The 50 cheapest, most clever pet products on Amazon

Making things nice for your fur friend.

by Christina X. Wood

When you have a pet, you need gear to go with that pet. Some of it you need because no human can resist the cuteness — or hilarity — of a pet with a toy or blanket. Some of it is necessary for grooming or feeding. And some of it you need because, let's be honest, it’s your pet’s world and you just live in it.

When they want something — even if they don’t know they want it — you are there to get it for them. And unless your fur baby is a high-paid celebrity pet model, it’s always nice when the pet gear isn’t too expensive or difficult to acquire. So, because your pet loves you and doesn’t want you to be broke, they asked me to pull together this list of the 50 cheapest, most clever pet products on Amazon so you can stay within your budget while serving their every need.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The food bowl that calms a fast-eating canine

If your pup is so excited about mealtime that the food is gone like magic the second you set it down, consider this slow-feeder dog bowl so your food-happy pup can enjoy every bite, despite that insuppressible enthusiasm. Simply fill the bowl, as usual, and the kibble will hide in all the nooks and crannies, giving your dog a challenge as well as a meal.


This pet brush that gets fur off of your pet & your stuff

This pet massage brush has cleverly designed silicone bristles that feel great to your dog, remove loose fur while you brush them, and has a slick screen that you pull off to easily remove all that fur from the brush. Even better? The bristles are designed to pick pet hair up off of your couch and pants, too.


A pet mat to keep your floor clear of wet kibble

Furry friends are often not the tidiest of eaters. If you are always cleaning up water splashes, kibble, and slobber from your kitchen floor, set this silicone pet bowl mat down under those food and water bowls to keep that mess contained. A raised lip around the edge stops runaways and you can pick it up and rinse it off. It is waterproof, won’t slip around, and provides grip to keep bowls in place.


A flea comb to help get rid of infestations fast

Whether you give your dog flea pills or topical treatments, a flea comb is still a necessary tool for getting rid of those biting adult fleas fast. It also puts a halt to the next generation of biters by quickly trapping flea eggs in the closely placed fine teeth of the comb. If you make a regular habit of grooming your pet with it, you can avoid a major flea infestation.


This retractable dog leash for a more enjoyable on-leash adventure

If your dog is well trained and prefers to walk off-leash, life can feel so unfair. This 16-foot long, retractable dog leash, though, is a nice way to give the freedom of an off-leash walk without the danger. It has plenty of tension to keep the nylon lead taut no matter what your dog does and can be quickly locked for situations where you need more control.


A seatbelt to help keep your canine safer on road trips

This dog seatbelt makes buckling up a part of your dog’s in-car routine. One end clips into the seat belt base and the other clips to their collar. It’s sturdy, adjustable, and has an elastic shock absorber to help protect your pup from impact.


This finger toothbrush that makes pet dental care easy

Your pet needs to brush those impressive teeth, just like you do, or face tooth decay. And this finger toothbrush is an easy way to get that done. Since pets don’t (usually) have fingers, you wear it on one of yours and rub all those teeth with the soft bristles to clean them and prevent plaque and decay. This is a pack of seven so you will always have a toothbrush handy.


The fur roller that almost 90,000 people swear by

This simple pet hair remover brush is, for many people, the solution to the relentless problem of pet fur on furniture, clothing, and rugs. It has a grippy surface on a roller that grabs fur out of anything and deposits it in the chamber in the handle. All you do is rub back and forth on the problem area and empty the trap of fur occasionally. Your pet fur problems will be solved.


These wipes that are the quick & easy way to groom your pet

Whether you are looking at dirty paws, a pup who hates a bath, eye crud, or other forms of pet yuckies, these grooming wipes are a great way to quickly clean your baby up fast. They are hypoallergenic, moistened, and loaded with aloe, vitamin E, and Awapuhi to condition the coat and skin. They are big enough to do a lot of cleaning, too.


A pet-training kit you can carry with you

Next time you take your puppy out for some play or a walk, sport this dog-training set that’s loaded with tools that will help teach your dog to be a well-behaved best friend. The clicker is a clever trick for getting your dog’s attention and communicating, a whistle lets you teach commands without wearing out your voice, and the belt pouch is a great place to keep reward treats. There are bells to help teach potty training without barking or scratching. And a book about dog training helps you get the most out of your new tool kit.


