies both 2x and 3x.


A reversible magnet that reminds you if the dishes are dirty of clean

If you’re anything like me, you can never remember if the dishes are dirty or clean, this simple but useful magnet will do it for you. As soon as you empty the dishwasher, flip it to dirty so you don’t have to get up close and personal with your spatulas. Though this magnet will stick on most dishwashers, if yours isn’t magnetic, then this set comes with a handy adhesive metal piece you can stick the magnet on.


A heated brush to straighten beards

If your facial hair has been looking a little unruly, this beard brush will be a great addition to your grooming kit. The heated brush gently runs through the hair to straighten, reduce frizz, and lock in moisture. Despite heating up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this brush has anti-scald technology, and it also has a 360-degree swivel cord that won’t get tangled.


These magnetic drawer locks that make it easy to baby-proof

These magnetic baby-proof locks stick to any cabinet or drawer using the included adhesive strips and prevent your little ones from getting into places they shouldn’t be. The strong magnetic hold will resist the tugging from even the most adventurous toddler, all while looking quite seamless, so you feel at ease.


A clip-on ring light with 3 color modes

Clip this ring light onto any surface that is up to 1.25 inches wide for a LED glow that will reduce shadows and evenly light your face when on a Zoom call or recording a TikTok. The light has three different color modes: “sunkissed warm,” “natural daylight,” and “pearly white,” and it can run for two hours on the brightest setting. Pro tip: mount the light off center or above eye level to prevent glare on eyeglasses.


A scalp massager to really scrub out product

This scalp massager does it all. Scrub away with one of the two interchangeable heads to increase blood flow, remove dandruff and dry skin, and better cleanse your roots when shampooing. Made of comfortable food-grade silicone, the handle is easy to hold on to when showering, and the heads are removable to make cleaning the brush easier than other models.


This chic glass teapot with a built-in infuser

This glass teapot has a 33-ounce capacity, non-drip spout, built-in stainless steel infuser, and heat-resistant handle — but the best part is how great it’s going to look displayed on your stovetop. Fill the fine mesh infuser with loose leaf, floral, blooming, or bagged tea and have yourself a modern-day tea party.


These shoe stackers that double your closet space

By placing your shoes atop one another, you’ll have double the amount of storage space you did before and all you need to do it are these shoe stackers. Each slot has four adjustable height levels so that any pair, from low loafers to 7-inch high heels, are able to fit. The positioning also gives you an immediate view of both the front and back of the shoe so you can put together an outfit faster.


This portable tire pump that comes in a convenient carrying case

Skip the gas station with this portable tire pump. The powerful 12-volt air compressor has enough strength to fill car tires, bike tires, and sports balls. The bright LED light is helpful while roadside and can turn red to signify an SOS. Use the included carrying case to conveniently bring the 2-pound inflator with you wherever you go — it won’t take up too much space in your trunk.


This trunk organizer with waterproof lining

This trunk organizer gives you a ton of three roomy interior compartments, two front pockets, and four small mesh side pockets to neatly store your tools, beach necessities, groceries, or sports equipment. The durable material is waterproof so it can really handle any mess you throw its way. Keep the box secure by fastening the side hooks to the backseat or anchor points in the trunk, and collapse this organizer when you don’t need it.


A laptop privacy shield with an anti-glare protector

When “working from home” actually means “working from a cafe,” you’ll want this laptop privacy screen to keep your computer protected from wandering eyes. The blackout shield adheres to your screen with two clear strips and makes it impossible to see what’s being presented from the side. It also eliminates glares and protects your eyes from harmful UVs and blue light.


This splatter screen that keeps oil in the frying pan

Before you decide that homemade fried chicken just isn’t worth the mess of oil all over your stovetop and counter, try using this splatter screen. The guard is made out of heavy-duty stainless steel that has been formed into an extra-fine mesh to stop oil splatter but still allow steam to be released.


A purse holder that keeps your things in place while driving

To keep your bag from moving on top of the middle console while keeping it handy, use this purse holder to create a net barrier between the front and back seats. The mesh hammock will keep your bag from sliding down towards the gearshift, can keep pets from climbing into the front seat, and has an extra pocket so you can have quick access to other things as well.


This set of microwave lids that are ventilated to release steam

Cleaning inside a microwave is no easy task and that’s why lids are pretty much a necessity. Grab this pack of collapsible microwave lids that fold down to just 1-inch tall so that they’re easy to store ion your cabinets. These heat-resistant lids come in three different sizes and all are perforated so your food has the ventilation it needs and easy-grab handles.


These cable clips that will keep your desk in order

If the cords from your laptop, phone charger, and router are crowding your desk and getting tangled, get your stuff organized with these handy, cheap cable clips. This pack of 16 comes in three different sizes and won’t move around on your desk thanks to the adhesive on the bottoms. Beyond cords, you can use these clips to hold pens, toothbrushes, paintbrushes, and more.


A stove gap cover that keeps crumbs from ending in crevices

The space between the stove and the counters are probably the hardest to reach in your entire home. If you’re sick of crumbs (or cooking tools) falling in that awkward space, these gap covers will save you a lot of time and trouble. The heat-resistant silicone panels sit atop your counter to cover the gap next to the stove and prevent any splatter or crumbs from reaching the floor. These covers come in three colors and three sizes to best suit your space..


