Redditors are obsessed with these cheap home products because they're so damn genius

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by Christina X. Wood

The folks who frequent Reddit have an answer (or at least a conversation) for anything, from complex, technical problems to questions of ethics and social norms. All you have to do is post a question and they deliver. Often, if you have a question, you don’t even have to ask it because someone else already did. It’s basically the FAQ for life. And when it comes to making your house work better, finding good deals on the stuff you need to buy, or fixing your weird remote control problems, they really come through.

I traveled through the deep recesses of Reddit to turn up exceptional items — and indeed, Redditors are obsessed with these cheap home products. Because they are just so damn genius. Better lighting? Check. Smarter sleep? They got you! Cheap but excellent kitchenware? Oh, yes. Read on and learn the hacks.


This stick-on overhead light that requires no wiring

When someone requested help finding a great light for a storage shed that could be mounted without screws, u/wwwhistler recommended, in the r/GoodValue discussion, this stick-on overhead wireless light. It’s got winning qualities in spades: It turns on when it detects motion (helpful if you’re entering a space with hands full), is battery operated, and throws enough light to illuminate a dark closet or storage shed.


A smart light switch that connects overhead lights to your smart home

Another Redditor was looking to remotely control their overhead lights, and got a better idea from the forum. “Change the switch to a smart switch,” suggested u/vha23. Genius! Because being able to say, “Alexa, turn off the lights,” when you are starting a movie is simpler than fumbling for remotes. “Kasa is a good brand,” they added. This Kasa Smart Light Switch is easy to install, works with its own app, Alexa, and Google Home, lets you set schedules and control your lights from anywhere in the world, and has an away mode that switches the lights on and off at random so it looks like someone is home.


This filter pitcher that promises purer, tastier water

The water filter in this 10-cup water pitcher is said to remove 99 percent of the total dissolved solids — pesticides, salts, metals, minerals, and ions — to create a tasty water that’s easy to keep on hand. The pitcher fits in your fridge door and you don’t have to wait for all the water to travel through the pitcher before you pour it. In the r/GoodValue discussion group on Reddit, u/AmyKlaire says: “Zero Water tastes as delicious as reverse osmosis.”


The versatile & powerful blender you’ll probably use constantly

If you want to whip up your morning smoothie or create dips and soups quickly in your kitchen, this Ninja countertop blender has the power and capacity to become a much-used tool. The 400-watt engine powers the stacked blade assembly so your frozen smoothies aren’t full of chunks and the 48-ounce capacity is big enough to handle that soup you want to purée. Redditor u/MuffinPuff describes it as “an excellent kitchen appliance. I've had mine for 10 years with no problems at all.”


This handheld brewer that’s wildly popular with coffee nerds

This small, portable, and simple coffee and espresso maker is so popular with people who are serious about their morning brew that it always shows up as a recommendation when the question of coffee is raised. It makes a smooth, sludge-free cup due to the short steep time and paper microfilters. It will also brew espresso. So when one Redditor asked for recommendations for a coffee machine, u/balthisar came back with, “Does it have to be a machine? You know what I swear by now? My AeroPress.”


A personal grooming tool that does the details, too

In a post seeking recommendations for nose hair trimmers, u/monkberrymoondelight responded: “I have the electric Phillips Norelco Multigroomer and would absolutely recommend it.” It not only does nose hairs, but it will also cut your head hair, trim your sideburns, and tackle some of your manscaping tasks. It has a full size steel trimmer attachment as well as a precision trimmer, three hair trimming guards, three beard-trimming guards, and a stubble guard. The parts pack up into an included storage bag.


This soft, cooling sheet set in beautiful colors

When it comes to choosing sheets, it pays to get recommendations from people who have tried them. Some sheets are deliciously comfortable but prohibitively expensive, while others are super soft and comfortable yet cost a fraction of the price. When the question came up in r/GoodValue, u/RodDamnit recommended this soft, cooling microfiber bed sheet set that comes in a wide selection of beautiful colors saying “they really are nice sheets for the price.”


A mechanical jar opener that ends the struggle to get at the pickles

When you want a pickle — or pasta sauce, olives, or mayonnaise — and the lid to the jar requires strength and leverage that you simply can’t muster from your tired hands, this jar opener will come out of the drawer and make your snack accessible. A recommendation from u/blsmothermom in r/GoodValue, this tool is a tank and gets the jars open. The metal parts will last for years, it adjusts to fit the size of your lid, and uses spring-loaded leverage to get even the most stubborn jar open.


