The 75 best cheap gifts that are most added to Amazon wish lists

The masses have spoken... and want these things.

by Christina X. Wood
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Whether you’re treating those around you to a nice little something or want to snag a treat for yourself, there’s a wide, wide world of inexpensive items that tend to be universally appreciated. One way to judge an item’s mass appeal is by digging into Amazon data and seeing what consistently rises to the top of the wish-list heap. I’ve done that work and collected 75 such items here.

So, peruse this list, gather your favorites, and never again be caught off guard by an unexpected event or a birthday that fell off your radar. No. You will be that clever adult who is always ready — with a gift stash — for whatever your social world throws at you.


A plaster hand-casting kit for making memories into art

For parents who want to preserve those adorable little feet or hands or couples who want a permanent hand-holding memento, this hand-casting kit is a unique way to capture the moment as a solid object. It includes everything you need – including a practice kit, finishing tools, gloves, and paint — to cast a pair of holding hands, a hand in a gesture, or whatever you want to preserve.


A wildly popular foot peel that’ll make you feet look & feel baby soft

This weird foot peel mask experience turns rough, shoe-sore, overworked feet into baby-soft beauties that are ready for a close-up. Just pull on the mask like a pair of socks and relax for an hour. Then give your feet a good wash and wait for the experience to begin. Within two weeks, especially if you indulge in a daily foot soak, your new feet will emerge like a shedding snake.

“I was skeptical at first because honestly I've seen a lot of these masks recommended with no actual results. So after reading a few of the reviews I decided, why not? On Tuesday I slipped the booties on after my shower, [...] today on day 3 some of the skin came off in a whole sheet 😳. Needless to say I was equal parts grossed out and impressed lol so far I'm still peeling off more so it definitely works. Highlyrecommend! The areas that have peeled feel super soft!!


A knife set that’s complete with a cutting board & countertop holder

This 10-piece knife set is a complete solution for any kitchen and all the pieces have a modern, minimalist aesthetic that works in just about any setup. The five knives include everything from an 8-inch chef’s knife to a serrated bread knife and a small paring knife. There’s even a matching sharpener, a countertop holder, and a tool caddy. It also includes kitchen shears and a cutting board.


A set of pumice stones that put foot care within reach of the shower

A pumice stone is the sort of necessity that many people may not realize is necessary. These two compact stones fix that. With a hole drilled so they hang in the shower and a shape that’s pleasing to the eye, these will help eliminate rough skin on the feet, elbows, and other areas while exfoliating and removing dead skin. They are made from actual stone, not synthetics, and make the practice of foot care relaxing and easy.


The exfoliating brush that helps prevent razor bumps & ingrown hairs

This exfoliating brush is the prevention everyone needs for razor bumps and ingrown hairs. And the bright colors and patterns look nice in the shower. Just gently wash with it and say goodbye to dead skin and bumps.

Over 21,000 people said, “Five stars!” Reviewers say it creates smooth skin and eliminates shave-induced bumps. Many call it “magic.”


The gold under-eye masks that are so soothing

This 20-pack of individually wrapped gold under-eye masks makes a great treat-yourself moment or gift. The under-eye patches are a pleasant self-care routine. They feel luxurious on the skin and help reduce the appearance of dark shadows and puffiness, especially after a long flight, late night, or day in front of a computer. Gift the entire box or open it and use the individually wrapped patches as fun little treats.


These acrylic paint markers that write on everything from shoes to rocks

These 22 acrylic paint pens will write on just about any nonporous surface – from T-shirts to Easter eggs — so they are ideal for anyone who is crafty enough to want to create art from found rocks or shells, create personalized clothing, or design custom phone cases or dishes. Just give the pen a shake, open it, and start creating. There is no prep time or cleanup involved.


A candle that tells your zodiac story

For the cosmos enthusiast in your life, this zodiac candle makes for a delightful customized gift. Describing each sign in cheeky terms — and with a 50-hour burn time — these delicately scented pretties are a present that keeps on giving. Click into the store to find the individual zodiac sign you’re after.


