Reviewers Are Obsessed with This Clever Stuff On Amazon That Seems Expensive But Is Cheap As Hell

Fancy (but frugal).

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It’s normal to want the best for yourself and your home, but with so many products out there it can be hard to tell what’s actually worth your money. One surefire way to help you decide, however, is by going with highly rated items with tens of thousands of positive reviews. Thankfully, this list below is chock-full of exactly that.

Scroll on for clever stuff you didn’t know you desperately need, from haircare to electronics and more. And better yet, even though these items may look expensive, they’re actually super affordable.


This Zig-Zaggy Corner Shelf That Adds Storage & Style

Reviewers love how easy it is to assemble this corner shelf that adds a touch of geometric style to your walls. In fact, nearly 60,000 of them weighed in to give it an impressive 4.5-star rating. It features five shelves and can hold up to 11 pounds of weight.

  • Available colors: 8


A Luxurious Rainfall Shower Head For A Spa-Like Experience

Switch out your old shower hardware for this rainfall shower head and enjoy a high water pressure shower that doesn’t use any extra water. It even infuses the water with air bubbles for a luxurious feel. The angle of the head is adjustable, and you don’t need any tools to install it, either.


This Set Of Shower Caddies That Adds Chic Storage To Your Bathroom

If you’re looking to organize your bathroom products while still keeping thoughtful decor in mind, these shower caddy shelves are for you. The shelves are made from stainless steel and require no drilling to install. Just place the adhesive strip on your desired location and hook the shelves onto it. Each shelf can support up to 15 pounds, so feel free to load them up.

  • Available colors: 4


A Quick Read Thermometer With Lots Of Great Reviews

This instant read thermometer has earned an impressive 4.7-star rating after a whopping 10,000 reviewers have weighed in, and for good reason. It has an IP65 waterproof rating and a bright LCD display great for nighttime grilling. It also features an internal magnet so you can store it on the fridge or grill when not in use.

  • Available colors: 2


The Convenient Brushes That Turn A Drill Into A Deep-Cleaning Tool

If you’re looking for a deep clean without breaking the bank, try this set of drill brush attachments that turns your drill into a powerful cleaning tool. It comes with three different nylon bristle brushes: round, flat, and detail to help you get to all the hard-to-reach places. The universal bit attachment comes included, too, and this pick has more than 67,000 reviews.

  • Available colors: 5


This Mattress Cover That Can Help Keep You Cool At Night

Help your mattress feel softer and cooler while protecting it with this mattress pad cover. Because of its bamboo construction, it’s extra breathable and therefore won’t contribute to overheating at night. Plus it’s well-liked by reviewers, over 4,000 of whom have weighed in to give it an impressive 4.5-star rating.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King


A Lunch Box Set That Comes With Everything You Need For Meals On The Go

When it comes to taking meals to go, this lunch box set can’t be beat. The bag itself comes with two insulated zipped compartments, a shoulder strap, and a mesh side pocket. The set includes three glass containers in varying sizes, plus an icepack, all for under $30.


This Frother That Can Help Anyone Become An At-Home Barista

Cut down on your coffee shop spending with this milk frother that can help you make expert lattes, cappuccinos, and more at home. It features an easy-to-grip silicone handle, a stainless steel whisk, and even comes with a stand to safely store it. Better yet, it practically pays for itself in what you’d spend on a few specialty coffee drinks.

  • Available colors: 7


This Luxe-Looking Silk Pillow Case That’s Great For Hair

Give your skin and hair a little TLC with this silk pillowcase. It fits standard size pillows, features a zipper closure, and is machine washable. The softness of the mulberry silk offers lots of slip, which can prevent creasing on the face and breakage of the hair.

  • Available colors: 27


A Clever Car Vacuum That Won’t Run Out Of Batteries

For any and all car messes, this portable vacuum has you covered. Not only does it come with a hose, tube, and brush attachments, but it also runs off your car’s 12v aux outlet, so you never need to worry about it running out of batteries. Store it all in the included travel case and you’re all set to tackle spills on the go.


The Wireless Lights That Give Rooms A Little Extra Flair

Few things elevate a space quite like good accent lighting, and these under-cabinet lights can make a real difference wherever you install them. And thankfully, installation couldn’t be easier, since you can use either the included screws or adhesive tape. Control these wireless LED bulbs with the accompanying remote that can adjust both dimness and timing.


