So many people are obsessed with these 40 weird home products that are clever as hell

Fan-favorites that hit the mark.

by Christina X. Wood

When I buy something that turns out to be good, I quietly use it until it wears out and then replace it with the same exact item whenever possible. And when that product is amazing, solves a problem, and makes me love it in the process, I turn into something of an evangelist. I consider this a service. If I find something helpful, unique, or unexpectedly wonderful, others probably will like it, too. And not everyone has the time and patience to research every purchase.

So I tell everyone what the answer is before they even ask the question (I know I am not alone here): Just look at the review section on Amazon, the favorite hangout of people who have discovered something they love. I mined that rich source and discovered so many people are obsessed with these 40 weird home products that are clever as hell.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


This insert that converts your old lighter into a plasma one

If you went hard collecting lighters and now have regrets because of those slick, futuristic plasma lighters that are rechargeable and won’t blow out in the wind or rain, this insert for flip-top lighters will bring your collection into modern times. It fits most classic flip-top lighters, converting them to rechargeable plasma lighters in just a few seconds.

What reviewers say: “This arc lighter eliminates all the annoying problems that everybody has with Zippos. You don't run out of fluid, don't have to constantly mess with the wick position, don't have lighter fluid leaks and skin irritation. This arc lighter works well, even in strong wind, better than the fluid lighter.”


The easy way to turn your TV into a theater

Peel and stick these LED backlights to the back of your TV and it will transform your viewing experience. They throw a high-quality white light at the wall behind your viewing area to reduce contrast. This helps make all the colors on the screen look better. The in-line controls make it easy to adjust the brightness. Installation is a matter of sticking them to the back and plugging them into a USB port.

What reviewers say: “This is an amazing piece of technology. I recommend this no matter what TV you have and no matter how far you sit from it. It makes your TV so much of a focal point.”


This foam roller that’s like giving yourself a massage

When your hamstrings are tight or your back hurts, get down on the ground with one of these fitness foam rollers and give yourself a tension-relieving massage. The high-density foam rolls smoothly, works large muscles like the thigh and back, and is light enough to carry with you. Almost 7,000 people give it five stars.

What reviewers say: “I have tried many rollers in the past and this one was the perfect density to use not only to roll my muscles but to do different exercises. I was able to do jackrabbits and pikes from a plank position with it. It also was great for rolling my back when it was bothering me.”


A pair of silicone pastry brushes that you will use for everything

Whether you are painting a steak with teriyaki sauce, brushing oil on a piece of fish before it goes in the air fryer, or covering your bread dough with butter before you bake it, you will reach for one of these silicone pastry brushes every time. They are designed to pick up and hold a lot of sauce or oil, wash up easily, and have an ergonomic handle that’s pleasant to hold. And silicone bristles don’t fall out into your food.

What reviewers say: I love these brushes! I especially love that you can remove the brush head from the handle, which allows me to wash it so much easier. I prefer these to the natural bristle type because they don't mind the high heat. I often use them to brush the oil in my frying pan for an even coating all over the bottom, I use so much less oil that way and food won't stick.”


The bottle brush collection that can clean everything you have

When your water bottle, coffee tumbler, or storage jars need cleaning, you will need a good bottle brush for the task. And this five-pack of microfiber bottle brushes will have the precise one you need. There’s a big brush that can handle your Mason jars and tumblers, a skinny one that can take on reusable straws, and everything in between.

What reviewers say: “How many times while fiddling around the house have I come across some little bottle or item that I wanted to clean and use for some purpose, and couldn't because none of my brushes fit. These are perfect for those situations!”


This handy lemon squeezer that gets all the juice fast

When you want lemon on your scallops or in your beverage, don’t mess around with difficult squeezers, seeds, or cutting the fruit into slices. This stainless steel lemon squeezer will get the job done fast. Just slice your citrus in half, stick it in the bowl, and close the handles together. Squeezing all the juice out is easy and it lands right where you want it.