The pet sling that makes carrying your fur baby easy

Pack your tiny pup or lazy cat into this pet sling carrier so you can carry your pet with you while keeping your hands free. It’s reversible so you can change up your look to go with your pet's outfit. It’s machine washable, has a safety lead to keep your pet from leaping out, and distributes your pet’s weight across your shoulders to make your role as pet courier easier.


A flea & tick collar that protects for a year

You can never have enough prevention against fleas and ticks, and these two flea and tick collars offer that protection in a wearable form. In fact, these collars repel mosquitos, too, so your pet doesn’t get bitten by any bugs that can carry disease and cause scratching. Just strap it on and make your pet a less appealing host.


The big pet pool for cooling down & getting clean

Unroll and fill this big, portable dog pool and give your pup a fun place to chill in the heat. You don’t need to inflate it. Your pup can’t pop it. And it creates a fun place to play that’s safe for your dog. It’s a great way to give a dog a bath, too, since your pet can run it off afterward without getting the couch wet.


This handy bone-shaped poop bag dispenser

Clip this green bone-shaped poop bag dispenser to your pet’s leash and you will never forget to bring a cleanup bag with you. It’s small and light and holds one of the four rolls of strong, lavender-scented bags that come with it. Each roll holds 15 bags so you should be set for quite a few dog walks with this kit.


The spray that helps stop dogs from chewing

If you have a shoe chewer, a pup who has decided the couch leg is tasty, or one that is chewing on their own paws, you need this anti-chew spray. It’s harmless but puts a bitter taste dogs hate on the object the dog has decided to chew. You can spray it right on their fur, which works well for deterring them from chewing hot spots, bug bites, or injuries. It comes with an online training program to help you address this common dog problem.


A snuffle mat that puts your dog’s sense of smell to work

A bored dog can be a destructive dog so it’s always a good idea to give yours something to do. And this snuffle mat puts your canine’s superpower to good use sniffing out the treats that you have hidden in the grass-like tufts. It's a great way to keep a dog occupied while you are out, slows eating for dogs that eat too fast, and is comforting for your dog to have around. It’s easy to machine wash and doubles as a pet bed.


The seat protector for your car that can stand up to canine-claw abuse

This durable, waterproof back-seat protector for your car is the solution for taking your dog in your vehicle. Even if your pup goes for a swim, rolls in something unsavory, or prances through mud, you can let them ride in the car on the way home. It attaches securely to the seat back, can withstand whatever your dog just did as well as those sharp claws, covers the seat completely, and is easy to clean.


This dog harness for pup control that’s also comfy

When you want to keep a handle on your dog but don’t like the way a collar yanks them around by the neck, this dog harness is a gentler way to go. It’s a great way to let your dog run off leash — while giving you an easy-to-grab handle if something comes up. There are leash clips on the chest and back, four sizes, and lots of color options.


A powerful odor eliminator because sometimes pets have accidents

If your dog couldn’t hold it while you were out or the cat heaved on the carpet, you need a quick and effective way to clean that up. Animals can smell these accidents long after you’ve forgotten about them and will return to the scene of the crime. This Angy Orange eliminator spray is that quick fix. Just spray it on the accident and let it do its work. It leaves behind only a pleasant orange smell.


The easy way to pick up poop in the yard

If you have a dog and you have a yard, you will have to pick up some dog poop. This big pooper scooper is the easiest way to do it. You rake the poop into the tray and empty the tray into the trash. You don’t have to bend over or touch anything (even with a bag on your hand). It stands up when stored, too, which makes life easier.


This leash for walking 2 dogs hands-free

Walking two dogs can be a serious challenge — and potentially dangerous — if you use two leashes. This double dog leash gives you the control you need. Both dogs are attached to one main lead so there is no tangling or dogs running in different directions. And that lead wraps around your waist, giving you a low center of gravity, strength, and a hands-free walk. The elastic absorbs pulls and jerks and handles on the lead let you grab quickly for more control.


An easy ear cleaning solution for dogs

This ear cleaning solution will help you easily keep your dog’s ears free of wax buildup and dirt. If your pet is head-shaking, has ears that smell foul, or tends to scratch their ears, just put a few drops into the ear canal and massage the ear base. Your pet will love it and the dirt, wax, and bacteria will be right out.


This super absorbent towel that dries a pet fast

When you give your pet a bath, there is a moment — when all that fur is saturated with water — when your home is in danger of getting doused with wet dog shake. Wrap that wet pet in this ultra-absorbent microfiber pet towel and tame that moment. It grabs the water and holds onto it, holding 10 times its weight. It packs into a small carrying case so you can take it with you to protect your car, too.