The little brush that’s made for detailing the car or cleaning a keyboard

Keep this little dust brush handy in your glove box or a desk drawer so you have a quick and simple way to banish dust, crumbs, and crud from the dashboard, vents, keyboard, and other delicate and hard-to-clean places. The bristles are gentle but effective and there are nine options to choose from, including some flashy blinged-out versions.


A cute whiskered pot & everything you need for a cat grass garden

Your cat will love having a window garden with snackable salad and this cute whiskered pot is the most adorable vessel to grow it in. This cat grass kit comes with everything you need, including the container, soil, and seeds. Kitties enjoy munching on the grass and it’s thought to be good for their diet, too.


The in-car phone mount that’s minimalist & portable

This clever phone mount clips onto the air vent in your car and grabs your phone using a strong magnet. The mount is small and minimalist so it doesn’t redecorate your dash. And it holds the phone at any angle, lets you rotate the phone the way you want, and works with any phone. It’s so small you can pack it along when you travel for use in a rental car. Nearly 8,000 people gave it five stars.


A complete beard-care kit in a gift-worthy tin

If anyone in your life sports a beard, they will love this complete beard care kit. The wooden boar’s hair beard brush and double-sided comb will tame those whiskers while the beard balm and oil help soften, condition, and shape them. There’s even a pair of beard scissors for quick at-home trims. It all comes in a hinged tin that’s perfect for gifting and storage.


An elegant acacia wood cutting board that doubles as a serving tray

Every kitchen needs cutting boards and it’s a win-win when they are pretty enough to serve bread or cheese from. This lovely acacia wood serving board is all of that — and affordable. The wood looks beautiful with a loaf of bread, cheese, and meat sliced on it and is a handy size for cutting fruit or vegetables.

“It's so pretty, I don't put it away,” said one reviewer. “It looks nice leaning against the wall on the countertop.”


A foot soak that relaxes, treats, & makes feet smell great

At the end of a long day on your feet, this tea tree oil foot soak will help your feet relax, ease odor, treat cracked skin, and soften callouses. The mix of Epsom salts, tea tree oil, and mint smells and feels terrific and counters so many of the foot ills caused by being trapped in shoes all day.


These merino wool socks that are warm & affordable

Merino wool makes terrific socks. Oftentimes, the wool is warm and feels softer, thinner, and less scratchy than other wools. The fiber wicks water away from your skin and helps cancel out body odors. But, socks made from merino can be expensive. This pack of five pairs of merino wool socks is affordable and combines wool, cotton, polyester, and elastane to boost softness, stretch, and durability.


The outlet extender that turns 1 plug into a powerhouse

Turn a single outlet into a powerful charging station with a shelf and nightlight by plugging in this outlet extender with five standard plugs, three USB ports, and one USB-C port. An LED night light turns on automatically when the lights go out and turns off again at dawn. Or, touch it to manually control the light. The shelf on top is large enough to hold a phone, speaker, electric toothbrush, or Amazon Echo.


A kit that puts fresh herbs within easy reach of the kitchen

Fresh herbs are expensive in the grocery store and yet they are almost free when grown at home. They are so easy to grow on a windowsill with this herb garden kit, too. It comes with little grow bags, soil pucks, shears, plant markers, and seeds for cilantro, parsley, thyme, and basil all packed up in a giftable wooden box.

“The packaging is on point, and it's such a great gift,” said one reviewer.


The handheld vacuum that lives in the car

Next time someone spills crackers all over the back seat or gets into the car with sandy feet, pull out this handheld car vacuum cleaner and clean as you go. An LED light makes it easy to find the mess. The attachments reach into crevices or can do a sweep of the seats or floor. And the 16-foot cord plugs into the lighter so you can clean up anytime and anywhere. It all packs up into its own storage case and makes an outstanding gift.