What reviewers say: “The squeezer is a substantial item and looks like it will last a lifetime. When I first took it out of the box I thought "oh, oh, this looks like it'll take quite a bit of hand power to use.” But even though my limes were pretty big and really hard, it really didn't take much hand pressure to get a substantial amount of juice. After the first squeezing, I re-positioned my half-lime and squeezed again, but 98% of the juice had been removed on the first squeeze.”


A splatter screen that keeps the frying mess contained

When you are frying bacon or chicken — or anything that tends to splatter all over your cooktop — set this splatter screen over the pan to contain that greasy mess because prevention is a lot easier than cleanup. The mesh won’t trap steam or change anything about the way your food cooks. It just stops the grease from splattering out. Unlike your stove, the splatter screen is easy to clean.

What reviewers say: This screen is fabulous. I sauteed some asparagus this morning with the heat turned up higher than normal to test its ability to keep oil in the pan. Zero grease came out except when I lifted the screen. I love the "feet" for keeping oil off the counter when I'm done cooking.”


This record stand so you can call out what’s playing

When you are spinning some vinyl for friends, you will be so glad you have this slick record stand so you can put the album cover out where people can see it. It makes your music nights more fun for everyone and will help you remember to put your precious pieces back into their covers when you put them away.

What reviewers say: “I wanted to showcase my favorite LPs as art but without the commitment of nails on the wall. These album holders are perfect on my table in the living room. They are a great way to display vinyl of your favorite artists. I have eight.”


The UV black light flashlight that shows you what’s really there

Want to give yourself a scare? Go camping in the desert and pull out this UV black light flashlight. It will show you all the scorpions that are hiding in plain sight. It will do the same for bedbugs and some tomato bugs. And, much to your canine roommate’s dismay, it will also show you any dog urine that’s lurking in the carpet or car. It has 68 LED lights and is a must-have for your cleaning kit — especially if you have pets.

What reviewers say: I have scorpions in my backyard, and I lost my old blacklight flashlight (actually I suspect that the scorpions took it, but I don't want to accuse them of anything I can't prove). The XR68 is much brighter than the previous one and it's wonderful and also scary how well it lights up the scorpions. On the other hand, I would strongly advise against using it inside your house. It lights up biological stains very well, and that's something I wish I hadn't seen.”


This sound machine that’s the sleep aid you didn’t know you needed

If your partner snores, the street outside your apartment is noisy, or you just can’t sleep and aren’t sure why, this white noise machine might very well be the answer. Turn on a sound that you find relaxing — a fan, waves, the forest, or any of 30 options. It will quickly drown out whatever noise is disturbing you — even if that noise is your own restless thoughts. You can set it to play for a short while, a long while, or all night.

What reviewers say: “Really impressed with this little machine! The volume ranges allow you to precisely adjust to the perfect volume. I fell in love with the realistic nature effects - the crickets sound is just like sleeping with the windows open on a warm summer Carolina night. I've never slept this well or felt so rested. The music options are nice and relaxing in the daytime or during yoga.”


A storage solution for all your travel mugs & water bottles

That thermal travel mug is great. Until you have 12 of them and no idea how to store them. This water bottle organizer is how. This is a set of two racks that each hold three water bottles lying down so you can fit them in a cupboard without them rolling out. You can stack them or lie them side by side and they work well in the fridge, too.

What reviewers say: “I have been struggling for a while now on how and where to keep my water bottles. These are great. Every single one of my bottles fits into the slots with no issues. They are wider than I was expecting. I also love that you are getting two and can stack them.”


This pair of floating shelves that look rustic & are easy to hang

These two floating shelves are so easy to hang because the wooden shelves hang from one point. Just rope and wood, these shelves create rustic, simple decor that looks good with a plant on it or a piece of sculpture and can be used anywhere in the house.

What reviewers say: “I love these shelves! We used boat cleats to hang them and couldn't be happier with how it turned out.We have a bed with drawers underneath, so a typical bedside table wouldn't work. These are perfect!”


This spray mop that has a refillable floor cleaner bottle

Instead of carrying a damp mop and a bottle of floor cleaner, use this mop that has a spray bottle built into the handle. Fill the bottle with whatever floor cleaner you like, load it into the mop handle, and pull the trigger in the handle to spray as you go. The microfiber mop head pulls off so you can toss it in the wash and the super flexible head gets under furniture and into corners easily.

