Reviewers Are Obsessed With These Cheap, Beautiful Home Upgrades Because They’re SO Easy To Do

“I love how fast and easy it was.”

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Reviewers Are Obsessed With These Cheap, Beautiful Home Upgrades
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When you’ve been living in your home for a bit and find yourself obsessing over how much you don’t like the floor in the bathroom or the inadequate space in your closet, you might be ready to throw a bit of money — or at least some savings goals — at fixing it. How would you feel, though, if I told you there was a cheap fix instead? These cheap fixes are so good, they serve as permanent solutions — not merely stopgaps till you can afford something more expensive. And, they’re fixes that won’t even require that you get out your overalls and become Captain DIY. That’s why reviewers are obsessed with these cheap, beautiful home upgrades. Because they are so easy to do.


Creating elegant, functional spotlighting with LED puck lights

Brighten the dark corners of your kitchen, closet, or shelving by strategically mounting these three LED puck lights. They are battery powered so there is no need to call an electrician. You can use the remote to turn them on and off, set the brightness, and program them to turn off after a few seconds or minutes. Or just tap the lens to turn them on and off.

Reviewer: “These are perfect for under my kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank! The remote works great to turn them on and off, dimming and setting a timer for them. Great purchase!”


Illuminating outdoor space with solar wall lights

Brighten your home’s exterior without wiring anything. Simply mount these six solar outdoor lights above the doors, garage, or onto any walls and fences that face the patio or driveway. Each one has 100 LEDs that blanket the area with light. You can set the width of the lighting arc and choose from three motion detection modes. Set them to remain on, throw a dim light and get brighter when they sense motion, or to turn on only when someone approaches. Since the solar panels are built into each light, there is no need to run wires.

Reviewer: “These are so good and bright for the size and price. I've bought [a] more expensive similar model that was not near as good. I'm happy with this purchase.”


Giving toiletries a nice place to live with this sturdy shower organizer

If your shower has no reasonable place to put even a fraction of the personal care product that you use on a daily basis, you don’t have to endure that. Mount this adhesive shower caddy to the wall and have a handy, draining, and handsome place to put everything from shampoo to body scrub to your scalp massager. The two shelves are roomy and strong and there are four hooks you can snap on wherever you like.

Reviewer: “This was so so easy to install! It holds quite a bit of weight without falling forward or losing suction! It's very good looking too, great quality for the money!”


Turning corner space into decorative storage with corner shelves

Turn any corner into a decorative display area by mounting this two-tier corner shelf into it and storing your collectibles or photos on it. It transforms what might have been clutter into art. And, since it takes advantage of underutilized corner space, it’s also a great way to add storage to a bathroom, kitchen, or small bedroom. It comes in three finishes and is super easy to mount.

Reviewer: “I think this shelf looks cool every time I notice it. Fairly sturdy, easy to put together, and adds a great and unique accent to any room.”


Increasing desktop storage with this attractive wooden display shelf

Reduce the clutter on your desk or bedside table by making use of the vertical space and creating order with this adjustable desktop organizer. Position the two pieces however it best holds your stuff and appeals to your aesthetic. Need more space? Add another set. They come in four finishes.

Reviewer: “These shelves were easy to put together, and they are just what I needed to organize the books on my nightstand.”


Creating a chic gallery wall with a set of coordinated frames

Turn your own photographs or even prints cut from a favorite art book into a bona fide art gallery on your walls. It’s an inexpensive way to create personalized decor, cover blank walls, and provide interest. These gallery picture frames are an easy way to pull all your pieces together visually. Choose a color — there are 11 — and fill them with your art.

Reviewer: “I bought these just to have some cheap frames to put up small watercolors around the house, and was really surprised how well they were packaged, how nice they looked, and (especially) how good the clips to hold the plexiglass, picture, and backing board in place are ... I recommend these frames!”


Streamlining the TV area with a floating console

The promise of a wall-mounted TV is that it will get rid of the bulky furniture under the TV. But where do you put the DVR or cable box? This glass wall shelf is the solution. Mount it under your TV and set your accessories on it. No furniture! It works well for all sorts of electronics and is sleek and minimalist, yet super strong because the glass is tempered and the parts are steel.