This immersion blender with so many attachments

An immersion blender is the kind of kitchen tool you don’t know you need till you have one. And once you do, you end up using it every day. Make a smoothie right in the glass. Turn some onions, tomato, and peppers into salsa, right in the dish. Make a creamed soup in one pan. This one has attachments that also let you froth milk, whip cream, and more. With 12 speeds and an 800-watt motor, it will become a go-to- meal prep tool.


These durable, braided lightning cables that are always useful

Simple yet much appreciated, this three-pack of lightning cables is handy no matter how you slice it. Gift them together for a complete life solution or individually so everyone has a high-quality charging cable for their phone that will reach from the bedside table to the wall plug. The braided nylon cable is flexible and durable, and the MiFi-certified cables are smart and fast.


This magnified & backlit makeup mirror

The dim lighting in your bathroom or hotel room is an enemy when it comes to applying makeup that looks good when you step into the light of day. This backlit makeup mirror has 36 LED lights and two levels of magnification to fix that. It folds up so you can take it with you when you travel and rotates and pivots so you can see it from wherever you sit.


A 3-pack of sharp, ergonomic scissors

It’s impossible even to get packaging open anymore without a good pair of scissors — so why not make these necessary tools part of your arsenal? These are craft scissors with ergonomic handles, and they are sharp enough to get anything out of the package with ease. They’re brightly colored so you can easily find them in a drawer or tool kit.


A makeup brush kit that comes with beauty blenders & a brush cleaner

This 16-piece makeup brush set will set up anyone who applies cosmetics with every tool they need. There are brushes for applying everything from eyeliner to shadow to foundation and for doing anything from shading and contouring to applying fine liner or all-over powder. It comes with four blender sponges and a brush cleaner.


A handy 2-port charging adapter for the car

Everyone with a car can appreciate this car charger adapter that turns the lighter plug into two USB ports for charging phones and other devices. It is quick-charge capable, tiny, and compatible with every phone. It even has a soft LED light so you can find it when the car interior is dark.


The cocktail herb garden kit that adds nature to your mixology

Want to bring a burst of natural flavors to your mixology efforts? Plant this cocktail herb garden kit and grow cucamelon, blue borage, line basil, hyssop, lemon balm, and mint somewhere handy so you can grab a sprig and add it to your creations. The kit comes with plant pots, soil, seeds, and plant markers as well as some tips on growing indoor plants and drink recipes that use your new botanicals in tasty cocktails.


The pizza storage container that solves leftovers

This clever idea for carting leftovers home from a pizza meal is the versatile pizza storage container you didn’t know you needed. It squishes down to fit in a bag, comes with dividers to stack your slices on, and goes right in the fridge when you get home. Use those dividers to microwave slices when you are eating them up.

“This simple little idea is genius,” said one reviewer. “Holds up to five good-sized pizza slices and collapses for easy storage.”


An 8-inch chef’s knife that’s a workhorse in the kitchen

The 8-inch chef’s knife is a must-have in any home cook’s collection. This ergonomic version with a triple riveted handle and German stainless-steel blade is a beautiful knife at an easy-to-snap-up price. It is forged from a single piece of high-carbon steel and is super sharp and balanced so you can keep on cutting with less irritation or fatigue. It comes with a knife sharpener to keep that blade honed.


A pair of hovering soccer balls for instant fun

For a futuristic dose of physical fun, take a peek at these hovering soccer balls. They float around the room on a cushion of air. Give them a gentle kick to change their direction and make a goal between the couch and the coffee table. They light up for even more fun and can go outside if things get too raucous.


This bonsai tree kit that’s a new hobby in a box

Start yourself or someone you know on a hobby that will lead to beautiful bonsai trees. This bonsai tree kit has everything to get a new hobbyist started on this ancient living art form: The kit includes seeds for silver birch, red maple, and mountain pine trees as well as six pots, peat disks, markers, propagator bags, and instructions.


The slender wallet with a slot for your AirTag

Go minimalist with this slim wallet thas has a surprising capacity. Plus, it has a slot made for dropping in an AirTag — so if you can’t find your wallet, your phone will tell you where it is or where it was last seen so you can locate it again. The slender wallet style fits in the pocket of your skinny jeans yet has 11 card slots and a money clip to hold all your necessities. It will help minimize your everyday carry and reviewers say it makes a great gift.