What reviewers say: “I love this!! It is so quick and easy to mop up the floors. It is sturdy and my floors are always clean because it is so quick and easy to just grab it and start mopping.”


A pair of foldable trays for dual breakfast in bed

These two bed trays are a great way to bring breakfast to someone in bed. The legs fold down for loading (and storage) and open up over the bed rester so it’s easy to eat and drink. The bamboo is easy to clean, light, and looks great. They are a bargain, too!

What reviewers say: “It was just exactly what we were looking for when I want to take breakfast to my wife or just be lazy on the weekend.”


The drawer dividers that let you create your own storage

You know your stuff. And you know your drawers. Why buy prefab drawer dividers when you can design your own storage solution? These spring-loaded, bamboo drawer dividers let you build containers in your drawers that fit the items you want to store there. The grippy feet on either end grab the sides of your drawers while the springs apply pressure. So it’s as easy to change your storage as it is to create it. This is four dividers and they come in three colors.

What reviewers say: “We just put in a brand new kitchen. All of the drawers are huge and open with no dividers. We could have bought dividers from the manufacturer for a lot of money but decided to try these. I am so happy we did. One package was enough for two drawers. They were simple to put in place and have stayed where we installed them. No one has any idea they arent factory installed. We can even move them if we decided to change our storage setup. These should come with all new cabinets.”


The cleaning set that keeps all your screens & lenses spotless

Everything looks better when your glasses, phone screen, and camera lens are clean, and this lens cleaning kit is an easy way to keep it all smudge-free. The 200 prewrapped lens wipes are infused with an ammonia-free solution designed to be effective and safe on phone screens, camera lenses, and glasses. And the six microfiber cloths are perfect for a quick touch-up whenever you feel the need.

What reviewers say: “I have almost felt pampered, having both the wet wipes and microfibre cloths to use one or the other, or even both. The wipes are just damp enough without being too damp. Follow up with the cloth and ... perfection.”


A floating shelf designed to make your entry efficient

Mount this wall-mounted floating shelf near the entryway to your home and get everything about coming and going organized. Hang your keys on one of the three hooks. Drop your mail and wallet into the two cubbies. Set your pocket knife and sunglasses on the shelf. It will prevent clutter elsewhere in the house and make it easy to grab everything the next time you leave the house.

What reviewers say: “Perfect for my entryway. I can put keys, mail, and my wallet so I always know where it is when I come in. The hooks are all strong enough to even hang my jacket!”


This tennis racket that pits you against the flies

When flies invade your home or outdoor gathering, the game is on. Pull out your 4,000-volt tennis racket — that’s also a fly swatter and mosquito zapper — and practice your swing. When a fly or mosquito makes contact with the electrified grid, that’s the last thing it will do. The rechargeable racket comes in three sizes and is light enough to pack along when camping. It even has an LED light so you can use it at night.

What reviewers say: “If there's one thing I hate more than flies, it's swatting them and then them getting back up and flying away while I'm reaching for a kleenex to pick them up with. Not anymore. This nifty device makes sure that one swat does them in for good. This is the terminator, the ultimate destroyer of flies.”


This container that helps you reuse bacon grease

Instead of throwing away that delicious bacon grease, capture it in this cleverly designed bacon grease container and use it to fry eggs, make popcorn, or as a fat in other dishes. The strainer removes any bits of bacon so your grease is clean and the lid lets you stash it in the fridge without worry.

What reviewers say: “I use bacon grease a lot. I use it to season my cast iron I use for breakfasts, cook greens in it, and even use a little with olive oil for a stir fry. I was filtering it through a strainer into a glass jar. That made a mess and never got everything out of it. I got this and it is awesome. I leave the screen on it and just take the lid off and pour it into it. It gets everything! I never worry about running out of space in it and it looks nice on the counter.”


A clever pour-over coffee brewer that’s mess free

This pour-over coffee dripper with filters let you whip up a cup of excellent coffee in your hotel, campground, or home with no hassle or mess. All you need is a mug, some coffee grounds, and hot water. Fill the cone with a filter, grounds, and hot water and let it sit, on the included coaster, for a few minutes. Then set it on your mug and that will open the valve that lets coffee pour into your cup.