Reviewer: “I bought this little shelf to mount a projector. It is sturdy and well constructed, easy to mount within minutes, and looks very nice and clean.”


Updating old bathroom flooring with peel-&-stick vinyl floor tiles

Transform the ancient floor you dream about replacing into one with eye-catching tile — without actually replacing the floor. You simply peel and stick these floor tiles over the floor you already have to create the illusion of tile. It’s easy to do and the results are not just beautiful, they are also water resistant and washable. Almost 7,000 people say, “Five stars!”

Reviewer: “... [After] having it for about a month, it’s doing great. It doesn’t appear to show any wear from water or anything (we used it in the bathroom), and it's still fully adhering. Easy to cut to size if necessary and easy to install.”


Revitalizing the kitchen with a modern faucet

You don’t have to drop a fortune to remodel the kitchen. Sometimes changing a high-use item can be a major transformation. And this pull-out faucet will not only update the appearance of your kitchen with an edgy, matte black, professional kitchen look, but will also boost the functionality. The water switches — at the push of a button — from a stream to a powerful spray. The nozzle rotates 360 degrees. And the hose pulls out so you can wash or fill in a wide area of your sink.

Reviewer: “It looks incredible. Easy to install, took about 20 minutes total with no plumbing skills.”


Making wood floors & furniture shine like new with this conditioning polish

Treat your wood furniture and cabinets to a drink of this wood polish and conditioner. It is full of oils that feed the wood, as well as beeswax and carnauba wax to create a water-protective seal. Just wipe it into your wood with a soft cloth and enjoy the beautiful results.

Reviewer: “I bought this product for an old handcrafted oak table. The table has to be 40 yrs old and was showing its age. This product went on easy and breathed new life into the wood. I was so impressed that I used it on stair railings, cabinets, chairs, and several dressers. I will be buying more!”


Giving rooms a fresh look with custom lightswitch plates

Changing out the builder-level switch plates that are standard in many homes is a quick and inexpensive way to personalize and beautify your space. Switch plates are a touch point so they are very noticeable. And when people notice these snazzy wall plates, they will love the satin nickel finish and the beaded style that evokes older homes and classic architecture.

Reviewer: “I redid my kitchen, in greys, these are awesome, heavy, and really look great.”


Sprucing up the patio with clever solar string lights

String lights are a terrific way to light interiors or exteriors. The light is beautifully diffused and the lights themselves are a decorative element. These solar string lights let you use this lighting trick even in places that have no power. And they come in so many colors! Just place the solar panel in a sunny place and let the sun charge them. This is a two-pack of 100 LED fairy lights.

Reviewer: “These lights are fantastic. Easy to install and can be seen from so far away you will be impressed ... These stay bright all night even during the longest nights of the year they are still on in the morning. The colors are vivid and true to what they are supposed to be.”


Revamping the bathroom with a striking shower curtain

A quick way to beautify your bathroom is to turn the shower curtain into a decorative element. And this fabric shower curtain is the perfect way to do that. The ombre pattern is subtle and moody, and you can choose from so many colors — and patterns — that you can change that mood any time you like. They come with beaded shower hooks for a complete solution.

Reviewer: “Love this shower curtain, perfect for a change of scenery in the bathroom. Quality material at a great price.”


Setting up the kitchen with a full set of stainless steel utensils

If you are cooking with a hodgepodge of inadequate utensils, add this kitchen utensil set to your counter. The 10-piece set has thought of everything, right down to the potato masher, pasta spoon, and slotted spoon. And of course, there are the staples like ladles, tongs, and spatulas. They come with their own steel utensil holder so you can leave it, decoratively, on the counter for easy access.

Reviewer: “This is a terrific value and a great starter set for our new apartment.”


Making the cabinet space more efficient with a lazy Susan

If there is a cabinet or counter in your home that causes you to constantly hunt for the items stored there, that is the ideal place to add this two-tiered lazy Susan. Load it up with spices, cosmetics, or condiments, and you can spin it to find the thing you need. It brings the back of the cupboard to the front. This also works beautifully inside the fridge.