“The best gift idea for your husband, father, or partner,” said one.


These concert earplugs that filter (but don’t block) sound to protect your hearing

Protect your hearing when you go to concerts without missing a beat. These high-fidelity earplugs lower the decibel level without blocking the sound. The noise-canceling earplugs have attenuating filters so you can hear everything without the high frequencies and loudness that damage hearing.

“[They] toned down all the screaming around me and removed the painful ‘sharp’ tones,” reports one user. “I ... left feeling totally fine, while my concert partner was definitely complaining about her ears even into the next day.”


A custom metal sign with your name & initial

Help your friends work on their personal brand by giving them a custom metal sign for their home that puts their name in the garden, hanging in the kitchen, at the front door, or wherever they choose to hang it. Choose the letter and type in their name in the customization menu and this artisanally crafted, powder-coated, steel sign will show up, ready to gift.


The makeup brush cleaning tool that makes this chore easy

Cleaning makeup brushes is a chore so time-consuming most people avoid it. But it’s necessary for maintaining bacteria-free brushes. This makeup brush cleaner turns that laborious task into a quick and easy habit. Fill the bowl of the electric brush cleaner with soap and water, fit the holder to your brush, and press a button. It spins the brush in the cleaning solution. Lift it up to spin it dry. Done! “So easy,” said more than one reviewer.


A raw edge wood serving platter for all your delicious foods

Serve your charcuterie, desserts, bread, cakes, and pies on this beautiful and rustic live-edge, acacia wood serving platter, and turn any snack into an elegant meal. With bark on the edges and all the natural grain and burls of wood on display, your meals will be stunning to look at as well as tasty.


These dish towels with funny, kitchen-worthy sayings

This funny-yet-functional dish towel is made from 100% flour sack cotton so it’s absorbent and washable. And the kitchen humor printed on it will earn it a welcome spot in the kitchen. “Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to dis a brie?” There are eight phrases to choose from and reviewers say that gift recipients are very happy with them.


An affordable indoor security camera with a 360-degree view

Keep an eye on your pet when you are at work. Look in on the kids when you are in your home office. Simply set this 360-degree WiFi indoor security camera down where it can see them. You can look through your phone at what’s happening with those you love and even chat with them through the camera. You can turn the camera to cruise the room if you can’t find your subject. A motion sensor can alert you of intruders and a siren can chase them off.


This cut glass decanter with matching sipping glasses

Any beverage — whiskey, water, or wine — looks fancy when served from a cut glass decanter. And this square glass decanter with an ornate stopper will turn even a bargain bourbon into a high-end sipping affair. The six glasses match the decanter and are ideal for sipping whiskey or mixed drinks.


A fun set of shoelace charms for flashy kicks

This pack of 12 shoelace charms will add some bling to any pair of sneakers or lace-up shoes. Just clip one or several onto your laces after you have your shoes tied and your kicks will look flashy, and your laces will be protected from damage. They work on adult or children's shoes and there are six pairs you can mix and match.


The water carafe designed for the bedside table

This clever glass water carafe and sipping cup are designed so that it’s easy to keep water on your bedside table without worrying about dust or debris getting into your drink or that the water will damage the furniture. The cup sits neatly over the carafe and serves as a lid while a silicone coaster on the bottom of the carafe keeps furniture safe. It works beautifully in the bathroom, too.


This light-up flying disc that lets the game go all night

There is no need to end the game simply because the sun went down. This rechargeable LED flying disc has 36 lights so you can see it coming. It turns the game into a mystically lighted experience and keeps glowing for 90 minutes on a single charge. You can choose from 15 colors.


A complete set of Allen wrench drill bits for easier assembly projects

This 20-piece Allen wrench drill bit set will make assembling Ikea furniture or anything that requires assembly so much easier than using the little wrenches that come with the instructions. These are strong, come in every likely size, fit neatly into the labeled stand, and are magnetized to help you pick up screws and bolts.