This smart lightbulb so you can voice-control your lighting scheme

When you want to make your overhead light fixtures respond to voice control, include them in your lighting schedules, or control them via an app wherever you are, a smart lightbulb is a simple solution, especially in homes with older wiring. All you have to do is screw one of these smart bulbs into the light socket and connect the bulb to the Kasa app or your smart home controller. According to u/getjustin, “They run about $10 a pop and I can vouch for the app and other Kasa products. They are my go-to for smart home devices.”


These vacuum storage bags that make storage problems smaller

When you are trying to fit more clothing, blankets, and pillows into your closet or suitcase than there is room for, these vacuum storage bags can defy physics to make it happen more easily. Just pack the bag, suck the air out with your vacuum or the enclosed pump, and you have a package that is much smaller than the original items and easy to stack. They are touted by u/GSerhii in r/UsefulProducts, who says, “We use vacuum compressed bags for storing clothes. Very comfortably.”


The buckwheat pillow that lets you customize comfort

Want a pillow that supports your head while you sleep without feeling springy or too high? This organic buckwheat pillow is a dream. You can shift the filling around so the support is perfect for your body, right down to creating a space for your earrings and adjusting the angle for your neck. Redditors know this. In a post seeking recommendations for a thin pillow with good support, u/dpflug says, “If you're serious about the firmness, get a hull pillow. Millet hull or buckwheat.”


A set of lunch plates that lasts decades & costs $20

If you’re in the market for new dishes that won’t cost an arm and a leg, or break when you wash them, look no further than this set of six minimalist, all-white lunch plates by Corelle. Praised in r/GoodValue, u/Number1AbeLincolnFan says, “Shout out to Corelle plates. Inexpensive, nearly indestructible, and they stack very tightly. I have some that are 40 years old and they are as good as new.” The set can be had for only $20, and the over 9,000 five-star ratings on Amazon indicate their value is really quite good.


This inexpensive Bluetooth speaker with hordes of fans

You can spend a tidy fortune on speakers, headphones, and stereo equipment. But sometimes you don’t want to. And you don’t really need to, because some inexpensive versions are pretty darn good — like this powerful yet affordable Bluetooth speaker. When a Redditor asked for speaker recommendations, u/mrville502 says, “Call me a cheapo but I use an Oontz Angle paired to a 10-inch Galaxy tab in the kitchen.” Over 135,000 Amazon reviewers agree that this is a five-star device.


A terrific chef’s knife that’s affordable & takes a keen edge

For u/LargeCupOfTea, this 8-inch chef’s knife with a stainless steel edge and ergonomic handle, fits the bill for favorite high-value product. “A top-notch chef knife,” they said. “Victorinox Fibrox is cheap, light, ergonomic, durable, and takes a keen edge (that is easy to hone and to resharpen). The best value in chef knives and paring knives, in my opinion.”


This genius solution to your home theater conundrum

Elsewhere on Reddit, someone was in search of color-changing lights that would not disappoint. And u/bdubble recommended that this person “look for USB-powered LED strip lights,” like these from Tasmor. They’re over 16 feet long, feature 16 different light colors and four modes, and come with a handy remote control.


A gentle & affordable electric toothbrush

If a dentist encourages the idea of an electric toothbrush to ramp up the ol’ teeth-cleaning routine, it’s probably good practice to oblige. But, many options are on the intense side. To counter this, u/dogzy99 offers up the quip Electric Toothbrush as an affordable and tolerable alternative. “I have been using quip and liking it,” they say. “It’s more gentle.”


These gardening tools that get all the Reddit love

When the Redditors got to chatting about favorite and consistently excellent good value products of any category, for their high quality relative to price, u/spruce488 offered, “The first thing that came to mind was Fiskars cutting tools. I have a splitting axe, garden shears, and scissors, which all came incredibly sharp. They seem to make well-designed, sturdy items." I agree. And these pruning shears are my go-to garden tool. Well over 25,000 Amazon reviewers are with us on this, giving these shears five stars.


This pre-seasoned cast-iron pan that will become your instant favorite

When you are stocking your kitchen, you need one of these pre-seasoned skillets from Lodge. Don’t fight it. The price is super low. But this is a pan you will use daily for its fantastic heat retention and durability. If you take care of it, it will get better with time and become a favorite. For u/RoneArc, it was an obvious choice when Redditors asked people for their favorite high-value product: “Lodge Cast Iron is not the fanciest or best, but it works really well, and it can take a beating.”


This garlic press that peels the cloves for you

You only need one garlic tool in the kitchen — if it’s the right one. In r/GoodValue, u/ElSmurfo recommends this powerful garlic press that doesn’t require you to peel the garlic before it goes in. It will also mince ginger. It gets high ratings from Amazon reviewers, too. “I've been searching for the perfect garlic press for FOREVER!” said one reviewer. “I recently ordered this ZYLISS Susi 3 Garlic Press and all my wishes have been granted.”