Reviewer: “I LOVE this turntable! It fits perfectly in my cabinet and organized all my spices. It turns smoothly, and fit so much. I am very pleased and bought another one!”


Incorporating year-long greenery with quality artificial plants

Plants make a home feel lived-in and welcoming. Unless those plants are struggling. That gives an entirely different vibe. These mini potted artificial plants will not struggle. Nor will they wet your shelves, get soil gnats, or need to be fed something you don’t have. The set of three lifelike greens come in pots made from paper pulp and the gray-green of the eucalyptus leaves is super realistic.

Reviewer: “I am not at all successful with real plants, so these work for me. They are the perfect size for a shelf or counter display, and they don't look fake at all.”


Leveling up the shower with a fogless mirror

Hang this fogless mirror on the wall of your shower so you can shave in the warm steam while you get clean. It’s easier, and can even be better for your skin and beard (not to mention your razor). Install it with the big, strong suction cup on the back and hang your razor from the built-in hook on the front.

Reviewer: “Perfect for shaving in the shower. Easy to install, sticks well, good size, anti-fog works well.”


Making storage elegant with these glass jars made in Italy

Keep your cookies, candy, coffee beans, or snacks in one of these two beautiful airtight glass jars so the contents are easy to access but safe from getting stale or attacked by bugs. They hold just over 75 ounces and can stand upright or on a slant.

Reviewer: “I like how it is glass, the lid doesn’t feel cheap and it screws on. Has a great seal too. Love it [and] want to buy more to use for other things for sure! Very happy with my purchase.”


Giving hats a safe & convenient home with this hanging organizer

If your hat collection has exceeded your storage capacity, hang this 10-shelf hat organizer in a closet and put them all away where they will be safe, easy to find, and clean. It hangs right over the closet rod and has lots of mesh pockets on the sides, too, so you can stash wallets or other small items in it.

Reviewer: “Easy to put together and install. Exactly what I was looking for to organize my baseball caps. Would recommend.”


Creating cater-worthy charcuterie boards with this wooden serving tray

When friends stop by and stay for a drink or you just can’t manage to cook dinner, pull out this wooden cutting board, spread some crackers, meats, cheeses, and fruits on it, and call it a meal. The long narrow board creates a terrific display and fits on a narrow counter or coffee table. The acacia wood looks beautiful and will only get better with time.

Reviewer: “I’ve become a bit of a cutting board snob. This met all of my expectations. The size is perfect, the thickness lets me know it will be durable, and it was packaged with care.”


Freeing up closet space with a compact under-bed storage bag

Give yourself a little breathing room in your closet by pulling out anything you rarely use and storing it in these two under-bed storage bags. They are sized perfectly to fit under there and they are big. The top unzips fully open so it’s easy to load them and is clear so you can see what’s in them. The big handle on the side makes getting them out again easy.

Reviewer: “I bought these to put winter coats in to store under my bed. I actually got over 20 coats stuffed in one bag!! And it still zipped shut without popping the zipper! Fantastic value.”


Storing items in style with this nice cotton basket

There is no clutter problem that cannot be solved by the right system of storage. And this large, woven storage basket can handle the biggest toy chaos, laundry pile, or blanket storage dilemma. Fill it up and leave it in plain sight. It’s made from cotton rope, looks great in the room, and has two big handle handles to make moving it and cleaning under it super easy.

Reviewer: “This is exactly what I was looking for to corral all of the extra blankets and stuff in our living room. It has cut down on the clutter, and it looks great!”


Preventing messy leaks with these airtight oil dispensers

Keep one of these decorative oil bottles with easy pour spouts handy in the kitchen so you can quickly add oil to a stir fry or sauce. They come with four spouts so you have options. Choose the flip cap so you can grab and pour at any time. Use the spouts with dust caps for oils and condiments you use less frequently. A funnel and chalkboard labels are included.

Reviewer: “I needed bottles for my olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, and these worked great. They were priced right [and] came with labels and a funnel for easy cleanup. I would definitely recommend these bottles.”


Making your wardrobe look more organized with this pack of 50 velvet hangers

This big box of 50 velvet hangers will make your closet operate much more smoothly. The clothes don’t slip off the grippy velvet and the slim size frees up space for more clothes. They come in lots of hues so you can give your wardrobe a pop of color, and there are plenty of them so you can hang every garment you own.