“These have come in handy so many times to help speed up assembly and [disassembly,]” said one reviewer.


These fake security cameras that scare away porch pirates

If you want to help make people behave in your parking area, yard, or porch, install these fake security cameras and warning signs and scare off the bad actors. No one wants to be filmed in the act of stealing packages from your porch and these convince thieves that’s what’s happening. They require no actual wiring from you. Just peel and stick them in a prominent place.


A jump starter kit for the car that brings safety with you everywhere

This jump starter kit makes a great gift for any driver you worry about. Charge it up and keep it in the car and they will be able to start a dead battery and charge their phone from it. It will start a car 20 times on a single charge. And it also works as a flashlight and emergency strobe in case that dead battery happens at night.


This set of soft microfiber sheets that has hordes of fans

Choose a color and upgrade the bedroom for less than $20 with this six-piece set of bed sheets. They are woven from a super soft and breathable microfiber that is easy to wash. They are fade-resistant and come in seven colors and six sizes so you can redecorate in a new shade. They get nearly 100,000 five-star reviews.


The collection of gold-foil washi tape that adds beauty to anything

When designing the interior of your scrapbook or Bullet Journal, wrapping up gifts, or decorating for the holidays, this collection of foil washi tape will make everything shinier. This is 30 rolls of beautiful masking tape with gold foil flowers, rainbows, cats, and other patterns. It’s easy to tear, repositionable, and takes ordinary things up a notch.


A set of stainless steel mixing bowls for a well-stocked kitchen

Every kitchen needs a good set of bowls for whisking eggs, making sauces, stirring up an egg salad, or serving popcorn. This collection of 5 stainless steel mixing bowls provides those necessary elements in a functional and easy-to-clean stainless steel. With almost 40,000 ratings they come in at an impressive 4.7 stars.


A magnetic wristband that’s ideal for anyone who is handy

Turn every handy person in your life into a super handy person with this magnetic wristband. The clever band lets you keep all your small tools, nails, screws, and other essentials on your wrist so you can crawl under the sink or climb a ladder without irritation or a sidekick to hand you things. It grips metal items with magnets and has several pockets for small tools and plastic supplies.


A collection of deliciously scented bath bombs

Drop one of these bath bombs into the tub and enjoy the relaxing fizz, delightful colors, and delicious fragrances it unleashes on your soak. Loaded with shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E, they help nourish your skin while you relax in the bath. There are six bombs in different scents, including jasmine and lily, fresh hydrangea melded with rose petals, and an herbal mix that’s boosted with fruity berries.


The nonstick pizza stone that upgrades pizza night

Baking a pizza in a home kitchen requires a few specialized tools. Paramount among those is the pizza stone. It goes into the oven and creates a surface for the dough to cook on that is hot enough to make it crispy. (The same is true when baking bread.) This ceramic pizza stone is great because it does all that without cracking the way stone can and it’s easy to clean because it has a nonstick surface.


A skin-friendly, exfoliating hand soap

Exfoliate your hard-working hands just by washing them with this citrus-scented exfoliating hand soap that contains biodegradable, plant-based microbeads — no plastic here. It removes deep-set dirt and grime, polishes your skin, and feels amazing. The 8-ounce bottle is travel friendly and refills are available in 10-ounce pouches to reduce plastic waste.


This wine aerator that makes budget wines taste like you spent more

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to buy a $10 wine and have the people drinking it believe it cost $50? These two wine aerator pourers are the tool that makes every wine taste better. As you pour through it, it adds the perfect amount of oxygen to the wine in your glass. This unlocks the aromas and softens the tannins so you can taste the subtle flavors.

“Makes it taste like you bought a more expensive bottle!” said one reviewer.


A pair of comfy wired headphones for everyone who needs them

These wired Panasonic headphones help make music sound better, let you listen to anything without disturbing housemates and coworkers, and is a great gift for anyone in your life who plays their music too loud or launches videos at their desk while you are trying to work. They are comfortable to wear, full-sized headphones with padded earpads and an extra-long cord.