A small but powerful table fan with a fan club

When someone asked for advice on purchasing a powerful table fan, u/Thwonp recommended this air circulator fan from Honeywell. “I was impressed with the power for being under $20,” they said. “Haven’t had any issues with it, seems well built.” It’s powerful but small enough to sit on a bedside table, has three speeds, and the head pivots 90 degrees so you can get the breeze right where you want it.


This brilliant solution for keeping your lunch components separate

If your go-to lunch is not a sandwich but a salad, packing it for travel is a challenge. Most containers are too small or don’t solve for the toppings or dressing, making for a bulky and cumbersome lunch situation. In a discussion about lunch boxes, u/lfrank92 recommends this leak-proof food container that snaps firmly closed, has a tray that fits perfectly into the glass bowl to keep toppings and dressings from mixing prematurely with the greens, and even comes with a travel fork. Ideal for any meal where toppings are best kept on their own till mealtime.


The tactical flashlight that delivers hefty bang for your buck

When you need a flashlight for any reason, why not make it this excellent tactical flashlight, especially at this price? It got super high marks when Redditors were asked what products are “good and cheap.” u/PizzaFlex recommended it, saying, “LitezAll is my favorite brand [...] Usually the best bang for your buck!” This heavy-duty LED light has a belt clip and two lighting modes.


This set of Allen wrenches you want in your tool box

If you are on the hunt for good tools, u/ubermorph recommends this set of L-wrenches by Bondhus as a great addition to your toolbox. “A quality Allen wrench set is a real pleasure to use,” they said. “Somehow they are incredibly durable, precise, yet the smaller ones flex enough to let you know when you might be over-torquing.”


This genius drawer hack that makes cabinets more useful

The r/Frugal corner of Reddit has some great ideas for living well on a small budget, and this pull-out cabinet organizer plays a genius role in converting any cupboard or cabinet into a custom storage solution. According to u/sir_schuster1, it made an old cabinet into a super useful pantry where everything was orderly and easy to find. “Added some shelves and pull-out drawers to make a cabinet into a pantry,” they said. “Built it myself and saved big.”


A terrific duvet insert for less than $30

If you are operating under the assumption that getting a comforter for your bed is a pricey undertaking, listen to what u/niobiumnnul says in the r/GoodValue subreddit about this comforter duvet insert that costs less than $30. “Check out Utopia bedding! I got a duvet insert back in 2017 for a crazy low price. That thing is awesome. I still have it and it is in great shape.” It comes in 11 lovely colors and every size you might need.


The affordable projector that lets you make movies big-screen

When asking r/AskReddit what budget Amazon product turned out to be high-quality, u/femoric9 offered up that a cheap projector they bought surprised them with a surprisingly good image and a long lifetime. This RCA home theater projector supports high-standard visuals and will display your movie on a 130-inch image, right on your wall — or anywhere you point it. It also has a 50,000-hour LED projector lamp.


This frying pan that’s excellent for eggs & quick meals

This professional-level 8-inch fry pan will make it so easy to cook eggs that slide right out, whip up a quick sauté, and much more. According to u/MagicStar77, you should not be put off by the low price of this essential tool from the Tramontina brand, even though other brands charge much more for a similar pan because: “Their products are good.”


The wedge pillow that helps encourage less snoring

A person asked Reddit for assistance in the search for a wedge pillow to help alleviate their snoring problem (according to some experts, elevating your upper body while sleeping can help — though for a serious condition like sleep apnea, please consult a doctor). For those seeking to explore the world of wedge pillows, u/Windholm says, “I'd highly recommend this Contour Wedge Pillow. It's soft and adjustable, which makes it much easier to get used to. And it's the only one that can be turned around and used for reading.”


This affordable power drill with adjustable torque

If you’re looking to boost your tool collection with a good cordless drill but aren’t willing to drop your whole paycheck on it, listen to u/PaperBoxPhone’s expert recommendation: “I think Ryobi is one of the best economy brands. I use it as a contractor.” Accordingly, this cordless 1/2-inch drill should handle your assembly and DIY projects with ease. And it works with any RYOBI ONE+ battery.


A bidet attachment with nozzles in front & back

Ready for a bidet? According to Redditor u/nickites, the “Neo 185 Luxe Bidet is one of the most simple and inexpensive [...] and it's super easy to install.” It does have two nozzles: one for the front and one for the back. It also requires no power, which simplifies installation.