A Set of Under-Bed Storage Bags That Free up Closet Space

With over 20,000 reviews, people have obviously discovered the space-saving ingenuity that these surprisingly stylish under-bed storage bags provide. They’re perfect for storing large, bulky, seasonal bedding or clothing as they’re made of strong Oxford fabric and durable zippers. A clear cover allows you to see exactly what’s inside and handles help you to easily pull them out from under the bed whenever you need to retrieve something.

  • Available colors: 3


A Shaker Set That Makes Expert-Level Cocktails

If you love a good ice-cold martini, consider this affordable cocktail shaker set with over 19,000 reviews. It’s made from brushed stainless steel and the 26-ounce shaker can mix up to three cocktails at once. It can strain them, too, thanks to the lid that doubles as a built-in strainer. To round out the collection, a muddler, bar spoon, bottle opener, two pourers, and a double-sided jigger is also included so you can measure out perfect shots.


The Slim Hangers That Can Help You Save On Closet Space

If your closet could use a little tidying, these nonslip hangers can do the trick. They’re coated with velvet and have two strap notches each to prevent items from falling off, plus they’re very slim, which saves space in your closet. At just a dollar per hanger, they’re a bargain, too.

  • Available colors: 8


This Set Of Shelves That Stores & Displays

Add a decorative touch to any space with these U-shaped floating shelves that come in a set of three graduated sizes. They add a striking angular flair while also displaying small items like photos and home decor. Everything you need to mount them comes included, too.

  • Available colors: 9


A Set of Stainless Steel Tumblers Perfect for Taking Cold Brew on The Go

Not only do these sleek stainless steel tumblers sure look elegant, but they’re the perfect eco-friendly solution for taking chilly beverages on the go. They’ve earned a high 4.7-star rating over the span of 3,000 reviews and with the help of double-wall insulation, keep drinks cold for up to an impressive 12 hours. They come in a set of four so you’ll always have one on hand, can each hold up to 20 ounces, and include a protective lid with room for a straw.

  • Available colors: 13


The Rollable Dish Drying Rack That Helps Items Dry Fast

This popular rollable dish drying rack with over 30,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.7-star rating has so very much to offer. First, its stainless steel slats help air to circulate efficiently, drying your dishes or produce in record time. Secondly, because it rolls directly over your sink, it saves you tons of countertop space. Thirdly, it takes up barely any room when rolled, and fourthly, it clocks in under $10. All amounting to a true no-brainer of a purchase.

  • Available sizes: 6


A Chef’s Knife Set That Will Uplevel Your Cooking Game

High-quality tools are essential for any aspiring cook, and this chef’s knife set serves as the ideal companion to any cooking adventure. Made of scratch and rust-resistant stainless steel, they feature comfortable, nonslip handles and a super-sharp edge. Every set comes with seven knives including a chef’s knife, a santoku knife, and a bread knife, each with its own accompanying protective sheath. As an extra fun detail, the set is made in gorgeous colors such as iridescent marine blue or deep purple.

  • Available colors: 4


This Useful Waterproof Cover That Protects Your Mattress

Mattresses aren’t cheap, so protect yours with confidence with this affordable mattress cover. It slips over your mattress like a fitted sheet and protects it from dust and spills, as it’s 100% waterproof. Thanks to the cotton terry topper, it won’t make noise or feel stiff under your sheets either. Grab one for twin beds all the way up to California king beds.


This Lid Organizer That Keeps Cabinets Tidy

If you’re tired of sifting through chaotic cabinets trying to find that one lid that fits that one container, you will be obsessed with this 4.6-star rated lid organizer. It’s designed with five removable low dividers as well as one high divider, giving you multiple compartments in which to store and organize lids in customizable configurations. A convenient handle makes it easy to maneuver and a $17 price tag makes it easy on the wallet.


A Rustic Paint That Works On Furniture & More

Give any space a luxe-looking makeover with this decor paint that dries to a rustic, chalky matte finish and works on wood, glass, and more. There’s no primer needed, either. It couldn’t be easier to use, since it dries in 30 minutes or less. It’s well-reviewed, too, with over 10,000 users weighing in to give it a 4.6-star rating.