What reviewers say: “The Clever Dripper is fabulous! I love, love, love it! It's easy to use and easy to clean. It combines the full extraction of a French press with the clarity of a cone filter's brew. The coffee tastes so good, best ever!”


This tiny web camera for whatever you want to keep an eye on

Want to add some security to the exterior of your house? Need a baby cam? Looking to check in on your pet when you’re at work? This little Wyze Cam will do whatever you want. It has color night vision, can go indoors or out, and detects motion and sound — and alerts you while it records what’s happening. It also lets you look at what it sees from your phone, has two-way audio so you can talk to your pet or whoever is at the door, and works with Alexa or Google Home.

What reviewers say: “The image quality is superb. The motion can be separated to detect normal motion or persons which is extremely helpful to minimize false positives. It is tiny, lightweight, easy to install and cheap.”


A 6-pack of heavy duty door stoppers

These six heavy-duty door stoppers will work on heavy doors, doors with big gaps, and whatever else you have that needs stopping. Use them to prevent someone from opening a door or to hold a door open. The powerful grip works on concrete, carpet, stone, tile, and most other surfaces. It even comes with four wall racks so you can store them within easy reach of the doors.

What reviewers say: “These are the best. I had a door stop for my office that literally tore in half after using it for just a couple of weeks. This door stop is so sturdy and thick, but it works perfectly on all types of floors and keeps my door open without having to jam it under the door. The little holders are so convenient and cute. I love how you can stack these if you have a wider gap under your door too!”


The personalized cutting board that makes a great gift

Create a gift that’s completely unique by having the recipient’s name carved into this personalized cutting board. You can choose the size of the board, type the name of your recipients, and even include an “established” date. Perfect for weddings! You can even choose the wood type and order a set of wine glasses to go with it.

What reviewers say: “I bought this for my daughter and her future husband. The boards are well made and the design is great. It made a truly personalized gift that will be cherished. It comes with oil and directions.”


This wireless mouse that works with your phone, tablet, & computer

Sometimes — when you are working furiously — you want a mouse, even if the screen you are working on is small and portable. This wireless Bluetooth mouse works with whatever screen you have, be it a laptop, tablet, or phone. And it’s rechargeable so it will keep on working. “This mouse has lasted days without charging and is very light and moves smoothly on practically any surface. I can even use it on the arm of my chair without a mousepad,” said one reviewer.

What reviewers say: “I have a big and bulky laptop that I use as my desktop and having a mouse to complete my iPad into a little mini MacBook is awesome! The mouse controls work great and I can’t wait to use it more! I got it in rose gold to match.”


This cushy footrest for a more comfortable workspace

If you support your feet when you are working at a desk, on the couch, or in an armchair, your back will thank you. This footrest moves easily from the floor to the couch — so you can put it under your knees — and has a soft surface your feet will love. To adjust the height, add or remove the two-inch base piece. It comes in three colors.

What reviewers say: “Bought this for working from home as I need to be as ergonomic as possible (lower back issues). It managed to keep my legs in a better position so as not to put extra strain on my back and hips. The best part is it feels so good on my bare feet. I make tons of phone calls and long interviews by phone so the extra comforting tactile experience is great. I found myself rubbing the soles of my feet on it while I was talking to clients.”


The desk lamp that will charge your phone

Go minimalist at your desk by plugging in this LED desk lamp with a wireless charger. The light has five levels of brightness so you can use it for a bit of ambient light or as a task light. To charge your phone, just drop it on the wireless charging pad. There is also a USB port so you can charge two devices at once. A glanceable LCD screen tells you the time and date.

What reviewers say: “This lamp is awesome! My husband's office is small and dark with only overhead light. He works on a computer and reads in his office, plus he records audio. Every lamp we've tried is either the wrong brightness or gives off a faint hum which shows up in his recordings. This lamp is silent and it has time, temp, variable brightness, and fits almost anywhere.”