These extra long shoe horns that are comfortable to hold

With one swift move, this two-pack of shoe horns will have you ready to go. These are made of high-quality metal that won’t snap or bend even after daily use, and at 16.5 inches long, you don’t have to bend over as far to get your kicks on comfortably. Plus, the comfort grip handle makes it even easier to maneuver. Keep one in the closet and one right by the door for when you’re really rushing out.


This LED lamp that helps plants grow

Sometimes plants just need a little bit of encouragement, and that motivation can come in the form of a LED grow light. This clip-on desk lamp has 10 red and 74 white LED bulbs that work to mimic full-spectrum sunlight at noon and encourage plant growth. Adjust the brightness between the five different modes depending on what you think your greenery needs and set up the timer for four, eight, or 12 hours so that your plants are taken care of even when you’re not around.


A roll-up drying rack that doesn’t take up any counter space

This roll-up dish rack expands to fit over your kitchen sink, draining your dishes right into the vessel as they drip dry. Made of strong stainless steel rods and anti-slip silicone edges, the rack is durable enough to hold a great amount of dishes without taking up any extra. Beyond a dish rack, this space can be used as a trivet because it’s heat-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or as a surface for washing fruits and veggies.


These salt & pepper grinders with adjustable coarseness

Bring that tons of flavor to your plate with this set of salt and pepper grinders. They have a high-quality stainless steel construction that doesn’t just look sleek on your table but also stays clean, since the grinders are on top. Adjust the coarseness as desired; these grinders have coarse, medium, and fine settings.


These facial sponges that deep clean your skin

At just 20 cents per piece, this pack of facial cleansing sponges will be the most affordable purchase you make for your skincare routine. Made of natural cellulose and free of chemicals, these soft and reusable sponges are able to gently exfoliate and deeply cleanse your skin. They remove dirt, makeup, and any other residue better than your hands can alone so that you’re left with a natural rejuvenated look.


A heated brush that dries & styles at the same time

This heated brush dries and styles your hair at the same time, so you can cut your morning routine in half. The tangle-free nylon pin bristles work quickly to reduce damage and leave you with less frizz and more shine. Plus, the large barrel gives you effortless volume that doesn’t require rollers to be achieved.


This magnetic screen door that helps keep out bugs

To keep out pesky flies and mosquitos but still have air circulating into your home, adhere this magnetic screen door to any frame. The center strip has 26 strong magnets that run across the entire length of the screen to quickly snap together and close after you walk through hands-free. While durable, the fabric is lightweight enough for children and pets to get through without issue.


An insulated thermos that keeps food hot for hours

If you haven’t had a thermos since you carried a lunchbox, you’re missing out. This stainless steel food container has an inner wall has been dipped in copper for added insulation, so your meal stays hotter for longer. The double-wall vacuum-seal top locks in the temperature while preventing condensation to avoid sogginess. Plus, this container is simply stylish; it comes in three sizes and 20 designs and colors.


A lamp dimmer with a long cord to comfortably reach outlets

Plug in this light dimmer to not only set the mood but save on energy by having the option to use less of it. The full-range slide control is compatible with incandescent, halogen, dimmable LED, and dimmable CFL bulbs. This dimmer has a long 6-foot cord that’ll give you upgraded lighting in mere seconds.


An oil sprayer with a leak-proof seal & dust-proof nozzle

Since some nonstick spray can actually ruin your cookware, grab this oil sprayer to spritz on the oil of your choice, whether you need to grease up a pan or want to coat veggies in olive oil before roasting. Just press the top button to release a mist that won’t ruin your delicious creation, and the dust-proof nozzle will emit the perfect stream.


A sandwich cutter that removes crust & creates a perfect pocket

This sandwich cutter takes just seconds to cut off the edges of your bread and seal the sandwich to make it into a mess-free pocket full of deliciousness. Perfect for packing lunches for picky little eaters, the BPA-free plastic of this decruster and sandwich sealer is safe to use on any food.


These broom holders that mount on the wall & save space

Clear up floor space with this four-pack of waterproof broom holders that can mount any tool (not just brooms) on your garage, closet, or basement wall. No drilling is necessary — just use the double-sided adhesive to stick on the non-slip handle to tile, wood, marble, and more.


A heating pad that will soothe your neck & shoulder pain

It can be hard to decide whether to place a hot or cold compress to bring some relief to pain, but this weighted neck wrap can turn into either. Filled with natural clay microbeads, you can place the pad in the freezer or microwave for reusable relief that drapes around your upper back.


These unique hangers that can hold onto 9 garments at once

These closet organizers give tons more storage space. The nine slots on each of these durable plastic hangers allow you to hang up as much as you need to (using hangers you already have) but take up a lot less space while doing so. The top handle rotates 360 degrees for a quick view of all your outfit possibilities.


A 2-quart slow cooker that’s perfect for a couple

Turning a dial and coming home to a freshly cooked meal that’s perfect for three seems like some futuristic dream but is actually completely possible with this Crock-Pot. The 2-quart slow cooker does all the work for you so all you have to think about is placing it in the dishwasher when you’re done. The cord is 24 inches long so that it’s easy to plug in from anywhere on your countertop.


A lazy Susan that can hold up to 25 pounds

Have easy access to every spice with just one quick swipe of this lazy Susan. Its 14-inch diameter is large enough to hold up to 25 pounds of cooking sprays, condiments, or even appetizers if you choose to use it to serve your guests. The sleek natural bamboo can work with any kitchen decor.

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