Reviewer: “After the first few days of trying these hangers, I threw out my old ones and ordered more of these. My closet now has more room for storage, and the clothes never fall off the hangers.”


Keeping cookware neatly squared away with this pan organizer

This heavy-duty pan organizer lets you put all your pans — no matter how hefty — into one small footprint in your cupboard without the irritation of having to unstack a pile to get to the pan on the bottom. You can stand it upright or on its side, and it comes in lots of colors.

Reviewer: “I love my cast iron skillets but kept them stacked together and struggled to lift them. This holder gives them each their own shelf, and I can easily grab whichever one I want. It also keeps them separated, so they stay dry and rust-free.”


Improving your bedtime setup with these super soft microfiber pillowcases

These microfiber pillowcases are so soft and delicious that it’s hard to believe the price. And they come in a plethora of gorgeous colors so you can decorate your room in the color scheme of your dreams. Despite their luxury feel, they wash and dry without fading, shrinking, or wrinkling.

Reviewer: “The cases most definitely live up to their promise. They are extremely soft and don't require any special care when cleaning. Also, I haven’t noticed any wrinkles after washing and using for about two or three weeks!”


Dividing up your silverware with this convenient bamboo drawer organizer

This bamboo drawer organizer is super accommodating. Drop it in a narrow drawer and it will shrink down to a three-compartment organizer. Move it to a wider drawer and it grows to five compartments. That’s how it manages to fit most standard-sized drawers. The water-resistant bamboo is pleasing to the touch and looks beautiful.

Reviewer: “Love this insert in my kitchen drawer! Nice and sturdy, [and] I can adjust the size perfectly. I want one for every drawer!!”


Keeping clean paper towels off messy counters with this metal holder

Set a roll of paper towels on the counter in this chrome paper towel holder and they go from clutter to useful accessory. The minimalist shape is entirely functional, with round feet and an arm that keeps that last towel from flapping about. You can grab it off the counter and set it on the table or coffee table for casual meals, too.

Reviewer: “I love this product. It’s very simple and easy to use and keeps the bottom of your paper towels clean from loose liquid in the kitchen. It also has another ring that you can use for paper towel rolls that are almost finished. You can fit two on one!


Upgrading your bakeware with this sophisticated glass dish set

There is no meal that’s simpler than putting something in the oven and waiting for it to become delicious. Oven-to-table simplicity is easier if you have baking dishes that are easy to store, easy to clean, and pretty enough to serve from. This architectural glass casserole dish set has mastered all those elements. The four dishes are all stackable, easy to carry, interesting enough to serve at an elegant table, and the glass cleans up easily.

Reviewer: “These casserole dishes are very versatile and easy to clean! I used to rarely use my oven because of how bad some baking sheets or dishes would stain; these save me from that.”


Skipping paper towels or napkins for a set of nice, classic kitchen cloths

Use this set of 15 classic kitchen towels as hand towels or dish towels in the kitchen. Or pretend you are a hip, farm-to-table eatery and set them on the table as napkins. Even better? Start using them as napkins and, when they get soiled, demote them to kitchen towels. They have a homey look to them, are super absorbent, and the durable 100 percent cotton will get softer — and more absorbent — as they age.

Reviewer: “I get so much use out of these little workhorses. They’re cotton, they wash nicely in my bleach and white load laundry too. I was looking for ways to reduce my family’s paper towel [habit]. These do the trick.”


Giving your plants a stylish home with these hanging planters

These two lightweight hanging planters are the perfect place to home your green housemates, and they will work just as well hanging on a porch or from a tree branch in the yard. There is a single, pluggable drain hole in the bottom, and they are breathable so your plants can thrive.

Reviewer: “Absolutely love these! They are durable but also lightweight! They also have a drain with a silicone plug insert so you can still drain excess water when needed, but it doesn't make a mess on your window sill or floor.”


Bringing soft ambient lighting into your space with this rustic night light

Plug this vintage, plug-in nightlight into an outlet in the bathroom, laundry room, stairs, or a dim hallway and solve your lighting problems while adding a bit of style. It automatically turns on when the room is dark and off again when it’s lit so you never have to hunt for a light switch. And the light it throws is gentle and warm so it won’t harsh your eyeballs when you get up in the night.