This multi-purpose dog wash for easier baths

Giving the dog a bath is not always an easy undertaking. Don’t add multiple applications of product to that production. This dog wash cleans, conditions, detangles, deodorizes, and moisturizes all in one application. “If there is mud, one of my dogs will find it!” said one reviewer. “This leaves my dog's fur so soft, and it soothes their dry skin. I was so happy with the product that I insisted the groomer use it on my long-haired dog.”


This paw balm that’s like hand lotion for dogs

Your dog’s paws take a beating every time you go for a walk. They run on hot pavement, dig in the dirt, and go for swims, paw first. This paw pad protection balm soothes and protects those paw pads and helps heal cracks. Just apply it to the paw pads and rub it in a little between them. It works great on their snouts, too.


This nail grinder to dull those sharp claws

When you can hear your dog's claws clacking on hardwood floors, it’s time to cut those nails. If cutting them isn’t your favorite task, this pet nail grinder will take them gently down to size with a diamond drum bit grinder with two speeds and two grinding ports. Just insert the nail into the port that fits it best and let the machine, which is super quiet and has low vibration, trim those claws.


A beautiful personalized pet tag

Don’t settle for those boring pet tags you get at the grocery store. These beautiful, engraved, and personalized pet tags are like bling for your pet, with your choice of background, size, font, and — of course — your pet’s name on the front and four lines of text, whatever you want, on the back.


This water fountain that makes hydration fun for pets

Most pets consider moving water more interesting than a still bowl so, if you are trying to encourage a pet to hydrate, this pet water fountain is a great way to do that. It’s made from food-grade stainless steel so it won’t trap bacteria, is super quiet, holds 84 ounces of water, and delivers three different flow designs to keep your pet interested. It even filters the water to improve the taste and quality.


A set of stairs to help a small dog with mobility challenges

If your dog is too small to get on the couch or bed, this little flight of pet stairs will help. Even cats can sometimes use a little help getting to places that are out of jumping distance. It folds up easily so you can use it as an aid to help your dog get into the car or to store it under the furniture or in a closet.


This double-decker pet-food storage system on wheels

This set of dual pet food storage containers is the perfect way to store all your kibble. The top bin can hold treats or special food while the bottom holds 33 quarts of dry food. Both bins are airtight to keep the food crisp and bug-free and it rolls easily so you can store it in a closet. It even comes with a handy scoop for serving up supper.


The licking mat that helps your dog chill

Licking is, for dogs, very relaxing and comforting. So when you want to give your dog a bath, leave them alone, or just persuade them to calm down and let everyone relax, fill one of these two licking mats with something irresistibly tasty. They will enjoy a treat while finding a calm vibe. It helps a food-wolfer eat slower, too


This portable paw washer for pups who enjoy mud

When your pup has thoroughly enjoyed a squishy walk through a swamp or mud — or even just trotted on the beach — do you have to let those filthy paws in the car or house? Not if you have this portable paw washer. Just fill it with water, slip those muddy paws in, and let the soft bristles inside massage and clean those feet. It comes in three sizes and six colors.


A pair of travel bowls you can easily take anywhere

When you hit the road or take your dog along on a hike, be sure to bring along one of these two collapsible dog bowls so your canine can enjoy a drink. Just pop the bowl open, put some of your water in it — or fill it from a watering fountain — and let your dog enjoy a cool drink. The bowls collapse down super small and flat so they are easy to carry, have a carabiner for clipping to a pack, are easy to clean, and come in two sizes.


This pet carrier you wear on your back

Make taking your pet to the vet — or anywhere — something you can do easily with this backpack pet carrier. It has mesh sides and a comfy mat in the bottom so your pet is cool and comfortable and has a view. And it distributes the weight evenly over your shoulders while letting you operate hands-free. It folds up small for storage.


A water bottle that any dog can drink from

Some dogs can handle drinking from a standard water bottle but some dogs just can’t get the hang of it. This pet water bottle is a great equalizer since it has a bowl-shaped sipping area that is designed for the way dogs drink. Just fill the bowl by pressing the button. Press the button again, post hydration, to let any unsipped water go back into the bottle.


These rubber boots to help protect your pet’s paws

If you are walking in the summer heat or the cold of winter, your poor dog is doing that walk barefoot. That’s gotta hurt! These protective dog boots make sure those paws are protected from hot pavement and freezing ground. This is a set of 12 and they come in sizes to fit any dog. They are disposable and biodegradable.