A desk pad for a pop of color & a better writing surface

Typically a desk is too slippery a surface for writing comfortably with a pen or mouse. Adding this desk pad to the surface is a decorative way to fix that. Choose a color that coordinates with your space or adds a pop of color to an otherwise dull color scheme and enjoy a better surface texture and an upgraded office. It comes in three sizes and lots of colors.

What reviewers say: “I spend a lot of time working from my dining table. This mat handles the heat of the computer and my morning coffee very well and leaves no evidence of my presence when I wrap up for the day or take my work on the road. The only problem is that when I look for it, sometimes I find it at a different location with my wife’s computer on it. I’ll probably have to get her one as well now.”


An outlet extender with 2 USB ports & a night-light

Solve your need to plug things in with this outlet extender that has six standard outlets and two USB ports. You can charge your phone, plug in modern gadgets, and give that two-plug outlet a much more useful existence. It’s perfect for bedside or in the bathroom where you need to plug in electric toothbrushes, speakers, and maybe an AI. There is even a smart night-light that can come on when ambient light is low.

What reviewers say: “I was constantly having to unplug something in my kitchen to make room for charging my iPhone or using the slow cooker or any of the other things I do at the most convenient spot in the house...the kitchen counter. This exceeded my expectations and has made my electronic life much simpler.”


This exfoliating towel that creates amazing lather

Keep this exfoliating shower towel hanging from a hook in your shower so you can give yourself an invigorating, cleansing, and exfoliating scrub down whenever the mood strikes. It turns an average amount of cleanser into a fabulous lather, feels terrific, and helps remove dead skin and dirt so your skin can thrive. It dries quickly and is so long you can scrub your own back.

What reviewers say: “It’s amazing. It’s made my whole body so smooth I feel like a dolphin! I have the most sensitive skin ever and was a little scared to buy it because of the warning but I had nothing to worry about, it wasn’t too harsh on my skin and is just the best.”


These door handle covers so you don’t have to wipe the fridge so much

If your fridge is like a display area for dirty fingerprints, you need this set of refrigerator door handle covers so you can be free of wiping those off. They don’t show fingerprints, go right in the laundry for cleanup, and look great.

What reviewers say: “I've gone from having to wipe off my kids' schmutz on an almost daily basis to no wiping in the over two months we've had these and they still look brand new!”


The double-sided shower hooks for hanging a curtain & liner at once

When you want to hang a decorative shower curtain on the outside of the shower and a waterproof liner on the inside, you need these double shower hooks. There are hooks — inside and out — for curtain and liner, and easy-glide balls on the hook so it all opens and closes smoothly.

What reviewers say: “Game changer. I have to change my shower curtain liner a lot because of a humid bathroom. Not having to take the curtain off each time I change the liner has really been more satisfying than I had anticipated. Added bonus is the rings themselves. The balls hug the shower curtain rod so they never pop off. Love these!”


This blanket that helps keep you cool through the night

If the thing that wakes you up in the night is heat — the room is too hot, you sleep hot, or your bed partner is a human furnace — this cooling blanket will help you sleep through it. It covers you comfortably but is cool to the touch because both sides are woven with Japanese cooling fiber and mica nylon.

What reviewers say: “I got amazing sleep and was comfortable all night long. The blanket stayed cool on my skin all night.”


A phone holder that’ll help protect it in the shower

Now you can take your phone into the shower with you without worrying that it will fall prey to water exposure. This shower mount phone storage box attaches easily to the wall using the included adhesive mount. And once inside, your phone will be protected from the water and the flexible, touch-screen compatible cover lets you use your phone while it’s locked safely inside.

What reviewers say: “This is amazing to allow me to listen to music or not miss out on watching a sports game while showering or taking a bath. The adhesive is really strong. Would 100% recommend it to anyone who likes to have their phone nearby when showering.”


This simple bidet attachment for a cleaner life

This simple toilet-seat attachment will change your life. You will hardly notice that this ultra-slim bidet is there, once you get it installed. But it will be ready to give you a thorough butt shower anytime you want to get thoroughly clean or just want a refresh. You choose the speed of the stream and the cleansing mode from the dial that’s right at hand. Installation is super easy and you will never stockpile toilet paper again.