These trekking poles that pack up small & make tough terrain easier

Next time you head for the hills, pack along these lightweight, collapsible trekking poles and take on tough terrain more easily. They are sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes them light. And they adjust to your height or collapse to a size you can fit in a pack. The cork handles give a sturdy grip. With nearly 40,000 five-star reviews and a price tag that’s hard to beat, these are an appreciated item for anyone who likes to hike.


The meat thermometer that makes perfectly cooked steak possible

A meat thermometer is necessary for anyone who wants to grill a steak, roast a bird, or even make candy. And this digital meat thermometer is great at the job. It’s accurate, turns on when you open the probe, and has a hold button so you can pull it out of your hot food to look at the backlit LCD screen. There’s an internal magnet so you can stick it to the fridge or you can hang it from a hook.


An insulated wine bottle & tumblers for imbibing in the park

When you want to take wine on your picnic, this wine chiller set will make that easy and so much more fun. Fill the vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle with cold white wine and it will stay cold till you are ready to sip. The two wine tumblers make it a set and keep your wine cold while you imbibe it. And, you don’t have to worry about broken glass. The set comes in two colors.


This personal groomer that cleans up all the stray hairs

This ear and nose hair trimmer is the personal care tool you didn’t know you needed. With a quick swipe, it removes stray hairs from your nose, ears, or anywhere else they have cropped up without pulling or pain. It cleans up wild eyebrows and puts a fine edge on a beard or mustache, too. It’s waterproof, quiet, and battery-powered.


The Yeti Rambler that’s perfect for cocktails

This insulated lowball Yeti Rambler is an ideal way to sip an icy beverage in the wild. The double-wall insulated cup keeps ice cold for hours so if you get distracted by wildlife or the fire, your drink won’t be watery. And the mag slider lid keeps bugs out and your bev in. It works for coffee, water, cocktails, and other drinks, too.


The beard bib that eliminates the post-grooming cleanup

Anyone who shaves a beard has a personal care routine that necessitates a post-grooming bathroom cleanup. Save them the trouble by gifting them this beard bib. They wear it while they shave to prevent the whiskery debris from blanketing the sink, vanity, and bathroom floor. Instead of vacuuming the room, all they have to do is empty the bib into the trash.


A 6-pack of Puma socks for runners & everyone else

You don’t have to be a runner to love these low-cut, PUMA runner socks. They are lightweight, breathable, durable, and comfortable, which is what everyone wants in a sock they plan to wear with sneakers, boots, or slip-ons. At this price, they are easy to stock up on, too.


A complete sushi-making kit that turns any night into sushi night

You can turn a Tuesday dinner in into a sushi feast with the right tools and know-how. And this bamboo sushi-making kit has all the tools and instruction you need. A pair of rolling mats turn rice, fish, and other ingredients into rolls. The paddle and spreader deliver the rice to the mat. And the chopsticks are beautiful when it comes time to eat.


A cool mist humidifier with a rotating nozzle

If your eyes and throat are dry, it can be hard to work or sleep. Set this cool mist humidifier on your desk or bedside table, though, and it will add a nice level of humidity to the air you breathe. The rotating nozzle puts the mist where you want it. The 2.2-liter tank runs for 24 hours on a fill, and it shuts off automatically when it’s empty.


This trick for turning your camp fire into rainbow colors

Toss these color fire packets into the campfire and start making up stories about your magic, witchcraft, or the spirit world because they will turn the flame into rainbows. One packet colors your flames for up to an hour so you have plenty of time to spin that yarn. This is a pack of 12 and over 23,000 people said, “Five stars!”


A beautiful jade roller & Gua Sha set for skin care enthusiasts

Incorporate an ancient beauty regimen into your own daily routine with this gorgeous jade roller and gua sha set. The jade is purported to help cool, tighten, depuff, and brighten skin. Use it as a gentle face massager and to effectively apply serums and lotions.