  • Available colors: 50


These Chic Glass Coffee Mugs That Won’t Burn Your Hands

Upgrade your mismatched mug collection with these glass coffee cups that come in a set of two. Made with double wall-insulted, hand-blown glass, these mugs will keep your coffee warm without scalding your hands. They’re dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe, too, and hold 16 ounces each.


The Edison Bulbs That Add Retro Flair To Any Room

Add some stylish ambiance to your space with these Edison bulbs. The LED bulbs come six to a pack and feature the equivalent of 60 watts, even though they use just six. They’re dimmable, too, and can last for 20,000 hours before they need replacing. Snag a set in a range of warm and soft whites.

  • Available colors: 6


A Set of Packing Cubes That Make Organizing So Easy

If packing a suitcase never turns out quite as tidy as you’d hoped, give these packing cubes a try. Each set comes with a handy laundry bag as well as four cubes in varying sizes with a breathable mesh top so as to see exactly what’s in each one. Clearly popular with over 19,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, these are not only great for trips, but they’re also helpful for organizing out-of-season clothing at home.

  • Available colors: 10


A Set of Collapsible Bins for Flexible Storage

For those moments when you could use some helpful temporary storage, turn to these well-reviewed collapsible bins that fold down flat when not needed. Durable cardboard lines five sides of each lightweight bin (including the bottom) and cutout handles make them easy to move around. Choose from nine colors on offer such as black, turquoise, or dark blue to match your existing decor with six bins coming in every set for only $22.

  • Available colors: 9


These Cooking Sheets That Can Help Keep Your Pans Cleaner

Stock up on these baking mats that come four to a set and can be used for a range of baking needs. Since they’re made from silicone they can withstand high temperatures without sticking, meaning you won’t have to dirty up your cooking sheets with sprays. They’re even imprinted with the ideal spacing for perfectly even cookies.


A Pet Hair Remover You Can Use Again & Again

Say goodbye to wasting sheets and sheets of sticky paper, because this pet hair remover uses the power of static electricity to attract fur and trap it in the chamber that empties with the push of a button. Just roll the nylon pad across the surfaces you’d like to clean and that’s it. As far as its popularity goes? Take it from more than 135,000 reviewers who took the time to weigh in — this one’s a keeper.


These Chic Kitchen Gadgets in An Attractive Copper Finish

There’s something about the cohesiveness of a matching set that really brings style to the everyday. Case in point, this fashionable set of stainless steel kitchen gadgets that all feature a beautiful copper finish. The seven-piece set includes an ice cream scoop, cheese grater, whisk, and more and the handles feature a nonslip, soft grip. This set is available in a multitude of colors such as white, mint, pink, and gray.

  • Available colors: 9


This Gorgeous Glass Tea Infuser That Lets You Brew A Whole Kettle At Once

Although this loose leaf tea infuser may look fancy and expensive, it can be yours for less than $20. Simply insert the loose leaf tea of your choice into the stainless steel infuser, and heat up the water directly on the stove top. The infuser also acts as a filter so you can pour it straight from the kettle into a cup.


These Mesh Laundry Bags to Safely Wash Delicate Items

These ingenious mesh laundry bags allow you to wash delicate items in the machine without any fear of tangling, ripping, or stretching. They come in a set of seven bags that run from small to large and even include bags designed especially for bras and socks. The durable nylon mesh material allows water to pass through freely for a thorough cleaning come wash day. Just take it from the over 41,000 reviewers who have earned these bags a high 4.7-star rating.


This Soft & Stretchy Arm Band That Holds Your Phone As You Run

If you like listening to music or counting your steps as you exercise, you’ll want this phone holder that lets you stay hands free as you work out. It slides over your bicep with ease thanks to the stretchy material that’s also moisture wicking, so it won’t feel soggy. There’s even an opening in the fabric through which to feed headphones, too.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 7


The Kitchen Gadget That Makes Chopping Quick & Easy

Make meal prep so much easier with this food chopper. This chopper comes with three different sized stainless steel dicing plates — small, medium, and large — so you can prepare ingredients for a variety of different recipes. The bin beneath the blade also holds a whopping 8 cups and doubles as a storage container.