The treat ball that challenges smart dogs

This treat ball is a great way to help engage your dog’s mind. Fill it with something tasty and let them solve the puzzle of how to get that snack out. You can increase the difficulty as they get good at it, and it’s available in two sizes. One customer wrote, “My dogs love this! It's perfectly challenging for hours of fun.”


A tall cat scratching post with a toy

Every cat needs multiple cat scratching spots or they may turn to your furniture for scratching relief. This scratching post is a 32-inch tall pole on a sturdy base for getting that standing scratch so many cats love. It has a toy that swings from the top to make it more fun and the sisal rope is both durable and has a satisfying texture for cat's claws.


These pet-food lids that fit different can sizes

These clever silicone pet food can lids have three different-sized sealing rings in every lid so they fit the big cans of food and the little ones that you get for your pet. In fact, they fit most cans used for pet food. There are four in the package, they come in a selection of colors, and they are machine washable.


This mat that traps all the litter & makes it easy to clean up

Set this cat litter mat down next to the litter box so your cat steps onto it when exiting the privy. The litter will fall off their paws and get trapped in the honeycomb texture of the mat instead of getting tracked all over your floors. And when you want to clean the mat, just open it up and dump all the trapped litter back in the box.


A booster seat so your pet can ride shotgun

If your cat or dog likes to ride in the car, this pet booster seat makes that safer for both of you. Strap it into the seat and buckle your pet inside. The durable PVC-pipe frame keeps the seat secure so you can concentrate on driving while your bestie enjoys the ride.


An elevated bed that helps keep your pet cool & comfy

Give your dog a comfy bed to sleep on that lets the air circulate around their body while they sleep so they can rest cool and comfy. This elevated pet bed assembles easily, comes in four sizes and many color options, and gets 44,000 five-star reviews.


A self-groomer that turns any corner into kitty bliss

Mount this weird self-grooming brush to any wall or furniture corner, fill the inner container with catnip, and teach your cat to use it. That corner will become a piece of heaven for your cat who can rub up and self-brush on it — just the way kitties like — whenever they want. Your cat will love that this is a two-pack.


This automatic feeder so your pet never goes hungry

This automatic pet feeder is a great resource if you need to leave your cat home for a few days or you won’t make it home after work to feed your dog dinner at their preferred time. The big basin automatically feeds kibble of any size into the bowl below so there is always plenty of food. And when the food is in the silo, it’s safely stored against getting stale.


These treat-infused balls cats love to lick

These four wall balls of cat treats are meant to be stuck to the wall — or another surface — where your kitty can enjoy them anytime. They are infused with catnip, Silverline, gall fruit, and cat sugar for your cat to lick and enjoy. You can stick one or all of them to the wall and they come with a snap-on cap so you can cover them when not in use.


This weird shower attachment for easier pet baths

Attach this dog bath brush to your hose or shower, slide the sprayer end over your hand, and — just like that — giving the dog a bath just got a lot easier. The nubs on the sprayer attachment serve as massage and brush for your pet, making the bath experience less stressful. And it lets you aim the water easily where you want it to go. An on and off switch in the palm lets you control the water with one hand.


This cozy pet blanket that’s also waterproof

If you have a pet that can’t be entirely trusted not to leak liquids, give them a cozy place to sleep that won’t let them harm what’s under it. This waterproof pet blanket is a soft and cozy fleece that also absorbs huge amounts of liquid. And the bottom is an impermeable layer that won’t let that liquid get through to whatever is underneath. It comes in five sizes and lots of colors.


This tape that teaches cats not to scratch the couch

Prevent your kitty from developing the habit of scratching your furniture by covering the tempting spots with this double-sided cat-scratch deterrent tape. Cats don’t like the sticky texture of the tape so they learn to find another place — like the cat scratcher — to stretch and manicure those sharp claws.


This watery play place for you & the pups

Hook this pet sprinkler up to the hose, dial up the water pressure till the sprinkler arcs are where you want them, and watch your dog — and the kids — dive in and enjoy some cool water play. It takes running through the sprinkler to the next level. It’s also easy to store and set up.


This pet gate so your dog can’t do too much damage

If there is no door to stop your dog from frisking through the trash, tearing apart your closet for chewable shoes, or otherwise wreaking havoc when left home alone, this pet gate will snap into that doorway and stop them in their paw tracks. It adjusts from 26 to 40 inches wide, has rubber bumpers so as not to damage the door frame, and requires no tools to install.

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