This little appliance that traps flying insects in your home

When you are plagued by fruit flies or soil gnats, it’s easy to start feeling desperate. But when someone came to Reddit seeking help with this problem, u/Teegus suggested, in the cheerful tone of someone who is no longer being harassed by bugs, “Check out the Katchy on Amazon. It works great!” This indoor insect trap lures bugs close with an irresistible UV light, pulls them into its windy vortex, and sticks them to a bug mat at the bottom. All you have to do is change the mat occasionally.


A heat tool to help along your DIY projects

When you want to shrink-wrap your car, bend some pipe, or DIY some other endeavor, take a big step up from improvising with a hair dryer and put this heat tool in your hand. “This heat [tool] is damn near magic when it comes to stripping paint and refreshing furniture,” says one Redditor in r/DIY. It has two heat settings with temperatures ranging from 122 degrees to 1202 degrees. Amazon are enthusiastic about it, too, giving it almost 19,000 five-star reviews.


This portable sewing kit with everything you are likely to need

Don’t let a torn seam or popped-off button ruin your travels — or your budget. Just pull out this mini sewing kit and put that sitch right in minutes. That’s the advice u/stuffyteddybear is dishing in the r/Frugal forum. “Buy a sewing kit (less than $10 on Amazon) and fix your ripped clothes and other fabrics yourself instead of paying for someone else to do it or throwing it away.” This kit has a wide selection of threads, needles, and everything else you will need all zipped into a handy case you can even take with you when you travel.


This thermal mug you just might have for life

The Buy It For Life subreddit is all about products that are high quality, practical, and so durable you will have them for your entire life (or at least many years). That’s where u/Davistator posted about an Aladdin insulated mug, a classic, that they were thrilled to have found in a Goodwill. You needn’t haunt thrift stores to get an excellent Aladdin rig, though. This stainless steel mug is available with a click, and is built to hold your beverage at the same temperature you poured it at for hours. It has a flip-top lid that won’t leak.


The little but mighty space heater that’s ideal for your home office

There is no need to freeze because of out-of-control air conditioning or a home office that’s in a cold corner of the house. This tiny but powerful ceramic space heater, recommended by u/AlienDelarge in the r/GoodValue subreddit, is small enough to tuck under your desk but has the power to keep you cozy. It comes in four colors, has tip-over protection to prevent fires, and gets over 16,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


The elevated dog bed that helps keep your pup cool

When a shopper stopped into r/GoodValue looking for a dog bed that’s easy to clean, u/thats_bad_for_you recommended this cooling, elevated dog bed that allows breezes to circulate under your dog and through the mesh material. The fabric is high-density polyethylene that’s durable, comfortable, and cool. It’s also easy to wash. “I have two of these for my pitbull mastiff who sheds a ton,” said the Redditor. “I hose them down with dish soap every week.”


This classic pepper mill that will last for decades

Redditor u/Zhenchok shared a photo of their “20-year-old Peugeot pepper grinder” in r/BuyItForLife as an example of a product that you can buy once and own forever. Sometimes this costs a little more, initially, but you won’t have to replace it and toss out a broken one, either — or keep buying the disposable plastic kind. And that’s worth a lot. They still make this pepper mill and it stores your pepper in natural wood, which is said to enhance the flavor. Choose the coarseness of the grind by turning the bottom.


The gizmo that turns your phone into a universal remote

When someone asked r/GoodValue for advice on remotely controlling their ceiling fan, u/MickRaider went to the next level by offering a way to get Alexa to control the ceiling fan — along with the TV, stereo system, and more. This WiFi smart home universal remote will connect them all to your smart home by taking control of the remote controls. It acts as a universal remote for all IR remotes in the house — there is also a version that controls both IR and RF remotes — so you can control them with an app on your phone or by letting Alexa handle it.


A set of multipurpose tweezers & scissors in a handy leather case

A good pair of tweezers comes in handy in many an unexpected situation, yet they’re incredibly easy to lose. That’s why this recommendation from u/Goats_vs_Aliens is welcome. This is a set of four tweezers, along with a pair of small scissors. The tweezers each have a different tip — slant, angle, flat, and pointed — appropriate to different uses. They all travel in a handy little case and the entire set is bright and colorful so you will be able to identify them if someone “borrows” any.


This big container of nail clippers so you can stash some all over the house

You can find great life hacks on Reddit. A post in r/GoodValue by recovering nail-biter u/travisjd2012, for example, spelled out a trick for not falling back into the habit. Just keep lots of nail clippers on hand — stash them everywhere so you can always find a set. That way you can trim any breaks or hangnails before you are tempted to bite them. This big package of a whopping 72 stainless steel nail clippers will set you (and your whole family) up for a good, long time.

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