Reviewer: “This is GREAT for the bathroom. It is so bright that I need not engage the bathroom light but not too bright to blind me in the middle of the night. Perfect!”


Dressing up windows with these sheer, elegant curtains

Use these sheer window curtains to add an airy elegance to your space. They don’t block light, but they bring color, privacy, and a unique decor element that makes a room look finished and slightly dreamy. Or hang them around a bed, as a room divider, or on your balcony or porch. There are so many sizes and colors you can create whatever effect you can imagine.

Reviewer: “I wanted to add some color to my wall of windows that have very nice wooden blinds. The sheers work just as I had hoped. They do not block the incoming light but really give the room a great pop of color.”


Preventing a jumbled mess in your underwear drawer with these dividers

If you are tired of the daily dig through your sock and underwear drawer, drop these drawer organizers in there and give every pair a home of its own. Tomorrow, you will be able to put your hands on exactly what you need in seconds. There are three organizers that have a combined total 64 little cells, in two sizes, that your small garments can call home.

Reviewer: “I love how fast and easy it was to organize our dresser drawers with these. I honestly didn't think they would make that big of a difference, but they did!”


Avoiding a Tupperware avalanche with this lid organizer

In kitchens all over the world, there is (probably) always someone frantically searching for the lid to a food storage container. This lid organizer makes that search quick, calm, and easy. It adjusts to fit whatever containers you have, holds them upright to save space and so you can see them all at once, and fits on a cabinet shelf.

Reviewer: “This item has solved my problem of unsorted, chaotic lid storage. I honestly wish I’d known to buy it years ago. It’s a game-changer!”


Adding some romantic decor in the form of these pillar candles

Even when they aren’t lit and throwing romantic ambient lighting all over your dwelling, these three pillar candles make beautiful decor. They come in a selection of terrific colors, are substantial at 3 inches wide and 4 inches high, are unscented, and burn clean. Also? It’s pretty hard to beat that price.

Reviewer: “I burn candles every evening, and these are so lovely. They are virtually smokeless, last a long time, and the colors (I’ve purchased the ivory and blue) are so pretty. I’m hooked!”


Saving counter space with this upright knife holder

Store all your knives and scissors in this sleek and compact stainless steel knife block and it will save space on your counter and look good doing it. It holds up to 12 knives and a pair of scissors in the cleverly designed slots, yet claims only a 4-inch square footprint on your counter.

Reviewer: “I bought this item hoping it would save space on my counter....and guess what? It did! It goes with my stainless steel everything in my kitchen.”


Keeping bathroom sundries in reach with these functional jars

Store everything from bath salts to floss picks in these four clear, decorative apothecary jars to keep everything clean and within reach. They transform these ordinary supplies into a decorative display that evokes the vibe of an antique drugstore. They are also light and made from a thick plastic that won’t shatter if you drop them. They come with preprinted labels.

Reviewer: “I got these on a whim, wasn’t sure if they would really be good for what I needed them for, but they’re AWESOME! They’re cute and don’t take up a ton of space.”


Storing out-of-season garments & blankets in these giant organizer bags

Pack all your blankets, coats, and sweaters into these six huge storage bags to bring order to your storage space. They are light and small when folded so they are easy to keep on hand. And, when full, you can see what’s in them so you don’t have to label boxes or baskets. The big handles on the sides make it easy to move them. And the zippers open up all the way to make loading and unloading easy.

Reviewer: “These storage containers are huge. I fit my entire summer wardrobe in one, and there was still room left in them. They fit great under the bed.”


Organizing bath towels in a spa-like manner with this metal rack

Keep your towels handy in the bathroom while turning them into a design element — just roll them up and put them in this wall-mounted towel rack. The two-piece design lets you hang them as one vertical rack or side-by-side for horizontal storage. There are five finishes and they work well for wine bottles, too.

Reviewer: “I wasn’t sure it would fit my large towels, but it does, and it looks so clean and organized in my tiny bathroom. If you have a small space, get this!”

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