The bamboo bath tray that holds all your bathtime necessities

When it’s time to soak in the tub, bring everything you need with you so you can truly relax. Just set this bamboo bathtub tray over the tub. It has a phone or tablet holder so you can watch a movie or read a book. There’s a clever wine-glass holder so your sip doesn’t spill. And the tray is roomy enough to hold your self-care routine and anything else you need.


These down-alternative pillows that deliver a restful night

This hotel-quality bed pillow is dreamy and comfortable. It’s filled with a plush, hollow-fill fiber that’s at once plump, firm, and soft. The cover is breathable and skin-friendly and you can pop the pillows into the wash for a cleanup anytime you like. Over 10,000 people gave them five stars.


The container made for transporting a salad lunch

When you want salad for lunch, packing it can present a challenge. But this salad container solves all those difficulties. A big basin in the bottom holds greens while the top separates the other ingredients and puts the salad dressing in its own container. It all locks closed for carrying. It comes in eight colors.


A complete paint set with 24 colors & 3 brushes

This big acrylic paint set just might be the beginning of something great. There are 24 tubes of paint in a wide range of colors as well as three brushes so you can open it and start painting on canvas, wood, or ceramic right away.


These pillow slippers that are so comfy & colorful

With a thick, pillowy sole and a slide-in mule upper, these pillow slippers will become your favorite stay-at-home footwear. The anti-slip sole can go outside to get the mail or take out the trash. And there are 17 colors to choose from. Many of the nearly 14,000 five-star reviewers described them as like walking on clouds.


A tea set with a selection of 6 gorgeous tea blends

This six-pack of looseleaf tea tins is a terrific tea set for anyone who, well, loves tea. It’s already packaged up and ready to give. It contains black teas — English Breakfast, Hibiscus Rush Black Tea, herbal brews, and some yummy Chai blends.

“Received it as a gift,” said one reviewer. “Now I give it as a gift. Love this tea.”


This TV streaming device that lets you search & control with your voice

Turn any TV into a smart, Alexa-enabled streaming device with this Fire TV Stick. It gives you access to every streaming channel you could possibly want, including Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Peacock. And it supports 4K Ultra, Dolby Vision, HDR, and more. You can use your voice to search for content and even control your smart home with it.


A 6-piece towel set in fluffy 100% cotton

Update the bathroom with fresh and fluffy towels, all in a deep, beautiful color — and without spending a tidy fortune — by choosing this soft linen towel set. The six 100% Turkish cotton pieces are plush and absorbent and include two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. There are 15 colors to choose from.


The camping hammock that fits in your day pack

No one who loves the outdoors loves sleeping on hard ground. So this camping hammock will be a welcome relief. Hang it between two trees and it creates a supremely comfortable nest. It’s so small and light you can take it anywhere. It tucks into its own attached stuff sack for carrying and that stuff sack becomes a handy hammockside pocket when it is deployed. It comes in 15 colors and two sizes.


A soft & dreamy bath pillow for hot-water bliss

When sinking into the bathtub for a dreamy, hot soak, the last thing you want is to rest your head on a cold, hard surface that can cause a headache. This bath pillow gives your head a soft place to rest. Six suction cups hold it firmly in place and the quilted fabric envelopes your head and shoulders so you can relax completely.


This aromatherapy heating pad that smells like lavender

Pop this aromatherapy heat pad into the microwave and drape it over your shoulders. It will help relax sore, stressed shoulder and neck muscles with heat while surrounding you with the calming aroma of lavender. Need a cold compress? Put it in the freezer and it works just as well cold. Reviews are peppered with phrases like “very helpful,” “holds the heat well,” and “smells divine!”


A stove top coffee maker

A newly designed filter with a vacuum seal separates the ground coffee from your brew in this gorgeous French press. The result? A cup of coffee or tea that is smooth and free of silt. Since the leaves or grounds are completely sealed away from the water once you plunge the filter, the end result is never over-extracted.

“Keeps sediment to a minimum and ... the coffee is so much smoother and better tasting,” said one reviewer.

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