What reviewers say: “Purchased the bidet because of the great toilet paper panic of 2020. I'm never going back. It cleans very well. Easy install. The water pressure is perfect. I also thought the cold water would be a shock/annoyance. The water temperature turned out to be a [non] issue for me. As long as you don't have ice water you'll be fine and pleasantly surprised. I have reduced my TP consumption to functionally zero.”


The 27 feet of solar-powered Edison lights that will change your outdoor space

Hang this string of waterproof, unbreakable, solar-powered outdoor string lights on your patio, deck, or any outdoor space and transform it into a romantically-lit haven for parties and gatherings. Place the solar panel where it can collect sun all day and these lights will come on in the evening and stay on till everyone has gone to bed. You don’t need to run wires or replace batteries.

What reviewers say: When I opened the box and saw the Edison-style bulb and the weatherproof sockets and the long lead to the sun collector, I immediately installed the lights and they have been working every night automatically ever since, Since installation, it has rained heavily, the winds have blown for several days, the lawn guy has thrown stuff and....the lights light every night. This light set is terrific!”


This stick-on shower shaving station with fog-resistant mirror

Solve your in-shower shaving dilemma quickly and easily by sticking this silicone razor holder with a fog-resistant mirror to the shower wall. It grips the wall with a clever — and patented — silicone grip technology that holds firmly but is easy to remove. The mirror is fog-free and won’t shatter. And there is a place for your razor, toothbrush, and soap.

What reviewers say: “Good product that just makes it more convenient to shave in the shower. The mirror works well and doesn’t fog up unless using incredibly hot water.”


This weird bowl for people who hate soggy cereal

If your mornings involve a race to eat your cereal before it gets soggy, slow down. Pour your breakfast crunch into this cereal bowl and eat at your own pace. One side holds the milk. And the other side holds the cereal. Add the cereal to the milk only when you are ready for it. It also makes a terrific single-serving chips and dip delivery mechanism or is a great way to serve two dip options at once.

What reviewers say: “Just what I wanted. I didn’t want to keep refilling with milk and cereal. Would also be good for chips and dip, or a two-sided snack.”


A comfy, waffle-textured bathrobe for a bargain price

When you step out of the shower, pull on this soft waffle-texture bathrobe. The cotton will absorb water, won’t overheat you, and look great. A big pocket is a perfect place to drop your phone as you lounge or drink coffee. And the tie waste is secure but easy. At $30, it’s a great solution for your morning routine.

What reviewers say: “My husband has been wearing this robe for about eight months. It's held up through multiple road trips, launderings [...] and being borrowed by me. The more it's washed, the softer it gets. There are zero signs of fraying or loose threads, no fading, no pilling, and no areas of wear.”


This backpack that carries it all & has a phone charger port

Next time you travel — either across town or around the world — pack your everyday essentials into this laptop backpack where they will all be safe and handy. There’s a laptop sleeve, elasticized pockets for your water bottle, hooks for keys, a phone pocket, tons of room, a strap to hold it to your suitcase, and a port on the outside that lets you charge your phone with a battery pack stashed inside (not included).

What reviewers say: “Loving this backpack! For a $30 pack, it's really a deal. The material looks professional and feels like a mix between backpack fabric and a rain jacket, definitely waterproof. It's incredibly spacious. It sits comfortably and doesn't move around a lot, which I love because I use it almost every day to bike to work.”


These core sliders for an ab workout you can do anywhere

Drop these core sliders on any kind of floor and give yourself a fun workout that’s smooth, easier on the joints, and effective. They slide on carpet or hardwood so your feet and hands never have to jump or step. You slide and let your muscles do the work. They are easy to toss in a bag and take to the gym or on vacation and you will be surprised by how many new muscles get involved in your exercises.

What reviewers say: “My personal trainer recommended these discs for core work. I've ordered various types of fitness equipment that is still gathering dust. But these I use every day. They give you a great core workout. I do regular and cross-body mountain climbers, knee tucks, pikes, hamstring exercises. They work on carpet and on tile or other flooring. I take them with me whenever we travel.”

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