A Pack Of Genius Hangers Made Specifically For Pants

Keep your closet organized on a budget with this set of pants hangers. They come 20 to a pack and feature an open design with a horizontal rod that makes slipping trousers on and off so much easier than traditional hangers. Since they’re also coated in rubber, items won’t slide off by accident, either.

  • Available colors: 6


The Drawer Organizer with Expandable Compartments

Easily adjust this clever drawer organizer with over 9,000 reviews to provide you with six or eight slots depending on your drawer size and needs. It features shorter slots for utensils or kitchen gadgets as well as longer ones for tools such as tongs or spatulas. The bamboo material lends a natural warmth to your drawer and is easily cleaned with a simple, damp cloth. Note that it also comes available in a larger size of seven to nine compartments.


A Practical, Adjustable Tray For A Luxurious Bath

This bamboo bathtub tray looks attractive thanks to its sleek, minimalist design, but it holds a wealth of practical features. It boasts a slot for a stemmed wine glass, a niche to rest your smartphone, plus a movable shelf on which to balance a tablet for easy viewing. It expands from 29.5 inches to 43 inches to fit a variety of tub sizes, too.

  • Available colors: 4


This Transformative Contact Paper That Gives Surfaces A Faux Marble Finish

You don’t need to spend a ton to re-do your surfaces or backsplashes, and this marble contact paper proves it. It comes with an adhesive backing and can be measured and cut to your exact size specifications. Reviewers report that it’s easy to remove, too, so you can constantly keep updating your style.


A Burger Press That Creates Perfectly Round Patties

Take those bless-your-heart handmade patties and make them restaurant-worthy using this genius burger press. The durable aluminum press features those all-important indentations for an even cook. Suitable for making a ¼ or ⅓-pound burger, there are also 200 square parchment papers conveniently included to keep patties separated.


This Protective Desk Mat That Comes in Fun Reversible Colors

Jazz up your daily workflow while also providing desk protection using this reversible desk mat with 40,000-plus reviews. It’s made of waterproof faux leather that not only acts like an oversized mouse pad but also protects your desk and tech gadgets from accidental spills. It’s available in four sizes and in a range of stylish color combinations such as lavender-cinnamon or green-orange.

  • Available colors: 23


A Set of Refrigerator Organizer Bins That Make The Most of Your Groceries

Let this set of refrigerator organizer bins help clearly display your groceries, thus getting the most bang for your buck and saving you repeat trips to the store. The set includes eight bins that are all made of sturdy, clear, BPA-free plastic and include handles on each end to make it easy to grab whatever you need in a pinch. And because they’re so versatile, they can just as easily be used in the pantry, the bathroom, or the craft room.


This Tiny Metal Tool That Keeps Your Grill Clean

Giving your grill a deep clean might seem like an expensive task, but you can get it done on the cheap with this grill scraper. Made from durable stainless steel, it works on many different grate sizes and shapes thanks to the varying notches around the perimeter. The bristle-free design helps to ensure you won’t shed brush fragments into your BBQ, too.


The Smart Alarm Clock With Lots Of High Tech Features

Make your mornings just a little easier to manage with this alarm clock with so many features that make it seem way more expensive than it is. It projects the time onto the ceiling or wall with a rotating laser-like light so you can check the time from multiple view points. It also displays the weather forecast, has a USB port, and can set two separate alarms at once.


The High-Definition Makeup Mirror That Helps With Application Accuracy

Level up your makeup routine with this backlit vanity mirror that lets you get up close and personal for precise application. It features three different levels of magnification and a rotating base so you can get the perfect angle. Plus, the sides fold in for easy storage.

  • Available colors: 4


The Nourishing Cuticle Cream For Pampering Your Nails

Give your hands the attention they deserve with this cuticle cream. Thanks to its precise applicator tip, it applies evenly to your cuticles without dripping. And because it’s loaded with powerful ingredients like Vitamin E, shea butter, aloe vera, and more, it will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.


A Set of Moscow Mule Mugs That Keep Cocktails Refreshingly Cold

These classic Moscow mule mugs seem like they’d cost a pretty penny for a set of four, so be prepared for the surprise at their $35 price tag. They’re constructed of the traditional hammered copper that functions to keep drinks icy cold and even come with four copper straws and a double-sided copper jigger. They’ve earned a high 4.7-star rating over 7,000-plus reviews, which means no more incentive is needed to start enjoying some refreshing cocktails.

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